Follando con una asiatica en China

Follando con una asiatica en China
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Pregnant Sex Revisited By Dunchad This is the long awaited continuation of the Pregnant Sex stories that I submitted a few years ago. My apologizes to those of you that were waiting, but I lost my muse and have recently found a new one.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It had been several years since I was with Cassandra.

Oh she was a gorgeous creature and so open about life and sex and everything. I am just sad how it all ended is all. We were together throughout the rest of her pregnancy, having numerous adventures as she was able to have that is. Finally the day arrived and she gave birth to a fine boy with black hair and eyes and dark skin. I didn't care how the baby looked, just as long as he was healthy along with his mother.

All went well, finally we were able to go home and life was good for a long time. Then it happened, two years had gone by and suddenly the baby, Marcus', father decided he wanted to be a part of his kid's life again. So a legal battle ensued and finally Cassandra decided it was easier to give in to the requests and went back to Marcus' father instead. One night I came home and they were gone.

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The next day I got a letter and it contained a letter from Cassandra explaining it all and a check with lots of zero's on it. It seems the father was rather wealthy and part of the deal was the check. I was torn up, I had been with her for over two years and we had had a very blissful life. I treated Marcus as if he was my own kid and didn't care what anyone said.

And then poof they were gone. Well, needless to say it took me a while to get over her and Marcus leaving but I finally did. I finally started getting back into the world and was out looking for someone to take my mind off of Cassandra and Marcus when I saw her. She was trying to get a new TV into her small car.

I walked up to her and chuckled and said, "I don't think it will fit miss." She jumped not knowing that I was standing behind her. She did have a great ass to boot. She turned around and stared me down with defiance and anger.

It was then that I noticed that she was pregnant.

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My heart actually skipped a beat or three as I realized I was getting myself into another world of hurt. "Like you could do better right. Let me guess you saw a pregnant woman and just felt compelled that you had to be manly and help." She glared at me and waited. "Look lady, I was walking by and saw a person trying to put a large TV into a small car. I was going to offer to help to be nice, didn't even noticed you were pregnant until you turned around and glared at a person trying to be nice.

But hey, it's your problem lady not mine." I said my piece and started to walk away when she reached out and touched my hand. "I'm sorry," She sobbed as tears started to stream done her face. "I'm having a bad day okay.

If you still want to help I would greatly appreciate it." I couldn't resist the tears and remembering how Cassandra would have the same problems at times. I shook my head and stepped forward. "Yeah I will help you, and not because your pregnant or a woman. Now the first thing we need to determine is whether the TV itself can fit in your car without the box itself." I looked her in the eyes and smiled.

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I moved down next to the box and her car. And sized things up as best as I can. From the looks of it, I could fit the TV without the box into her front seat, and it would not move until she got home for her boyfriend or whatever to move it for her. "Ok, I can get it into your front seat outside of the box. It will be wedged in and will not move until you get home and your boyfriend or husband can move it into your house.

It is heavy and something that can't be moved by someone with a weak back. Is that what you want me to do?" She looked me over and said, "Yes please.

I need to get it home before my parents do. They will kill me if they find out that I broke the other one. If I could ask you one more thing. Could you follow me home and help me to move it into my house and help me set it up.

I can pay you of course." She looked me over and smiled and rocked her body a little, as if she was a little girl. Then it dawned on me that she was young and probably only a child herself.

"Yeah sure, I would hate to see someone get in trouble with they're parents. Lets get this in your car then and I will follow you to your house okay." She nodded and helped me to take the box out of the TV and held the cart for me as I put it into the front seat. I got it positioned so it wouldn't move and get damaged.


She then got into the car slowly then leaned out the window, "so where are you parked stranger?" "Around the corner, care to follow me there?" She nodded yes and I pushed the cart with the empty box to the front of the store and went around the corner to my car. I looked back at and signaled for her to go so I could follow. As I sat in my car all I could think about was her luscious form as she revealed her pregnant body to me.

I was instantly hard. We drove for several minutes to the outskirts of town where most of the really nice housing communities are now located.

She drove up to a gate with a security guard and leaned out and told him I was with her and allow him through. He looked me over real good as I drove by, no less to make sure he could ID me later in case something happened to her. I followed her through windy roads and finally came upon a large house with big windows and a privacy fence around the back yard.

She pulled into the driveway and I pulled in behind her. I stepped out of the car and looked around. A real nice area to live, if you could afford it. I saw a couple of her neighbors look out and cheek me out, but then go back inside. I walked up to her car and waited by the passenger door for her. I looked and saw that she was on her cell phone and it didn't look like a good call to me.

I stepped away from the car a bit and sat on the grass to wait for her. A few minutes later she stepped out of the car and I could see that her eyes were red. "I am so sorry, I am sure you have other things to do today then sit here and wait for me.

Let me open the door to the house and we can figure out how to get it inside okay." I got up from the grass, brushed myself off and followed her in. "Not to worry I was just off of work and running some minor errands. So take your time, if you need a few minutes don't sweet it." She turned around and smiled and unlocked the door, she quickly stepped in and turned off the alarm. She motioned for me to enter and then she walked further into the house.

"Here is the family room where the old TV was. See if you can figure it out and I will be right back. Need to use the bathroom and such," She walked away and I stepped into the room and as was looking around.

Luckily there was a large sliding glass door so I could bring it in, but not sure how long of a walk it would be to get it there. I yelled out that I was going to walk outside and that I would be right back. She yelled ok and off I went. I walked around the house in the direction I thought the family room was. Well I was wrong. I was looking in windows when I saw her in the bathroom. She was crying and obviously hurting, either from the phone call or something else.

I walked away and finally found the family room and the door.

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I then walked to her car and realized it wasn't going to be too bad of an ordeal to get it in. I rushed back into the house and to the family room and opened the door. I then raced to her car and pulled the TV out. Not an easy task mind you either. Then carefully carried it to the family room and into the house. I had it sitting on a table when she returned. I had already closed her car and the family room door and was getting ready to hook up the TV.

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She was surprised to see that I had in the house and was going to actually set it up. She probably figured I would bring it in and then leave. "Would you like something to drink? Or need some help? I didn't realize I was gone that long." "I am okay for the moment. You weren't gone that long I just figured out that I could bring it in through the sliding door and took care of it.

Is it hooked up to the surround system?" "Yeah, in fact all the cables are still back there, my dad has them attached the entertainment center so that won't fall or anything, so it should be easy and quick to hook up." I looked over all the connections and the back of the TV and realized everything was compatible and it would be a cinch to finish.

I got the TV moved into the center and started to hook all the cables up. Once I was done I called for her to show me how to turn everything on to make sure it all worked alright. She came in and grabbed a remote and started pushing buttons and turning everything on. The TV came on and so did the stereo system.

Then she turned on the DVD player and must have forgotten that she had a movie in it. And of all things it was porn too. She quickly went red and turned it off.

She looked over at me and smiled and said, "Well I guess it all works huh?" "Looks that way to me. Well I guess my job here is done." I put my hands on my waist like a cheesy superhero and started to go to the front door. She reached out and grabbed my hand. "I didn't even get your name?" "Oh silly me, it is Duncan.

What's yours?" I extended my other hand to shake hers. She gives me her hand and says, "My name is Bethany, but everyone just calls me Beth. Thank you so much for helping me today. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't have helped me out. And I am so sorry for my emotional breakdowns too." "Don't worry about it. I just broke up with a lady that was pregnant when we meet and she was going through that emotional roller coaster when we meet. I used to just sit and hold her and let her cry it all out.

So I can understand Beth." "Oh so you are with someone, that explains why you have been a gentleman." I wasn't sure if she was joking or not. "Actually we are no longer together. She went back to the father of her kid and left me in the dust.

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Ah, the times we had, and I loved her and her son like he was my own too. Oh well. I should get going you don't need my emotions on top of yours." She reached out and touched my arm.

It was so gentle and sensuous. I stopped and looked her in the eyes and saw a passion and then a flame of desire. I knew that at that moment I could make her mine, and I decided to do it. I had not had sex in so long that just the mere thought made me hard.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me and we immediately kiss. The passion and desire welled within me and filled my cock with heat. After we broke our kiss she looked into my eyes with a longing that I needed to fulfill. She kept a hold of my hand and led me to her room. Her bed was huge and covered with pillows and frilly things. She pulled me to her bed and we flopped down, me falling next to her. I roll onto my side and start to kiss her again, but this time my hands caress her body and feel it changing itself to deliver her baby.

Before I know it we are both naked and kissing each other passionately.


I start to kiss from the top down making sure to cover her face and ears and throat in soft gentle kisses until I reach her lips and then kiss her passionately and deep and a little rough. I kiss down her neck to her shoulders and across them slowly until I reach the tops of her breasts.

Kissing across the very tops of her breasts, licking and nipping gently. Feeling her chest rise and fall as her breathing becomes more quickened. My rough hands sliding over the soft delicate flesh and feeling her nipples harden as my kisses get closer and closer to the very nubs that I brush over. Gently I lift her breasts and kiss around the luscious lobes of delicate flesh to the tender and often times forgotten undersides and kiss and lick roughly, enticing moans of delight from her.

Lifting her left breast I lick up to her nipple and suck it hard into my mouth. As I pull and suck her nipple deep into my mouth my hands slide across her tummy and then back up to her right breast where I start to massage and knead her breast, kissing and licking my way to her other nipple. I lick up her delicate breast flesh my tongue pushing and sliding over the very nub which I desire now. I pull and suck her right nipple deep into my mouth, pushing my tongue against it so it touches the inside of my mouth, her moans more heated now as my hands slide down her tummy and brush across her mound and upper thighs.

I suck hard on her nipple, pulling it into my mouth until it is extended from her breasts, then gently nibble my way off of her nipple until just the tip is in my mouth, I bite down gently to get a groan and moan then release it. I push her breasts together so that her nipples touch, sending an electric wave threw her body.

Sucking on those hard nipples pushed together, I flick my tongue across her nipples as they touch, sending another electric shock through her straight to her wet pussy. My hands now spread her legs apart and my left hand slides in-between her moistness and gently touches her enflamed skin. I kiss her breasts thoroughly one more time and then kiss down her tummy, licking her belly button as it pushes out of her from the baby within, then down to her wet mound.

Her legs spread of their own accord as my hands massage and touch her enflamed lips, I can feel her juices seep from her pussy and coat my fingers. After several minutes have passed, I start to move around so as my head gets between her legs, I dive in and start to kiss her inner thighs, making my way slowly to where she wants me the most. My tongue flicks across her engorged clit and she releases a moan to let me know that she has not had the attention there that she so desires.

My hands slide over her thighs and up to her full belly and swirl and move over it, massaging it, kneading it with tenderness. More moans escape from her lips as my tongue delves into her dripping orifice. Touching her inner walls like a powerful feather, intent upon tickling and satisfying and pleasing. As my tongue flicks and probes, I can feel her legs tighten and know that I am close to making her orgasm.

I pull my tongue from her hole and start to flick and suck her clit, pushing it around with my tongue then suck it into my mouth. My chin brushing against her bare pussy lips and then I feel her spasm and scream out.

As I move my face she starts to squirt her precious fluid all over my face and neck as I try to lap at the liquid like a thirsty animal.

The room fills with her screams and I am ever grateful that her parents were not home to hear they're little girl scream in joyous ecstasy. I bury my head once again between her legs and lick and suck the copious liquid that covers her flesh.

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She again moans and her hips start to rise and fall to my ministrations. She reaches down and grabs my hair and pushes my head deeper into pussy. I suck and flick her clit, my chin dripping with her womanly juices.

Again an orgasm crashes through her, this time I do not stop, I continue to lick her and suck her lips into my mouth and then push my tongue into her wet, hot hole.

She screams again and this time she pulls my head from between her legs and breathily begs me to stop. She needs to catch her breath and recover from my attention. Our eyes meet and she purrs…"That was amazing, I have not cum so hard in such a long time. Oh my, your tongue is amazing." I rest on her belly and soon realize that she has fallen asleep. I move up along side of her and gently lay my arm between her round belly and her full breasts. I wonder how close she is to lactating.

My cock throbs against her leg and I decide to let her sleep and enjoy her pleasures when she awakens.