Who is this girl just the name please

Who is this girl just the name please
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Josh called me about a week later, mentioning he would be able to start throwing the ball in about two weeks. He asked me if I would be willing to workout with him privately, away from prying eyes.

I told him I would be more than happy to do anything I could to help him, Josh made us a much better ball club. The free agency period had just started and our team wasted no time in making a huge splash in the market. We immediately signed two top flight wide receivers with great speed.

We signed a veteran linebacker and cornerback to bolster our defense. We had lost three players to other teams, but all in all, we definitely got better. Then in a surprise move, Coach Stanton resigned as head coach, a week before our first off season practice would be held.

The team immediately named Coach Reed as the new head coach, then hired a new young offensive coordinator from Dallas to handle Coach Reed's former duties.

The following week we held the first of our OTA's, most of the club participated, though quite a few were really out of shape. The OTA lasted about a week, then we were given three weeks off, until the second session would be held. Our new offensive coordinatorChase Cullen was a dynamic, brilliant offensive mind. He believed in throw first, throw second, throw third, then maybe run once. He employed a multitude of offense sets using three to five receivers in different packages.

His terminology was extreme, each play called having four variations depending on how the defense would react. We had basically became a pass first, run later offense with the five to twenty yard pass becoming our staple. The new playbook was unreal, much more difficult than what we had used previously.

I was in my second year and once again, I had to learn another offense. It was during that following week that I met Josh for the first time to begin his workouts. The first few days, we simply played pitch and catch, gradually increasing the number of throws he would make each day. Although he did tell me several times, he felt a little soreness, overall there was no major pain. By the start of the third week, he was beginning to throw me short out routes, some easy fades and a few narrow post routes.

One thing had not changed was the accuracy of his throw's. Although the ball didn't have the velocity it normally had, it was where you wanted it to be. Even though it was not his throwing shoulder, the upper body rotation was still something that he had to be careful of. Josh and I dove head first into the new playbook, spending hours learning the new formations. What was a bit easier is that the receivers had to know what package they were in, you were not in on every play.

Receivers were constantly shuttled in and out on every play, never letting the defense know what was coming. The draw back was if someone got hurt, you might have to play in multiple packages. We had drafted a running back in the first round out of Ohio, he was too small to be an every down back, but he had explosive speed being a former track and field athlete as well as a football player in college.

In fact from what I had heard, he barely missed making the Olympic team the year before. We also picked up two more offensive linemen, one defensive end and another tight end. We were six weeks away from training camp, Josh and I were working out every other day at a nearby high school. Josh was back to his normal self, his throws tight and on target.

Although he still lacked some strength in the weight room, the trainers were being careful to bring him along slowly. Two weeks prior to training camp, I had pretty much mastered the new terminology, I now had to apply it to practical use.

Josh and I would meet every other day or so, trying to work the details down to perfection. Training camp would start on Monday, we had three days left to feel normal.

One thing for sure about this game, the best your body felt was the first day of training camp. From that point on, it was down hill until well after the season ended for you to feel anywhere near normal again. I decided to take the weekend off, relax for one last time. I was out by the pool Friday night, when my cell phone rang, I didn't recognize the number.

"Hello.", I answered. "Brian, this is Jenny, can I talk to you for a few minutes ?", came the reply. My initial response was to hang up immediately, I was still reeling from what had happened. I guess she noticed the long pause with no response because she quickly followed up on her request.

"Please Brian, let me just try to explain, if after I explain, you still feel the same way, I will never speak to you again, I promise.", she added. "Ok Jenny, I'm listening.", I replied softly. "Thank you&hellip.

Ok, let me start&hellip. I… Uh, we got married very young we were both under twenty at the time. Kevin treated me like I meant the world to him, I adored him. But slowly things changed, he got the job he has now, he spends a lot of time on the road away from home. I started noticed things when he returned from long trips, nothing concrete, just small subtle changes.", she started.

"He wasn't dying to climb into bed with me as soon as he walked in the door. He always seemed preoccupied with work, always on the cell phone or computer. We grew further and further apart. I confronted him several times about it, every time it ended up causing a very bad argument.", she continued.

"Then one night after, he had just returned from a two week trip, he was in the shower. His cell phone rang on the kitchen table, it went to voice mail, I just ignored it.

But it kept ringing over and over so finally I picked it up and saw it was several text messages from someone named Shelley.", she went on. "When I opened up the messages, they were explicit pictures of a young red headed woman, with the caption "Momentos of our trip". When he got out of the shower, I threw the phone at him and everything exploded. He tried to deny it at first, but it was useless. The quarrel got more and more intense, until he finally slapped me, knocking me down.

We split up for a while, then reconciled a few months later, but I am sure he hasn't changed.", she added. "Anyway I met you, you made me feel special again, really important.

I guess in my mind, I wasn't doing anything he hadn't done to me so I justified what I did that night. The next morning I woke up feeling horrible about what I had done, how I had lied to you. I was trying to think of a way to tell you, but the dedication ruined all of that. Please believe me Brian, I feel awful about what I did to you.

I just hope that you can one day forgive me.", she ended. I sat there for a moment taking it all in, not quite knowing how to reply to what I had heard. I could tell she was very emotional, she sounded sincere in her words to me. "Jenny, really I don't know what to say. I am so grateful to you for all of the hard work you put in with the foundation.

Without you, I know it would have been much more difficult. But I just can't continue a relationship with a married woman, it would be suicide for me. I want you to continue working with me on the foundation, I want to stay your friend, but that's all I can be.", I replied. "That's all I want Brian, I promise I will never hurt you again.", she sobbed.

"Let's just forget what happened, start over again Jenny.", I asked. "That would be great.", she replied. We hung up, I laid the phone back on the small table next to my chaise lounger. I was close to seven o'clock in the evening, there was a nice breeze out, I laid back down in my chair. There were only two other people by the pool, it never really got crowded until after dark. I laid there, replaying what Jenny had told me over and over in my head.

The more I thought about it, the more angry I became that Kevin had actually struck her. I knew I was going to have to be careful if I encountered him in the future, not to betray Jenny, but more importantly maintain my cool around him. Just as I was thinking about heading back upstairs, I heard a familiar voice. "Hey neighbor, what have you been up to ?" I looked up quickly to see Alexis standing there, a large beach bag in her hand.

"Oh hey Alexis, not much. Just trying to get my last few days of rest in before hell starts next week.", I replied. "Mind if I join you ?", she asked.

"No not all.", I answered, pointing to the lounger beside mine. She laid her bag on the table between us, then sat down in the chair tilting it back three quarters of the way.

I could tell she had a bathing suit on under the long black tee shirt that fell to the middle of her thighs. As I lifted my chair back up slightly, I could see several more tenants had made their way to the pool area.

"How's work been ?", I asked. "Hectic, I have two players I'm trying to sign, one of them is Scott Johnson from Ohio.", she answered. Scott was the new running back we had drafted in the first round, from all I had heard, I was extremely excited to see him up close. The other was a player for Oakland, drafted in the second round.

"Are you close on Johnson ?", I asked. "Brian, you know I can't talk about it, especially with you.", she laughed, "But I think he will be in camp on time." We talked about her work for a few more minutes, then she sat up swinging her legs to the side of the chaise.

"You wanna take a dip ?", she asked. "Not right now, thanks.", I replied. "Oh come on.", she urged. She stood up and reached down grabbing the hem of the tee shirt with both hands. With one quick motion, she pulled it up and over her head.

She was wearing a very revealing two piece spandex suit, that clung tightly to her body. She was absolutely breath taking, every man around the pool was staring helplessly. She reached down with one hand, inviting me again to get in the pool with her.

I stood up, took off my tee shirt, tossing it on the table between our chairs. I followed her to the stairs, slowly stepping down into the pool. I have to admit, the water felt really good. We both drifted to the five to six foot section of the pool, where the blue and white nylon rope separated the pool in half.

"You're driving the women in this complex wild Brian. They don't get to see a body like yours often.", she laughed. "Right, like you don't have all the guys in here drooling over you.", I shot back. She laughed then dove under the water swimming toward the deep end of the pool. When she reached the area just by the diving board, she popped up, one hand gripping the board. She motioned me over to join her, which I did quickly.

Now were completely isolated from the rest of the swimmers, a full pool length between us. She now reached up with one hand placing it on my shoulder as I held on to the board as well. "So you given any thought to what I said ?", she asked.

"About the women in the pool ?", I asked. "Noooo.", she replied, "About how I find you incredibly attractive ?". "Oh, um…no not really.", I replied., "Why ?" "I was just wondering that's all.", she answered.

There was an awkward moment of silence that passed between us, both of us looking away in different directions. "I guess sometimes you're attracted to people, but they just don't feel the same way.", she said, softly. "Oh no Alexis, that's not it at all. I think you're drop dead gorgeous. In fact you're the most beautiful woman I have ever stood next to.", I responded.

"Oh please Brian, don't get carried away now.", she laughed. "Alexis, I am being honest. Any man would give his right arm to be with you.", I followed. "Except you.", she giggled. "It's not that easy Alexis. One day, I might tell you the whole story, then maybe you will understand.", I replied. "Tell me now.", she urged, running her foot up my leg.

"Im not sure how you would handle it Alexis, it's really &hellip.well I don't know how to describe it&hellip.other than unusual.", I answered. "I like unusual.", she giggled again, her foot still rubbing up and down my calf.

"Alexis, you're a good friend. You have helped me so much since I arrived here. I just don't want anything to ruin that.", I replied. "Trust me Brian, your story can't be anymore screwed up then mine.", she whispered softly.

"Wanna bet ?", I challenged. "Yep, I'll bet.", she fired back. I just shook my head at her smiling, she was not going to let this drop. I dove under the water and began to swim back to the ladder.

By the time I reached it, she was right on my heels. I climbed out, then extended my hand, pulling her out of the pool. With her wet suit clinging to her, it left little to the imagination. She walked back over to our chairs, dressing then sitting back down. "So what do you say we go back upstairs, get a pizza, then lay it all on the line.

See where it goes from there ?", she urged. "Alexis, I don't know&hellip.It's not something I am proud of.", I said softly looking down. "Brian, I would really love to get to know you better, if it takes laying everything on the line, then so be it. Come on.", she said, extending her hand. I took her hand and rose slowly, both of us walking towards our building, not a word being said.

As we approached her unit, I told her I was going to take a shower, then we could meet back up. She told me to just come over when I was ready. I went inside, grabbed a change of clothes, then started the shower. The entire time I was in the shower, I was trying to think of just how I should try to explain what had happened in my life.

The more I thought about it, the more I began to think it was just a bad idea. I mean how do you justify being in love with your step mother ? Much less admit you had sex with her ? By the time I finished getting dressed, I had decided to keep my relationship with Ashley under wraps. I locked my door, walked two doors down to Alexis' unit, saw the door ajar slightly as it had been the last time I had visited. Once again, I stuck my head in, and acknowledged I was at the door. "Come on in Brian.", was the response from inside.

I walked in, heading straight to the main room, sitting down on the large leather sectional sofa. The fabric felt soft and ice cold as always. Alexis was apparently still dressing, I heard what I thought was a blow dryer. I guess I had been sitting there maybe five minutes when Alexis came walking into the room. She was wearing tight shorts and a tank top, white socks on her feet, rolled down to her ankles. "How about a pizza, you hungry ?", she asked.

"Sure, but I'm paying this time, it's my turn.", I replied. "Sure thing.", she said, dialing the phone.

She ordered the pizza, hung up and went to the kitchen returning with a bottle of red wine and one glass. "You want wine, or something else ?", she asked, pouring herself a glass. "I will just drink water.", I replied. She went back into the kitchen and returned with an ice cold bottle of water. She twisted the top off, handing me the bottle with a smile. She sat down next to me, close but not too close to be uncomfortable.

Once again, I could smell her bath products, powder fresh, just a hint of a fragrance. She pulled her legs up under her, then turned to me wine glass in hand. "Ok, so where do we start ?", she asked, her eyes bright and wide.

"I have no idea.", I responded, looking away from her eyes. "Start from the beginning Brian, take your time.", she urged. "Well you remember I told you what happened with my mother and father when I was young right ?", I asked.

"Yea kinda.", she replied. So I decided to start from square one, that would give me enough time to work my way up to whether I would tell her about Ashley or not. I quickly recalled my childhood, if it could be called that. I told her about my early years in high school, when I first met Courtney and how rocky our relationship had been during those years. I told her about my brief relationship with Jasmin, but somehow it always came back to Courtney.

I was at that point of my story where if I was going to tell her, it had to be now. I stopped abruptly, still not sure what to do. Thankfully she bailed me out, at least for the moment. "So Courtney was the love of your life, to this point ?", she asked, her hand touching mine.

"It's much more complicated than that.", I explained. "I don't understand.", Alexis replied. Once again, I tried my best to figure out how to interject Ashley into this conversation. I still had no idea, so I just started stumbling into it. " Well it all started when I was in college, after my Dad had died.

I started having these weird feelings…&hellip.", I broke off. "About what ?", she asked sincerely. "Ashley.", I blurted out. I looked for some kind of reaction in Alexis' face, but to be honest, I saw none to my surprise.

I began slowly, telling her how the more time I spent around Ashley, the more I became attracted to her. "Well really Brian, that's perfectly normal. After all, she did pick up all the pieces after your father died. I can see how you would have deep emotional feelings for her.", she answered. "Yes but somewhere, the feelings changed to much more.", I replied. I saw her squirm slightly on the sofa, her eye brows raise just a bit.

Before I could say anything else the doorbell rang. I got up, made my way to the door and opened it. I paid the delivery man for the pizza, taking my time to return to the sofa. Alexis had already returned with two plates and napkins. We each took a slice from the boxthen leaned back on the sofa.

"So continue.", Alexis urged with a smile. I slowly recalled the night on the Fourth of July a few years ago when I first kissed Ashley, then moments later watch her bolt from the room. I recounted how I immediately left for school the following day in an attempt to put it all behind me. Then later, that night on the sofa when we both masturbated in front of each other, trying my best not to sound like a pervert. I kept hoping Alexis was going to ask me to stop, tell me this was something I should keep private, but she never did.

Soon, I was recounting the night of passionate love we shared, the night that would never be repeated, or at least had not as of yet. I then explained how Courtney and I got back together, but how even though I loved Court dearly, that night still haunts me.

I paused for a second, let out a deep breath like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. "So I guess what it all comes down to Alexis, is I had been in love twice in my life. I lost Ashley to my career, then Courtney to cancer.", I finished. I looked up at Alexis, I could see she was emotional, I was just hoping not for the wrong reasons.

It seemed like an eternity passed by before she replied. "Now I understand Brian, I can see why you are hesitant to get close to anyone.", she responded, softly stroking the top of my hand. "Can I ask you just one question ?", she whispered softly. "Why not.", I answered. "I know that you will always love Ashley, it's to be expected. But are you still in love with her ?", she asked, her eyes riveted to mine.

"I honestly don't know Alexis. I mean since I have been out here, I know it's much easier. We talk every once in a while, but the temptation is not there everyday.", I replied. "That does make sense.", Alexis told me.

"So now you can see why I am so messed up.", I laughed. "Brian, you're not messed up, as much as I think you are confused. I think the reason you just fell head over heels in love with Ashley was she made you feel safe. When your Dad died what was left of your world crumbled, you had no one left.

As you got older, you fell in love with both Ashley's, the one who got you threw the turmoil and the beautiful young woman. But I think the first had a lot to do with the latter.", she finished. "Maybe, but what about her ? Why did she feel some of the same things ?", I asked.

"Probably for alot of the same reasons. When your Dad died she lost her world too. But being the adult, she had no where to turn to. Later when you started having feelings for her, she was probably lonely, I'm sure seeing a lot of your father's personality in you.

I can't speak for her personally, I can only look at it from a woman's point of view. But I do understand why she would feel that way.", she responded. "Thanks Alexis, I appreciate your understanding. I have never told anyone about this, you are the first.", I said, softly.

"Well, I'm glad you did Brian. It means you trust me to some extent, that means a lot.", she answered. "I do trust you Alexis, I wouldn't have told you if I didn't.", I replied. "Soooooo, I guess it's my turn.", she said, nervously. "No, that's ok. You don't have to feel like you need to tell me anything, just because of what I said.", I told her, our hands still touching. "No, really I do. Like I told you, I am attracted to you, more than you know. After what you told me, I need to come clean with you as well, if we go any further.", she said, pulling her hand from mine.

She leaned over and picked up the half full bottle of wine and poured herself another glass, I guess trying to collect her thoughts. She started slowly, much as I had done, once again, almost from scratch. She recalled the story of her grandfather, a U.S. Marine in the early years of the Vietnam War who had met her grandmother, a beautiful young girl in Saigon. Over the course of his deployment, they had fell in love and she had become pregnant with Alexis's mother.

After much drama and danger, her grandfather had managed to get her grandmother out of Vietnam and back to the United States, where they led a pretty normal life. Her mother had married her father, another service man, who had been killed in First Gulf War. Alexis had only been two years old when her father had died, she barely remembered him. Her Asian features came from her mother's side of the family, her height from her fathers, he had been close to six foot three inches tall.

Her mother being of Asian ancestry believed in education first above all else, pushing Alexis as a young child to excel in academics. Even when she had first started playing volleyball competitively, it was with the understanding that if the grades dropped, even slightly, she would have to give it up.

Her mother had not allowed her to date until she turned sixteen, even then it had to be a chaperoned event, like a school dance or similar. She was not allowed out alone with a boy until she was a junior in high school. While she had been touched a few times during make out sessions, she had never had sex while in high school. Much as I was, she was overwhelmed her freshman year in college being a student / athlete, she had little time for much else. She had met a boy during her second year in college, he seemed like a dream come true.

He was studying to become a doctor, his family was very wealthy, well known in the community. During their first sexual encounter, she found him to be somewhat aggressive, but since she had no previous experience, she had little to compare it to.

It wasn't until a fraternity party on campus when she learned the truth about him. The party, given every year by the fraternity was to pledge it's newest members. Since her boyfriend was the vice president of the fraternity, naturally she was expected to attend. The party started off normally, but soon the drinking got out of hand. Admittedly Alexis had drank far too much herself, although she claimed she was still in control of herself.

Her boyfriend Brad, encouraged her to go upstairs with him to his room, where she quickly found herself in his bed. Although Brad was eager, apparently he was unable to perform, something which got him extremely angry. He left her alone for a few minutes, returned to the room and tried once again to have sex with her. This time, he turned her over on her stomach, attempting to enter her from behind. Once again, he was unsuccessful, causing him to get even more livid. He blamed Alexis for not being able to arouse him, calling her a "dead fuck".

At that point Alexis attempted to get up, but she was face down on the bed, Brad straddling her with all of his weight. She cried out, urging him to get off of her but he refused. I could tell Alexis was beginning to get overwhelmed, her eyes were full of water, her voice choking up slightly. "Alexis, you can stop. It's ok, really.", I offered. She shook her head, taking another sip of wine from her glass, then taking a deep breath.

"I have to tell you Brian, I need to get this out from inside of me.", she sobbed. She went on to tell me that a minute or two after she began to struggle with Brad, she heard the door open, saw the light from the hall wash over the room, then disappear again. For a second she felt Brad's body weight lift off of her, for a split second she felt relieved. But the relief was short lived as she felt a second body moving over her. She screamed out again to Brad, begging him to release her.

He simply said three words, three words she would never forget. "Shut up whore.", he growled, in a drunken state. Before she could even comprehend what was going through his mind, she felt a hard, thick penis enter her from behind.

There was no passion, no caring, just hard forceful thrusts with no regard for her what so ever. Thankfully, it only took about a dozen thrusts until she heard the second boy groan, releasing his seed into her body. As he pulled out of her, she was sobbing, begging Brad to let her up. But he had no intention of doing so, in fact the visual sight of his friend fucking Alexis from behind had given him the erection he couldn't achieve previously. "Hold the bitch down.", she heard Brad tell his friend.

The second boy did as he was told, pushing her shoulders and back into the mattress keeping her pinned down. She then felt Brad enter her from behind, his cock slipping easily inside of her, due to his friend's previous orgasm.

After a few rough strokes, she felt him pull out of her. She was still pleading with Brad to let her go, sobbing hysterically. "I'll let you go, after I cum in your ass, bitch.", he leered. "Oh God no, please Brad, please no.", she wailed. But once again her cries fell on deaf ears, the tip of Brad's cock was already opening her up, the pain was excruciating. Within seconds he was buried deep inside of her ass, his thrusts short and powerful.

Although it was over in a few short minutes, it felt like an eternity. When he was done, he got up off of her, they both dressed and left the room. She laid there for several minutes before realizing she better leave as soon as possible, in case he offered her to anymore of his friends. She quickly threw her clothes on, ran down the stairs and out of the house. She ran across campus to her own dorm room, locking the door behind her, running for the bathroom.

She filled the tub with hot water, quickly climbing in trying desperately to wash herself clean. "I sat in that tub for hours, until the water was ice cold.", she told me.

Even though this event had happened years ago, I could still see the pain in her eyes. "What did you do afterwards ?", I asked, stupidly. "I went to my counsler the next day, she took me to the campus police. After six hours of answering the same questions over and over, one of the assistant administrators came in the room.

She explained to me that I could file formal charges against the two boys, an investigation would be started. But if I did, it would all be made public, my scholarship might be rescinded.", she replied.

"Why would your scholarship be taken away, they raped you ?", I asked. "You don't understand Brian. His parents were extremely wealthy, they were influential in the community. They were huge contributors to the school, they could hire the best attorneys.

I was the granddaughter of a Vietnamese refugee, my mother had nothing, if I lost my scholarship, my education was over.", she replied. I didn't know what to say, it must have been obvious from the look on my face. "I just let it go, I went on with my life. I concentrated on class and volleyball period, I kept to myself.

I never dated anyone else, I kept away from boys all together.", she continued. "I never told my mother a thing, I graduated with honors, I moved on. I have only told one other person what happened until now, you make the second.", she finished. I reached over and touch her cheek gently, my heart aching for her. "Alexis, I am so sorry for what happened to you.", I whispered. She leaned into me, wrapped her arms around my neck, burying her face into my shoulder. She cried as I held her as tightly as I could, I felt helpless.

I'm not sure how long I held her before she stopped crying, she finally pulled back, wiping the tears from her eyes. "I have avoided men since that day, I can't make myself trust anyone.", she whispered. "I understand completely Alexis, it's very understandable.", I responded. She reached over and took my hand in hers, lifting it to her lips, then kissing the back of my hand. She then pulled it to her cheek, holding it there for several seconds, before letting it go.

"I'm not sure why, but I believe I could trust you Brian.", she whispered, "But I think after tonight, we both need time to sleep on it." I nodded in agreement, it had been an emotional, draining night.

We had been talking for hours, it was close to midnight. I got up, she walked me to the door, then leaned up and hugged me tightly.

Nothing was said, nothing needed to be said, she closed the door gently behind me. I sat around the apartment all day Saturday, thinking about the night before, it really weighed heavy on my mind. Firstly, I was sad but extremely angry at the two men who had hurt Alexis. I don't know why, but I wanted revenge, I wanted to hurt them badly. But something else was sticking in my mind as well, something Alexis had said about Ashley. How perhaps some of my deep emotional feelings for her were indeed the result of what she had done for me after my father had died.

But how do you separate one feeling from another, was it possible ? Several times that day, I glanced at my cell phone, deciding whether or not to call Alexis, each time talking myself out of it. Later that evening, I ran errands, bought groceries and got myself ready for Monday, the first day of camp.

I slept late Sunday morning, laid around the pool most of the day, then showered and went to bed early. I arrived at our practice facility around seven thirty in the morning, the fans were already lining up to get in.

I parked in the player's lot, making my way into the locker room area. Several players were already getting ready, some familiar faces, some new.

I found my locker, and began to dress, keeping to myself. I looked over at the names on some of the lockers, I noticed the rookie from Ohio, Scott Johnson, had been issued the locker right next to mine. Since it was the first day of camp, we were working out in just practice jerseys and shorts, I was just about finished, when the rookie arrived next to me.

"Hey, how's it goin ?", he said, nodding to me. "Real well, thanks. I'm Brian Stevens, nice to meet you.", I said extending my hand. "Scott Johnson.", he said, firmly shaking my hand. Part of the scouting report on him had been correct, he was small, very small by our standards. He was maybe five foot ten inches tall, about one hundred seventy five pounds. You could tell he spent a lot of time in the weight room, his body was a mass of sculpted muscle.

He dressed quietly next to me, not saying a word. I finished adjusting my helmet, I got up to head out to the field. "Hey Stevens, what was it like for you last year, you know, being a rookie ?", he asked, nervously. "It was up and down, but mostly good. Just keep your mouth shut and listen. No one cares how good you were in college, that's over, this is a whole new level.

The veterans will fuck with you, take it, but stand your ground. Don't let anyone push you around, show them respect but draw a line.", I offered.

Just about that time Josh came from around the corner of the lockers, extending his hand to mine. "Hey man, good to see you.", he smiled, shaking my hand. I introduced him to Scottthey shook hands quickly, the rookie obviously nervous to be in Josh's presence. "Scott, one more thing before we go out there.", I offered.

"What's that ?", he replied. "See this guy here ?", I said putting my hand on Josh's shoulder, "You work with him, do what he says. Trust me, it will pay off.", "Thanks man.", he responded.

We hit the field right on time, practice started at nine sharp. After warmups and a few drills, everyone split into position groups, nmeeting with their coordinators and position coaches.

An hour into practice we were already being thrown into pass packages, terminology and situations being explained in detail. Two things were obvious, only a handful of us had done any serious homework on the new playbook.

Secondly, our new offensive guru, Chase Cullen, was a dynamic no nonsense coach. He wasted no time in verbally assaulting the veterans who had obviously barely cracked a book.

We ran patterns for about an hour to end the first day of practice, Josh was picture perfect already, much to the crowd's approval. With maybe twenty minutes left in practice, Scott Douglas, the rookie was sent to work with the receivers lining up in the slot on several packages. One thing was for sure, this kid had wheels on him. We hadn't run any timed dashes yet, but he was in my mind, as fast as anyone on this time.

On one particular swing pass out of the backfield, Josh arched a pass that was several yards ahead of Scott. The rookie simply shifted gears, accelerating with amazing speed running the ball down making the catch.

I happened to be looking at Coach Cullen at the time and although he tried not to be impressed, you could tell he was pleased. "Hey Henson, in case you missed it, that's Douglas the rookie, not Stevens you just threw to.", Cullen quipped to his starting quarterback.

Everyone roared in laughter, it was not meant as a criticism of Josh, it was more of a compliment to the effort the rookie was giving. Practice finished up, most of the players began to move to the fences to greet the fans who had sat watching practice for the last three hours. I walked over to our new rookie who had a confused look on his face. "Come on, it's time to sign your life away.", I told him, motioning him to the fence area. After satisfying the fans at practice, I returned to the locker room, showered and left the facility heading home.

Within two weeks, it was business as usual, the routine solidly in place, everyone trying to grasp the new offensive learning curve. It was as complex as anything I had ever witnessed and judging from Coach Reed's reactions, just as advanced as anything he had ever witnessed as well.

One thing was certain, we were not going to be a plain vanilla offense, the firepower was incredible at times. I was part of three different receiving packages, five if you counted red zone situations. As I did the year before, I spent time in the film room with Josh, trying to absorb everything I could as quickly as possible. This year, I was firmly entrenched as the starter, Billy Huber was backing me up.

But unlike last year, he was supportive, once again doing his best to help me when he could. By the time our first preseason game came around, we were beginning to look half decent on offense, but still far from where we wanted to be. Defensively we were definitely better, overall this would be a better team than last season's, if everything fell accordingly.

We went on the road to Tennesee for our first game, on a Friday night.

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The starters played most of the first quarter, scoring on three straight possessions, definitely catching our opponent off guard. They were trying to match our substitution packages on every play, which only confused them more. We shuffled four to five different players in and out on every play, you could sense their frustration building.

By halftime, we had a 24-7 lead, finally coasting easily to a 35-10 victory. We arrived home early Saturday morning, only to be back the following morning going over game film. Coach Cullen had already broken much of it down, he pointed out each and every misread, missed assignment, or failed opportunity. We were given the afternoon off, but due back early the next morning. We won the next two games easily, the offense was beginning to gel quickly, Josh was amassing huge numbers every week.

We coasted into our final game, the starters played very little, but once again we came away with a win. The hometown was buzzing, everyone talking about our new offense, expectations were high. We had our first regular season game at home, in fact the first two were home games, which was nice. Our first game would be against St.

Louis, we were a seven point favorite, but at this level, anyone could beat anyone on a given day. On our first offensive series, we struck quickly. After four straight passes down the field, we were already inside of our opponent's forty yard. Cullen sent in our four hundred overload package, my favorite package. It included three wide receivers, myself and the rookie Scott Douglas in the backfield.

Josh quickly called the play in the huddle, I was waiting for this one. "Dual left, trips motion left, power right, swing check on three.", Josh barked. We lined up with two receivers on the left, one one the right. I was lined on the right side as well. Once Josh started cadence, the lone receiver went in motion toward the left overloading that side, leaving me as the only receiver on that side.

I would run an out pattern based on the depth of the defender, I was the primary target. If I was covered, the rookie would swing out of the backfield on my side looking for a dump off pass. As predicted the defense shifted, I was covered up by the strong safety, maybe eight yards down the field. I came off the ball hard, breaking outside at about six yards down the field. The safety immediately broke on my route, closing the distance quickly. I looked back toward Josh and I saw him point down field in my direction, at the same time seeing the rookie begin to swing out of the backfield.

I knew exactly what to do, turning and breaking hard up the sideline toward the end zone. Josh pumped the ball deep towards me giving the impression he was going long with the ball. Then he pulled it back down tossing a soft pass towards the sideline. Scott was already at three quarter speed when he caught the ball only a linebacker anywhere close to him.

The linebacker slowed attempting to breakdown and try to make a tackle, that was his mistake. The rookie made a quick upper body move to the sideline causing the defender to freeze for a split second.

He then planted his outside foot and exploded to the middle of the field running through an attempted arm tackle. He flew up the middle of the field, only a shoe string last gasp effort tripping him up at the five yard line. It was first and goal at the three, we hadn't ran the ball once yet. This time the six hundred package was in, one we did run the ball out of. My main assignment was to key the strong side linebacker, attempt to slide him outside with a block, then release him and drift to the back of the end zone.

"Balance, power right, 64 slam option on two.", Josh called. This was a designed running play, however Josh had the option to play action fake depending on what the defense did before the ball was snapped. Josh brought us to the line of scrimmage, he stepped back into the shotgun, starting cadence.

As soon as he started his cadence, the strong safety began creeping up to the line of scrimmage showing blitz, right over the center's head.

This meant if he did come, the area I would be drifting to after my push out block, would be open. "Thirty six, Thirty six.", Josh screamed in both directions. These numbers were used to signal he was looking at the third option in this formation. The first option was the run, the second a quick out, the third was to me, somewhere along the back end line.

Any number starting with a one, was first option, two the second option and so on. The second number meant absolutely nothing, it was only there to prevent repetition. On the snap, I came off the ball, jamming the linebacker to my left, my hands inside of his pads. I knew from his reaction, Josh had faked a hand off, he pushed off of me, accelerating into the backfield. I simply ran inside him, opening my left shoulder and looking into the backfield.

The strong safety had faked a blitz, but I was two steps behind him already. I continued in a short post move, the ball was already in the air. I knew it was going to be high, Josh had read the safety falling back, he took no chance of him being able to touch the ball.

I timed it closely, went up high and pulled it down, the safety all over me. I came down in bounds with several yards to spare, buried under the safety. The crowd erupted, the sound was deafening. Josh and I had worked on a new touchdown celebration during our private work outs. He would run to meet me at the goal line, we would touch helmets, I would then turn accelerate to the goal post jump as I as I could and dunk the ball over the cross bar.

I had worked on it for a while, the height was not a problem as I slammed the first touchdown of the year over the bar. The crowd went crazy showing their appreciation for the effort. I retrieved the ball from the turf, trotted off the field holding it tightly. Josh and I walked off the field together, everyone congratulating the both of us. As we got close to Coach Reed, he signaled us to come over.

"What the fuck was that ?", he asked, a slight grin on his face. "I called option three coach.", Josh quickly answered. "Not the play, that fiasco after the score ?", he said, appearing to be angry. "Oh that's the new hyper dunk move we perfected, classy ain't it ?", he replied grinning. "You two fuckwads are mental, get out of my sight.", he growled.

Right before the half, I scored again on a ten yard corner fade, the ball was perfectly thrown. Once again, the hyper dunk was activated. By halftime, we had a 24-7 lead, Josh had already thrown for close to two hundred fifty yards. We were told at halftime, they would be no backing off, although we would run the ball a little more, we would still basically stay in our normal offense.

We scored three more times in the second half, winning the game easily 45-14. Josh had thrown for three hundred seventy seven yards, we had a total of four hundred and fifty five yards of offense. I had caught seven passes for eighty six yards and two touchdowns. At the post game news conference, I was sitting at the table with Josh, Coach Reed, Coach Cullen and several other players. The questions came furiously once it started. "Coach, can you explain to us what happened today, you threw the ball over seventy percent of the time, will that be normal ?", one man asked.

"No, we will throw the ball a bit more in the future.", Coach Cullen stated into the microphone. The room exploded in laughter, but I sensed our offensive coordinator wasn't joking. "Seriously coach, this new offense you have implemented, while it's unique, do you really think you can sustain the type of numbers you guys put up today ?", another reporter asked.

"No, I don't. I think we can do better.", Coach Cullen responded. Sensing they were getting no where with the new young coordinator, the group shifted into another direction.

"Josh, you threw for just under four hundred yards, your second best day as a pro, how do you feel ?", asked another reporter. "Good, I feel good, but we have a lot of work to do. I missed some key reads out there today, I could have been better.', he answered, a smile on his face. A young female reporter for our local news station raised her hand in the front, she was always in the same spot.

Coach Reed nodded the floor to her, she stood microphone in hand. "Brian, after both of your scores today, it was apparent, the celebration was preplanned with your quarterback. What was that ?", she asked grinning ear to ear. I glanced down at both Coach Reed and Coach Cullen, neither of them having any apparent reaction. I leaned forward into the microphone trying to think of the right words. "Well&hellip.I guess it's&hellip.", I started. "It's called the hyper dunk, get used to it, you're going to see more of it.", interrupted Josh.

"The Hyper Dunk ? Can I quote you on that ?", she asked. "You sure can.", he replied. We watched film the following morning, leaving the facility about one o'clock in the afternoon. Since I had to pass in front of Children's Hospital on the way home, I decided to stop in and see what was going on. I parked and went up to the fourth floor, exiting the elevator and walking to the new arts and crafts center.

There were two small girls and one older boy all working deligently at their stations. I continued down the hall to the nurse's station recognizing one of the nurses from previous visits. "Hello Mr. Stevens, good to see you today. What can I do for you ?", she asked. "Nothing, I just stopped to look around, see how things were going.", I answered. "Really well, the kids having been making great use of all the new facilities and equipment.", she responded.

"Good, I am glad to hear it.", I replied. "Oh you know what, I have a young man down the hall, he's eleven, I bet he would get a kick out of meeting you, do you have time ?", she inquired. "Sure, lead on.", I said. As we walked down the hall, she explained to me the child had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblast leukemia, which basically meant he had too many immature white blood cells in his body. Apparently he was not in the best of spirits, his body was weak from aggressive treatment.

I followed her to his door, she pushed it open, and made sure he was awake. "Hey Myron, I have someone here who wants to meet you, can we come in ?", she asked. "Okay.", the boy said softly. He was a very good looking black boy, somewhat thin, the familiar stocking cap covering his head. I walked up to the bed slowly, his eyes were locked on to me. "Do you know who this is, Myron ?", the nurse asked.

"Nope.", was his reply. "This is Brian Stevens, he plays for our home team, he is a football player.", she informed him. "You play for San Diego ?", he asked, his eyes widening. "I sure do.", I answered. "I wanna be a football player too, I'm really fast.", he said, excitedly. "Well that helps out, coaches always like fast.", I replied. For the next thirty minutes I sat and talked with the young boy, until it was obvious he was beginning to tire.

I promised to come and visit him again next Monday, I would bring him a surprise. I thanked the nurse and made my way out of the facility and back to my car. I was home just before three o'clock, I went down to the pool swam a few laps, then laid out on the chaise lounge. I must have dozed off for a while, when I woke it was after five, several people had gathered by the pool area. I sat up on the lounger, stood up and made my way back into the pool, I swam a few more laps to cool off, then climbed back out and sat back down.

Several minutes later, I received a call from our main office, I was given the name of a local apparel manufacturer who wanted to speak with me. I took the number, then called it back immediately, the party in question answering the phone. "Hello Mr. DeAngelo, this is Brian Stevens, how can I help you sir ?", I started.

"Mr. Stevens, thank you for calling me back, I wanted to talk to you about a business opportunity. I would like to market a tee shirt with the new Hyper Dunk logo, perhaps a full photo of you dropping ball over the post. I think it could be beneficial to the both of us.", he queried. "Well Mr. DeAngelo, you can call my agent Alexis Clarke at PSA, run it all by her. If she is ok with it, it meets all the necessary criteria, we can meet and talk about it.

Only one thing though.", I replied. "What's that.", he asked. "A portion of all sales must go to my foundation at Children's Hospital, that's not negotiable.", I answered. He agreed quickly, I gave him the number for PSA, he agreed to contact Alexis immediately.

I got up, walked back up to my apartment, took a showerthen watched TV for several hours before falling asleep on the sofa. I was still there at eight the next morning. It was Tuesday, our day off, I had no really big plans. I laid about for a while, then decided to go downtown to a large athletic store that had just opened to do some shopping. While I was in the store, my cell phone rang, it was Alexis.

"Brian, how are you ?", she said, cheerfully. "Fine Alexis and you ?", I answered. "I'm good, look I just got a call from a man said he spoke to you about doing some clothing apparell, he said he spoke to you ?", she asked. "Yes he did, I told him he had to contact you.", I responded.

"Ok, it sounds pretty standard, I will meet with him later today, then get back to you on the details. I also received a call from a footwear company, they want to meet about you wearing and endorsing their product. I have their rep coming in later in the week for a meeting.", she informed me.

"Ok, just let me know what you need from me.", I offered. "Will do, talk to you later.", she said, hanging up the phone. I was laying on the sofa watching TV around seven thirty, when there was a knock at the door. I got up and walked into the foyer, opening the door, it was Alexis.

She was obviously just coming home from work, she still had her business suit on. "Hey, I have the proposal from Dynamic Graphics on the shirt he wants to market, I have the sketches and the preliminary numbers. I am going to clean up and change, I need to go over these with you tonight if possible.", she asked. "Sure, come back down when you're ready.", I replied. About an hour later, Alexis knocked on the door, opened it and stepped in, announcing her presence.

I invited her into the main room where I was watching the replay of last week's game. I pressed pause on the remote, freezing the game at that point. Alexis had a large manilla legal folder in her hand, which she laid on the coffee table in front of us. She bent over and opened itshuffling through the papers. "This is all pretty basic stuff Brian.

If you both agree and sign this contract, he has the exclusive right to produce this one shirt only. You retain all legal rights to the name Hyper Dunk as it pertains to this one image. Although a local shoe company does produce a shoe with that name, this being strictly a name given to a non shoe product, doesn't violate any laws.", she began. "This is the what the front and back of the shirt will look like.", she said, handing me two drawings.

On the front of the shirt was a full length photo image of my second dunk in the St. Louis game. My hand and wrist were above the cross bar but the ball was still in my hand, it was an incredible photo. On the back of the shirts were the words Hyper Dunk 89 in bright gold lettering. The base color for the shirts would be a very light blue color, although they would be available in both black and gray as well. Alexis began to lay out the numbers. "Each shirt costs nine dollars to produce, Dynamic Graphics is asking for a profit of seven dollars per shirt, putting the unit at sixteen dollars to produce.

If you sell the shirt for nineteen ninety nine, you have a profit of just under four dollars per shirt. That goes directly to you, although it will be added to your annual income.", she stated. "I'm ok with everything except one thing, Alexis.

When I talked to Mr.

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DeAngelo, I insisted that part of the proceeds must go directly to Courtney's foundation, that's not negoiatable, he has to pledge something from his side, I will match whatever he puts up.", I answered. "Well let's see what he says.", picking up her cell phone. She found the number in her directory and dialed him quickly. It took him a while to answer, but he finally picked up.

"Mr. DeAngleo, this is Alexis Clarke. I am here with Brian Stevens, I explained your proposal. He is fine with everything as it is, there is one exception. Part of the proceeds of this shirt must go to his foundation at Children's Hospital, that's not open for discussion. Brian will match any amount per shirt that you pledge.", she offered. They went back and forth for a while, she finally put her hand over the mouth piece of her phone.

"He's offering a dollar per shirt, if you match it, that's two for every shirt sold, I think it's fair Brian.", she stated.

"Tell him we have a deal.", I replied. She hung up, gathered all the paperwork together and placed it back in the folder, it was already close to nine o'clock, I had practice in the morning. Even though, I wanted to spend a little more time with Alexis, I thought quickly. "You eat yet ?', I asked. "No, it's been a long day, I'm exhausted.", she answered, with a smile.

"How about I run just down the street, grab a couple of sandwiches, while you relax here ?", I offered. "Oh that would be so sweet of you, you don't mind ?", she inquired. "No, I'll be right back.", I answered, jumping up and grabbing my keys. I drove two blocks down to a really nice deli, I was surveying what they had.

I bought one tuna salad, one corned beef and one egg salad, along with two large iced teas. I was back at the unit in less than twenty minutes. We sat down and enjoyed a late dinner, even though I could tell she was exhausted, Alexis seemed to enjoy herself. About an hour later, she went home, I immediately hit the bed.

Four games into the season we remained undefeated, game after game piling up huge numbers on offense. Josh was averaging three hundred twenty five yards a game, we had the number ranked offense in the entire league. I had already caught twenty six receptions for close to four hundred yards and five touchdowns. At the pace we were going, I could esclipse a thousand yards receiving, possibly fifteen to twenty touchdowns.

But the biggest blessing after four games was that we had no serious injuries to this point. A few dings, a few bruises, but overall we were all relatively healthy. The Hyper Dunk craze had caught on, the shirts were finally going to be available at this week's home game. We would be facing New England, a very good team, who like us were undefeated.

The game would be a nationally televised night game, in fact it was the game of the week. I knew everyone back home would get to see it, always giving me that extra incentive. I arrived at the stadium four hours before the game, going out on to the field and stretching, trying to stay loose, clear the butterflies.

I started running a few routes, I caught a few passes from the trainers, going back into the locker room about two hours till kickoff. I was taped up quickly, dressed and was ready to hit the field, in less than an hour. You could feel the electricity in the locker room, everyone knew this was a big one. Once again, we started off quickly, scoring on our first possession, the rookie Scott Douglas taking a short screen pass sixty six yards for a touchdown.

He was so much fun to watch, so explosive. Physically he didn't belong on the field, he was too short, not heavy enough, not powerful enough to punish defenders. But somehow when he got into open space, he was pure magic. On the ensuing kickoff to New England, the returned man fumbled the ball at the nineteen yard line, which we quickly covered up. Josh threw a quick post over the middle to one of our wide outs, he was tackled at the ten.

"Split right, Scat Right, 639 Y, Power Right Angle", Josh called. This play overloaded the right side of the formation, with most receivers moving from right to left. As the play developed, I was help in as an additional blocker until both the wide outs crossed the field.

I would then release my block and drive hard right for the corner pylon, with the running back swinging out of the back field on or near the goal line. What that usually did was cause the linebacker to choose between covering me, or picking up Scott on the short wheel route. I was still engaged in my block with the linebacker, when Scott circled out of the backfield.

The linebacker read the play wrong, he had no help over the top. I broke off the block headed straight to the back right corner of the end zone.

As usually Josh made the right read and lofted an east touchdown to me, no one within five yards. There were barely five minutes off the clock, we were up 14-0 already. By halftime, the score was 21-7, we had held our fourteen point advantage, although I had dropped one pass that could have gotten us a late second quarter field goal.

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We kicked off and went on defense to start the second half, they scored on a long drive to cut our advantage to one touchdown. From that point on the entire third quarter was a defensively struggle, neither team being able to get much going. We blew a couple of chances with dropped balls, one costing us a touchdown. Early in the fourth quarter, Scott Douglas busted a big gain off left tackle for sixty yards setting us up at their seventeen yard line.

"Flip right, double - X, Jet, 36 Counter, Waggle, Power Left Cross.", Josh called in the huddle, "HD1, check with Sam, then to me. Josh new name for me had become HD1, for Hyper Dunk One. It was rapidly spreading among the players, in fact some of the reporters were beginning to use it. What Josh meant by HD1, check with Sam was to see if in this package I might be matched up against their strong side line backer. If so, I was to run a crossing route in front of the safety, about ten yards down the field.

We lined up in formation I was on the left in the slot. Waggle meant Scott Douglas would go in motion out of the back field to my side. This gave us three potential receivers on one side. This forced the linbacker to have to match one of us man to man. With Scott's speed, I saw the lineback signal to his free safety to pick up the rookie, meaning the linebacker had me man to man.

Josh recognized it as well immediately "Fifty Eight Blue, Fifty Eight Blue", Josh screamed. The ball was snapped I came straight up the field, the linebacker was playing my inside shoulder cutting me off from the post.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to come across the middle. I saw a vacant hole around the three so I started in that direction. Josh read the same thing I did, but he saw what I didn't, the strong safety behind me. I saw the pocket collapsing, Josh began to roll out to my side. Since I was doubled, I knew to run away from him, I turned and ran into the back of the end zone, then starting sliding along the back line looking for a window for him to throw in.

With most of the coverage rolling with me, I stopped quickly and slid back a few steps. The safety stopped, but Josh threw the ball up high on my back shoulder away from the defender, I went up and pulled it down with both hands, landing in bounds.

We scored twice more in the fourth quarter to run way with the game 42-14, a big win for us. By the time our bye week rolled around we were unbeaten at 7-0, but we still had critics. Some were calling us the best offense in the league, others were still insisting we were a fluke.

Josh had already thrown for over twenty three hundred yards and twenty touchdowns. At this rate he had a legimate chance to break the all time passing record that was set decades ago. I had already caught eight touchdowns for the year, I would shatter last year's stats, if I stayed healthy. Although I was nursing sore ribs, a sore ankle, and a strained calf muscle. The bye week was just in time for me, I could use the time off.

I stayed home this year having to meet with the trainers every morning for therapy, spa treatments and wraps. I would arrive at the practice facity about eight o'clock in the morning, spend several hours with the trainers, then head back home. By Thursday, I was starting to feel a bit better, the time off was working. On my way out to the grocery store Thursday evening, I ran into Alexis in the parking lot. "Where you off to ?", she asked, climbing out of her car.

"The grocery store, you need anything ?", I replied. "No, I am going to stop on the way home tomorrow, I am out of everything.", she replied. "Ok, no problem.", I responded. "Hey, you doing anything tomorrow night ?", she asked. "Nope, not really, why ?", I answered. "I have this party I have to go to for a girlfriend of mine. I would go alone, but I just don't feel like being hit on all night long.

Wanna be my date ?", she inquired. "Sure why not, I don't have to dress up ,do I ?", I replied. "No its casual.", she said. "Ok, call me later tonight, let me know the details.", I said, climbing in my car. I went to the store, shopped and was backed in about two hours.

I had no sooner put away the groceries when my cell phone rang. Alexis explained the party was a birthday party for a girlfriend, I should be ready about eight. I told her I would be ready on time and hung up. The following day I went shopping at a store in town that specialized in clothes for big and tall men. It was a very upscale shop, as were the prices. I found a really nice pair of black pants that actually fit really well which was odd, and a short sleeve white knit top, that was quite tight, but had the extra length I needed.

I bought both along with a pair of slip on black leather shoes. I went home, took a shower and dressed waiting for Alexis to call. She phoned me at seven asking me to come down to her unit, she was just about dressed.

I locked up, walked down, the door was open so I went in. "I'll be out in a minute", she called out from the back. True to form, several minutes later she came out, I was blown away. She was wearing a very tight pair of tan dress pants that made her ass and legs look amazing. She had on a cream colored top that was sleeveless, but clung to her well. She had on a pair of dark brown high heels. At that moment I was very grateful I had went shopping, I would have felt foolish in jeans. I stood up and turned to face her, I figured she was ready to go.

"God damn Brian, you look some fine baby. Every girl at the party is gonna be drooling over you.", she said, running her hands up my chest and shoulders.

"Thanks, I am glad I went shopping after seeing you like this.", I answered. We left her unit, got in her car and drove across town to a very high class neighborhood. By the time we arrived, the street was full of cars, we had to park several blocks away. As we walked down the sidewalk towards the house, Alexis was very quiet. "What's wrong ?", I asked. "I hate these things, it's always the same, either the women try to fix me up, or the guys won't leave me alone.

I realize they don't know about what happened years ago, but I still get so tired of it.", she sighed. I thought for a moment, then reached down and grabbed her small soft hand in mine. "Tell them I'm your boyfriend, we have been dating for a few months, how will they know ? Tell them it's still casual but at least it gets you off the hook for tonight.", I replied. "You would do that for me ?", she asked, looking up wide eyed. "Absolutely.", I answered. We walked up to the door, rang the bell and was let in immediately.

The house was packed with people from the front door to the rear. I followed Alexis through the maze of people until she found her girlfriend, the birthday girl. She was standing there with a guy, and two other couples. As soon as she saw Alexis, she threw open her arms and they hugged tightly swaying back and forth. As they broke their embrace Alexis looked at her friend, then turned toward me. "Sandy, this is Brianwe have been dating for a few weeks now. Brian, this is my friend Sandy.", she said.

"Dating ?", Sandy said, raising her eye brows, "Where did you find this one, and can you get me one just like him ?" She walked over to me hugging me a little too long for comfort, finally letting go.

She was short, so I had to bend over quite a bit to perform the task.

Once separated she looked me up and down twice, a smile on her face. "Do you spend your life in the gym, Jesus Christ you are some built.", she giggled. "I have logged a few hoursit comes with the job.", I answered.

Sandy introduced Alexis and I to the rest of her party, then brought us around to just about everyone else one by one and made introductions. We were finally able to get out to the back patio where the drinks and food had been set up. Alexis got a glass of wine, I had the bar tender pour me an orange juice, he dropped a short red straw in it and winked. "That way they think it's a screwdriver.", he said softly.

We moved around one end of the pool to where it was a bit less crowded and was standing there talking to each other when a dark haired, very attractive young women walked up to us.

"So Alexis, where have you been keeping him child ?", she asked, fluttering her eyes at me. "Oh I have my secrets.", Alexis giggled. "You have every woman at this party dying girl, they want all the scoop.", she stated. "There's no scoop, we have been dating for a few weeks, no big deal.", Alexis replied. "Um sweetie, this is big, and it's a deal.", she laughed, pointing at me.

They talked for several minutes then finally the lady left, moving back across the crowd. Alexis looked up at me apologetically, I knew she felt bad. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have brought you here.", she sighed, "It's only gonna get worst once they get drunk." "I'm fine Alexis, I can handle myself.", I replied.

For the next hour or so, we mingled with different people, several more of the same remarks being made. It seemed Alexis was the talk of the party, the women thronged to her.

Finally it was time for the birthday girl to open her gifts, everyone gathered in the huge den. One by one, she opened a variety of gifts, some serious, some gag gifts, giving everyone a laugh. She finally got to the brightly decorated gold bag Alexis had brought in with her.

She opened the card and announced to everyone this gift was from Alexis.

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She pulled the top few layers of tissue paper out, removing a small black velvet box. She opened the box to find a very nice pair of gold earrings. She squealed in delight, jumped up and ran over to hug Alexis. As she went back over to where she had been sitting, Alexis told her there was one more gift in the bag. She looked down deep in the bag pulling out several more layers of tissue paper. I almost diedwhen she pulled out one the new Hyper Dunk tee shirts from the bag. It was extra large, it would have to be a sleep shirt on her, I thought as she held it up.

"Oh, I really like this guy, not as much as Josh, but he's pretty good too", she laughed, "Thanks so much." Although I had noticed several people staring intently at me during the party thus far, no one had actually come up and acknowledged they knew who I was. "Oh Sandy, he's going to be crushed that you like Josh more.

He may never get over it.", Alexis laughed.

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"Oh he'll never know.", she laughed, waving her hand at her friend. "Uh yes he does know.", Alexis laughed back pointing over her shoulder at me. It took a moment for the remark to register mentally I guess, then a sheer look of embarrassment crossed Sandy's pretty face. She immediately lifted her hand covering her wide open mouth in surprise. "You mean he's……he's this guy ?", she exclaimed, pointing to the shirt. "Yep, that's him.", Alexis giggled.

"Oh my God, I feel terrible.", she said to me, while everyone else was dying laughing. "That's ok Sandy, I will mention to Josh you're his favorite, I'm sure he will appreciate it.", I said smiling. "You really play for San Diego, you're this guy ?", she asked, still hesitant.

"I knew he looked familiar.", said one of the women standing across the room, "I have seen him on TV." Sandy got up and walked around the sofa, coming up to me with her arms extended outward. I bent down as she hugged me tightly, then let me go. "I'm really pleased to meet you, even if I did put my foot in my mouth.", she giggled.

"It's ok Sandy, Josh is most everyone's favorite player, it comes with the job.", I replied. By now the news had circulated around the room about what had happened, the room was packed with people.

She walked back around the sofa to her seat, sitting down opening the last few presents. She was finished rather quickly, then once again thanked all of her guests. I was standing against one wall with Alexis, when Sandy came back around holding the shirt in her hand. "Would you mind autographing my shirt for me ?", she asked meekly. "Not a problem, you have a Sharpie anywhere ?", I replied. She scurried quickly out of the room, returning quickly with a large black permanent marker.

I walked over to the dining room table, laying the shirt out flat on the table. I had the large gold lettering facing upsince it was the brightest color, I was going to sign inside the number eighty nine.

Before I did, I turned to Jenny with a smile. "You want me to sign my name, or would you prefer Josh Henson ?", I said, trying my best to sound irriated. "Oh he got you good girl.", Alexis laughed at her friend. I turned back around and wrote inside the letters : "Best Wishes Jenny, Brian Stevens # 89" I handed the shirt back to Jenny with a smile, she graciously hugged me again.

"Would you mind taking a picture with me too ?", she asked, grinning. "Sure, no problem.", I replied. She ran back into the house and returned shortly with a digital camera, handing it to Alexis. She quickly explained the controls to her friend, then picked up the shirt, standing next to me. We each held one corner of the shirt, as Alexis snapped several pictures.

She thanked me once again, then moved towards Alexis. Before she could get the camera from her friend, several other people asked if I minded taking pictures with them. I must have taken at least a dozen or so pictures with different people before all of the requests, seemed to be fulfilled. I found my way back to Alexis, who seem to find all of this amusing. "I'm sorry, I let the cat out of the bag.", she giggled. "No, you're not.

You're enjoying this.", I answered. "Yea, I am.", she laughed. It was amusing to see how differently I was treated at the party, after they found out what I did for a living. I had beautiful women come up to me and just strike up a conversation, no reservations what so ever.

Everytime I seemed to look over at Alexis for help, she was giggling at me. The rest of the night was pretty much routine, we decided to leave somewhere around eleven thirty. On the ride home, I asked Alexis if she wanted to stop for coffee or something to eat. She told me she could put a pot of coffee on at her place, if I wanted to stay for a cup or two. Since I didn't have to get up early the next morning, I accepted her gracious offer. We were back at her place a little after midnight, the coffee was brewing.

I was sitting on the sofa as Alexis was in the kitchen getting everything ready. A few minutes later she was back with a large tray, two cups of coffee, cream and sugar.

I noticed that she once again sat relatively close to me, as she had done the night we had shared our past experiences with each other. "Brian, I can't thank you enough for saving me tonight, I had such a great time.", she said, softly. "It was fun, anytime I can get my mind off the game for a while, it feels good.", I replied. "Besides, I had the prettiest date at the party." "Oh you're just being nice. I saw all those girls hitting on you.", she giggled.

"None of them compare to you .", I stated quickly, looking deep into her eyes. I immediately saw the change in her mood, I had caught her off guard, which was usually the position I found myself in. I saw her swallow hard, her eyes blink several times, then finally taking another long sip of coffee. "Thank you Brian, you don't know how good that makes me feel. It's been a long time since I even considered what a man thought of me in that way.", she said, touching my hand gently. I decided for once in my life to seize the opportunity, not wait around for someone else to make the first move.

I quickly seized her small hand in mine, holding it gently but firmly, looking into her eyes. I could sense she was extremely fragile to say the least, but thankfully due to our previous conversation, I knew the reason why. I knew I was going to have to be very gentle, very patient and understanding, if any type of relationship between us was even possible.

To her credit, she didn't pull back away from me, instead she held my hand in response, it was a good first sign. "Brian, I don't&hellip. I mean you know about&hellip.", she stuttered. "It's ok Alexis, relax. I promise you, I would never do anything to hurt you.", I answered, looking deep into her eyes.

"I do so want to believe that Brian, I really do.", she responded. She leaned forward slowly towards me, almost like she was about to do something for the first time. I knew emotionally she was taking a huge leap of faith, I didn't want to let her down. I met her half way, my lips softly touching hers in a brief, very soft and moist kiss.

It lasted for maybe five seconds, bit it was the most intense kiss of my life. I can't explain the electricity that shot through my body, the mind numbing effect her lips had on me. When she finally pulled way, her eyes were still closed, almost like she was afraid to open them.

She finally lifted her eyelids, a soft, gentle smile on her face. She leaned back in again, this time with a little more hunger, a little more urgency. I reached over and placed my hand on the back of her neck, as our lips pressed together, her breath warmning my face. After several seconds, I felt her lips part slightly, the tip of her tongue brushed my lips. I decided to be very delicate in my response, my own tongue, softly brushing her lips in response.

Once again, after perhaps a half a minute, she pulled back away from me slowly. "You ok ?", I asked, whispering. "Oh yea, I'm ok.", she answered, a deep tone to her voice. For the next twenty minutes or so, we passionately kissed on the sofa, like two young teenagers making out for the first time. Other than our lips on each others, there was no touching of any kind, even though I desperately wanted to ravage this gorgeous woman.

I knew that if I moved too fast, I might ruin any chance there could be anything between us. Finally looking at the clock, I decided that perhaps we both needed to cool off a bit. "It's getting late, I'm going to go my place.", I told her, my hand brushing the hair out of her face.

Those light green eyes, those soft understated Asian features, that jet black straight hair just mesmorized me. God, I wanted so much more, the urge was almost unbearable. It took everything I had to maintain my composure, not wanting her to see right through me. "Brian, I want to…&hellip. I&hellip.know you&hellip.", she began.

I said nothing, I just gently raised one finger placing it across her soft moist lips, my eyes locked on hers. "Alexis, we have all the time in the world. Nothing needs to be rushed.", I whispered.

I could see in her eyes, I said the one and only thing that she was wanting to hear. She reached over and wrapped her arms around my neck hugging me tightly, whispering a thank you in my ear. I squeezed her tightly, then got up making my way to the door, holding her hand tightly in mine. When we got to the door, I leaned over and kissed her quickly again on the lips, then told her to lock the door behind me.

I stepped out, the door closed, I heard the dead bolt turn in the cylinder. I finally exhaled deeply as I walked the two doors down to my unit. My heart was racing, my body still on fire, I don't think I had ever felt this alive in my life. I got undressed and into bed quickly, although it took me well over an hour to get to sleep. I woke up Saturday morning sometime around nine, for some reason I was still exhausted. I know I laid in bed for at least an hour before finally getting up and putting my feet on the floor.

My thoughts quickly returned to the night before, closing my eyes trying to recapture the moments. I finally got up, took a shower and dressed casually in shorts and a tee shirt, planning on going down to the pool later and just relaxing. I ate a small breakfast, fighting the urge to call Alexis several times in less than an hour. Sometime right after noon, I grabbed a towel and headed down to the pool.

It was somewhat overcast, the clouds almost completely blocking out the sun. As I got down to the courtyard area, I could see that the pool was much more crowded the normal.

I found an open chaise lounger at one end and sat down, laying my phone and towel on the table next to me.

There were three young girls in their early twenties right next to me, wearing very skimpy bathing suits, all three of them very attractive. They were whispering back and forth to each other, then looking in my direction. I pretended not to notice, paying no attention to anyone, minding my own business.

I had been there for about thirty minutes when I heard one of the girls sitting next to me speak out a little louder than normal. "Excuse me ?", I heard from my left. I pushed my sunglasses down and looked in the direction of the voice, the smaller of the three girls in the chair closest to mewas leaning in my direction. "Yes ?", I asked. "You're the football player that lives here right ?", she asked.

"Yes ma'am, I am.", I responded. "I thought so, I have seen you around the complex a few times. I'm Cindy, this is Janet and Debbie.", she answered, pointing to her friends, respectively.

"Nice to meet you ladies.", I answered, trying to be polite. "Uh, you want to join us over here for a few beers ?", the petite brunette asked. "Thank you ma'am but I rarely drink, and never during the season.", I replied. "Oh ok, well you can still join us if you would like.", she told me, a very dangerous smile on her face. I didn't want to seem impolite, but I had little interest in joining the three women, I was trying to think of a clever excuse.

Luckliy I happen to glance in the direction of my unit to see Alexis walking toward the pool, apparently she had the same idea I had. It gave me the perfect out. "I'm waiting for someone, but thank you very much.", I answered. Before the girl could respond, Alexis was in earshot, all three girls watching her approach.

You couldn't help yourself, Alexis was a woman that men drooled over and other women found it easy to dislike. It simply appeared she had no physical flaws what so ever.

"Cindy, you trying to cut in on me ?", Alexis laughed at the petite brunette. "I didn't realize you had dibs on him yet, Alex.", the girl giggled back. "I don't, he is fair game, but just so you know, I might be in the hunt.", Alexis replied. I'm not sure why, but suddenly I felt very uncomfortable being referred to as the new prey of the complex.

I pulled my glasses back down and returned my head to the chair. Alexis was standing over me, a twinkle in her eyes. I raised my glasses once again to acknowledge her presence, making sure I let her know I was glad to see her. "Hey Alexis, glad to see you.", I told her, warmly. "I was over there watching you for quite a while, I have to say I was impressed at how well you behaved.", she stated, pointing to the covered staircase at the end of our unit.

"I always behave girl, I told you that.", I replied, seemingly unconcerned, but very relieved I handled the situation as I had. "Apparently so, so far so good.", she laughed. I got up and offered her my chair, telling her I would go across to the other side of the pool to get one that wasn't being used. She readily accepted my chair, laying her towel down over it, then lowering her long sleek body into the chaise.

I grabbed the chair and walked my way back to her, setting my chair down next to hers. We had been laying there for a few minutes when she turned to me. "I had a hard time going to sleep last night.', she said softly. "I know the feeling.", I laughed. Without much warning, large rain drops started to fall on the courtyard, everyone jumping up and grabbing their belongings. Alexis sat up in her seat looking over at me, a comical look on her face. "You're not going inside ?", she asked.

"What for ? I came out to go swimming, I was going to be wet anyway. There's no lightning or thunder, it's perfectly safe.", I answered. She just sat there for a second, looking up into the sky, large raindrops continuing to hit the pavement with no apparent pattern.

She shrugged her shoulders and laid back down on the chaise lounger, by now the entire courtyard had taken refuge elsewhere. The rain began to come down quite steady, within minutes both of us were soaking wet. It felt quite good, the rain was cool and refreshing, the temperature was dropping. I jumped up, threw my glasses on the table between us, took off my shirt then dove in the pool head first on the deep end.

I came up about half way across the poool near the safety rope, turned and looked back in Alexis' direction.

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She had already taken off her swim suit cover, exposing her black nylon bikini, which quite frankly was jaw dropping. She dove into the pool as well, I watched her swim in my direction below the surface of the water. She popped up right next to me, her hands grabbing for the large, blue and white safety rope stretched across the middle of the pool.

"You're right, this does feel good.", she stated, pushing the wet hair out of her eyes. I could feel her long muscled legs, brushing against mine as we both treaded water, our bodies facing each other.

I felt her right hand suddenly on my hip, holding on for some support. Soon her body was flat up against mine, her right arm firmly around my waist. I leaned over slowly making sure she understood I wanted to kiss her. I pressed my lips to hers gently, waiting for her to respond.

Again it took a few seconds, but she was soon pressing her mouth against mine, her lips slightly parted, her tongue brushing against mine.I could sense she felt a little more at ease with me, I felt her her fingers stroking my lower back. She pulled her lips away from me, then pushed off with both hands, swimming across the deep end to the concrete stairs cut into the side of the pool wall.

I followed her quickly, pulling myself up on the bottom step next to her. The rain was still falling steadily, the feel of the cold rain on my head, combined with the warmer water of the pool gave me a quite unique feeling. We were both sitting on the bottom step, the water up to our shoulders, the rain soaking our faces. This time she leaned over to me, once again her lips sending electricity to every nerve ending in my body.

I shifted my body weight on the concrete step nervously, I felt my cock hardening, I couldn't stop the feeling. Then I felt Alexis' hand on my thigh, jolting me into an entire new dimension.

As her tongue gently probed my mouth, my cock was straining against the nylon fabric of my swim suit. Thankfully, she lifted her lips from mine, her eyes looking deep into mine. "Let's go back upstairs.", she whispered softly. "Um, that might be a little difficult right now Alexis.", I replied somewhat embarrassed. "Why ……… Ohhhhhhhhhh.", she exclaimed suddenly, a nervous grin crossing her face.

She jumped off of the step and swam over to the ladder, pulling herself out of the pool. It took a few minutes but I was finally able to follow her to our chairs, picking up my belongings from the table, following her back up the stairs. She had wrapped her large beach towel around her body, covering herself completely. My mind was racing as I followed her up the stairs, the water dripping from our bodies on the concrete stairs.

She paused at her doorway, pulling her key from a small zippered bag she had with her. "I'm going to change into some dry clothes.", I told Alexis, turning to head down the walk to my unit. "Nuh uh.", she said, grabbing my arm, pulling me into her unit. I was barely able to push the door closed as I was pulled through it, Alexis pulling me towards her sofa. She unwrapped her large beach towel from her body, laying it down on the sofa.

She then took mine from around my neck and laid it on top of the first. She then pushed me down on the sofa, pressing my shoulders back until my head was on the arm rest of the sectional. Alexis lowered herself slowly until her body was completely over me, my body absorbing her entire weight. "Are you sure Alexis ? I don't want you to be &hellip.", I started. She pressed her lips to mine making me unable to finish my sentence. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling this goddess deep into my arms.

She pushed her tongue past my lips, this time there was no hesitation. I had never wanted anyone more in my life, then I did Alexis at this very moment. But once again I realized that in this case, being gentle would be the thing to do, another bad or quick experience might ruin any chance the two of us might have. I felt Alexis shift her body several times, moving herself into a position where my rock hard cock was pressing against the nylon crotch of her swimsuit bottom.

She broke her kiss, pulling her lips from mine opening her eyes, looking directly into mine. I felt her hips shift once, placing my erect throbbing cock directly between the lips of her pussy.

I didn't react one way or another, I wanted to make sure Alexis was comfortable with everything that was happening. Even though both of us were still clothed, somehow this seemed very taboo for some reason. I took one hand from her shoulder, gently tracing a long, soft straight line down her spine, stopping immediately when I felt the waistband of her swim suit bottom.

She reacted to my touch by pressing her hips into mine, her pussy grinding against my hard cock. She closed her eyes tightly, concentrating on the intense feelings running through her body. I could feel the muscles of her well shaped thighs as they pushed into mine, her hips moving in unison with mine.

She opened ,her eyes, pressing her lips into mine, her mouth soft, warm and moist. I slowly moved my hand down from the waist band of her swim suit, until it was firmly cupping her ass, urging her to push into me. Everytime she would thrust forward, I felt the muscles in her legs tighten up.

She pulled her lips from mine, burying her face into my neck and shoulder, a long, soft groan resonating from deep in her throat. Her breathing was becoming a short and labored, her body tensing up from top to bottom.

I felt her lips against my ear, her warm breath on the side of my face. I heard her soft, almost inaudible words in my right ear. "Brian, I'm gonna…… I'm gonna&hellip.please.", she uttered. "It's ok Alexis, let it go. Just let it go.", I whispered back, She suddenly tensed up, her arms tight around my neck, her face buried in my neck. She was grinding her pussy against me with reckless abandon, all inhibitions gone for the moment.

"Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh.", she moaned, her lips pressed against my neck. She rode wave after wave of pleasure, her body clenching tightly, then releasing the muscles in her body in rapid succession.

It was by far the longest, most intense female orgasm, I have ever witnessed. She rode wave after wave of pleasure for close to a minute before I felt what was left of the oxygen in her body, pass between her lips in a long slow sigh of relief.

I held her softly against me, my hand stroking her back gently, letting her know I felt wonderful about what had just happened. It took a few minutes before she lifted her head from my shoulder, her light green eyes sparkling, wide and alive as I had ever seen them. "I don't know … I mean God that was awesome… I just.", she whispered. "Shhhhhhhhh.", I replied, softly. She smiled at me briefly, her hips still moving against mine, my rock hard cock still between the lips of her pussy.

"What are you thinking about right now ?", she whispered, her eyes and lips just inches from mine. "About how good I feel right now.", I replied, with no hesitation. "Why do you feel good ?", she whispered back. "Because you trusted me enough to get this vunerable in front of me.", I told her, my eyes locked into hers. I could immediately see the emotional response in her eyes, they became wet and glazed over.

"I still can't believe you're for real. You're too good to be true.", she whispered back to me, her lips quickly kissing mine. "Nothing's too good for you, never forget that.", I replied.

I had noticed while we were whispering back and forth, she was slowly applying more and more pressure on my cock, her hips grinding her pussy back and forth once again.

She lowered her lips to mine for a long, soft very passionate kiss. By the time our lips separated, she was losing control once again, her second orgasm taking complete control of her body. This one was not quite as powerful as the first, but still intense just the same.

Once again, I gently held her, reassuring her this was all about her pleasure, nothing else. Once again she looked into my eyes, I sensed at that moment, I could have anything I wanted.

I was struggling to maintain my composure, my cock was aching for release, but I knew I couldn't appear demanding and ruin this moment. "What can I do for you Brian ?", she asked softly, a nervous look crossing her face for the first time. "Cum again for me.", I whispered in reply. "Whew, I'm not sure I can right this minute. Besides, I mean how can I make you feel as good as I do right now ?", she asked.

"You don't have to do anything. I'm fine Alexis, just lay here and let me hold you.", I answered. "You're honestly saying, you're fine walking out of here right now without cumming ?", she asked, seriously. "I can do that. I don't want you to do anything you're not completely comfortable with, I think you're special, worth waiting for.", I answered. "You're seriously not for real.", she giggled.

"Yes I am, Alexis. I want you, more than I have ever wanted anyone in my life. But I can do this on your terms, it's not a problem.", I told her with a smile. I felt her lift her hips from mine gently, her right hand snake between our bodies, then quickly inside of my shorts grabbing my hard rigid cock between her fingers.

As she tightly wrapped her fingers around my shaft, lowering her hips back on top of her hand, I almost exploded from pleasure. It took everything I had to hold back, wanting to enjoy this moment just a bit longer.

"Yea well, you may not have a problem, but this guy here does.", she giggled, her eyes pointing down between our bodies. She began to softly but firmly pull my hard cock up and down between our two tense bodies, her fingers moving in unison with her wrist. The combination of her hand and the pressure of her body weight had me at the boiling point in less than a minute.

"Alexis, I'm gonna cum…", I whispered, looking into those beautiful eyes. "Go ahead baby, cum all over my hand.", she whispered, kissing me quickly on the lips, then pulling back to watch my face. I felt the cum racing up my shaft, the first jet soaking my shorts. Alexis quickly realized I was cumming, her fingers caressing the tip of my cock, as my sperm blasted against the palm of her hand.

I don't think I had ever released that much sperm at one time in my life, it just kept coming, wave after wave.

She continued stroking me softly until I was beginning to soften in the palm of her hand. She lifted her hips then eased her hand out of my shorts, kissing me again softly on the lips.

She rolled to her right and fell between my body and the back cushion of the sectional. I turned slightly so I was looking into her eyes. "So now what are you thinking ?", she asked, trying her best to be serious. "I'm thinking, I want to take you out tonight, have a great meal, then come back here and hold you all night long.", I urged.

"Really ?", she asked. "Yep.", I answered. She leaned up and quickly, but very softly kissed me on the lips, her tongue quickly brushing across my top lip. "You got a date mister.", she answered. We agreed dinner plans for the evening, I went back to my place to rest up, then get ready. I took a long shower, then put on black dress pants, a knit short sleeve shirt, black dress shoes, then the Rolex that Courtney's dad had given me year's ago. It was th first time I wore it in public.

I knocked on Alexis' door right at seven thirty, I heard her shout to come in. I closed the door behind me, walked straight into the main room. I heard Alexis call out from the bedroom. "I'm almost ready Brian.", she said through the half closed bedroom door.

"Take your time.", I replied. I sat down on the sofa for a couple of minutes, Alexis walking up quietly behind me. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I stood up and turned to face her. She was an absolute visionshe looked amazing. She had on a short bright red colored skirt with a pure white silk blouse. She had on red high heels with sheer stockings which made her legs look all the more unbelievable. Her straight black hair had an high gloss sheen to it, her makeup was perfect.

There was absolutely no more beautiful woman in the world on this night, better yet she was with me. We walked down stairs and got into my car, driving across town to an exclusive restaurant Josh had told me about. He claimed it was the absolute best in town, he ate there at least twice a month.

We pulled up in front of the restaurant, the valet was immediately there to take my keys. I held the door open for Alexis, we were immediately greeted by the maitre' d. "Yes sir, may I have the name your reservation is under please.", he asked.

"We don't have a reservation for tonight.", I replied. "Oh I'm sorry sir, we are always booked up solid, you have to have a reservation.", he answered me politely. "You're Louis right ?", I asked. "Yes sir, I am .", he replied. "Well I'm Brian, Josh told me to make sure I got you to take care of me personally.", I said, handing him a folded one hundred dollar bill.

"Oh you know Mr. Henson. You're a team mate ?", he asked, pocketing the bill. "Yes I am.", I responded. "Please follow me sir, madam, I have one table available. We followed the man through the crowded restaurant, every man in the room eye's were glued to Alexis, as she gracefully moved through the maze of tables.

We finally arrived at a table for four, in one corner of the room. He removed the "Reserved" sign from the table, then held Alexis chair out for her. I sat down across from Alexis, a well dressed waitress was sent to our table immediately.

"Can I get you something to drink ?", she asked, handing both of us a menu. "I'll take a glass of house wine.", Alexis told her. "I'll have water.", I added. She left us to look over the menus she had provided, Alexis noted there were no prices listed next to the items listed. "I guess if you have to have ask the prices, you can't afford to be here.", I told Alexis. "Well you already gave the guy a hundred bucks just to get a table.", she replied.

"It's ok. It's a special night.", I answered. We went back to scanning the menu, we each decided on a dish before the waitress returned with our drinks. We ordered an appetizer, then the main course, the waitress left us to our conversation. The food was absolutely excellent as Josh had told me, the bill wasn't really that bad considering. We exited the restaurant, I handed the valet the ticket he had given me, he went around the building returning quickly with my car.

I held the door open for Alexis as she slid into the seat, I walked aound he car, handed the valet a twenty dollar bill, he handed me my keys, wishing me a nice evening. I drove back to our complex, we arrived a little after eleven.

Alexis asked me in for coffee, I followed her into her unit, sitting down on the sofa. She started a pot of coffee, then excused herself to change into something a little more comfortable. I told her that sounded good so I headed to my place to do the same. I grabbed a pair of nylon shorts, a tee shirt, threw them on and returned to Alexis' unit. She was already seated on the sofa drinking a cup of cofee, mine was on the table.

She had on a jade colored silk robe that was maybe mid thigh long, I had no idea what else. I sat down beside her, picked up my cup of coffee and leaned back. "Brian, thanks for a great evening, I really enjoyed it.", she stated, "in fact it's been a really wonderful day." "Yes it has.", I replied. We talked briefly about starting practice again next week, the bye being over, the next game was a week away. We were still unbeaten, therefore emotions in the city were running higher than normal.

It's amazing how a winning team can make people push aside their personal problems for just a while, make them feel good. I was having a much better year then I did as a rookie, I would be in my option year next year. Basically that meant that if the team so desired they could offer me a long term deal next year and I would never become a free agent. Finally Alexis managed to change the subject, I was thankful. "Can I ask you a question Brian ?", she inquired in a low soft voice.

"Sure.", I replied, quickly. "What's going through your mind right now about me ?", she asked. "What do you mean ?", I replied, not quite sure what she meant. "I don't really know how to say this without maybe sounding like a bitch, trust me that's not how I feel.

But since you know my short history with men, I am still kind of concerned. How do I say this……", she started, then paused. "Just say it, be honest.", I urged. "Well you were quite honest with me about your past, I know that wasn't easy for you to do.

Things between us&hellip.well they seem too good to be true so far&hellip.but what I am worried about is&hellip.", she continued.

"Alexis, just tell me what's bothering you ?", I quickly answered. "God I hope this doesn't come out wrong&hellip. Here goes&hellip. If Ashley called you tomorrow and told you she had changed her mind, she wanted to be with you right now for good, what would you do ?", she finally finished, looking down nervously. "Wow, I never saw that coming.", I laughed. "I'm being dead serious Brian. I couldn't handle falling for you, then something happens and you go back to her.", she said, for the first time since I had met her, really appearing vunerable.

"Then all I can do is be as honest with you as I can right now.", I answered, looking deep into those incredible light green eyes of hers, "Since I kissed you here on this sofa two nights ago, I haven't thought of Ashley once, until you just mentioned her name." "That makes me feel a little better.", she said, smiling back.

I was hoping maybe Alexis was beginning to open up to me somewhat, but it was apparent she still had deep reservations about any type of serious relationship. I decided the best thing to do was once again try and be patient. "It's getting late, it's been a long day. Let's call it a night, we can talk later. Gives us both more time to think about everything.", I offered. "Noooooo.", she shot back, "Please, I don't want you to be upset with me." She reached over and took my hand in hers, pulling it to her chest.

I could tell she was sincere in what she had said. "Alexis, I'm not upset with you, I have no reason to be. I had a wonderful day with an incredibly beautiful woman, why I would be upset ?", I answered. "You always know just the right thing to say.", she replied, leaning over kissing the top of my hand. I leaned over giving her a quick kiss on the lips, then stood up heading for the door. "You sleep well, we will talk soon.", I told her,"Goodnight." I ran errands, went grocery shopping on Sunday morning, I was in the checkout line when Alexis called me.

She was going to the large mall across town and wanted to see if I would take a ride. I told it it would be at least two hours before I was finished and be back. She thanked me, told me she would go alone and call me when she arrived back home.

For some reason, either I missed the call, or it never came but the next thing I knew my alarm was going off, I was due at practice in ninety minutes. We watched film early Monday morning, then had our unit meetings with our respective coordinators.

I then worked out for two hours in the weight room, showered then went upstairs to meet Josh for more film. We were playing Baltimore this week, one of the best defenses in the league, we would be tested.

To Coach Cullen's credit, he didn't change a thing about the game plan, we were going to attack them from the first offensive possession. We added a few new wrinkles as we did every week, but basically the game plan was business as usual.

We flew out Friday afternoon arriving late Friday night, going directly to the hotel. We worked out once Saturday on their home field, then went back to the hotel. Some of the guys decided to go out for a few hours, I passed, deciding to just relax in my room. We arrived at the stadium about nine o'clock in the morning, most of us going out on the field and stretching, starting to warm up. After a warmup period I played pitch and catch with Josh and the other receivers. The Baltimore team was beginning to fill up the other end of the field warming up as well.

Sometime about ten thirty we all headed back to the locker room, the trainers began taping everyone up. I was suited and ready to go by quarter after eleven, sitting quietly in the corner. The game started out slow, both teams blowing their opening possession with miscues. On our second possession we became to heat up moving the ball in large chunks of real estate, quickly finding ourselves on their thirty five yard line.

Our substitution packages were beginning to disrupt the continuity of their defensive play calling. "Dual left, trips motion left, power right, swing check on three.", Josh barked.

We lined up with two receivers on the left, one to the right. I was lined on the right side as well. Once Josh started cadence, the lone receiver went in motion toward the left overloading that side, leaving me as the only receiver on that side. I would run an out pattern based on the depth of the defender, I was the primary target.

If I was covered, the rookie would swing out of the backfield on my side looking for a dump off pass. Usually we would see defenses shift to a Tampa Two when they saw this package, I would be covered up by a linebacker.

Instead though they stayed in a standard two over formation, passing the running back coverage to the linebacker. Josh immediately saw this deadly error. No way any linebacker in the league could cover our rookie, Scott Douglas.

"Forty seven power, Forty seven power, Slam, SlamSlam", Josh barked dropping into the shotgun formation. He had checked down to the fourth option, he would be looking for Scott on the swing route out of the backfield. I would feign my out route, then come back to the middle, looking for a crack back block on that linebacker. The ball was snapped, I drove up the field five yards then cut out to the sidelines, taking the cornerback with me.

I was close to three yards from the stripes when Scott swung out of the backfield, he caught the linebacker flat footed. I immediately headed straight to where I knew the ball would be thrown. The linebacker was accelerating trying to catch Scott as Josh lofted him the ball. He pulled it in effortlessly and turned to head up field. I had timed the crack back perfectly arriving just seconds ahead of Scott, the linebacker never saw me. I was able to get my head and shoulder in front of his torso before all two hundred sixty pounds of me, slammed into him taking both of us off our feet.

It was the most violent hit I had ever been involved in, I felt a sharp pain in my right shoulder and neck area, then wrap around my back. By the time I was able to even get up on one knee, the entire team was celebrating a thirty five yard touchdown pass in the end zone.

I looked over at my opponent, he was still down, barely moving. I started moving my shoulder up and down, I still had a little pain, but nothing severe. I moved over to check on my opponent concerned for his safety. We are taught to be violent, it's not a pleasant game. But with that said, I had never wanted to intentionally hurt anyone.

Suddenly I felt someone grab the back of my shoulder pads pulling me backwards down to the ground. I stumbled as I fell, turning to see one of the other Baltimore players having a hold of my jersey. I jumped up and went after him, some of the players trying to separate us. I reached across the pile of players grabbing his face mask pulling it violently. Players were pushing and cursing at each other, I saw several yellow flags fly, hitting the ground around us. "Fuck you punk, that was a cheap shot.", my opponent yelled at me, "We'll get your ass." "Get me now.", I screamed back, still pulling on his face mask.

Finally I heard one of the officials yelling in my ear, bringing me back to my senses. "Let him go, eight nine, let him go now or you're outta here.", he screamed. I released my hold on my opponent but he still was still shouting back at me, his players pushing him towards the sideline.

The linebacker I had hit was still down, but I decided at that point the best thing I could do was head to the sideline. The crowd was in hysterics, shouting at me, wanting me thrown out. What didn't help was that the instant replay man kept showing the hit over and over on the two big screens in each end zone.

I looked up at the north end seeing the play in slow motion for the first time. I sighed in relief when I saw I had indeed made a legal block, my body was in front of his. I arrived at the side lines heading for bench when our middle linebacker and defensive team captain, Luther Williams, a real beast in his own right, grabbed me by the arm. "That was a mother fucking hit boy, you keep that up, I might let you line up with me.

You busted that fucker's ass.", he growled, slapping my helmet. I slapped him back, walking past him coming within ear shot of Coach Cullen.


"Nice block Stevens, you made that happen.", he shouted. I acknowledged himthen found my place on the bench, still moving my shoulder trying to get the stiffness out. One the next possession with the emotions still running high, they mishandled a ball, fumbling at their own forty two yard line. This was our chance to put them in a hole.

Josh called a quick slant route in which I would set a flat inside pick for one of our wide outs to run a skinny post across the middle. The ball was snapped, I ran five yardsstopped pivoted to the right and set the screen on the corner, it was perfect, our receiver brushing my right shoulder as he went past me.

I had just glanced over my shoulder to see him catch the ball, when it felt like I had just been hit by a small car from behind. I went down hard, face first into the turf. I struggled to get up, my head was spinning, by the time I regained my senses, both teams were once again pushing and shoving.

At that point, it was obvious someone had hit me late from behind. I looked over to their sidelines, I saw a yellow flag on the ground. Several of their players were still jawing at me, apparently pleased they had somewhat settled the score.

I looked back down the field to see we had moved the ball down to their seventeen. The official stepped to the center of the field turning on his microphone.

"We have a personal foul on the defense, number forty one, unsportsman like conduct, the penalty will be half the distance to the goal. First down San Diego.", he finished, turning off the microphone on his belt. I looked over at number forty one, their strong safety, he was standing about five yards from me, nodding his head up and down, smiling.

"Pay back is a bitch boy.", he shouted. Coach Cullen sent Billy Huber in the huddle, telling me I was out. As I trotted back to the sidelines, I was still trying to clear the cob webs from my head. "You ok Stevens ?", Coach Cullen asked. "Yea, I'm good to go Coach.", I answered. We ran two plays gaining only three yards, it was third and goal from the seven. I went over to Coach Cullen as he was scanning the chart for what play to call. "Split right, Scat Right, 639 F, Power Right Angle", I shouted loudly.

"Why ?", he shot back, quickly. "Because I promise you if I go back out there and we go strong right, forty one is cocky enough to try and cover me. The corner fade will be there.", I shouted. "Run it.", he said, motioning for me to hit the field. I told Josh the play, which he called quickly in the huddle. We hurried to the line of scrimmage there were only about ten seconds left on the play clock. I looked own the line to see we were not in the right formation, I pointed down the line to Josh.

He saw it immediately. "Time out, Time out.", he signaled. The referee blew the whistle giving us the timeout, Josh headed over to talk to Coach Cullen as we waited in the huddle for him.

He returned several minutes later after the TV timeout was over. He leaned in, taking immediate command. "Split right, Scat Right, 639 F, Power Right Angle", Josh again shouted. "Lester get you're ass on the line of scrimmage this time, Zach you have the hot read." he reminded the left side of the formation. I lined up next to the right guard in my standard run formation, looking up at the coverage developing on the other side of the line.

"Forty seven shift, Forty seven shift.", Josh called out. I quickly split out four yards wider in the slot, then two steps back making sure I was not on the line of scrimmage. I looked across the line and sure enough forty one was barking out orders shifting the coverage so he would have me man to man. Josh quickly snapped the ball, I came off hard, planted a foot inside like I was running a post, the safety slammed into me blocking the middle.

With my inside hand I was able to slightly push him off as I accelerated for the right corner of the end zone. Josh and I had worked on this pass hundreds of time, if I felt I was open, the key was to immediately raise a hand asking for the ball. I barely had my hand extended when I saw the ball leave Josh's hand. The ball was high enough but it was going to be short, I had to slow down and wait for it.

Thankfully I was able to get a great plant, then simply elevated as high as I could. The safety was all over me, one hand under my face mask, the other holding the back of my pads. It didn't matter, he simply couldn't get high enough to make a play, I pulled the ball in, both of us hitting the turf together. He was on top of me, but the catch was clean, I saw the signal. I felt him deliver a short punch to my lower back, as he got up off of me.

He was able to use my body to shield the infraction from the referee, so no flag came down. I got up and looked at him, he was still nodding and grinning. "Hey superstar, see if this makes you smile.", I shouted. I took off in the direction of the goal post, I got to top speed and jumped as high as I could, slamming the ball over the crossbar.

The crowd booed in unison, the sound was deafening. I turned and pointed right at forty one, smiling and nodded. As I saw the official throw the flag, I immediately regretted what I had done. He had suckered me in, I was better than that. I picked up the ball and headed to the sidelines. I had barely arrived when Coach Reed had me by the face mask, dragging me towards him.

"God damn it Brian. You make a great play, then you go fucking brain dead and cost me a penalty. Fuck it son, think.", he shouted, throwing me to the side by my face mask. Thankfully they didn't did great field position on the ensuing kickoff, only starting at the thrity seven yard line. Once again our defense held, forcing them to punt. At halftimewe held a 17-7 lead. I went directly to the trainers table durning halftime, my back was beginning to stiffen up bad.

As they pulled my jersey off, removed my pads then lifted my compression shirt off. "You're severly bruised Brian, this is going to stiffen up bad.", Lee, our head trainer said.

"Do you're magic doc, just fix it for two more quarters.", I told him. I knew what was coming, I had been around this game long enough. You either played hurt, played in pain or you didn't last long. No one wanted to pay you big money to sit on the bench. I felt the needle in my lower back, then the second in my upper back. I could immediately feel my back becoming numb, medicine was a wonderful but dangerous thing. One of the other trainers came over with two pills and a cup of water.

He handed both to me, I took the medication with no questions. "You want me to add a back plate to your pads ?", he asked.

"Nah, they bother me. I'll be ok.", I replied, pulling my compression shirt back on. They helped me put my pads back on, then both of them stretched my jersey back over them and pulled it down. I was just about off the table when Coach Reed stuck his head in the training room.

"Can he play the second half ?", he asked Lee. "It's not pretty Coach, but I guess he can go.,", he replied. I got off the table and rejoined the team in the meeting area, the coordinators were going over final instructions for the second half.

Josh quickly brought me up to speed on what was happening. By now the two injections and the pills had me numb, I was feeling great again. They received the ball to start the second half and settled for a field goal cutting our lead to 17-10.

They kicked offwe started our first possession of the second half on our own twenty. After a quick run off tackle in which I would up at the bottom of the pile, one of the defenders told me as we were getting up, I wouldn't make the end of the game. I paid no mine to him returning to the huddle, but made a mental note to keep a eye out for anyone trying to take a free shot at me. Two plays later Josh threw a sixty six yard touchdown to one of our wideouts, the score was now 24-10.

That was the one thing about this offense, we could strike at anytime, not needing a lot of time to do it. Our entire last drive took a little over two minutes. The third quarter ended 24-16, but we were driving again. We stalled out at their twenty and had to settle for a field goal, it was 27-16. Our defense held, they punted the ball pinning us deep at our own nine yard line.

Josh completed two quick passes, for fifteen yards giving us a bit of breathing room. Then on first down he was sacked for a nine yard loss, it was second and nineteen. "Quad balance, wiggle, x slant, jet motion right, power slot on three.", shouted Josh in the huddle. This was a formation we rarely used, it was an all or nothing formation. By the time the ball was snapped we showed five receivers, then swung the sixth out of the backfield.

If you caught the defense in a nickle package, they were one defender short, someone would be open. As we went to the line, we showed two receivers on each side, I was lined up tight next to the left tackle, Scott Douglas was the lone back. On the first verbage of the cadence, I would shift left a few steps in the slot, the running back would go in motion to the left.

The defense suddenly had to contend with six receivers. The danger was Josh has only five blockers in front of him, if they had a blitz called he could be sacked. One the first count, I shifted two steps to the left making sure I was still covering up the left tackle, then looking to the sidelines to make sure both receivers were one step off the line. I then scanned the defense, they were in a dime package with six defensive backs, four lineman and one linebacker in the Mike position.

Apparently they had planned to double both side of the field in zone, with a safety on each side. We called this our Route 66 package. Everyone on the defense was pointing to their assignments during the shift but something was wrong. I saw no one point to me, the lane in front of me was clear. We were running double hooks on the outside, Scott was running a wheel route down the left sideline.

I knew there was going to be no one in the middle of the field, I wondered, did they really miss me ? Josh and I had developed a few hand signals to let each other know when we had noticed something in a formation. If I thought I was going to be in a mismatch or get clear, I would put both of my hands over the ear holes on my helmet, acting like I was adjusting it.

Josh constantly scanned both sides of the line looking for these signals. As the ball was snapped, I came off the line a bit tentative checking to see if anyone indeed had me covered up. I saw the middle linebacker take a few steps back then sit down in a zone, I knew then no one had the middle.

I accelerated hard straight up the field then started a slow drift to the middle. Josh read it right way, but held the ball until the last possible moment, letting me get maximum depth.

When he let it go, I knew I was going to have to run it down, it was going to be long. The ball traveled roughly fifty yards in the air, I had to slow down just a step to make the catch which I juggled a bit before pulling it in firmly. I turned and looked over my shoulder, no one was within twenty five yards of me, it was a huge blown coverage.

I coasted into the end zone with my tenth touchdown of the year, the longest of my career at seventy four yards. Once again I accelerated to the goal post, dunking the ball over the crossbar.

I then retrieved the ball and headed off the field. I tossed the ball to one of our equipment guys who tagged it with the score and yardage. There were only three minutes left in the game, we had secured the win. Josh had thrown for four hundred and twenty eight yards and four touchdowns, again keeping pace with his record breaking season. By the time I had showered and dressed, the medication was wearing off, my back was beginning to throb with a dull pain.

I took two more pain killers before I got on the plane, I slept through the entire flight home. We arrived at back at the practice facility around two o'clock Monday morning, we were due back there in just seven hours.

I drove straight home and fell into bed, my clothes still on. The alarm went off at eight o'clock, I went to reach over to shut it off, then felt a searing pain across my back and shoulders. I laid there for a few minutes, barely able to move. It took all my strength to be able to sit up in the bed, my back was one huge knot of pain.

It hurt to move, turn, it even hurt to breath. Never before in my career had I felt this bad after a game. I finally was able to get out of bed, then slowly dress, making my way to my car. I felt excruciating pain just trying to get behind the wheel of my car. I finally managed to situate myself so I could drive. I pulled into the team lot and parked, grateful to see the rookie, Scott Douglas had just pulled in next to me.

I lowered the window calling out to him. "Scott, I need a hand buddy, I'm hurting.", I called out to him. He ran over to my car, opened the door and slowly helped me out of the seat. He got me to my feet and grabbed the bag out of the trunk for me. He walked with me into the locker room, I headed straight to the trainer. He motioned me to sit on the table, he helped me lifted my shirt over my head. "Man this looks bad Brian, I don't like the look of your back.", he said seriously, "I'll be right back." He left the room but quickly returned handing me some mild pain killer with a glass of water.

Right behind him was another trainer who had a wheelchair. "Let's take you the hospital get an MRI and some X-Rays just to be sure, I've already cleared it with the coaches. They wheeled me out to one of the team vans, helped me into the back seat, then drove a few miles to Our Lady of Mercy Hospital's emergency room. They wheeled me into the ER, I was taken to one of the rooms immediately. Several minutes later, two nurses and a doctor were removing my clothing.

The trainer explained in detail what had happened, then what he had given me during the game, then again this morning. I was wheeled immediately into X-ray, then up two floors to have an MRI done. I was back in the ER room on the guerney about two hours later, the doctor walked in with my file. "Good news and bad news Brian. The good news is nothing broken, no serious damage, but the brusing is deep and severe. I'm afraid you're going to be in pain for a few days.

I'm going to give you some pain killers, you need to rest for at least a week.", he told me. He relayed all of the same information to our head trainer, handed him the prescriptions, then left.

They helped me dress, then got me back to the van, driving me back to training camp. I was back just about the same time everyone was wrapping up the position meetings. The trainers relayed the findings to the coaching staff, who then excused me from practices until Friday morning. While I was getting prepped to go home, someone ran down the road and filled the prescriptions for me, the trainer again going over the directions for the medication with me.

One of the staff drove me home, another followed in my car, parking it in the lot for me. I was helped upstairs and inside, deciding to lay on the sofa. I thanked them for their help and they left. I took my medication as directed, then laid on the sofa falling asleep. I woke to a dull thumping sound, it took a second for me to realize someone was at the door. I got up slowly, my back one solid knot of pain, slowly getting to my feet. I walked slowly toward the door, yelling out as trhe knocking continued.

"One minute.", I shouted. I unlocked the door, opening it slowly to find Alexis standing there. I motioned her to come in, closing the door behind her. "Where have you been, I have been calling you all afternoon ?", she asked.


"What time is it ?", I asked, rubbing my eyes. "It's six thirty.", she replied. "Oh sorry, I guess I never heard the phone, I've been sleeping all day. Took a few shots in my back yesterday, it's a bit sore.", I told her. "Oh, I didn't know, is there something I can do for you ?", she asked, showing concern in her voice.

"Not really, it will be ok in a few days.", I answered. "Let me see.", she urged, moving around behind me. "Really it's ok Alexis.", I responded. "Let me see.", she insisted, raising my shirt up to my shoulders. "Oh my God Brian.", she shrieked, pulling my shirt back down, "Here lay back down." She lifted my legs back to the sofa helping me to lay back down flat on my back.

She fixed the pillow under my head, then asked me when did I last take medication. I told her sometime around noon, I thought. "Ok you're due again, let me get you some water.", she said, going to the kitchen.

She came back in handed me the three pills and a glass of water, watching me take the pills. She set the glass of water down on the coffee table, then stood back up. "I'm going to my place, change into some comfortable, I'll be back to make you dinner.", she told me. "Alexis, thank you, but I'll be ok.", I smiled at her.

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"Don't argue with me, I'll be right back. Leave the door open.", she replied. True to her word, she was back in less than thirty minutes, then began to scurry around the kitchen. She made two large mugs of chicken soup and two sandwiches, which I realized had been the first thing I had eaten all day. Alexis cleaned up the dishes, then came back and sat down on the sofa, putting my feet in her lap.

As she watched TV, she softly massaged my feet, every once in a while looking down at me. Thankfully the medication was working, the pain had eased up a bit, even though I was a bit light headed. "I'm going to stay here tonight, be sure you're ok.", Alexis told me. "I'll be fine Alexis, it just a bruise or two. You obviously haven't seen your back if call that a bruise or two. You're black and blue everywhere.

I'm staying here, period, so drop it.", she shot back. I knew better than to argue with her, so I dropped it. About ten that night, she helped me back to bed, getting me comfortable. Even though it was about an hour too early, I took another dose of medicine, then laid flat on my back. Alexis went into the master bathroom, then returned a few minutes later. She stood at the end of the bed, unbuttoned her jeans, dropping them to the floor.

She was wearing a sexy pair of black laced panties which looked fabulous on her ass. She reached under her tee shirt and unhooked her bra, pulling it threw the arm hole of her shirt, tossing it on the end of the bed. It was black laced as well, matching her panties.

As bad as I felt, she was turning me on. "Can I get you anything before I get into bed ?", she asked. "No, I'm fine. But thank you.", I replied. She pulled back the covers and slid into the bed next to me, her body brushing against mine for a second. As bad as I felt, I wanted to reach out and pull her to me, but I fought the urge.

I woke up to the room still dark, I glanced at the clock, it was four thirty in the morning. I looked over to my right, Alexis was sound asleep, her back to me. I got up as quietly as I could, went to the bathroom, then made my way to the kitchen.

I was still really sore, but the dull throbbing had eased up a bit. I took my medication again, then went back to the bedroom, getting back into bed. Alexis must have felt me moving around, she rolled over to me. "You ok ? You need something ?", she asked, her voice sleepy.

"No, I'm ok. I just took some more pain pills. I'm sorry I woke you up.", I replied. "It's ok.", she said, rolling back over.