Tattooed asian blowjob and doggystyle

Tattooed asian blowjob and doggystyle
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It had been nearly four weeks since the incident. I had finished my homework and decided a walk in the brisk night air would help me clear my head and relax. I had walked a few blocks away from my house when I first heard the growling. The thing about where I live is that we live right next to a pretty sizable forest, a forest filled with wildlife, and that wildlife included Cougars, Mountain Lions. The first thoughts going through my head when I heard the growling was everything my father had taught me about dealing with Cougars.

Take out a knife, a flashlight, start waving them around while making eye contact with the animal, all the while acting larger than you really were and making aggressive noises. Unfortunately I didn't have a flashlight, but I did have my trusty Swiss-Army Knife (never leave home without one fella's).

I pulled it out, and turned in the direction of the growling. The good news was; it wasn't a cougar. The bad news; it was a wolf! The biggest Goddam wolf I had ever seen (The only wolf I had ever seen). In fact, the damn beast was about the size of a Cougar. Oh Shit! What the hell am I supposed to do now? Before I had the time to think any further, the wolf lunged at me.

My first instinct was to lift my arm in front of my face to keep it's massive jaws away from my vital parts. It's teeth sunk into my arms flesh, then it's weight hit me full force and knocked me on my back, winding me. As soon as I regained my senses I lifted my legs into a squatting position then kicked the animal full force with both my legs into it's belly. It's teeth reluctantly left my arm as it flew several feet back and hit the ground with a thud.

Thank you Martial Arts training! I pushed myself up as fast as I could, as soon as I stood up however my head began to spin.

The adrenaline pumping through my body was blocking out the pain in my arm but I was still disoriented from the fall. What's more the beast had already repositioned himself, ready to lunge again. My head was spinning but I managed to put together one cohesive thought.

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I have a knife in my hand. I still had my knife. But it wasn't opened, and even if I did manage to open it, it was just a Swiss-Army knife.

Admittedly a bit larger than the average Swiss, but what damage could it possibly inflict on an animal that big. It lunged again, but this time when it did, I got a good view of it's belly. That's how!

Instead of raising my arm to block it's jaws again, my hand zipped to my knife and quickly pulled it open. As soon as it was open the beast's teeth had sunk in deep into my shoulder. As soon as I felt my body being pushed back again, I raised the blade and plunged it deep into the beasts belly. As soon as I felt it hit I pulled it down and tore open the animals skin, raining it's blood and insides across the asphalt. It whimpered and let go of my shoulder as soon as we hit the ground.

As soon as it did however, the force of my body hitting the ground shoved my hand (and consequently my blade) further into the beast.

We both lay there, still, barely breathing, until finally the beast let out a final whimper and died. It's body was still on top of me, crushing my lungs. With what little strength I had I heaved the creature to the side and rolled out from under it.

I got to my feet, but soon found myself on my knees. Every bit of my body was in searing pain. I could barely breath and my left arm and shoulder were bleeding heavily. I reached into my jacket pocket to grab my phone and call 911, but all i grabbed was air. I had forgotten my phone again. "God. Damnit!" Then everything went black. __________ The next morning I awoke in an unfamiliar bed with unfamiliar surroundings.

What the hell? I tried to push myself up only to be stopped by a huge bout of pain which forced me back down onto the bed. Goddamnit! What the hell happened to me? Almost instantly the events of my fight with the wolf came flooding through my mind. I froze in place as I tried to comprehend all the sudden images.

I tried to push myself up again only to be stopped by another bout of pain, but also my left arm felt oddly restricted. I looked at it and saw it wrapped in bandages and a sling. I then noticed that I was wearing some sort of light blue shirt. I finally put two and two together and realized where I was. "I'm in the hospital." As soon as I spoke I felt something stirring to my right.

I looked over and saw a woman slowing raising her head up from the bed. She looked at me and I noticed she had been sitting in a chair next to my bed, and had at some point laid her head on the bed in her arms and fallen asleep.

As her eyes opened and she looked at me I realized who she was. "Mom?" As soon as she heard me speak, her eyes welled up and she started to cry.

She reached over and wrapped her arms around me, taking care to avoid my bandaged arm, and began sobbing into my chest. __________ I left the hospital a couple days after that. From what the doctors say, all my injuries had been superficial. Superficial but painful.

Although the wolf's teeth had sunk in quite deeply, it hadn't managed to get anything vital. My back was pretty badly bruised from all the falling, that probably hurt more than anything else. But apart from that, and some blood loss, I was fine. After a couple days of being monitored, they released me, saying I would probably be more comfortable resting in my own bed.

No argument here, I never liked hospitals much, always made me feel uneasy. Almost as soon as my Mom and I left the hospital, several reporters rushed us and began asking questions about my encounter with the wolf. Goddamn small town, no other stories to report on other than some high-schooler barely managing to survive an encounter with a larger than average wolf. okay when you put it like that it does sound kind of impressive. But I didn't care. All I wanted was to be left alone so I could go home and sleep in my own damn bed.

But the group of reporters wouldn't let us through. ". Young man! Can you describe your encounter with." ". Please! A moment of your time." ". Just a few questions." Their words began to mold together in my head until all I could hear was a loud din. Why won't they shut up!?

Why won't they just leave me alone!? Get out of my way! As these thoughts swirled through my head I began to feel something burning inside me. A rage, a beastly feeling I had never felt before. I didn't just want these men and women to leave, I wanted them gone. permanently gone. Without realizing it, I let out a deep growl. It was deep, but quiet. Only a handful of people heard it (my mother thankfully not among them) and immediately stepped back.

My mother took advantage of the newly formed gap and led me forward. We maneuvered through the crowd as quickly as we could and got into Mom's car. I swear she drove like a bat out of hell to get away from those reporters. "Damn vultures! Don't they have anything else to report on?" She slowed the car down a bit once we reached downtown. "I just can't believe some people. Ambushing an injured young man when all he wants is to go home and rest." She continued on with her tirade up until we pulled into our drive-way.

She got out of the car, quickly moved around to the passenger side and immediately started helping me out of the vehicle. "For God's sake mom, I'm not helpless." "Oh hush up and humor your worried mother." How could I resist. Whenever she got that worried look in her eyes I couldn't help but just do whatever she said.

I didn't like being fondled over like a little child, but my pride is a small price to pay for my mother's peace of mind. She led me to our front door, unlocked it, and led me over the threshold into our living room. She finally let go of me once I was inside then quickly made her way back to the car to grab my stuff. I on the other hand banked a right, down a short hall and opened the door to my room.

I looked over at my bed, then my eyes fell upon my real goal, my computer chair. I sank slowly into the leather goodness of my chair and relaxed. After so many days in a bed, it was a nice change of pace to relax in my favorite chair. My mind slowly drifted into thoughts of nonsense. The beastly feeling of earlier far from them. __________ It had been four weeks ago. My body had fully healed (apart from the odd sore hear or there) and I was back to my normal schedule.

After a few days back home I inquired as to what happened after the fight and how I ended up in the hospital. Apparently one of my neighbors had seen the whole incident. He called the authorities as quickly as he could, then ran outside with a gun to try and help me. But by the time he had gotten outside, the wolf was already dead and I had passed out. Needless to say the authorities arrived and did what was needed. I was taken to a hospital, and the wolf's corpse was appropriated by Animal control.

From what I have been told the wolf is largest ever seen in this area, maybe even the country. It's corpse was donated to science to study how on earth it got so large. Apparently though one of the scientists thought it would be cool to send me one of it's fangs as a trophy. It's currently hanging around my neck. "Mom!

I'm home." I cry out as I open the door to my house. I had just finished my mid-terms and was now on winter break. I've just turned 18 years old, and just made it through the first half of my Senior year of High-School. I stand at about 5 foot 11, I've got a pretty average build, but with strong shoulders.

My hair is a dirty blonde, short. I have a slim face with a little bit of facial hair growing in, styled into a thin goatee. "You don't have to shout I'm right here." My mother spoke up from the living room couch to the left of the front door. It really is great that she can work from home and earn the pay she does. Something was wrong though. Her voice sounded like it was shaking, as though she had been crying a little. "Oh hey Mom. Didn't see you over there. wait." I step over to her as I lightly drop my school bag to the floor, "Is something wrong?" "It's your father." That bastard.

"Oh great." I said barely hiding my distaste, "What did he do this time? Piss off half of China?" My father was a heavy traveler, I doubt that there isn't a country in the world he hasn't visited at least once. Unfortunately he also had a bad habit of getting on people's nerves.

he and Mom divorced when I was really young, about six or seven. They had married young, my mother was 19 and he was 25. I came along soon after. But like I said, my father has a way of getting under people's skin. Despite this my parents managed to keep at least a civil relationship between each other, for my sake if for nothing else.

I spent most of my life going back and forth between their houses on an almost daily basis. But around when I was 15, my father and I got into the argument of our lives. I won't go into details, but blows were exchanged. It was decided I would live full time with my mother. My father figured that it was time to go traveling once again, and I haven't talked to him in person since. ". Calvin." "No wait! Did he desecrate the Taj Mahal" " Calvin." "I've got it!

He groped the Queen of Englan-" "CALVIN!!!" My mother very rarely yelled, she didn't have a very powerful voice, it matched her body. Standing at a short 5 foot 4, she had a very slight frame. But despite her small frame she had the curves of a Goddess, not a lot mind you, but just enough to be noticeable in tight fitting clothes.

Her proportions were perfect, not too little not too much, and her breasts, a perfect D-cup. I'm not gonna lie, I spent my early puberty years fantasizing about her. Her thin face, blue eye's, wavy long dark brown hair. She even manages to sneak into some of my more contemporary fantasies late at night. "Calvin." She dropped her voice once she saw that I had quieted down and was now giving her my full attention, "I just got a call from your uncle Seamus in Dublin." Her voice was grave.

"What about?" Uncle Seamus? Calling all the way from Ireland. That could only mean someone had. Her voice was barely above a whisper. "Your father was visiting your grandparents and Uncle and.

he had a heart attack.

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they couldn't get him to the hospital in time. He's dead." I stood there with my mouth hanging open, I slowly sat down onto the couch next to my mother.

I didn't know what to say. Or what to do. I just sat there while my mother wrapped her arm around my shoulders and lay her head against the one closest to her. When I finally managed to say something, all that came out was, "Oh." It was then that the beastly feeling from four weeks ago began to rear itself in my gut once again.

__________ After a while I stood up from the couch and slowly walked back to my room. My mother let me go without saying a word. She probably thought I should be on my own for a little while. I love my mother. I entered my room and sank down into my favorite chair. I absentmindedly turned on my computer and began to pointlessly browse random corners of the internet. Just to give myself something to do.

As my body moved on it's own, my mind wandered to different places of thought. Memories of my father.

Good ones, bad ones, lessons he taught me, beating into my skull the importance of always carrying a knife, reading bedtime stories (his accent always made that amazing), taking me to my martial arts classes, our fights, arguments, his disputes with mom.

mom. That was the one thing I would never forgive my father for, his treatment of mom. He wasn't cruel or abusive, he just often wasn't there. He belittled her opinions, called her neurotic, at one point he even claimed that I was an accident and that he never really wanted to marry her but was pressured into it by her family. That was the last straw for her. Barely a few weeks later, they were divorced. That Bastard! The burning sensation was beginning to take hold of my gut.

How dare he use me as ammunition against Mom! I continued to boil in my own rage until the sun outside had gone down. I sat in my chair staring angrily at my computer screen until. *knock* *knock* "Calvin honey? I left your dinner on the counter.

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You can heat it up as soon as you get hungry." I didn't respond, I could feel the burning sensation in my stomach churning at the sound of her voice.

When she didn't get a response she spoke again, "I'll be in the living room watching T.V. if you need me." She was obviously concerned, but she didn't want to force herself onto her grieving son. As I listened to her soft footsteps move away from my door (she's wearing her slippers, she must have changed into her casual clothes) another feeling rose up inside me.

It molded with the rage and morphed it into something else. that was when I noticed I had been sweating. I suddenly realized just how hot my room was, it was far too hot. Instinctively I removed my shirt. It wasn't enough.

I removed my socks and my pants. Still too hot. Without realizing it I had removed my boxers. Why wouldn't the heat go away. My head began to haze over, like I was stuck somewhere between being awake and falling asleep. I fell to the floor and began to convulse. All the feelings I had experienced that night as I thought about my father.

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All my rage for all the things he did, how he treated mom. mom. my mind began to focus on her. That moment in the hospital when I first woke up and she clinged to me as though I was the most important thing in the world.

The look on her face when the reporters attempted to surround me. Her face. her smile. her body. my fantasies. As my body convulsed on the ground and began to morph, new thoughts surged through my mind. Primal thoughts, beastial thoughts, powerful thoughts. Soon my mind was driven by one purpose, one need. Her. I had to have her. The convulsing stopped. I pushed myself off the floor. I found myself on all fours, standing not with my hands and feet, but paws. Thick hairy paws.

The world had suddenly changed, I could feel warm fur all across my body. Smells and scents were much more powerful, phenomenally so.

Sounds were different as well. I could differentiate pitches and could hear things I could never hear before. So much had changed in such a short time, it was overwhelming. But I didn't care. Only one thing mattered to me at that moment. And she was on the other side of the door before me. I reached a paw up to the handle of my door.

Luckily I seem to have retained some level of intellect and dexterity. I pulled the handle down and swung the door inward. I maneuvered deftly around the door and sneaked down the short hall without making a single sound. I sneaked into the living room and moved around the extra lounge chair so I could get a good look at the couch.

There she was, laying on the couch watching T.V. Though her eyes only seemed to be staring at the flashing screen, not actually paying attention to it. I noticed she had also changed into her casual clothes. A tank top and running shorts.

She sighed and moved to grab the remote. She picked it up and switched off the screen. As she set it back down onto the coffee table she noticed a slight movement in the darkness behind the lounge chair. "Calvin? Is that you?" She asked inquisitively. She stood up from the couch and slowly moved over to the chair trying to get a better look at what was crouching in the dark. "Calvin honey what are you doing down there? Why are you-" Her words caught in her throat as I slowly creeped out from the shadows.

She froze on the spot when she saw my monstrous form. I looked her in the eyes, and began to growl. "C. C. Ca. Cal. vin." She managed to barely squeak out. At first I thought she somehow recognized me, but as she continued to say my name she slowly turned towards my bedroom door.

She was trying to call for my help. "Ca. Ca. Cal. vin." As she slowly made her way to my door, I began to slowly creep towards her, growling all the while. When she saw that I was slowly making my ways toward her, she bolted for my room. I had predicted this and weaved around the room and furniture until I was right in-between her and my door. She gasped and let out a small shriek at my sudden speed and immediately made a beeline for her bedroom down the adjacent small hall.

I followed. She had just barely opened her door when I rammed her from behind knocking her forward onto the ground and into her bedroom. She looked over her shoulder at me, dazed, then began to crawl away from me further into the room. I walked past the door, then gave it a quick kick with my hind leg and slammed the door shut. She was trapped. I walked into the room and found her crawling towards her bed.

I reached out towards her with my large jaws and attached them to the edge of one of her shorts legs. It didn't rip but she felt the sudden pull and looked back again. This pause was her undoing. I quickly moved above her, placed my thick paw upon the back of her shoulder and pushed her down to the ground. "Calvin. Calvin!!!" She called out, her voice had returned somewhat but still was barely louder than a whisper. I leaned my muzzle right down next to her ear and gave a low growl. She tensed up, and looked into my eyes.

I backed up slightly and looked upon my mothers fragile form. I reared myself up and looked upon her with satisfaction, I had won.


Her eyes traced my movements, darkly curious about what was to come next. She received her answer when her eyes drifted down my body and saw my throbbing member between my legs.

"Oh. God NO!!!" She desperately tried to crawl away again, but I was ready for her. My jaws soon found themselves around her throat, lightly gripping her with my teeth. She immediately froze once again. I didn't break skin, but even the slightest movement against me meant that she risked slicing her own throat, so she remained still.

I removed my jaw from her neck and once again placed my muzzle next to her ear and growled. She looked into my eyes once more, but this time with a sense of fearful understanding. She lowered her head to the floor while at the same time raising her hips into the air. She had given up, she now knew that the only way to somehow make it out of this mess, was to give me what I wanted.

And I wanted it bad. I hooked my fangs around her shorts waistline and ripped the cloth away with little effort. She gasped at the sudden removal of her clothing, but soon relaxed again. All that remained between me and my goal now, was one last bit of thin cloth.

I took a moment to take in the sight of my mothers posterior raised into the air while only covered by a thin pair of black panties. I leaned in and began to sniff my mothers crotch. I noticed her tremble at the feel of my breath against her. I also noticed something else, something that I did not expect. Moisture.

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My mothers panties were dampening. Was the feel of my breath turning my mother on? I couldn't resist anymore, I nuzzled my face into my mother hips and began to lick away at the panties covering her sex. "Aahh!" My mother moaned as she tried to pull away from the sudden coolness of my tongue. I wouldn't have that. I reached my two front paws and gripped either side of hers hips and help in place as I licked away.

I continued this pace for a couple of minutes, then I noticed my mother was trembling. ". Aahh.

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Aahh. No. Ooh." She was beginning to feel it. The rough stimulation of my tongue was forcing her body to feel something she did not want. I decided to step it up a notch.

I hooked my teeth underneath her panty-line and tore the last bit of cloth away. There it was, my mothers pussy. The most wonderful thing in all of creation, the place from where I was born. I wasted no time in applying my tongue in exploring ever inch of it. "Ooh. Oh. God. Noo. Aah." Her body began to tremble even more, the sudden application of my tongue was bringing her to the brink. I immediately stopped. My paws that I had placed on her hips pulled her closer to me.

I moved them down so that they wrapped around her waist as I positioned myself above her. My mother turned her head to face me one last time. Her eyes widened with realization as to what was coming. She looked me in the eyes. those beautiful eyes. those beautiful imploring eyes.

the ones that I could never resist. but I didn't want to resist them. I wanted to Break them. I looked down into her eyes, and smirked as I rubbed my member against the opening of her pussy. "NOO!" In one powerful thrust I ripped through her barrier and plunged my member deep into my mothers pussy. Again and again and again I thrust into my mother with all my might. Never stopping, never resting. I thrust over and over again enjoying the wonderful feeling of my mothers warm and moist pussy.

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". Stop. Stop. Please. Stop." She protested, all the while her pussy became tighter and tighter with each thrust. ". Stop. Ah. Ooh. Stop. Ah. Ahh. Aah. Stop. Ah.


Don't. Stop." What? ". Ah. Ah. Ah. Don't. Stop. Ah. Ahh. Harder." I then noticed something different. My mothers hips were moving to meet my thrusts. It couldn't be. She was enjoying it. This exceeded anything beyond my wildest fantasies. I was Fucking my mother. Raping my mother. And she was enjoying it. "Ah. Ah. Harder. Faster. Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah. Please." I began to fuck my mother with reckless abandon. Each thrust going faster, harder, and deeper. At the height of my excitement I leaned down and began licking the back of her neck.

For whatever reason, I just wanted to taste her. To feel her skin in my mouth. To lick the small beads of sweat from her nape. To my surprise, she responded by turning to face me, then taking my tongue into her mouth. Every moment before this was nothing, nothing compared to the joy and excitement I had felt leading up to this. My tongue in her mouth, lapping around and tasting every inch of the inside of it. Hers making its way into my mouth and doing the same.

I wanted this moment, this single moment of perfection, where the two of us were joined, not just by our loins, but in our lust and pleasure as well, to last forever. But soon I began to feel something rising up inside me. My member began to expand. My mother felt the sudden change and realized what was coming.

She responded by pressing her hips against me even faster. She pulled herself away from our debaucherous kiss to announce her own reaction. "Cum. Ah. Ah. Cumming. Ah. I'm.

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Cumming. Ah. Too!" I felt it. The warm sensation as it passed through my body. I stopped thrusting and blew every bit of my seed into my mothers womb. the stream of cum seemed unending. "Cum. I'm. CUMMING!!!" My mother screamed as she arched her back while my seed poured into her. A moment later she collapsed. Her legs spread with my member still inside, her eyes rolled upward and her mouth agape. I removed my paws from my mothers hips and stepped back to remove myself from her pussy, only to find myself stuck.

It seemed the base of my member had swelled into a knot of some kind as I came. I thought I would be worried by this, but I found myself caring little about it. I pulled a bit harder a with a loud plop, my member left my mothers pussy.

I stepped back and looked at the woman who lay before me. I had done it. I had claimed my Mother as my own. I lifted my head to the heavens and let out a victorious howl.