Gorgeous Nerdy Teen Fucked by her Boyfriend Hard Cock

Gorgeous Nerdy Teen Fucked by her Boyfriend Hard Cock
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My apologies to the readers about the Second Chapters title not being named right I have sent a mail to the admin to change it as the option is unavailable. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon.

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Quick reminder of where we left of : Jessie and Bobby have sex, the two siblings sleep in her bed huggung each other. While Jessie drifts to sleep Bobby is up thinking if Jessie would regret her actions in the morning Chapter 3: A day of passion I awoke the next morning to find I was alone in the bed, I stood up and headed for the bathroom to relieve my bursting bladder.

I stopped in the doorway to admire Jessie's naked backside. She was bent over the bath as it filled with hot water, slowly I walked over to her pressing my morning erection between the cheeks of her arse. She stood up and turned towards me, "Mmm, good morning lover" "Good morning to you" "Is this for me" She said as she squeezed my cock and kissed me.

"You and you alone, but first I've gotta pee" It's not the most easy thing to do, pee while sporting an erection, but with some knee bending and pushing down I managed it. I could hear Jessica laughing at my stance, as I finished I turned to look at her. "It's not that easy, peeing with an erection, especially if you don't want to hit yourself in the face or flood the bathroom" She laughed even more at my comments, I smiled and turned away to wash my hands and face.

I brushed my teeth as the bath continued to fill. I walked over to Jessie and we kissed deeply, "Mmm, minty fresh" Pulling away from me she switched the bath taps off, rather than standing up she rested her hands on the bath and waggled her tush at me. "Come on little bro, don't just stand there staring, fuck me, fuck me now" I didn't need further urging, I stepped up behind her and kneeling down ran my tongue over her swollen pussy lips.

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She groaned in pleasure as my tongue slid over her labia and clitoris. "Fuck me Bobby, stick your cock in me" Standing I held my purple cockhead at the opening of her pussy and slowly pushed into her.

As my cock sank into the depths of her womb, she pushed back at me.

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I held her hips as slowly I started to fuck my cock into her pussy. With each long forward thrust, Jessie pushed back against me, driving my throbbing erection balls deep into her womb.

Faster and faster we moved together as our pleasure built, reaming my cock deep into her pussy. "Oh fuck yes Bobby, faster, harder, fuck yes Bobby yes" "Ooooohh god Jessie, fuck sister I'm gonna cum, yes gonna cum" I felt my balls begin to tighten and my cock throb as the cum boiled from my ball bag.

With a cry of release and pleasure I ploughed my cock as deep as it would go into Jessie's womb and held it there as my boiling sperm flooded into her. As my cum shot forth in a raging torrent Jessie screamed, her body convulsing in orgasmic pleasure as she came. As our orgasms passed I stepped back, pulling my softening cock from the wet embrace of Jessica's pussy. Standing she turned and we kissed, tongues entwining as our sweat coated, spent bodies pressed together.

We pulled apart just long enough for us to climb into the hot bath. We lay in the water, Jessie cradled in my arms, sitting between my parted thighs. I brushed her sweat coated hair to one side and kissed her neck and ears.

"I love you Jessie, I think I always have" "I love you too Bobby" As we lay in the hot water I reached round and cupped her breasts, pulling and rubbing at her swollen nipples. At the same time I slid a hand between her thighs, slowly fingering her cum filled pussy and rubbing her swollen clit. She turned her head towards me and we kissed, tongues entwining as she moaned into my mouth. Pulling away she turned her round and sat on my lap facing me, I felt her slim fingers grasp my once more hard cock and guide it towards her pussy.

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She eased herself onto my swollen member and then wrapped her rams and legs around me. We kissed again, bodies joined at mouth and groin, as we slowly made love. Warm water sloshed against us as Jessie moved upon my erection. I savoured the feel of the hot embrace of her pussy on my erection as I lowered my head to capture a breast in my mouth.

I sucked and licked at the jiggling orb, drawing as much as I could into my mouth, while Jessica rode my cock. Our passion increased, water was now slopping from the bath onto the floor as Jessica rode my cock with lust and need, her breasts pulled from my mouth as her movements became more frenzied. Holding her hips I helped her drive herself harder and faster onto my hard, throbbing member. The bathroom filled to our moans and cries of pleasure as with screams of release we orgasmed together, my cock bathed in pussy cream as my jizz flooded into her womb.

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We held each other tightly as we recovered from our lovemaking. Pulling apart we washed each other, taking particular care when we washed each others sexual parts. By the time we had swilled off the water was beginning to cool down, however our bodies were once more burning with sexual need. After drying each other I took Jessie's hand and led her through the house and up to the old light room, stopping on the way to grab the duvet from the bed.

The glass enclosed room offered spectacular views up and down the coast. We stood still for a moment enjoying the view and bathed in warm sunlight. I stepped away from Jessie long enough to pull the cushions from the bench seat that circled the room, and dropping them onto the floor I covered them with the duvet.

Walking over to Jessie I lifted her into my arms, she laughed and we kissed as I carried her to the makeshift bed. Laying her down I kissed her, my hands running over her naked body. "Bobby, I love you" "I love you too Jessie," I said bending to kiss her face and mouth.


We lay together, touching and caressing each other's bodies with our hands and mouths. Pushing me onto my back Jessie knelt beside me, her hands caressed and touched my erection, and then I felt warm air waft over it and suddenly it was engulfed in the hot embrace of Jessica's mouth.

I moaned in pleasure as her tongue slid over my cockhead and ran down the shaft as she took more of me into her mouth. With my cock buried between her lips Jessie moved round to kneel between my parted thighs. Releasing my cock she licked up and down my cock shaft and over my cum filled balls.


Her hands spread my thighs wider and I jumped in surprise as I felt her tongue brush my anus. I groaned in pleasure as her tongue pushed into my arse, while a hand masturbated my shaft. It was a new experience for me and I squirmed in pleasure as the tongue explored my anus.

"Oooohhh god Jessie that feels so good, O fuck yes" The hand left my cock and I raised my head to look down at Jessie, she had a hand between her parted thighs, and as I watched she lifted her mouth from my anus and rubbed her pussy cream coated fingers over it. As she took my cock back into her mouth she rubbed more pussy cream over my arse and then I felt a finger pressing against the rosebud opening. I relaxed my muscles as the digit pushed into my bowels.

I moaned in pleasure, surprised at the feelings that Jessie's intruding fingers caused in me. I jumped slightly as I felt a second digit push into me, and then groaned in pleasure as Jessie finger fucked my arse and sucked and licked my cock. The double stimulation was too much and I cried aloud as I felt my orgasm approaching. "Oooohhhhh god Jessie, I'm cumming, o fuck yes cumming fuck fuck ffuuuuuccccckkkkkkk" My body shook as I came, pumping a torrent of sperm into Jessie's mouth.

Jessica continued to suck my cock as my orgasm passed, licking and sucking the cum from it. When she finally released it she moved up my body, her chin was coated in the jism that had escaped from the corner of her mouth, and when she kissed my I could taste my sperm. Breaking the kiss I licked her chin and neck before we kissed once more. Slowly I kissed my way down her naked body; I paused to pay homage to her full breasts, sucking at the already swollen nipples, before kissing my way from the valley between her breasts down across her firm stomach.

I moved down her legs, stopping to kiss and gently lick her toes and feet, before heading back up her body.

I stroked her inner thighs as I covered them in kisses, as I moved closer to her Delta of Venus; the aroma of her arousal filled my senses. Her fingers ran through my head, pulling my mouth towards her pussy, as my tongue brushed her swollen labia, her body jerked in pleasure. I feasted on her filling my mouth with her womanly secretions, sucking the womanly nectar from the flower of her womanhood. I pressed her legs higher and saw the rosebud of her anus, I moved my tongue down to brush over it.

She moaned in pleasure and I pressed my tongue to the tight opening feeling it give allowing my tongue to slip slowly into her. As I rimmed Jessica's arse I also pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy, finger fucking her deeply.

As her groans of pleasure increased I pulled my tongue free, giving her anus a last lick before moving my mouth to her cuntal opening. My pussy juice coated fingers went to her arse, I smeared the rosebud opening in cunt cream before pushing a finger into her bowels, as her anus relaxed I added a second finger, pushing them deep into her body.

I sucked at her pussy and clit while finger fucking her arse. Jessie was crying aloud in pleasure as I tongued and fingered her to an orgasm, her body thrashed on the makeshift bed as she came, flooding my mouth with her cream, her anus tightly gripping my buried digits.

I didn't let up on my oral and digital administrations and soon I had driven her to a second and then a third orgasm. I drank her juices as they flooded from her pussy, running down between her thighs and onto my plunging fingers.

When Jessica came for the fourth time she screamed allowed her pleasure, her body thrashed beneath me before going limp. I raised my head, my face covered in cum, and pulled my fingers from her twitching arse. I sat up and looked at my sister, her body was flushed and coated in sweat, her eyes closed and breathing ragged. I quickly slipped down to the bathroom, washed my hands and grabbing a damp cloth I returned to Jessie.

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Sitting beside her I wiped her forehead with the cloth, before running it over her flushed body. Slowly she stirred, opening her eyes she smiled at me.

"Are you OK?" "Mmmmm god yes" "You passed out" "Did I, fuck that was amazing, I don't think I've ever come so hard and so often before" Dropping the cloth I lay down beside her and cradled her in my arms. We kissed and caressed each other as we lay in the sun filled room. "How about putting this to some use," Jessie said as her fingers stroked my throbbing cock, "I hope you don't mind doing all the work though.

I'm still blown from your oral action" "No problem" I moved over to lie between her thighs, she raised her legs, resting her calves on my shoulders as I lifted myself and slowly pushed my erection into her waiting pussy. We both moaned in pleasure as my cock sank deep into her womb, we lay still for a moment, savouring the feel of our joined bodies.

Slowly I withdrew until only the head of my cock was held in the hot, wet embrace of her cuntal opening, before thrusting forward once more. My thrusts started slow and long, but my passion and need soon built until I was ramming my cock hard, fast and deep into Jessica's womb. My arousal and passion soon had my orgasm approaching, my cock seemed to grow even harder and longer and I felt the head brush against Jessie's cervix. Then I was cumming, my sperm pumping deep into her body, bathing her womb with my seed.


As my orgasm passed I relaxed for a moment, cradled in Jessica's arms. However my orgasm had not effected my arousal and passion, my erection still throbbed, buried in Jessica's pussy. We kissed and held each other, Jessie's legs slipping from my shoulders and wrapping round my arse.

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This time our lovemaking was more about shared pleasure and love than about sexual lust and heat. Our actions were slower, we kissed and caressed each other, each of us driving the other towards sexual release, until with mutual cries of pleasure we orgasmed together, me driving my cum deep into Jessie's womb as she bathed my spurting cock in her cream.

We spent the rest of the day holding each other and talking, interspersed with moments of passion filled lovemaking. More chapters to come. as usual please keep commenting Next Chapter : At the Studio