Horny Veronica Vega plays with her clit and gets fucked

Horny Veronica Vega plays with her clit and gets fucked
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When Eva and I moved from a small town of 5000 to a city of a million people I never ever thought she would turn into a cum hungry slut. Eva she's a nice girl inside and out but when she gets into the position of bending over or spreading her leg's her pussy start dribbling.

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I love having a quick hard fuck for my pleasure not hers just dump my load inside her right before we go shopping. Then quickly pulling her always too small panties up to hold my cum inside.

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Eva told me she loves the feeling of sitting in a puddle of cum or walking with it dribbling down her legs. She loves the escalators, bending over pretending to get something from her bag flashing her tiny panties or sometimes her naked bald pussy. I said to her about a month ago to be careful about flashing herself I said someone could grab her hold her down and fuck her.

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She's only a small girl about 5ft medium size firm tits completely bald pussy. Since then whenever we have sex she tells me about a fantasy she has of being for just 1 night a total slut letting strangers just use her all night she has the most intense orgasms imagining herself lying in a big puddle of cum her pussy all stretched out just being used as a cum-bucket, for me the thought of her tidy little pussy being stretched into a sloppy cum filled mess made me hard constantly.

Yesterday we both had the day off work so at about 9am I started feeding her alcohol about 11am I told her we were going out around town I had bought her a new outfit just for today I told Eva to go and put it on. When she came back downstairs I nearly wanted to throw her on the ground and use her myself. The skirt was at the most 1 inch below her pussy and the crop top 1 inch below her firm breasts the thong was a size to small so it really hugged her now tidy pussy I told her to turn around and bend over so I could give her a cum puddle to walk around in.

I told her to imagine I was a stranger bending her over pumping her full of cum then walking away I'd only pumped a couple of times when she had a big gushing orgasm then I came inside her quickly pulling her thong up trapping my sperm inside. Then I told her I wanted to watch her get fucked n filled from 1 or 2 strangers she readily agreed.

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So off we went to find someone to use her hole, Eva said her skirt felt too short at the back I told her to walk ahead so I could have a look with each step I could clearly see her thong only half covering her pussy but I told her that it was short but I couldn't see her panties. She pulled it down a little anyway. I told her to walk up some stairs, I stayed a few steps behind her, and with each step her thong and bottom were in plain view. When we got to the top I told her I couldn't really see anything.


So off we go With my arm around her I know for a fact people see her thong then she stops turns around reach's her arms around my neck an whispers in my ear that her G had just slid up between her pussy lips she could feel my cum dribbling out Hanging on to me she said it felt so sexy knowing men were looking at her C'mon babe lets have drink we found a down stairs bar with some pool tables.

One table was around the corner from the bar so no one could see us. I liked the way she bent over the table to play her shots her tiny skirt riding up exposing her thong trapped between her naked bald pussy lips We played 4 about an hour her flashing and me calling her a cum dribbling slut Then right out of the blue 2 guys walked up put their coins the on table Eva and I finished our game with me winning of course, she had trouble playing trying not to bend over too much knowing her tiny thong covered pussy would be on display.

Eva said she would set up, while I talked to the guys. Their names were Ben and Craig. At the same they both told me what a sexy looking girl she was. I shocked them both when I turned and said, yeah she's a sexy girl but tonight she just wants to be a slut, they both laughed so I told them about us, how she just wanted to dress n act like a slut for one night.

I told them it was her fantasy and I wanted to see her fucked like one.

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Eva finished setting up, as she walked towards us she did look sexy her small top and micro skirt only just covering her we decided to have some drinks first we chatted for awhile then Ben suggested that we play for money but before I could say anything Eva told them we didn't have much money, but if they put $50 down she would bet her bra. The boys thought her bra would be worth $50 so we went for it.

It was fun watching her play bending over the table flashing her bra and thong we all made sure it was her shot that lost the game she looked so slutty taking off her bra and giving it to the boys then we all got a big shock when she bent over the pool table pulled up her skirt grabbed her thong an pulled it up between her pussy lips turned an said so how bout another game for my thong.

We let her win that one then she lost the next 2, we could see her tits nearly all the time, before her bra held them in now her to small top just showed em off same as her pussy was about to be. Another game she was out of her small thong when we lost she walked right up to me looked at me an pulled her thong off then turned too the 2 boys an said I really want my thong back I don't want to go home on train with no knickers. Eva I said to my whore "if we lose this game your fantasy of being a true slut whore will cum true" when she played the loosing shot I said well babe a bet's a bet I watched as Craig and Ben slid her skirt up exposing Eva's bald pussy glistening wet Craig immediately bent her over a bar stool pulled his cock out 'it was a good size at least 8" and just shoved it into her all the way in Eva grunted mmmmm he moaned what a nice slutty hole you've got then he started pulling his cock all the way out and smashing it back into her again I could hear her moaning in orgasm then he reached round in front of her pulled her top down exposing her nice firm tit's he grabbed her nipples and pulled them back as he pushed himself as far as he could inside of her cumming filling her up with his sperm.

Eva just stayed bent over the stool as Craig pulled his softening but still big cock out; sperm was spread all over her pussy and dribbling down her thigh's. As Craig stepped back Ben stood up behind her and pulled out his cock I thought Craig's cock was a good size but Ben's was at least 9" and as thick as my wrist, just as he started rubbing it around her hole I bent down and whispered in Eva's ear about how big his cock was, how it was really going to stretch her open. Ben started to push his monster cock into her tight cum filled pussy I watched as Craig's sperm was pushed out and down her legs as Ben pushed in Eva was now moaning quite loud so Craig shoved his cock in her mouth The 2 men looked at each other nodded then they both rammed their big cocks all the way into her down her throat and right up her cunt.

She looked so good her skirt pushed up top pulled down nipples hard and a cock in each end she was breathing hard through her nose so Craig slowly pulled out. We told her to be quiet because if some one came round to our corner she would have to fuck them to oh my god Mark my pussy feels so full she said Both Craig and I laughed and said at same time Eva, Ben's only pushed himself in.

I turned to Ben and told him to fuck her fuck her hard just use her, Ben started pumping his big cock in and out of her Eva was trying to keep quiet then Ben picked her up still impaled turned her around into the corner where it was darker lay her on her back put his hand over her mouth then began to really savagely fuck her his other hand pulling and twisting her nipples then I saw him push right inside I thought he'd cum but he was just letting her relax he took his hand off her mouth then slowly started moving in and out again He started telling her what a slut she was letting 2 strangers shove their cocks inside her on the dirty floor in the back of the pub.

Then he really started pounding his big cock into her saying, tell me what you are Eva tell me what your good for?

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She surprised me when she said I'M A SLUT I'M JUST A HOLE FOR MEN TO FUCK AND FILL WITH CUM, with that Ben buried his cock right inside, it seemed like he came forever when he finally pulled out Eva lay there with her legs spread her pussy open covered with cum All 3 of us looked down at her Eva you dirty looking slut I said.

Craig jumped straight back on her and gave her another quick fuck unloading more sperm into her then I had a go at her sloppy hole it was so loose I could hardly feel anything but shot a huge load into her We then helped her up Craig gave back her thong she put it back on but it didn't cover anything .It just slid up between her lips, even standing her pussy was gaping open all our cum running down her legs she pulled her too short skirt down and top Ben then asked her again "what are you Eva what are you good for" this time she replied Any other day I'm just a normal girl but tonight I'm just a cum hole to be used by whoever you 3 decide too let fuck me.

With that said we walked her back out the main bar then into the street Craig said he knew of a good adult theatre nearby I said we should clean her up first so we went down an alley told her to strip and get on her knee's all 3 of us then starting pissing on her pushed her onto her back an pissed all over her cum covered pussy and legs we then found a tap and made her wash herself, she then dressed her pussy was still gaping open so we left the thong behind. When we got to the theatre Ben said we should have a look in the sex shop first, as we walked down the stairs with our own little slut we all knew anybody down below would be able to see Eva's sloppy gaping fuck hole First we found Eva a new slut skirt it was more like a belt so short at the front it only just covered her pussy lips Eva was lucky she only had a small bum as we were leaving up the stairs Eva's pussy started to juice up she loved strangers looking up her skirt Just as we were leaving the sex shop Eva saw a mirror she wanted to tidy her hair.

As we started to leave she asked what time it was I told her it was about 5am, she turned looked at me and said, but we left home at 12pm yesterday. I looked down at her and said, yes Eva and by 2pm you were having your 1st hard cock then you didn't stop you've been getting used for 15hrs you're once tight little pussy is now just a big gapping fuckhole.

When we got home I got the video camera out, told her to stand on the bed and slowly pull the short's down it was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen pulling the zip down cum started to flow from her, I told her to lie down, as she started to spread her legs she said, she had really enjoyed acting out her fantasy of being a complete slut.

Her legs were now spread her sloppy cunt hanging open, when she started to fall asleep all I could think of was her messy hole so I slid my cock in her, all I could feel was warm wetness, the feeling of no feeling, and knowing I had my cock inside a true cumslut was all it took to blow, I looked at Eva but she was still asleep.

Unaware that I'd just used her sloppy stretched out hole once again. Looking down at her, lying in a puddle of cum I decided on her behalf that from now on her clothes would only be short slut skirts and tops I went into her wardrobe took all her clothes out only leaving her shortest skimpiest pieces her jeans I cut the legs off real short As I put all her old clothes into a large bag to take downstairs to the bin Cumbucket was still on her back legs spread pussy gapping so I decided to leave our motel door open.

The whole motel was quiet as I went down the back stairs to the bin I heard a group of guys getting back. I dumped her old clothes then raced upstairs when I got to our open door these 5 guys were looking in not believing their eyes I told them to be quiet and come inside Eva was still passed out legs wide open I asked them if they wanted to fuck the slut All 5 wanted there cocks in her so I let them use her one at a time all coming inside her sloppy hole Eva the whole time passed out legs spread.


It got me thinking about what it would be like for Eva to go to sleep with not a drop of cum in her, then to be totally used, then waking up all covered in cum filled up and lying in a huge mess of sperm. I went to sleep dreaming about Eva being used.

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When we woke up Eva got up first, as she stood up a huge amount of cum just sort of fell out of her then started streaming down her legs she looked at me smiling and said she loved the feeling of so many men dripping out of her she said she couldn't remember their faces just their huge cocks filling her over and over again Then I told her about the 5 guys who filled her with more cum while she was passed out she giggled and said she wasn't passed out but was just lying there, loving the feel of hard cocks just using her fucking her filling her up with more cum.

She said that in the sex shop she actually fell asleep but could still feel them all double fucking her. She said she woke up when I pulled her shorts up knowing she'd just been gangbanged while asleep but didn't care. So I told her about my fantasy of watching her getting gangbanged while she was sound asleep, she asked how she could sleep through a gangbang I told her she could have some sleepers.

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She looked at me funny then went and had a shower. When she came back into the room she told me that even with all those cocks she had last night her pussy other than being stretched it wasn't that sore.

I asked for a look she lay on the floor giving me a sexy smile then slowly spread her legs her whole crotch was red her pussy lips swollen but as she spread them all the way her puffy lips parted to reveal her now huge fuck hole I went to the fridge got a cold can of beer got between her legs I told her the cold can would help her pussy heal quicker.


The can basically just fell inside her and when she stood up it fell out. We both laughed I then told her I'd thrown out most of her clothes I said from now on she wasn't allowed panties no jeans and no long skirts I told her to go get changed to go for a walk, she came back in a skirt about 2 inches below her pussy and tank top She posed in front of me then turned and bent over showing me her still swollen and cum dripping pussy knowing how I love that slutty look She then turned sat on the floor one knee on the ground the other up her pussy hanging open dripping looking into my eyes said Mark I want to be a hole for men's cocks to use all weekend.

I said but your cunt must be worn out from last night she replied that with cum as lube it didn't matter I called her a dirty little cum slut She agreed Get into your shortest skirt then It barely covered her open hole I told her to lie on the bed face down with her legs spread Now that's how sluts sleep I said I told her to stay that way all day and get some sleep I woke her about 7 she looked up and smiled telling me about the gangbang she'd been dreaming about how she still wanted to be a fuck hole I told her to get ready she came out dressed like a whore I told her I could see her pussy she said she wanted it on display so without warning I grabbed her and pulled her out the door she said she wanted her jacket No way I said You wanna act dress look like a whore well babe your gonna fucked like one too.

She looked up at me smiling and said well wouldn't it be better if I just wore my jacket with nothing underneath, the thought made me hard so we went back inside. She took her top and skirt off and put on a light brown jacket almost the colour of her skin, it went down to her knee's but as she walked towards me enough buttons were undone, you could see her whole leg right until about 1 or 2 inches below her fuck hole.

It made me so horny I asked her to come and sit on my cock and fuck me right now she spread her legs over me and sat down my cock easily slipping into her she ground herself onto me cuddling up close telling me how she loves me and only ever wants to be with me, it was nice a nice long slow fuck both of us cumming together.

We lay in each other's arms for a while then she whispered in my ear that now she was all lubed up again and asked if we could go back to the porn theatre I whispered back to her that I loved watching strangers fucking and filling her with cum, she said she liked how it dribbled out into a puddle for her to lay in she got off on my sperm running out of her.