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Chapter 4 "What the hell am I doing?" It was as rhetorical a question as I'd ever asked myself. My hands pushed into the wet tile of the bathroom counter as I splashed some post-shave water onto my face and towelled off. It was the fifth or sixth time I had done so, and the towel by now was a bit wetter than it should have been for the purpose of drying my face off. Seeing it no longer did any good, I tossed it aside and stared at my face in the mirror.

All the showers in the world couldn't have shaken that last bit of sleepiness from my eyes. It wasn't sleep I was worried about, though. The decision hadn't become any easier to swallow. Even after I perused the internet a little and seemed to want it more, it only deepened my apprehension.

I seemed so willing to dive headfirst into the rabbit hole that it scared me. I shouldn't have been so ready, so eager. Parts of my head were still rationalizing, others still horrified at the whole prospect only to be beaten down by the mob formed of the rest of my brain.

As I put my arms through the sleeves of my jacket, the general consensus seemed to be that I was going to do it, at least once, and go from there. It was too late to turn back. Bill and Angie wouldn't pressure me at the last minute if I had doubts, but now it was a matter of my own brain not letting me stop.

I had set out to do something, and I needed to see it through. Everything told me it was okay; everything Angie told me about legality and how the Pokemon want it too, how it was more common than I could ever fathom, the fact I had enjoyed the pornography as much as I had. All signs pointed to 'do it', but nerves and doubt were half the battle. The walk to work was only made possible by shoving the matter out of my mind with the secret weapon I had cultivated over the years of humming music so maddeningly catchy it could distract me from anything.

It started in my early teens as a coping method after a nasty fall left me bed-ridden for a few days with a very sore back and leg. A certain few songs were infectious enough that getting them stuck in my head made the three hour exile in the hospital waiting room almost manageable. Since then, I always used them to keep myself calm and avoid sources of nervousness like exams. My mind tended to dwell on things too much not to need a coping method. It was a terrible sacrifice I made, but sometimes, things got bad enough that Uptown Girl was the lesser of two evils.

Such a time was upon me. I opened the door to the daycare centre, and Robert cast me a sympathetic look. "Angie told us why you split the other day." "S-she did?" It didn't make sense for me to be nervous, but she said they didn't know.

What the hell was the point in setting ground rules and then changing them? Doing sordid things on your lunch break and keeping your employers/grandparents from finding out wasn't the sort of thing you turn into Calvinball. "She did.

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And tell your sister that I hope she gets better soon." "Oh, right. I will." From behind me came a sudden, mournful, "Poor baby," followed by the warm, motherly embrace that could only have been Elaine. "Even if another emergency arises and you need to run home, come by here first. I have a cake in the oven for her." "I'll remember that," I said, wriggling around a bit before she let me go. I waved them goodbye and stepped back into the cold.

Angie was craftier than I originally thought. The two were already sitting in the break room, sipping at steaming cups of coffee. A third sat in front of the empty seat, and I gladly took a sip from it when I sat down.

"Nice save." "Thanks. I hope you haven't changed your mind, because Chikorita's expectin' it now." A bit of the coffee spilled onto the table as my hand jerked a little putting it down. "What?" "I told her," Bill piped up as he slid a couple paper towel sheets my way.

"Now she has time to expect it and get wet for you." My head sank into my hand as the other mopped up the coffee. "What?" "You know. A babe's vagina. When she gets aroused, she gets wet.

Or something. I don't know, but it's better." My eyebrows rose a little, and I looked over my shoulder on my way to the garbage can as I tossed out the now coffee-wet paper towels.

"Wow, you actually paid attention during biology class. Or at least, the part that involved women secreting fluids. How many times did you read the page explaining vaginas?" "More than I can count!

It had a diagram and everything. dude." "Glad you came back, Adam," Angie giggled. "But really, hope you're still gonna do it." "Looks like it's out of my hands." I took another sip of the coffee and relaxed in the chair. "When?" "After the breakfast rounds. I don't know if you want me and Bill here for it; we can go outside if you'd like." I nodded.

"I want some alone time with her first, too. It'd probably be best if we can do that alone. Or at least, with Bill not in the room." To drive the point home, we both turned to Bill, who had taken to taking a spoonful of his coffee and letting a sugar cube dissolve in it.

"Point taken," she agreed.

. The most awkward moment was yet to come. I sat in my chair after the breakfast rounds with the Chikorita in my lap, nuzzling my hand. "Why me?" I asked in low tones as she seemed happy with my attention. She was small and light, sitting in my lap comfortably as mom's Purrloin.

I remembered what Angie told me about Chikorita, about her being an abandoned egg. I was maybe the fifth person to ever give her attention or affection. That didn't make things any easier to deal with. Neither did how she felt more like a house cat in my lap than a sexual partner.

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But she smiled up at me in a way that reminded me of the Chikorita porn I looked up the night before in a very ill-advised attempt to ready myself, and my legs shifted uncomfortably.

"Chika?" she cooed as one of her feet rested on my growing bulge. I wanted to say it was an accident, but the way she looked at me said otherwise.

After some stammering and more uncomfortable motions, I managed to spit out, "So, you've done this before?" "Ta," she said cheerily, nodding. "I haven't. So, y'know. A bit nervous." She pressed a paw to my arm and patted it. "Chi," she said solemnly, motioning toward the empty corner of the shed.

I turned my head to look at it, tilting it in confusion. "What about it? Do you want to go sit in it or something?" "Chikorita!" "Alright then," I muttered, holding her in my arms as we shuffled over to the nearby corner and I sank down, back to both walls, legs spread out.

She weaselled her way out of my grasp, the leaf atop her head pointing straight up as she nuzzled the bulge in my jeans. I groaned, my hands sinking down quickly to get the pants off of me, eventually kicking them aside as I unbuttoned my boxers and tried to relax against the wall. My heart pounded so hard it probably made a thumping sound against the wall of the converted shed, and things were so close to actually happening that even if I wanted to, I couldn't make them stop.

It was a sudden feeling, like a hook buried deep in my chest and caught on a rib being pulled on a line of solid titanium, and I could do nothing to keep it from happening. Her breath was on me then, sending little tingles through my body that couldn't possibly register amidst the burning panic. Then, with a sensation just as abrupt, it died out. Not gradually, either. One moment, I could barely hold still, but the next, I found myself bathing in some kind of zen bliss where worries didn't exist.

My eyes slowly opened when I barely realized they were closed, and realized that it coincided with a physical sensation lost amidst the maelstrom in my head.

She had opened her mouth wide and brought her tongue to my tip, working in slow circles that sank her deeper and deeper with each rotation. It happened; I was receiving a blowjob from a Chikorita. And damn if it didn't feel right. Her light red eyes peered up at me, soft and questioning. She knew I was uneasy about it all, and probably wanted to know if I was more into it now. "Y-you're doing well, girl," I groaned, my legs stretching out a little more.

She didn't have any pronounced lips, but the tight seal of her mouth as it enveloped my head was undeniable. Her mouth was hot and moist, and her saliva seemed a bit thicker than a human's.


Her muffled sounds thrilled my ears, and the unyielding eye contact we made melted me. My body arched forward from the surges of sensory joy, and my fingers twitched a little, rapping against my side. They told me I was forgetting something, and I was all too quick to remedy it. My hand reached across her, my body now hunched over the small grass-type paying me lip service, as I ran my hand down her soft skin.

My fingertips ran across her firm derriere, making her yelp a little as they teased her entrance, before moving southbound just a bit more to her slit. The fingers slipped in with ease, readily accepted by her pussy, which was, as Bill said it would be, wet.

She cooed into my dick as my index and middle fingers sank deeper, releasing the scent of her twat into the air. My nostrils got a solid whiff of it, and it was so lovely I took another. She smelled almost fruity, with just enough of a minty edge not to feel overpowering. It aroused me further, and I even felt a single throb run through my cock as I felt more turned on than I could ever remember.

The throb was the biggest sign for me that I was in over my head, and very reluctantly, pulled away from her a little. "Sorry, I just don't know if I can go on forever, and I want to get to other things. You don't mind, do you?" "Chi," she said cheerily, bouncing forward into my lap and positioning herself all before I could even pull my fingers out of her.

As she wiggled her moist entrance above my tip, I brought the fingers to my lips and tasted the sweet juices. It thrilled the final sense to be left wanting, throwing them all into wonder just as brought herself down on me. Then, it dawned on me just how lucky I was. This diminutive green-skinned Pokemon pushed herself right down so that her soft labia pressed to my pelvis, and in one motion I lay buried to the hilt inside of her.

She didn't stop, didn't go slowly, and just as quickly began to bring her body up. Her slick walls were tight around me, providing a hot, wet vice that whimpered and moaned with each completed motion. She buried her head into my shirt as I grasped her side with one hand and stroked her neck and head with the other.

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My body rocked subconsciously with hers, the extra bit of force in the motions making her yelp a little with the first few thrusts. She nuzzled me a little, and my grasp pulled her tighter to me. Her leaf twitched occasionally, usually when one of us moved too quickly or another throb ran through my penis and the jerking made its presence known to the walls clenching down on me. It was still sinking in, then, that I was having sex with a Pokemon. For all I worried about it beforehand, when we got into things, it scarcely seemed to matter.

It was merely sex then, not to mention im a virgin do to me this is great. There was still the odd feeling that I was holding a house pet, but it was no longer reminiscent of such a relationship.

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The embrace felt loving and warm in ways that holding Purrloin never did. The way we looked at each other, the way our sounds made the other swell with joy, were not parts of holding pets. At least, they used to not be.

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There seemed no practical reason for it all to feel so magical, but it did. If for the whole thing having been hyped up to me, or for the pleasure getting to my head, however it was a great feeling. I understood now why they did it, and especially why they did it on the job. My fingers tightened against her flesh as I picked her up and turned her around in one swift motion for doggy style she seemed to like this better until I thrust forward suddenly, making her tremble in my arms as I threw all of my caution to the wind and all of my effort to her.

She all but stopped her own motions as my thrusts became stronger and quicker, squelching sounds rising over her adorable, increasingly higher-pitched moans and yelps. "Chi chi chika chi." I could have been forgiving for not having known exactly how Pokemon mate, because when she drew out the last syllable on "chi" just as her orgasm struck, throwing me completely out of focus.

If I thought she was tight before, the sudden clenching down made nothing I had ever experienced feel tight. She shivered atop me as her insides pulled me in, and with one last push, my body grew stiff. I pressed her close to my body as my own orgasm struck hard and fast. Her walls continued to pulsate as they accepted my surge of- "Dangit, Bill!" The now familiar twangy shout followed a crash and the door hitting the wall with some decent force to it. My co-workers stumbled onto the floor, the blond atop the rancher girl, both of them too compact to have been doing anything but kneeling in front of the door and peeking in on us.

She kneed him in the side a little and yelped to get off of him, and they slipped into their own world for a while, which at least let me return to Chikorita. She lay limp and tired, breathing lightly as I rolled off her and continued to pat her neck and cuddle her. "Thanks," I said lowly. "It was great." "Well, look at that," Angie said after dislodging herself from Bill and standing up.

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"Adorable, ain't it?" Bill stepped forward. "That was most triumphant. You should totally take her home, dude. She likes you." "You think so?" Angie nodded. "Yep. Grandma would be glad to drum up the paperwork and give her a good home." I looked back at the tired grass type, whose eyes were half-closed as she looked lazily up at me.


"What do you think? Want to come with me?" "Chikorita!" she said with her last bit of energy, nodding her head weakly before the eyes shut completely.

"Looks like I will be." "There's some paperwork to fill out, and you'll have to register as a trainer, but grandma'll let you take her home while all that goes through." "Sure, just.

Gimme a second," I sighed, i gently put her in the corner as she rolled onto her side and began to snore. My head leaned back and I stared up the ceiling, taking in a deep breath. It happened. And at long last, I accepted it. Within three days, I gained not only a job, but two new friends, a new hobby, and a Pokemon-no, scratch that. Three new friends. Angie looked at me and smiled. "Congratulations," she said with a voice so rich with amusement it took me a second to realize she wasn't talking about what happened with Chikorita.

I looked down, realized I was still pantsless, and dove for my pants. She and Bill laughed, and after I got my penis tucked away and my boxers done back up, I laughed too. I was going to enjoy it here. Any grammer mess ups im sorry im not good at this and again NOT MY STORY only making it sound better and adding a few partes I think it needs!!!!