For our real live porn videos we choose only real pick up chicks from city streets and parks i wish

For our real live porn videos we choose only real pick up chicks from city streets and parks i wish
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"I think I want a tattoo", Erica said. "I don't fucking think so" I replied. She looked hurt. "Why" she asked. "Well, I didn't mean it THAT way, I just think you should wait until you're older". I said. "I don't see why, I'm learning to drive, I can cook and sew, I have a BOYFRIEND.That I have SEX with.

lots and lots of SEX with." she said teasingly. With that she sat next to me at the desk and slid her hand onto my leg and grasped my cock through my jeans. "So, you want to play ? I asked. "No, I want YOU to play.with me" she said. She looked at me, waiting for a response. I turned from my work and stared at her. Paying the bills could wait, but a horny, curious, open minded teenager had to be dealt with promptly or they would find another outlet for their tension. "What, pray tell ?

I asked, acting exasperated. "That box of toys you got, that you don't think I know about, but I know you got." she said. It wasn't a secret, but I ordered a few toys off the interweb and then bought some more. Then I bought a few more that I was sure she wouldn't use or even try. I ended up spending several hundred dollars on this stuff and hadn't even tried them out yet. She had seen a few of them and I know she had looked through the box at least once.

Erica dashed off to the kitchen where the box was and ran back carrying it. "I know what to do" she announced. "I'll pick up a toy in the box where you can't see it, and you say 'Yes' or 'No' and we'll use that one". Cool, she's instigating these games. God, I love her. "First, pick a lube" she said. "No, use astroglide or KY in your cootch, no playing around there" I said. She could use the other stuff in her ass and it wouldn't hurt her. "Oookay, I'll pick the astroglide for the front door, the back door gets baby oil gel" she said with rising interest.

"I thought I got to pick." "You get to pick a toy, but you won't know what it is" she said. "And YOU HAVE to use it on me, whatever it is" she said. "And you better pick good, because I have to deal with it" she said. "Fine by me" I said. "Okay, here goes, no looking into the box, okay ? Erica reached into the box and grasped a toy. "That one" I said.

"Hey, you're supposed to at least let me go through a few" she whined. "Your rules" I said. "Jesus, look at this thing" she said and pulled out a black enema nozzle with a large ball on the end. The ball was the size of a lime. Otherwise it was just another enema nozzle. It had a fitting for the tubing on the opposite end and a small hole at the ball end for water to run out of.

The shaft was about three-eighths of an inch diameter. This is one of the toys I didn't think she'd want to use, but I was curious to see if she would. Now, she had no choice. "Let's try another one in case this one doesn't work out" she said with a furrowed brow. "Ready? she asked. "Yep" I said. Erica dug into the box and fished around for a minute trying to decide if she could fool me. At last, she picked up a toy and held it just below my field of view.

"This one or something else." "That one" I interrupted. "Damn it" she exclaimed. And she pulled out the 12 inch long stainless steel proctoscope. It was gleaming and smooth and tapered from the 1 inch pointy, up-the-butt-end, to the 1 and three-quarter inch blunt, better-stop-here-end. I laughed. Erica had a peeved expression on her face. The toys she didn't want to use were the first ones she picked. She thought I would let her go through several choices as she got to pick her favorites, but I did an end-run and just cut off her choices.

Besides, I didn't want to play games, I was going to use them all on her anyway. "Don't be sore, these toys will work together, Ok" I said. "I wanted a pussy toy, so I can come" she answered. "Hey, you've come before with nothing in your pussy and just me working your ass" I said. "Besides these are your rules, you'll enjoy it, there's no down side here".

I reassured. "You promise me a happy ending" she smiled as she grasped my cock through my jeans again. "Of course, sweetheart" I said. For one of us, anyway. "Did you go today ? I asked. "Earlier, I did, I can take it, just go slow and wash me good" she said. The fullness wasn't her concern, she was worried about the diameter of the black nozzle.

"Leave your socks and skirt on, take off everything else" I told her. She was wearing her pink skirt and socks. She had also pulled her long brunette hair into pigtails this morning. She looked waifish and child like. I would enjoy the visual kink of it. "You wanna do it in the bathroom" she asked. "No, there's stuff all over the cabinets, go to the kitchen, better light" I said.

I retrieved the enema bag from the bathroom cabinet as she carried the selected toys to the kitchen. Without asking her to do it, she washed the toys in hot soapy water and set them aside to dry. We had done this with our very first toy and she understood the need. As I walked into the kitchen, I saw Erica tasting the astroglide. "Sweet" she said.

I always thought it was too sweet and had a metallic taste. "Try the baby-oil gel, it's berry flavored" I said dryly. "Really, why would they make a flavored baby-oil.? she caught herself.

We laughed. "Take off your top" I said. And she did, revealing her pert "B" cups and letting them move freely. I cupped a boob and massaged it as I leaned down to kiss her deep. She was into it and we tongued each other for a few minutes. I stood behind her and leaned over her. I ran my hands down to her skirt and lifted it up.

I pulled her underwear down to half crack and massaged her pussy from the front. I scooped a bunch of spit out of my mouth, tasting her pussy flavor and returned to her hole. I wiped the spit onto her entrance and fingered her until, after a few minutes, I could get two fingers into her pussy.

She was rolling. She moaned and writhed with each thrust of my fingers. I stopped short of letting her get too carried away and I sucked my salty fingers dry. I put my newly cleaned fingers into her mouth as she faced me. Erica began to lick my fingers and tongue them with expert technique. Slowly, I advanced my fingers deeper into her mouth towards the back of her throat.

She would make a slight gagging sound and I would withdraw them. I continued this for several minutes, getting her to practice not gagging on things that were inserted into her young throat.

Pretty soon I was fucking her tender mouth with my calloused fingers and she was sucking, tonguing and lubing my fingers like an expert. My cock was rock hard and I was sure I would miss this opportunity for on of the best BJ's in my life. But I knew that I had a long summer ahead and she would want to perfect her technique and torture me with this.

I folded a thick towel and placed it along the counter-top for padding. I had Erica open a cabinet and step onto the ledge to lift herself up. From here she could lean over the padded cabinet counter-top with comfort for a while. I pushed her over and her face onto the counter-top and held her there with my hand. I kneeled down behind her and lifted her skirt up and pulled it higher onto her belly to keep it from falling back down and covering her ass.

Her pink ass was there in a nice position, extended, with her butt cheeks just barely parted. Not enough for me to see her asshole, but her pussylips were visible and her wet hole was making moisture that was running down her leg. "Rough, asshole" she said, as I held her down. She had begun talking dirty lately. I found it exciting. I tongued her pussy from behind. Access was a problem due to her ample cheeks. I pulled one cheek way aside and licked her pussy again.

Erica moaned and responded to my tongue. I could smell her girly-pussy come and her pee smell as well as her ass. Her ass was faintly sweet smelling, she would sometimes use girly perfume over her pussy or her ass crack if she knew I was going down on her. I liked it and I liked that she thought of it before we got busy.

I tongued her ass crack and her asshole and was surprised at the sweet taste of her anus. Erica had painted her butthole with her lip gloss and made it sweet, fruity and shiny before she came into the kitchen. I love her little surprises.

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I tongued her ass like a hungry man after a steak, as she moaned and moved her hips into my tongue. I tongue fucked her, sticking my stiffened tongue into her anus and trying to reach new heights. I wanted to lick her colon and tickle her belly button. Soon I reached over her and pulled her hips into my face and let go of her butt cheeks. I loved her soft cheeks as they gave way for my already present face. I loved the softness of them and the resistance I felt when I urged my face deeper into her gorgeous crack.

I reached under her leg and I stuck my right thumb into Erica's slick pussy slot and found her hole. I thumb fucked her for a few minutes and tapered off my oral assault on her ass.

Erica was sweaty and red and had come at least once after I buried my thumb. My tongue was strained and hurt so damn bad I wanted to scream.

I just wish I had a calloused tongue so I could continue. I never wanted to leave her beautiful apple-bottom and her sweaty cheeks. I would adjust any future tongue work so it wouldn't rub across my teeth and become so damn raw.

I stood and told Erica, "Fill the bag". She did as she was told and never moved from her position, bent over the counter-top. She adjusted the water to a temperature she liked and added a healthy glop of ivory liquid soap from the open container there.

I placed several old phone books where her feet were to give her more room to stand on. After that I inserted my index finger into her wet ass cheeks and slid around inside them as I felt for her opening. I went low to feel of her pussy hole and massaged the opening there for a minute then went high. I rubbed my fingers along her ass crack using the spit and sweat as lubricant. I found her crinkled asshole and applied pressure to it as I slowly inserted my extended finger into her rectum.

I held my finger there for a minute and allowed her to get accustomed to the size and intrusion. I couldn't feel any foreign matter that would prevent us from having some deep anal fun. "Hang the bag" she said. With my free hand I hung the bag on a nail I had placed above the window just for this. I withdrew my finger from her anus and my hand from her crack and stuck my dirty finger into my niece's mouth. Just to make it uncomfortable, I stuck my finger under her tongue.

She was trying to use her tongue to move my finger to where she could get a good suck at it. I kept it there so she would writhe and mouth it. It was very hot and I was aware of my raging wood again.

"Get the air out of the tubing" she asked. I bled the air out the hose and nozzle until soapy water ran into the sink. I held the big black nozzle in front of her so she could see what was going to be causing her all the discomfort in a few minutes.

"This'll trap inside you" I said.


"Once it's in, it'll have to be pulled out so you can go" I added. "Think you can take the whole bag ? I asked. "MMMmmnnn" was all she said. I put the nozzle to her mouth and pushed it in between her teeth, she gave token resistance at first, and then let me insert it deep.

I left the nozzle to hang from her mouth and got the bag off the nail. I pushed the bag up to the side of her face and let her delicate, pretty face feel the wet rubber texture of the warm enema bag. "This is half-a-gallon" I said.

"That's an awful lot for a little girl like yourself". "This looks like a LOT of water. You took most of it last time, but I don't know if you can do it or not" I said skeptically. I loved psyching her out. She looked daggers at me, but couldn't say anything because of the nozzle. I squeezed a dollop of baby-oil gel onto the counter-top and, pulling the nozzle abruptly from Erica's mouth, rolled the nozzle into the clear slime.

"Hey, butthole !

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she exclaimed. "Don't you ever." as I put my free hand over her pretty mouth to stifle her outburst. With the nozzle lubed, I placed it at her back door and pushed it into her buttocks. I was aroused by the sight of the large black sphere disappearing into her pale-pink bottom. I was deliberately doing it blind, I wanted it to feel difficult for Erica. I knew very well where her anus was, the angle I'd have to match in order to insert anything, but I liked to play.

As I applied greater pressure to Erica's anal orifice, I removed my hand from her mouth. She was no longer interested in telling me off, but was grunting and moaning with the new sensation of having this one and-a-half inch diameter ball inserted up her ass. I abruptly withdrew the nozzle and relubed it. "Oohh, jeez. I don't know.

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I'm not sure." Erica said. She wasn't so cocksure now, she was speaking in her uncertain, little girl voice. She was afraid it might hurt her or tear her open. I knew she had had my cock inside her rectum, buried to the hilt. I knew from looking at the nozzle that it would be different, but not dangerous. I knew that the only thing Erica was afraid of was normal virgin trepidation. The nozzle was cold, hard, and unfeeling. When I sodomized her the first time, I was slow and careful and had stretched her well.

The base of my shaft was bigger than this nozzle and she had ridden me well and taken me deep. I replaced the nozzle and applied pressure. "Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnngggggggggg." Erica responded with a whimper that rose in tone. I felt the ball nozzle pop into her rectum as it squeezed past her asshole with a start. "OOOOOwwwwwww." Erica said, almost in a panic.

She struggled to get up off the counter-top. I held her down with my free hand. "Relax, baby". "It's in, it's inside you, it's all done" I assured her. I watched as the nozzle, propelled by the reclosing of Erica's delicate anus around it, moved itself further into her body. The end of the nozzle shaft and tubing disappearing into Erica's cheeks and coming to rest as it should, buried deep inside her teenage bottom.

Erica was a vision. She was bent over, with a white tube coming out of her bottom. As the tube rose to the pink rubber bag, I watched as Erica moved and shifted to get used to the intrusion and the sensation of a plastic ball inside of her butt. "My, my, how are we EVER going to get that OUT" I said. "You're a dick" Erica said as she laughed a little. "Now see here, little lady" You're in no position to backtalk me" I said sternly.

I swatted her bottom and was surprised at how much her butt jiggled in response to my hand. I made a note to do some recreational spanking later. "OOwwpp!! she exclaimed. More at the shock and surprise than the pain. "Bad girls must be punished" I said and I turned the clasp on the enema tubing to open fully.

I made sure Erica could see the clasp and she felt the simultaneous rush of warm soapy water begin it's run into her rectum. "Mmmmmnnnnnnhhhh" she groaned a little too dramatically. "Stop faking" I said "I'm not, I can feel it" Erica replied, almost happily. No mercy for the kiddo. I was behind her and I laid across her, careful to not crush her as she was trapped between me and the counter. I stood on one leg and wrapped the other over her, mounting her.

I had taken my shirt and pants off and wanted to feel Erica, skin to skin. I wrapped my arm around her chest and neck and pulled the hair away from her face. I reached back and found the tubing as it disappeared into her body and tugged and juggled it. "Oh, wow, easy there man, I thought it was coming out" she said. "No baby, It'll stay put, I'm just checkin' is all". I put my hand under her, but had no access to her cootch. I wanted to make her come again with the enema flowing into her.

I reached my free hand around the other way and found a nice boob and began a massage there. I kissed her on her ears and back of her neck, one of her favorite spots and nibbled at her pretty ear lobes. Surprisingly, she responded pretty quickly to this and I kept it up. I switched hands from tit to free tit and continued with her erogenous zones. Erica was panting and distracted now and was sweating up nicely. "MMmmmmmmuuunnnggggg." she moaned.

"Did you come ? I asked. If she did, it sounded weird. "Mmmnn, No, I'm feeling full." she complained. I noted that she had taken almost half a bag at full throttle.

I slowed the bag to a minor trickle to let her catch up. She had taken a quart of the warm cleansing solution in only a few minutes. The normal volume for her little rectum was less than a quart and it took all day to fill up. She was being force-fed warm soapy water, backwards, into a space that normally would have voided by now. The most important thing to this little recipient of a high-volume enema was to let her get used to the fullness and weight of the water.

"OOOwwwwww.God.ooooohhhhhhh" she exclaimed. She had stomach cramps from the water. I got off of her and stood behind her. "Erica, I need you to lay on your side" I told her. "You need to let the water run into you deeper, that will make you feel better" I told her. She needed to let the water run downhill, into her colon, her rectum was full and had spasmed in response to the rapid filling. "It hurts, oh, please." "Lay back sweetie" I soothed as I stood her, turned her and helped her lay on the counter-top.

She was now on her left side, facing me. The water could move out of her distended rectum and flow into her colon, cleaning her intestines and preparing her for more fun. "Better", she said. I pulled the hair out of her face and stroked her, soothing her. "MMMMnnn, God, that felt SO FULL, I've never felt that full before". she said. I kneeled down to see her face and kissed her pretty mouth.

She smiled. "I'm a big baby, aren't I ? she asked. "Not at all sweetie, you're doing fine". "And, if you don't mind me saying so, you look hot". I told her. Girls like to hear when they are pretty. We tongue kissed and i put her right leg up to get access to the nozzle. I reached past her pussy and I juggled it again and moved it in and out of her bottom just enough for her to feel it. Keeping her leg up, I found her hairy pussy hole and rubbed the outside and slid a finger into her slick opening.

"Damn, you're wet, girl" I said. Forgetting I had caused most of the wetness earlier. Erica laughed. I jilled her off to a quick orgasm, it took only a minute and I concentrated on her g-spot. Erica came hard and let out a sustained groan and panted when she blew. I felt her pussy spasm around my fingers and wished my cock was there to feel it. I was as satisfied as she was.

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I knew my turn would be soon, my cock was raging again and I had built up quite a load. I kissed her, interrupting her breathing and causing her to pant more.

It was hot. I rubbed her distended belly and drew her attention to it. I soothed her as the fullness was returning. "Look, uncle, the bag" she said. It was flat. Erica had done it. She had taken 2 whole quarts of water into her body. "You did good, girl, I'm proud of you" I said.

"Oooowww, it's full tank-time" she said. "It's starting again, can I go now ? she asked. We wouldn't be able to make it to the bathroom and still remove the nozzle without a mess.

"No, baby, stay here, but get on your hands and knees" I said. Erica moved to her hands and knees quickly. "Put your head down baby" I said. I laid her down with the towel under her knees and her head on the cool counter-top, she looked obscenely displayed and totally exposed. I rubbed her belly, now hanging gravid with warm soapy water, massaging the deep soreness she felt. She looked 6 months pregnant.

I scoped her beautiful body out as she was displayed for me to see. I could see her wet hairy pussy had opened up a little and I plugged a finger in to massage her and distract her.

Her bent over position had caused her hips to spread and her ass cheeks to pull open and her angry red anus could be easily seen holding the black nozzle just inside her. As I calmed her and massaged her vagina, I felt of the nozzle head through the thin wall that separates her pussy and ass. I reached up to turn the clasp off to prevent any escape while we walked to the bathroom.

"UUUhhhhhmmmmm, that feels GOOD." Erica said. Referring to my massage of her vaginal back-wall. I stuck in two fingers and went at it. Basically, I was rubbing the head of the nozzle through her pussy. I wasn't going wide or deep or hitting her g-spot or clit, but here she was, getting off on the "six-pack" sensation of the nozzle massage. "UUnnnggghhhh". "UUnnnnhhhgggg". "Uuuhhnnnggg". She came hard and her spasms caused the nozzle to move inside her butt and make the tubing bounce.

I could feel the tightness of her pussy squeeze my fingers and cause some pussy juice to come out of her and onto the counter. Cool. 'Hey, you ready to empty out ? I asked, stirring her. "Yeah, I need help though" she answered weakly. I took the now empty bag and walked, as Erica waddled towards the bathroom. She now weighed 4 pounds heavier than she did 30 minutes ago.

Poor thing now had to hold it in, as the combined weight tried to find an exit, her anus. That's a tremendous amount of pressure for an inexperienced girl to try and keep inside. We hit the bathroom door and Erica sat on the toilet. I told her she would have to let me in there somewhere to remove the nozzle.

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She asked for me to wait while she got her strength back. She was still reeling from the last come. After she cooled down for a minute, I pushed her bottom up to get her to stand.

"You have to stand up and let me get to the nozzle, but keep your ass over the toilet" I said.


She complied and stood, half bent over. She reached out and barely grabbed the bathroom counter-top for support. I leaned behind her and pulled at the nozzle that was plugging her up. "OOOwww" she said loudly. "Easy, damn. it ! "Sorry" I said. "I'm gonna have to pull it out, one way or another" I said.

"OK, OK, I just wasn't ready for it" she said. "I'll be easy" I lied. I applied firm pressure and put my hand on her ass to steady her. Before she knew it the nozzle was out and her bright red anus was gaped open the same size as the nozzle for a second.

Erica shrieked, but she stayed standing. That's a good ranch wife. A second afterward, a trickle of water started out of her ass. Then a torrent. I pushed her down on the seat and gave her room. Erica doubled over, holding her gut as the water evacuated her body. The water would come in pulses and spurts and Erica complained of it burning as it left her body. "MMMMMMnnnnnnnn" she said in great relief. I kicked off the rest of my clothes and hoisted Erica's skirt up over her boobs and her head and threw it on the floor.

I turned on the bathroom fan. I stood in front of Erica with my dick close to her face. As she was squirting out the last of her dirty water, she took hold of my re-stiffening dick and tugged and played with it.

"Just stay seated for a minute" I told her. And to prove me right, a few more squirts of water escaped her now cleansed bottom. "Can I take a shower ? she asked. "Quick one" I said. I stepped into the shower with her and let her have free reign as to how clean she wanted to be for me. After a quick towel off, we stayed in the shower.

Erica was stroking my dick in between toweling and washing herself. Now she was focused on stoking me off and alternately sucking the head of my dick and wetting it for her hand job. I paused her for a second as I retrieved the baby-oil gel from the kitchen and ran back into the shower. "You wanna do it here" she asked anxiously "This is good, baby, OK with you ? "Sure, lets." she trailed off, still anxious.

"Stand on the step baby" I had her stand on the tile step to get her closer to my level. "Turn around, baby, it's gonna be quick" I said. "But, easy.? she asked I pushed her against the tile wall and positioned my cock at her ass. "Easy. ? she asked again. I put her hands out on the shower wall so she could support herself and I bent her forward as much as she could and not fall off the step. I put the baby-oil gel on my cock, but it didn't stick very well because I was still wet.

I stuck a finger inside Erica's outturned butt and probed her rectum. It was just as wet and well lubed as before. I abandoned the lube and went with what was already there. I rubbed my cockhead in her ass crack and slid it all the way up and all the way down to her pussy and stroked the outside of her cunt with my cock, I was rock fucking hard. "mmpphhhmmmmm" Erica moaned, she enjoyed the cock rub. I braced my self and stuck my cockhead into her buttocks.

I found her crinkle pretty quick and advanced my dick. The head entered her anus without much trouble but it brought a moan from Erica. "OOOOmmmmmmmmmm" she said. I pushed deeper at the wrong angle. I knew her rectum was at a different angle than the anal opening, it's just the way it is on most girls and it's just the reason so many girl's first anal sex ends in disaster.

The man just doesn't realize he needs to change angles to accommodate her body. You can stab away inside the anus of any girl an only get 2-3 inches of cock inside. If you change the angle of your cock from pointing at her bellybutton to pointing it at her neck, you'll bury the sucker, balls deep. I withdrew my cock and stabbed her asshole again.

"OOOhhhhh, OOOhhhhhww." she said. I pushed into her and held it. "Mmmmm, hurts, hurts." she said. "I know baby, it'll be better in a minute".

I said. I repeated the same attack at the same angle. I was overwhelmed at the sensation of releasing years of frustration, loneliness and anger on this poor little girl and it felt great. I hadn't started off the day wanting to do this, but I was doing it now.

I watched as my engorged cock was pounding into her tender, unadjusted body and causing her a good deal of pain. I could feel my cockhead trying to turn the normal path inside her rectum towards her head, but I kept pushing towards her belly, not making the adjustment. I watched mesmerized as my dick disappeared between her cheeks and into her unseen anus.

It wasn't Erica's fault that my life was one of loneliness and regret, she was the brightest thing to come along in years. As awkward as it was, it was the most fulfilling thing I had ever experienced.

Erica was in tears and trying to be a good sport. I pulled out and reinserted. "Erica, baby, bend over" I said. As she changed the angle of my attack, I advanced my cock and she laughed a little and I could see her smile as she looked back at me. I was now balls deep and held it there high and hard. I could feel the rectum expand to take me all in. After holding for a minute I continued a nice, slow, deep, comfortable anal fuck. "I'm sorry, baby, I love you". I muttered, suddenly ashamed.

"I know you do, I love you too" she said. "I wasn't trying to hurt you" I lied, pretty badly too. It's Ok, I know you have a lot of issues, I don't mind" she said slowly. I love her. I know it in my bones.

I'll never hurt her again. I continued my deep firm stroke inside her butt. I was close. Erica sensed this and straightened up, but not as far up as she had been. I felt her insides tighten up on me.

"MMMMmmmmm" she groaned. "mmfull, harder uncle, HARDER.mmm, full." she said. I blew my nut in her ass, harder than hard. It felt like lava left my balls and blessed relief had overwhelmed me. "Ooowww, ooowww, ooowww" Erica went, as I stroked into her slower and slower. I stopped and Erica stood completely up and leaned backwards putting her arms around me. "I'm never letting go" she said. I believed her. I picked her up, careful to not let my dick fall out of her tender body and walked us both to the bed.

We stayed joined as long as we could. I held her in my wet arms and we both slept the contented sleep of lovers.