Nina Elle licking Lanas sweet pussy

Nina Elle licking Lanas sweet pussy
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My first time First off lemmie tell you a little about myself when this happened. I was 14, stood about 5'2" and had a slightly stocky build, but most would considder me still athletic. I had/have Dark brown hair that almost looked black. Back then I had it cut like most boys my age. I was, and still am, completely crazy, just this side of needing the funny farm. The day started off normal enough, me waking up to hear my mother yelling for a soda refill.

I had always despised that cause she'd yell my name at the most inopportune times. Either way, about noon that day I got a call from my girlfriend, whom I had been going out with for two years. Hearing her voice over the phone was a welcomed relief from the day.

She told me about how the next day they were going to a martial arts convention/class in a city about 3 hours from her house. She then said they were leaving early in the morning and wondered if they should pick me up or let me spend the night at their house.

I asked mom quickly if I could go, thanking God when she said yes. My firlfriend, Mary, just told me they'd be over in an hour to pick me up. I never remember packing a night's worth of clothes that fast. When I got to her house I saw my two friends there as well. Chris, who was like a big brother to me, was just itching to knock me down and crush me in one of out playing around fights. He stood about 5'10" and was, needless to say, one big guy.

His younger brother, Ty, was also there, talking to my girlfriend. I steped out of her mother's van and was welcomed with a heavy-hitting tackle/hug from Mary and a punch in the shoulder from Chris. I barely felt Chris's hit, because my attention was taken by Mary.

Her 37C tits threatened to bust loose from her Yellow shirt if she breathed in too deeply. And her tight jeans showed off her nice curved ass. It was all I could do to keep myself from popping a boner right then. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek quickly, then went back to Ty like usual.

That day was filled with plenty of video-games, wrestling, and shooting eachother with a bb-gun. I was fairly hyped up that night though. Mary had been hitting on me all day and giving me those looks that just screamed, 'Just wait till they're asleep'.

Sure enough, once everyone else was asleep, I heard my cellphone vibrate on the floor by where I was laying. I had turned it to vibrate when the guys loaded into Mary's brother's trailer. Earl, Mary's brother, had told us it was either sleep in there or on the trampoline. I hadn't cared either way, that was untill I saw the size of one bug that landed on my soda can. I hastily picked up the phone and checked the text message Mary had sent me.

'you awake?' she had asked.


'of course', I texted her back, wondering what she was doing up at about 10 at night.or atleast I think it was 10. It could've been midnight but I wasn't sure. We texted for about half an hour before I heard a soft knock at the door. To my surprise, Mary stood there in the same outfit she was wearing earlier.

I followed her outside, and wasn't standing long before she tackled me to the ground, kissing me passionatly. Her tongue found it's way inside my mouth and was exploring every knook and cranny it could reach. The taste of her saliva mixed with mine was great, I didn't realise what she had planned for me.

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"C'mon hun, lets go somewhere warmer." She told me as she led me to her room in the main house about 50 ft away. Once there, she shucked off her jacket and pushed me back onto her bed. The kisses picked back up rather quickly. I let my hands make their way to her sides. Her skin felt hot, even through the shirt she wore. It may have been because of the fact my hands were cold, or something else.

As we French kissed, I felt her hands slip under my shirt and run over my chest and stomach. I felt her nice tits just barely tickling my chest, just above her hands. "Why don't we get this off you?" She whispered in my ear.

Next thing I knew, there we were, both half naked. Her shirt and bra had fallen off somewhere in the flurry of undressing eachother. My overshirt, undershirt, her shirt and bra, were all off in about 30 secconds. I looked at her beautiful breasts, even with the little ammount of moonlight trickling in through the window, I could see nearly every detail about her upper body. I had only seen her tits once before, when she was dared to flash me at a party. Both times we were in the dark, with only moonlight to illuminate us.

She laid back down against me and kissed me again. This time felt totaly different, and a lot better.

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Her breasts were so soft and warm against my bare chest. I couldn't help myself, I just had to have a taste. "Lay down." I told her softly. She didn't need to be told twice, She got off me and layed down, while I straddled her and began licking her tits.

My hands were gently massaging them as my mouth played with her nipples. I noticed they were already rock hard, at about the same time she noticed my equally hard member, threatening to break free of my pants. Her hand reached down and touched my bulging prick through the pants.

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It may have not been direct touch but it was enough to send a wave of static through my body. "I'm sorry if I ain't good. I've never done this before." I explained to her, with a bit of shame in my voice.

Her reassuring smile calmed my fears, which were completely negated when she told me she'd lead me through it.

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I already knew that she'd done some guy before she met me, she told me that a few months after we started going out. I didn't mind, it was before we were going out, I had no influence or reason to mind. My buzzing mind was silenced when she grabbed my hand and ran it down her stomach to the edge of her pants. "It feels much better down there." She told me before going back to my pants. I clumsily slid my hand under her waistband and went down. Soon enough I felt her pubes, they were alost like a road sign, telling me wich way to go.

Oh my God, she was like a water park down there, she was so fucking wet. I wasted no time in rubbing her pussy and fingering it.

She obviously felt the same way, cause she unzipped my pants and left my boner free of it's cloth cage. I heard her mouth a 'wow' as she took it in her hand and began rubbing it with pleasure. My hand was begining to get tired and sore from fingering her wet pussy and playing with her clit at that akward angle. I was relieved when she wispered in my ear, "Why don't you quit playing and just go for it already?" To this day I couldn't tell you if she was annoyed, excited, begging, or all of the above.

But I took the sign and unzipped her pants, pulling her panties off as well. With what little moonlight I had to work with, I could see a nice patch of hair, perfectly surrounding her pretty little cunt. In my amaizment, I hadn't even noticed that she had taken my pants down to my ankles and was jerking me off slowly.

Her juices were already covering everything on her crotch, from the tip of her clit, to past her asshole.

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I lowered my face and took a good whiff of her pussy. Enjoying the musky smell so much, I began to eat her out.

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I had never tasted anything so unique and intoxicating. Not even straight whiskey was this strong. Now know that this was before I really knew that girls could orgasm as well So I didn't realise what had happened when all of a sudden she locked her legs around me and held me on her quivering pussy while I continued to lick and suck on her wet hole. When she had regained her breath she pulled me up and smiled. I took that as the green light to go for it. I was so clumsy at trying to get it in I nearly ended up sticking it in her ass a couple of times.


"Take it easy, this aint a race." I heard her wisper. Sure enough, the very next time I tried, I got it in. She was so warm and wet, it was like nothing I had ever imagined. Her pussy felt like a glove around my dick. Waves of pleasure shot through me, and in turn brought me in and out of her tight pussy.

If it wasn't hitting me enough in the senses the actual feel of her pussy lips wrapped around my cock, hearing her moans and groans was mentaly knocking me for loops.

We fucked and fucked for a good half hour before I realised I was about to cum and didn't have a condom on. Hell, I had left my wallet in the trailer. I cursed myself under my breath and pulled out of her pussy, laying down on top of her. "Why'd you pull out?

It was getting good." She asked me. "Do you want to be pregnant at 13?" I replied. "Never mind." "I wanted it to last longer, but I also didn't want to make that mistake." I heard her groan of disproval at the though and jsut relaxed there. I figured that if I waited long enough we could get back too it.

I was sadly mistaked when she began to jerk me off again. This time there was nothing to worry about, I came all over her smooth tummy. My body shook with pleaure at my first real climax.

Sure I had jacked off before but this was something totally different. She laughed and told me to go back to bed, she'd clean up and see me in the morning. I got dressed and went back to the trailer. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much at all that night. The next day she didn't even get to enter the class. The whole day me, her, her brother Earl, and Chris hung out around the school that was hosting the event.

She couldn't keep her hands off me, I thought she was gonna find an open door and drag me in for round two. I wasn't that lucky, but I"ll never forget my first time. To this day we're going out, and we still fuck whenever we get a chance, where ever it may be.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was my first attempt at writing anything like this down. So any constuctive critisism is apreciated. If y'all like this, let me know and I'll write another one.

I can easily write fictional stuff or another one of my true stories.