Homemade video of a cute black teen girl

Homemade video of a cute black teen girl
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The Underground is a nightclub, situated in the exclusive area of the city, that caters to members only and their guests. The club is located in a high rise, the first floor is the lobby, main bar, strip club and main dancefloor with a live band. The next three floors have a mini bars, dancefloors with DJs playing an assortment of music. Floors five through eight is VIP suites ranging from single rooms to two rooms. Laia looked out over the dancefloor, which is keeping a couple dozen people occupied.

Thick, heavy beats mingled with cigarette smoke, choking the atmosphere as lights pulsed on exposed skin. Weaving through the maze of bodies, Laia to the bar sitting down and ordered a drink. She hadn't been sitting for two minutes when a man appears next to her. She didn't recognized him. Laia's cell phone rings and she looks at the number on the caller ID; it's the same area code as hers but she doesn't recognize it. She flips open the phone and says hello in her sexy, soft voice that turns most men into an incoherent mass.

" Hi Laia." I say confidently. " Who is this?" She asks in an indignant and princess-like voice. " It's John, the guy you gave your number to yesterday at Cain's." I reply. Laia is surprised because she gave me her number on a dare from a friend of hers. Her friend works with her at Cain's when I came through the drive thru in my Mercedes.

Laia and her friend thought they would play a little prank on an older guy by giving him her phone number and waiting to see if he called. If he did, Liz was going to play him with phone sex, get him all excited, and then say she'll meet him only to stand him up. Her and her friends would have a good chuckle over the pathetic old loser but now, my voice sounds sexy and raw Laia finds herself getting turned on.

The two day stubble on her pussy is starting to dampen. " What can I do for you John?" She asks trying to keep her composure and remain the queen bitch she is. " I just wanted to know if you are coming to the club that I'm part owner of tonight." I say coolly as Liz's mind races with thoughts about this guy not being such a pathetic old loser after all.

" Yes." She replies as beads of perspiration form on her upper lip. " Can I call three friends to join me here." "Absolutely, as long as they're all over 21 it'll be fine. I will have guest passes at the door for you." I replied, having Laia hooked and trying to reel her in.

" Of course John, I'm 21 and my three girlfriends who are about my age, if that's alright." " Are they as pretty as you are?" I ask. " Yes, and they're as wild as I am too." Laia counters, trying to run her game. Dennis laughs and says " Okay, your name will be at the door." After Laia hangs up the phone she calls her three girlfriends to tell them what just happened.

Melanie, Jenna and Reilly are all stoked to be invited to one of the hottest exclusive clubs in all of Dallas. In the shower Laia shaves everything that needs it and takes her time soaping up her lean, sexy legs that have the most amazing definition. She moves up her body, soaping her flat little tummy and gently tugging at her belly button piercing which sends a little shock to her clit and perfect 36B tits with their dark aureoles and large nipples.

She spends some time playing with her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples as water cascades over them. Laia turns the cold water tap up a bit so that the water stiffens them even more as her mind wanders to what it would be like to have my mouth or hands on them.

She closes her eyes and moans as her nipple play sends signals to her clit, making it harden. Laia's mind swims as she imagines what it would be like to be fucked by me. The mental picture of me as a sexy older man turns her on as she plays with her clit until the wetness of her pussy allows her to slip her fingers in and out. She shoves three fingers into her waiting gash as her other hand keeps working her clit.

Suddenly she has a body shaking orgasm that forces her to lean against the cool tile of the shower to steady her wobbly legs. The release leaves her relaxed but also curious if the reality will be as good as the fantasy.

Laia has decided that tonight she will either fuck me, or give me the blowjob of my life. Laia picks out the hottest outfit she has; a tight, strappy shirt dress that barely covers her ass, the kind she can't wear a bra or panties with. She adds a pair of sexy black 'come fuck me' heels that would definitely qualify as stripper shoes and checks her look in the mirror to admire just how hot she is.

To complete the look she oils up her legs until they glisten. Arriving at the club, Laia notices how upscale it looks, like Beverly Hills. The valet parks her car and refuses her tip saying that it's been taken care of. The bouncers show Liz and her friends in. The place is wild, but most of the clientele is older, in their late 30's and 40's. Liz sees someone heading toward her and she realizes its John.

" Hi John." She says, giving me a quick buss on the cheek.

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" Hi Laia." I reply, giving her a peck on the lips. She's taken by surprise but she likes the boldness of my actions. Introductions are made and each of her friends gives me a quick, light kiss on the cheek.

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I tell them I have a VIP suite available for them. Laia and her friends are awestruck; a VIP suite, never in her wildest dreams did they think that she would get this kind of treatment. Laia casually holds my hand as they walk to the private room. I introduce Laia's friends to my three friends then took Laia to the dance floor. Laia's black heels, those said " look at me". No, they begged " fuck me". Her black dress may as well have been painted on, black like the heels and a sharp contrast against her ivory thighs.

She wasn't one of those girls who spent a fortune to lie in some tanning salon and bake my way into a tan. Her skin is porcelain, and she likes it that way. Biting her lip, she gave me a wicked little smile. She is already wet, as we go on the dance floor, feeling her warm juices flow as I move next to her. She left the good girl back in the apartment. It is a cold night, that seems to flare the fire burning inside her. She knew that I could tell what she was there for.

She was young fresh meat, served up to me. The floor is a sea of gyrating bodies. Sweaty flesh barely clothed swaying and bouncing with the rhythm of the music. Lights flashing and streamed and hypnotized these sensual souls. The air is hot and sticky and sweet with wanton lust. She lets it consume her, pull her in and drown her. My hands slid onto her waist, I pull her closer, her body pressed against me.

I'm whispering in her ear, low guttural promises that she couldn't make out over the bass. It didn't matter. The tone said it all. My hands move lower, down her thighs and then back up, sliding between her parting legs. She arches her back and lets her body lean against me.

I hold her up, on display for those in front of her. The music is like a heartbeat, faster it pulses as my greedy fingers move over her slick skin and brushes the bare folds of her pussy.

She moans, rolling her head and her fingers reaches up to tangle in my hair. Her eyes open long enough to see me smiling, my fingers now pressed deep inside her. Her hips moves wantonly against my probing fingers.

My fingers suddenly leave her cunt and she feels cold and empty. Then my warm slick fingers brush her lips and she sucks gently until every trace of her sweet sex is licked clean. My hand in hers.pulling her.and she didn't care where. The door to the private elevator opened she found us inside, the first stab of fear shuddered through her.

Though as in most cases, by the time you realize you're in over your head, it's usually too late. I made her feel uncomfortable by the way I looked at her, she moved on the opposite side of the elevator. Feeling safe where she is, she is surprised when something pokes her in the back. To her surprise, I had inched over to her side of the elevator until she stood in front of me. She cautiously reaches behind her to find out what is poking her, only to discover it is my hard cock.

As soon as she touches me with her fingers, I groan. " AAAAhhhhh." Quickly, she pulls her hand away, only to hear me chuckle. She did not know what was happening when she feels something intruding between her legs.

Trying to move, she found I held her by the chain belt around her waist. Her hand went to release the belt, only to discover it had been attached to my belt by some means.

Adding to her alarm, she feels the back of her dress being pushed up. She finds this invasion of her more embarrassing than the imprisonment caused by her chain belt. Her thought now is to get as far away from me as soon as she can. Then she realizes my hard cock is slithering in between her thighs, snuggling up to her pussy. She gasps at being an object used by me to get my sexual jollies.

Part of her is enjoying this playful invasion, while another part wants to scream " Help." " You scream and you'll regret it." My words slithered stealthily into her ear, carried by my strong, stern voice. She shook with fright, feeling my cock edging nearer to her slit.

She feels humiliated by what is happening to her. What is worse, her bodily actions betrayed her own sexual desires. She is rubbing up against me, who by all rights is sexually assaulting her. Now, the first few drops of her excitement begins lubricating her hot quivering pussy! " I knew you wanted to do this, Laia," I spoke softly in her ear. " No, I don't," she protests, as I press the head of my cock even closer to her wet lips! " Liar," I said with a laugh as I pull her closer to me with my arm around her waist.

I push her upper body forward, exposing her buttocks noticing her crotch is soaking wet, which gives me great pleasure causing me to become harder. She struggles to brace herself against the wall as I start to penetrate her from behind. Her screams and moans only result in me slapping her ass with reverberating wallops. She tries to escape as I place my hands on her hips, forcing my big hard cock firmly inside of her.

" Push the stop button, Laia," I order, spanking her again. I enjoy the red hand marks on her ivory white butt. " No," she replies and continues to try pulling away. Then she feels the point of something sharp drawn across her stinging bottom and down her crack to stop at the entrance of her back hole.

She believes it is a knife. Part of her knew that she had to stop me from ripping her open. She feels my breath on her neck. I force her forward before she can push the button, the elevator stops on its own. She is surprised when the alarms did not go off right before the lights went out.

* Now what? * She wonders to herself, becoming terrified at the thought of what could happen next. I use her body without mercy, slamming into her hard and deep.

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Her balance slips away from her a little more with each of my hard thrusts. The lights come back on as I pull my thick pulsing cock out of her. Without a care, I drop her unceremoniously to the floor, terrifying her further. I then mount her once again, this time from the front.

My hands move to play with her hardening nipples after I pull her straps and dress down. My teeth and tongue find their way to her left nipple, pulling painfully. Her nipples are so sensitive. With each nibble, the twinge of pain causes her to wince, each nibble also makes her hotter and she wants it all the more.

Holding her down firmly with my hand on her belly, I pull out of her, moving lower to replace my hard cock with my tongue. My fingers open her lips to reveal her throbbing clit. My tongue licks and plays with it before my teeth got a hold of it. I pull on her clit and flick my tongue over it, around it; making her body writhe at my ministrations. My hands reach up to play and tease her sensitive breasts. Her juices are flowing from her pussy. She has never wanted to be in a situation like this, but for some reason she did not want it to stop either.

The total loss of control she feels at my hands gives her amazing excitement. I seem to know which of her buttons to push. She moans while fighting to keep from giving me my victory over her body. Her ability to protest melts away when she squirts her juices into my awaiting mouth, and soaking my face.

I swallow most of my reward except for a mouthful. I climb back into a position to mount her. My face glistening with her juices. I French kiss her, giving her some of her own sweet juices to swallow.

I feel she is resisting, so I pinch her nose forcing her to swallow in order to breathe. That is when I start my rhythmic thrusting into her dripping entrance. With her body so greedy for sexual pleasure she starts to match my thrusts. With her body betraying herher wanton actions serve only to increase my pleasures until I can hold back no longer, exploding my load of pent-up beastly passion into her pulsing vagina.

I'm spent for the moment, while she continues to milk me for every ounce of pleasure she can pull from my softening cock. I only laugh at her greed to get more than I'm willing to give to her. Her hands move down to her crotch to masturbate herself. She needs more, she wants the ultimate orgasm.

She feels the combination of her wetness and my seed. Her pussy aches for more. It demands to be satisfied further. Her clit is throbbing and hot. I sat back and watch the show taking place on the floor of the elevator. I'm thoroughly thrilled by her reaction.

I thought I need to take her hard and unmercifully. After I finished fucking her for the last time, I pull my pants back into place I then answer the ringing phone. When the door opens and she found us in a hall, the second stab of fear shudders through her. Then I pull her to the door of my VIP suite," Shhhh," I whisper in her ear as her hands went immediately to me. Shutting and locking the door, I press her hard against the wall behind it.

She tries sliding down in hopes of escaping my grip, I press her head against the wall harder to the point of pain. Tears begin welling her eyes. " Aww don't cry. I won't hurt you. You came to play games with me. I don't play games." Screams tried desperately to escape her mouth to no avail.

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Then it clicks, she knew exactly what I wanted again. She kicked and tried her best to jerk her head free from side-to-side, to bite my hand, to do something to make the nightmare stop. Grabbing her hands in one motion, I search the space with my eyes until I found what I was looking for.

Pushing her towards the bathroom, She allows her legs to collapse beneath me, hopefully forcing me to drop her or at least slow me down. " Get the fuck up!" I yell. " Do you have any idea who I am?" " Fuck you!" She tried to scream, it came out muffled behind my iron grip between her sobs.

" Now get up and shut up!" I yell yanking her upwards hard. She hadn't felt or seen any flash of a weapon on me. Who would try something like this without a weapon? All the more reason for her to fight. Dragging her towards the bathroom, she continues her pitiful screaming and dragging of feet. Once inside, I drop her shaking body onto the cold, hard floor. She begins to scream as loud as possible, it only lasted a few seconds before my hand is again across her lips.

" I told you to shut up!" I breathed loudly, shaking her head as I spoke. A few minutes pass and her muffled screaming and sobbing subsides. " Good," I spoke in a slightly gentler manner. " Now care to tell me what you thought was going to happen after you came here tonight?" my grip loosened slightly, allowing her to answer, to answer with what? " You little cock tease, I just asked you a question. Answer me! " I demanded. The tears flowing down her face as her body remained pressed again on the floor.

" I—I don't understand! I'm sorry! Please!" She pleaded. " You here, teasing playing a game!" I accused. Her heart stopped, her stomach dropped. What I meant to be all in good fun had turned violently wrong. Yes, I had wanted him but never like this!

" So how do you explain yourself? Huh?" I questioned, breathing heavier now. Not waiting for a response, I again clasped her mouth shut and demanded her to stand. After hesitating for as long as she can, she submitted and stood, her dress hanging loosely from her tired body. I hurriedly led her to the bedroom. Reaching to grab the sash and proceeded to tie her hands together tightly. She screams again, it did no good.

This time my hand made no effort to clasp her cries instead slapped her hard against the cheek. The pain brought tears and anger as she spit in my face. Catching her face roughly in my hands, I whisper two inches from her lips, " You are a little tease, aren't you?" With that I force my mouth onto hers. Her lips are held shut tightly as my tongue prods for hers.

" Kiss me, Laia. Kiss me!" I breathe. Refusing, I pull her hair; her cry rings out as I kiss down her neck repeating my request. She gives in kissing me back, hating the pain and degrading nature of it all. My kisses went from forceful and sloppy to gentle and smooth. Pushing myself closer to her, She feels my massive hard cock pressing against her exposed pussy. She found herself being reminded of how horrid this was in the elevator, his cock feels much bigger than in the elevator.

I moan slightly before whispering between kisses, " Yes, you like that, don't you?" She pushes hard, using my body as a lever against her own. For a second or two she is free, and had she thought fast enough, she could've made a run for it. Just as quickly, I'm on her again. " Now you don't want to do that, do you?" I said with a discerning smirk. After grabbing her shoulders, I take three steps forward before throwing her onto the bed. Again, my lips met hers and my hands held her bound ones above her head as I begin to grind my pant-covered cock against her.

Her mouth remained soldered shut as I push to violate it. Again I had been denied access after several attempts, I move a hand to her other set of pink lips forcing my way inside.


My mouth pulls away from hers as my finger explores deeper, when what she feared I found was the truth. " You're soaked and tight," I exclaimed with a mix of disbelief and satisfaction. " So you're enjoying this, are you now?" I hiss in her ear.

Ashamed of her body's betrayal and what is to come, She looks up to escape my quizzical glare. Without warning I catch one of her nipples in my mouth, its heat and slickness giving way to a wonderful feeling in the pit of her stomach. It is as if an electric current ran from her nipples straight to her pussy. She feels her pussy betraying her even more.

" Please stop," She begs me. " Why?" I ask as I continue sucking. My tongue dancing around her nipple as if they had done it so many times before. Knowing the exact speed, pressure and rhythm that made her want more. " Please," She begs breathlessly again. " Why?" I repeat, a bit louder this time. Her hips circle in rhythm to my tongue. " Because—" her thoughts trail off as I switch, leaving her abandoned nipple sensitive and as hard as a tiny pebble. I begin working on the other before yelling this time, " Because why?" The sucking is too much and I sense this.

As I resort to nibbling, the feeling of need only escalates until the torture is too much to bare. Nibbling and sucking harder and bruising. Relentlessly, her body squirmes to be released until I finally got what I wanted -- one slight moan escapes her lips.

With one last bite, my head rose. She feels my eyes burning into her. Her chest is heaving, her arms still pinned above her head.

She is helpless, controlled, and she loves it. " Because why?" I repeat in a soft whisper, nearing her lips while kissing her more gentle than before. She tore her mouth away from mine which only drives me to push for her acceptance more. Her tongue gives into me as did her body, though her mind fresh with betrayal.

" You want me.


I know you do. Your eyes told me as you stood in the drive up window. Weren't you?" I snapped. " No, no I swear I wasn't." She pleads. I laugh, " Oh really? Then you're just a little whore who enjoys flirting with older men at a drive thru? Liar!" I begin fingering her again, the pad of my thumb rubbing against her clit and knew she was enjoying it.

" Come on, tell me!" I ordered. Taking her tied hands in mine, I guided them to my cock. I knew too well based off her composure she wouldn't hurt me.

I knew she wouldn't fight it. I knew that's what she wanted. I knew I could let go and she wouldn't run. A slight glimmer of light streamed through the window, piercing the darkness while unveiling the green color of my eyes that never broke from hers. " Now, tell me," I hiss. Her hands tenderly strokes my cock without a second thought, lust overtaking her and the words came tumbling out, " Yes.

Yes, I flirted with you. My friends dared me. I accepted their dare to play a game on you." My voice grew quiet, " Then why do you want me to stop? Because why?" Biting back the truth but failing, She said the words she couldn't hide any longer, " Because I want you." The words stirs my cock more.

She feels it. Getting in her face and holding her there, I ask the question that started it all, " What exactly do you mean?" Without hesitation and out of pure lust and frustration, she begs, " I want to be fucked by a older man. I want to experience being fucked by a massive cock." Incredulously, I asked her to repeat herself. Breathless again she said, " Please Fuck me. Please." With a smirk, I unzip my pants and order her to, " suck." She had never tasted a cock before.

Greedily she sucks me as I hold her head in place. Knowing exactly what it feels like to swallow me whole, she no longer had to imagine. Her mouth explores my shaft as the flat of her tongue runs up its length and down the other side. She moans at the taste, she laps at the head, feeling the first hint of pre-cum forming at the tip.

Sucking its stringiness into her mouth, she savors its sweet flavor. I moan slightly, feeding my fingers in her hair to guide myself deep. " Your first time sucking cock, isn't it?" She sucks harder and faster as if in response to the question. " Answer me!" I demand. " I love it," She slurs, her body electrified. I begin fucking her throat, slowly at first in short thrusts. She gags from the force but for some reason craves more. " That's right. Suck me good Laia," I groan, my fingers tugging gently at her hair.

My words encourage her. She feels her pussy becoming wetter with each tug, suck and word I said. She takes all of me again and again, deeper and deeper with each thrust. Fucking her mouth and hearing my moans of approval left her intoxicated to the point of unbalancedness by the time I took her by the throat and told her to rise.

She did as she was told. I kiss her deeply, passionately, gently before guiding her to the wall and spinning her around. " You'll trust me and do as I say, correct?" I ask, pressing my lips to her ear, slightly nibbling at the lobe.

The heat of my breath making her hairs stand on end. "Or else?" " Yes," She said quickly. " Good," I said freeing her hands from their bounds. " Then you'll enjoy this." Forcing her lips apart, I shove in the satin sash. " No!" She tries to yell in time but is muffled. What's happening? This is all too much. Stop! I don't want to be silenced. " God, you're so beautiful and I'm going to make you feel it by the end of tonight." I said sweeping aside her hair to kiss her neck. " Again and again." Her panic melts once more into the warmth of pure lust as I slid my foot between her own.

" Spread them," is all I said for her to mindlessly obey. She feels my eyes burning into her.

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Running over and examining her body, her composure, her breathing and expressions. She admits, she loves it. She loves being ogled over and lusted after. The thought that a older man, although a stranger, would want her, stroke himself to the thought of her and to invite her to the most exclusive club in Dallas to have my way with her, turns her on to no end. Her pussy tingling with growing excitement. She can almost hear my smirk, " Show me that ass of yours.

Let me get a better look at my dirty slut." Dirty she feels as she obliges, sticking her ass out in a seductive manner. She loves how I talked to her, commanded her and the names I called her.

I caress nearly every inch of her, my hands molding to her every curvature, my lips kissing first her neck and down the length of her back. Just in doing this, she feels my breathing become shallower as hers followed with the lingering thoughts of what is to come.

Pushing my warm mouth against her ear, I tell her all the dirty thoughts running through my mind. " I wanted to fuck you as soon as I saw you through the drive thru window that day," I whispered, nibbling on her earlobe. My pulse quickens as I continue to explore her body with my hands. The tension is immense and consistently building to an all-time high. After trying to reach back to touch me I grabbed her wrists slowly and told her to keep them above her head. Dropping to my knees I picked up where I had left off; fingering her.

Her ass moves in unison to the pleasure my fingers fed. Her arms held above her head made her feel like a prisoner. A prisoner to both pleasure and submission. She needed and wanted more. Her body craving more. Grinding more deeply into my fingers, my pace quickens. She sighs and gyrats her hips to match the rhythm of my finger fucking.

Stretching her wider, I added a second. The pleasure doubled as she pushed her ass out farther, giving me complete access to do whatever I pleased to her, secretly hoping I would take the invitation. " What do you want?" I asked.

" Huh? What does Laia want?" " Mmm," was all she could muster through the silken sash. Knowing she can't muster more than a mumble, I laugh before mockingly asking, " What was that?" The humiliation of my questioning and sexual frustration of my fingers fucking her made her lower half tingle with raw desire that begs to be fed.

" What?" I repeated, my pace picking up. " Mmm," She moans again through the restraint, her hips circling faster. With my other hand I wet a finger and press it gently against the opening of her ass. Her reaction is immediate and her wetness grows. My voice goes deep and in a hissing whisper I ask, " Is this what you want?" 'Oh, God," She wants to say instead gives a loud moan into the wall in which her head is now pressed, coaxing her body to stay standing until she is told otherwise, though she wants to collapse.

My slick finger caresses her and within a split second I begin sliding in the tip. The sensation my fingers fed inside her pussy and around the rim of her ass is incredible and before long, has her nearly doubled-over, panting for release. My finger withdrawn, grabbing for her hair, my other hand remains focused on her pussy.

The pull of pain turns to pleasure as she struggles to catch her breath. " Turn around for me," I growl, she did so without fuss.

Laughing to myself at her gradual obedience, I laid into ultimate torment. My tongue laps at her lips, the tip delves into her slit leaving her writhing in pleasure. The heat and moisture makes her melt into my mouth. My tongue alternates in speeds of flicking that makes her body feel on air and her pussy on fire with passion.

My fingers push, prod and caresses her inner walls, leaving them coated with the same juices she hears me lapping. My moans of pure lust are being fed. In an addictive, yearning way, my fingers and tongue dance as one to the song of her hunger and aching. So skilled, so perfectly rhythmic, my wet tongue laps at her pussy. Her mind went blank, and it wasn't before long her breathing grew heavy through the makeshift gag.

Her hips arching upwards in lust as my fingers fill her more, her back slips down the wall before one strong hand met her stomach. " You're about to come, aren't you? Aren't you?" I taunted. Her arms came down in an instinctive instant, to hold my hot mouth there until she is finished with me.

I feel her free hands and immediately withdraw. She cries out into the wretched gag. " You promised you'd do as I say or else," I hiss. " Remember?" Crawling up her exhausted, heaving, unfinished body I met her eyes before saying, " Open." Her jaw loosened as I pull the gag from her mouth with my own.

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It drops to the floor, her back firmly pressed against the wall. " Do you want to come? Do you want me to make you come?" I ask, placing the two fingers I had just fucked her with inside her mouth. She sucks them clean without waiting for a request.

The smell and taste of her pussy had always turned her on, and she had never experienced this with a man. I smile slightly, " I want to hear you. Say it. Do you?" I press, the tip of my cock resting purposely against her swollen slit. She stood before me shaking and wordless. " Tell me what you want," I rephrased as I slid the two fingers momentarily back into her pussy to use to stroke my cock. " Tell me," I said, stroking my length slowly. Opening her mouth to respond, she is too late.

With one forceful thrust I'm buried inside her, pinning her to the wall. I push deeper than the last. Her hands clawing at me, her legs beg to climb me.

Our bodies slam into one another with such force and raw energy. Throwing her onto the bed I loop her leg through my arm and pin it down, all the while never missing a beat. I grab the other, holding it in place over my shoulder, my cock buried to the hilt. Laia screams " OMG.Your so big.it hurts." " Beg me to fuck you properly, Laia. I want to hear your every scream. Go ahead, I don't care who hears," I demand, gaining power with every thrust.

My hand stiffens around her neck as I bring her head to me. Ordering her to turn over, I take her ass in my hands and drive into her. Mercilessly I slam into her before demanding that she drop her head. The mix of pleasure and seering pain is too great as she desperately tries stifling her cries. " I can't hear you!" I yell.

My thrusts are building in speed and force.

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What was pleasure has turned to pure pain. She never imagined sex being this painful. Each thrust intensifies the pain within until she is bucking back into my forceful thrusts, sweat pouring from her body. One moan is all I needed to hear before I grab both legs and flip her over to face me.

Dragging her until her ass is hanging off the bed, I push into her with a gentler movement. It isn't enough. After I had exposed her to minutes before, she needed more. Her hips met mine as they spur me to quicken. I didn't oblige and with the flash of a smile I withdraw. Again she is left panting. " Come for me," is all I said and she is his. I start to re-enter her tight pussy, it is difficult, she is extremely tight, after a brief struggle, I'm inside her again.

The pain of it is unbelievable for her, and she cries out with the intensity of it. " OH GOD.PULL IT OUT.IT IS TO BIG.PLEASE.PLEASE.TAKE IT OUT." I start thrusting harder going deeper and deeper, inch by exquisite inch.

The intense pain continues as I pull back then plunge back in stretching and tearing her small vaginal tunnel. Laia is biting her lip and nodding as I continue slamming into her. She is a beautiful young Asian woman, tears running down her face. Her tightness is exquiste as her vagina sheaths and unsheaths my shaft with each thrust. She came again, despite how tight she is, I feel my balls contract and my orgasm start to well up inside me.

My cock pulsing and pumping thick loads of cum deep inside her no longer virgin pussy, and we were flooded with the pleasure and intensity of her deflowering. I finish slowly letting my cock soften inside her, and then it is squeezed out as her pussy resumes its normal size.

I look down there is blood on us and the bed, I got a towel and gentle wash her off. Her body is convulsing uncontrollable in what seems like a never ending orgasm. " Laia, call me if you want to return to the club."