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Gefesselt Ebenholz nikki Liebling gequält
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Jessica is becoming a beautiful young woman. At 14 years old, she has an adorable pair of budding breasts(still much too small to warrant the use of a bra) and a thin strip of pubic hairs matching the golden shine of her long hair. As the only child of a wealthy single father, she's spoiled rotten and it's shaped her into a demanding and manipulative little thing. Despite these apparent flaws she knows exactly what's important: Her own beauty.

Jessica is stunning and she knows it, and embraces it. A bat of her eyelashes and a shake of her firm backside has often been all she needed to get by trouble-free, and she certainly doesn't mind going the extra distance if required.

She delights in the things she can gain with her body. For instance, Jessica loathes physical activity in almost all its forms, luckily, her Phys. Ed. teacher has a taste for underaged assholes.

Once a week, Jessica sets aside her lunch break to visit the short, stalky man for however many minutes of anal sex his tiny penis can muster. She may not enjoy the act itself, since his penis is barely larger than his own pinky, but she enjoys how this pathetic little man grunts and sweats when unloads his semen into her asshole. She loves knowing that she could destroy him if she wanted- expose him as the dirty old pedophile that he is.

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But she won't. There are many more stories such as this in her short, yet colorful past, This, however, is a story not just about Jessica. "She'll like this." Jessica said to her friend, Sarah, all the while holding up the denim miniskirt to her own body and examining it in the mirror.

"Who?" Sarah asked, clearly not paying attention as she thumbed through a nearby clothing rack. "Lyssa." Jessica said with a snarl, insulted at having been ignored. "I'm going to her birthday party tonight, remember?" "Oh, right. That guy's little sister. Why get her anything? You're not going for her." "Adam.

His name is Adam and I want him to like me, so I can play nice with his sister for one night if that's what it takes." "Fine." Sarah said, finally looking at the item Jessica had picked out ".But you can't give an 11 year old a miniskirt." "Sure I can, every girl needs a miniskirt." "Do what you want." Sarah conceded. "So are you bringing anything for Adam too?" "Of course." Jessica smiled, slightly biting her lip.

"So. What is it?" Sarah asked after it became apparent that Jessica wouldn't share. Jessica just continued to smile and she left Sarah in the aisle to pay for the skirt. *** "Right here, dad." Jessica points to the large pale-bricked house on the left, nearly hitting her father in the face in the process.

"Big place." Her father awed. He pulled the late model silver BMW into the driveway at his daughter's instruction. "Alright, call me if you need anything, honey, okay?"He said with an obvious amount of worry in his tone.

His problem wasn't that his little girl was going to a party, or even that many of the kids there were older than Jessica. His problem is that his daughter is gorgeous and he knows what teenaged boys are like. He knows that if he were a teenager again and met her at a party, he'd do everything he could to get in her pants. Even now, in his late 30's and her father, she is often the source of his masturbatory thoughts. "Oh, daddy, relax. I'll be nice." Jessica tried to reassure him.

She leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek before running up to the house with her purse and wrapped gift in hand.

He watched her a moment as her skirt lifted as she walked the steps, stealing glances at her white panties. He feels a stir in the front of his pants. "Fuck." He whispers to himself in the empty car, and as he drives away, he realizes that his problem doesn't sit entirely with the world of teenage boys wanting to fuck his daughter, but also with his own jealousy that they'd get to her first.

Or already have. "It's really cool that you invited me, Adam." Jessica beams as the handsome 17 year old closes the door behind her. He was every bit as gorgeous as she'd remembered- Jet black shoulder length hair framing the most perfectly symmetrical and soft, yet masculine face.

"No problem, my parents won't be around so they asked if I could play babysitter for Lyssa and her friends. I figured we could hang out, too." Adam reassured her infatuation. Looking down at the wrapped gift, he added: "Jess, you didn't have to get her anything." "It's cool, I wanted to. I brought you something, too, but you can't have it yet, okay?" She teased.

Any response that Adam may have had was preemptively cut short when a swarm of preteen girls in brightly-colored flannel barreled down the stairs amidst a mischevious cacaphony of giggles, complete with "oohs and aahs", no doubt in reference to Adam and Jessica. "Dad said you have to stay downstairs all night, Adam!" Lyssa cried in a show of dominance over her sibling.

Lyssa had the most striking face Jessica had ever seen, especially on an 11 year old.

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Her long hair was only a shade or two lighter than that of her brother and curled into beautiful natural ringlets- This feature only added to her doll-like appearance, accented by her large bright eyes and diminuitive nose and mouth. The other girls seemed to shy away from her brother, most likely out of childish crushes and fantasies.

Jessica could relate. "I know, I know. Just keep it down and I'll leave you alone." He said calmly as he turned his attention back to Jessica. "I figured we could watch a movie or something in the living room." "Cool, let's go." She grinned as Adam placed his hand in the small of her back to nudge her in the right direction.

It was meant to look gentlemanly, but she knew it was just a cheap ploy so Adam could get a look at her ass. She smiled at the thought and lifted her skirt slightly to encourage him. She sat on the large couch in front of the television, looking about the room as she rejected Adam's movie suggestions. She admired him as he rummaged through the extensive DVD collection. He wasn't a jock or anything, but he was in very good shape.

He'd been frequently mistaken for as old as 20, and had even been to a few bars and clubs. His dark slightly messy hair drew the eye to his piercing eyes, or so Jessica dreamed, like many young girls who call their lust "love", she looked for ways to make Adam seem intelligent, artistic, and sensitive.

As he continued to read titles off one-by-one, Jessica happened to look out the archway at the bottom of the stairs, spotting a gaggle of 11 year olds spying on them with braced grins. Deciding to play along, she made kissy faces at Adam while she watched their reaction.

They giggled incessantly, getting Adam's attention. "Hey! Get back upstairs!" He yelled, not in a mean way, but a serious one. He stood up and walked over to the group, they dispersed up the stairs quickly, save his sister, Lyssa. Jessica stuck her tongue out at Lyssa in a playful manner as she was scolded by big brother.

She smiled at the gag and ran upstairs. "Sorry." Adam apologized. Jessica waved her hand as if to say "no big deal". Although it might be a big deal. If the girls harassed them all night she might never get anywhere with Adam. Just then, she spotted a DVD on the floor, a run-of-the-mill romantic comedy that she had seen on numerous prior occasions.

She bent down to pick it up and handed it to Adam. He smiled. *** They had stolen a few makeout minutes here and there during the movie, but nothing too intense could ever be reached with the constant interruption of half a dozen preteen girls. Now that the movie was over, Jessica was cozying up under Adam's arm, with her arms wrapped about his waist.

They'd been talking about the usual mundane things: School, teachers, friends, celebrities, etcetera. Jessica was more than a little frustrated at Adam's surprising inexperience with girls. Despite his striking good looks and well-rounded personality, he was awkward and unsure around any girl he found attractive, especially one that looked like Jessica.

"Oh, hey, I almost forgot." Jessica stirred in her seat before lazily sitting up and leaning forward. "What?" Adam asked, his arm dropping behind her back. "Your present." She grinned "It's not my birthday, Jess, you didn't have to." His voice trailed off and his mouth held open as he noticed Jessica moving to kneel on the floor in front of him, placing her well manicured hands on his thighs."Jess.?" He started looking around for any eavesdroppers.

Jessica said nothing, she merely watched his expression of what could almost be called terror. "You can't. My sister and her friends." His protests weren't remotely convincing, neither to himself or Jessica. She looked at the swelling mass inside his jeans, revelling in the power she now had over him.

He continued to speak in sentence fragments of uncertainty until she opened his jeans. He made a strange aggreeable grunting sound as Jessica reached down his boxers and gripped the firm shaft of his penis. She pulled it up and out, with Adam moaning in approval at the newfound freedom. Jessica was surprised when she saw it. Much like his face, Adam's hard circumsized dick was perfect, not in that it was particularly large, but that it was evenly smooth from balls to tip, with a sparse collection of black hairs crowning the base.

Even its color was perfectly uniform- Only slightly darker in tone than the rest of his body. "Adam." She started as her fingers began to slide along his smooth shaft.

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He looked at her hands and then her eyes as she spoke, desperation in his own gaze. ". Adam, I'm going to suck your dick." At this revelation he moaned deeply as her hand gripped and squeezed his member ".I'm going to lick it, put it in my mouth and down my throat." He stared at his swollen cock in her young hand ".And when you can't take it anymore." She flicked her tongue on the head, teasing him ".

And you need to cum so bad it hurts." She added a breathy desperate tone to her voice as she continued: ".I'm gonna swallow every last drop you give me, and I'm gonna love it." Adam's head fell back in anticipation, she hadn't even really started and already he felt on the verge of orgasm. Jessica's pretty young face disappeared behind a mess of her shimmering blonde hair. She curled her tongue underneath his lightly haired balls and slid it up the crease to the base of his now throbbing penis.

She darted her tongue across the surface as she worked her way towards the tip. Adam's muscles tightened all over his body as his breathing quickened, he turned his gaze down, only to see a wall of blonde hair. He dragged his hands across either side of her face, pulling her hair up behind her head and holding it in a makeshift ponytail.

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Her eyes drew up at him when he did this. "I wanna watch you do it." He muttered. She delighted in this comment- It made her feel like a ravenous pornstar- She figured that she might as well play the part. With his eyes glued to her, she took him into her waiting mouth. He groaned approvingly with every little sensation. Jessica's lips wrapped tightly around his shaft as her tongue swirled around its contours inside her mouth, all while her head slowly bobs up and down. Adam unconsciously encourages this motion when his hand, still gripping her hair, starts nudging her upwards and downwards.

The nudge soon turned to a push, causing Jessica to adjust her breathing as his dick filled her throat. "Fuck. Suck it." He grunted as he fucked her mouth with increasing speed. Jessica was pleased with the animal she had unleashed. Adam's lust had completely taken over his will as his hips lifted off the couch with every thrust. The time had now arrived.

Adam's entire body began to tense up as he pushed one final time up into Jessica's throat. The warm cum filled her mouth and she struggled for breath. As she felt his cum explode inside her mouth, Adam let up his grip on her hair and she heard him say "Lyssa." Her head lifted off his still spurting dick to turn in the direction of the staircase. Sure enough, there was Adam's little sister, squatting on the bottom stair with her hand down her pyjama bottoms. She had a look of both shock and wonder as the last spasms of her brother's penis left a half-dozen clumps of thick white semen on Jessica's perfect face.

At being noticed, Lyssa turned, stumbled up the stairs and out of sight. "Oh shit. Oh fuck. Shit. Fuckshit." Adam panicked as he struggled to put his still-hard dick away and compose himself. He stood up quickly so as to better fix his apparel. "I'm fucking dead." He stopped, staring into space."She's gonna tell our parents and they're gonna send me to military school or some shit! Fuck. Shit." Jessica stood up, not saying anything as she collected the cum from her face with her fingers and happily licked them clean.

Adam just stared at her with a disbelieving condemnation. "This is your fault, you crazy slut! My parents are gonna fuckin' kill me!" "Fuck you, Adam!" She fired back, hiding the fact that she was extremely pleased with how things had gone so far. "Don't pretend like that wasn't the best 5 minutes of your life!" "Just get out, Jess!" He grabbed her arm to walk her to the door, but she fought free and stepped away from him.

"Back off! I was gonna offer to help you, y'know!" She yelled, a bit louder than she'd planned. "What are you gonna do?" He screamed as not so much a question, as an insult.

"Go sit down, I'll talk to Lyssa. We'll have like a girl talk. I promise she won't tell anybody." She said firmly. Without another word, Adam sat down with a heavy thud on the sofa, burying his head in his palms as Jessica walked up the stairs.

Jessica walked the unfamiliar hall to find a door with a pink construction paper sign which read "Lyssa's room". She was about to open it when she noticed a light coming from under the door at the end of the hall. She quietly stepped up to the door and rested her ear against the door, listening. At first she heard nothing, then when the silence around her set in, she caught the faintest whimper.

Lyssa was masturbating, Jessica was sure of it. She bit her lip as her hand gripped the brass doorknob, hoping it to be unlocked. She turned it slowly and as quietly as possible. It was indeed unlocked. With a deep excited breath, she slowly pushed the door open and peaked around it. Jessica was stunned at the sight of Adam's 11 year old sister on the bathroom floor, leaning back against the bathtub. Lyssa's eyes were closed as her little fingers worked clumsily and frantically to pleasure her little wet slit.

She was still wearing her baggy flannel pyjama shirt, but her bottoms were in a heap on the floor, and her panties were wrapped around her right ankle. Jessica bit her lip as she opened the door the rest of the way, with a creak from the hinge Lyssa's eyes opened wide and her legs slammed shut.

Her eyes quickly welled up with tears and she started to cry. "Shhh." Jessica soothed as she closed the door behind her and locking it. "It's okay, Lyssa. We're not mad." "I didn't mean to." Lyssa sobbed, her words cracked and disjointed.

She looked up at Jessica with a look of deep shame. It was at this moment when Jessica realized that this little flatchested girl with almost no shape was attractive. Or more accurately, Jessica found her to be so. "You didn't do anything wrong, Lyssa. Really. And it was fun, right?" Jessica said with a supportive grin. The little girls expression calmed a little as she nodded in agreement. "Let me see, sweetie." Jessica put her hand on Lyssa's knee, nudging her to open her legs again.

She complied, her eyes looking down at her glistening virgin pussy. "Wow, you're really wet." Jessica said with a restrained giggle. "Did seeing your brother's big dick do that?" She asked calmly, like it was the most normal thing in the world. Lyssa nodded again, still not looking anywhere but down. "That's okay. Me too." Jessica spread her legs as she sat, causing her skirt to rise up around her waist. With one hand she pulled her soaking panties aside and with the other, grabbed Lyssa's tiny hand and guided it to her wet mound.

"See?" Lyssa looked over as she felt the warmth and moisture, and a small smile developed at the sides of her mouth. Jessica wasn't entirely truthful, certainly the night's previous excitement did arouse her at the time, but it was being here, now, staring at the hairless little crack of an 11 year old pussy, and having the hand of that very same 11 year old on her sweltering sex.

Jessica let go of the small hand and was pleased to find that Lyssa needed no encouragement. "Mmmm. That feels nice, Lyssa. Do you do this to yourself a lot?" Jessica asked as Lyssa's digits found her clitoris. "Yeah, for a few months." Lyssa said as she watched intently at Jessica's growing excitement.

"Do you suck on boys' a lot?" She asked with genuine curiosity. "Sometimes." Jessica responded. ".But some girls have to do it a lot more than me." She reached over and ran her fingers up and down Lyssa's moist slit. Lyssa moaned in agreement. "Why?" The little girl asked, leaning into Jessica's shoulder.

"Because most girls aren't as pretty me, so they have to suck the boys' cocks so they'll like them." She said not with arrogance, but certainty. "You're really pretty, Jessica. I wish I was pretty like you." Her hand slowed down on Jessica's pussy.

Jessica turned to look at her. "Come here." Jessica said as she stood up, helping Lyssa to her feet in the process. ".Stand right here." Jessica stood Lyssa up in front of the tall mirror next to the toilet and stood behind her. She pulled off the pyjama shirt and cast it to the floor. For a moment, they both stood silent, their eyes taking in the little body which was made up of mostly straight angles and smooth surfaces.

"Tell me what you think you need to be pretty." Jessica asked as they stared into the mirror together.

Lyssa seemed to genuinely ponder this, and then said: "Big boobs." Jessica couldn't help giggle, which seemed to ease both of them a little.

"And a big round bum." The little girl smiled, hoping for a similar reaction. "You're right, some guys really like that, but y'know what? There are some guys who like little girls like you." Jessica smiled as she spoke. "Really?" Lyssa asked, somewhat disbelieving. "Really. They like short girls, like you." Jessica put her hand on top of Lyssa's head, which landed at about Jessica's collar bone. ". And they like flat little boobs, like yours." Jessica ran her palms down the nonexistent breasts and over the small, but erect, nipples.

". And little wet pussies without any hair, just like yours." At this, Jessica hooked her finger up into Lyssa's tiny pussy and started to gently thrust the digit in and out, with a very approving sigh from Lyssa.

Lyssa's hands reached behind her to grip Jessica's thighs as she leaned back into her and closed her eyes. "No, sweetie, you need to watch this." Jessica said as placed a hand on Lyssa's head and aimed her sight back to the mirror. Lyssa watched her little pussy being fingerfucked while Jessica watched the little girl's expression. "Did you like watching me suck Adam's big dick?" She asked through labored breaths.

"Y-Yes." Lyssa groaned, fighting to keep her eyes focused at her image in the mirror. "Do you want Adam's dick in your mouth, too?" "Yes.And in there too." Lyssa's gaze indicated that she meant her pussy- She wanted her brother's dick inside her pussy. Jessica sighed her agreement as her middle finger plunged deeper into her new little toy.

Toy? She'd actually used that word in her thoughts. Jessica soon realized what she had: A young girl who worships her and whom she can mold and enjoy. And maybe even share. She smiled to herself and with all her willpower, withdrew her finger from the little pussy and stepped towards the door. "Wait. What did I.?" Lyssa became distraught, but was quickly calmed when Jessica gave her a deep sensual kiss.

"Wait here, sweetie." Jessica smiled as she touched Lyssa's cheek. Then she turned, unlocked the door and left, closing it behind her. Still on the sofa sulking, Adam's mind had gone numb. Sure of his fate, he cursed the feminine wyles of that slut, Jessica. He checked the clock on the wall, wondering how long the two girls had been talking. He then realized how futile this was since he had no idea what the time had been when Jessica first left him to go upstairs.

He cursed again, but was interrupted by Jessica's figure entering the room. She was smiling. "Hey. Is everything okay?

Is she gonna tell? What'd you say to her? How much did she see?" His questions tripped over each other as he spoke. She shushed him with a gesture. "It's fine, she was just confused. But she wants to talk to you. She's up in the bathroom. Whatever you do, don't yell, okay?" Jessica relayed the false message with hopeful anticipation. Her pussy found new life in the idea of seeing Adam fuck his little sister.

Adam couldn't think of any other questions to ask, and since Jessica had answered none of his previous ones, he figured he should just go upstairs.

Jessica followed behind him, almost skipping with excitement. She looked past him as the bathroom door swung open. Adam froze at the threshold when he realized what was going on. Lyssa was shocked to see him, but an encouraging smile from her new mentor was enough to reassure her. Jessica pushed Adam the rest of the way inside the bathroom, again closing and locking the door behind her. "What the fuck are you trying to do?" Adam scolded the girls, his angered and confused gaze darting back and forth between them.

"You're not fooling anyone, Adam." Jessica said as she hinted downwards. Adam looked down to see his own enormous erection desperately seeking escape. He looked up at Jessica, who was giggling slightly at Lyssa. Adam followed her eyes over to his little naked sister. She was staring at his bulge as her hand gently rubbed her moist pussy. He turned his whole body to face her, and Jessica came up behind him and reached around to open his jeans.

He didn't resist. He just stared blankly as his little sister watched his dick being exposed. She bit her lip. "Look at her, Adam.


Isn't she pretty?" Jessica urged as she pulled out his hardening cock, her grip tightening to slowly jerk his full length. "She wants you to fuck her, Adam.

I want you to fuck her. You want to fuck her too, don't you?" "I." Adam couldn't say anything. "I won't tell anyone, Adam." Lyssa encouraged as she sat up on the counter and opened her legs.

Adam couldn't help but look- And want. Jessica drew him closer to his little sister and lowered to her knees so as to be eye level with his dick and her little pussy. The smells were intoxicating for Jessica as she breathed them both in. She took Adam back into her mouth to lubricate his throbbing penis, to prepare him to enter his sister's pussy.

Adam groaned and sighed as his dick was again sucked on by this same skilled mouth. When she felt he was ready, she stopped to check the state of Lyssa's pussy. It was almost dripping from its own arousal. They were ready. Jessica pulled Adam forward by his dick and pressed the head to Lyssa's soft entrance. "This'll hurt a bit at first, okay sweetie? But it'll get a lot better, okay?" Jessica warned. Lyssa nodded and leaned a bit farther back, as if to brace herself.

The two siblings groaned in unison as Jessica eased them together. Lyssa began to cry at the intrusion, her little pussy stretching to never-before imagined limits. Her tears seemed to only excite Adam all the more as he forced himself in deeper. Jessica stood up and pulled Lyssa in close to ease her pain, stroking her sweaty hair as she sobbed, her fingers gripping Jessica's arms tightly.

Adam was again taken over by lust. Grunting and groaning he pulled Lyssa's legs around his waist and gripped her shapeless thighs. In one forceful push, he buried the full length of his cock into her, and took her virginity. Lyssa let out an awful wail, her entire body shuddered and writhed as Jessica tried to hold her still. With only a small amount of blood, Adam proceeded at full speed, pushing Lyssa's small frame back with every thrust.

Jessica's pussy ached as she watched Adam violate his young sister, erasing any innocence she once had with every forceful entry. As Lyssa cried and moaned, not once did she protest. Her desire for her brother's sex easily overshadowed the intense pain she was no doubt experiencing.

She looked up at Jessica with those wide doll-like eyes accompanied by a series of whimpers and what could almost be construed as a smile. "Fuck her, Adam. Fuck her!" Jessica lost herself in her voyeuristic role as she urged him on, even placing her hand on his thigh to better experience his sharp, violent motions.

Jessica suddenly realized what she had accomplished: She had unleashed in Adam a fierce and uncontrollable sexuality that was both exciting and terrifying. As for Lyssa, she had become not just a willing sextoy, but a willing victim- Responding to the rapist-like forcefulness of her brother.

"I told you it would get better, sweetie. Didn't I say so?" Jessica's tone was almost as though she were addressing an infant. "Y- Yes. So good." Lyssa had to fight to get the words out.

Her tears had dried on her face as the pain melted away. "Do you know what you are now, Lyssa?" Jessica asked through heavy breaths.

The little girl looked at her with wincing eyes. Jessica looked to Adam. "You're Adam's little slut." Jessica licked her lips.


"Fuck yeah." Adam uttered. ".You're my little slut. You like that don't you?" His own words had sent him over the edge. Somehow he managed to pull out of the newly opened in time.

He groaned low in his throat as a thick stream of warm semen burst from the bloody cock. Jessica was able to grab his dick in time to aim it upwards. The two girls watched in amazement as the jets of cum reached all the way up to Lyssa's chin, coating her stomach, chest and neck on the way up. Jessica instinctively leaned down her to put her mouth in the path of the oncoming treat.

Cum spattered across her face and into her mouth, with both Lyssa and Adam marveling at Jessica's beauty in this state. Adam's groans lessened and the spasms subsided. Despite having let loose all over Jessica's face earlier that night, there was a surprisingly large amount of cum adorning the little girls pale body and her loving teachers' face.

Jessica leaned over Lyssa's stomach and began licking up the thick white seed. Lyssa was entranced at watching her do this, anticipating the chance to taste it for herself- She didn't wait long.

Jessica was now at Lyssa's neck, and every time her tongue trapped a glob of cum, she deposited it into Lyssa's watering mouth with a kiss. Adam was watching all this from the floor. After his intense orgasm, he had almost collapsed with fatigue. Then, looking down at the virginal blood spread around his now soft penis, he smiled to himself. His eyes drew upwards again, to see Jessica cleaning up the blood from Lyssa's pussy with a damp piece of tissue paper. He was surprised to notice that she did it with an almost maternal attention, taking care not to push too hard or cause any discomfort to the small, aching slit.

Then he watched her kneel in front of his little sister and start to lick the newly cleansed surface. He remembered now that his sister hadn't reached orgasm and enjoyed watching her shudder as Jessica's tongue made contact.

Jessica gently spread the pink lips apart so she could find the tiny clit within. With her tongue pushing and circling around it, Lyssa started to moan deeply and smile wide. She gasped suddenly as her pussy was again invaded, this time by a pair of slender, manicured fingers.

Her back arched as the delicate fingers massaged and explored inside her. Jessica stood up, leaving her fingers in the small girl.

She embraced her tightly and kissed her sensually. They moaned into each others' mouths, but the kiss was soon broken when Jessica's fingers quickened their pace. Lyssa cried out as the fingers pushed deeper and harder into her soaking pussy. Her eyes opened as wide as they could and her mouth clenched shut. Her body's every muscle tightened, squeezing Jessica hard.

Lyssa didn't breath or make a sound at first. A sudden rushing of clear liquid gushed past the thrusting digits and down the side of the counter. "Ohhh, yes. Good girl, Lyssa. Squirt for me." Jessica praised the shaking girl with each quake that unleashed another mess of liquid. The shaking eventually slowed as did the flow of juices. "Did I. Pee?" Lyssa said with a tired yet still worried voice.

"No, sweetie. You did something wonderful." Jessica answered as she drew her fingers up to her own mouth and tasted them, moaning at the sweet flavor. "You cummed. See?" she put her fingers to Lyssa's lips who happily sucked on them. She sighed deeply, enjoying the taste of herself. "Mmm, I taste good, right, Jessica?" She asked, doe-eyed. "Yes, baby. You're delicious." Jessica assured her. When she turned to look at Adam, she was shocked to see him standing up and sporting another huge erection.

He looked at her as he gently rubbed it. "You're turn?" He asked, grinning. "Sorry, curfew." Jessica half-smiled as she held up her watch. She opened the door, still looking at Adam when she noticed 5 little girls standing out in the hallway. Their eyes widened and their jaws dropped as they beheld the scene. Jessica giggled as she turned back to Adam. "I'm sure one of them would be happy to help you out." She kissed Lyssa deeply and whispered: "You are sexy and pretty, sweetie." Lyssa smiled appreciatively.

Jessica then gave Adam a peck on the cheek and a tug on his hard cock. "Be gentle. Or not." She smiled, indicating to the group of now smiling preteen girls staring at his throbbing dick. *** The familiar late model BMW pulled up the driveway with Jessica's father behind the wheel. He watched her closely as she rounded the vehicle, maybe to see if she was drunk, or just to watch her gorgeous little body move. She opened the door and sat down, buckling herself in and closing the door.

"Have fun, sweetheart?" He asked as he looked over his shoulder to back the car out to the street, stealing a glance at her delicious milky thighs. "It was okay, I guess." She smiled as she reflected on the night's activities. Then her face went cold, expressionless. During all that had happened, a cock never even came close to her pussy or her asshole.

Jessica hadn't been fucked at all. She hadn't even orgasmed a single solitary time.

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"Everything okay?" Her father asked as he examined her face. She said nothing. "Jessica?" He pushed for a response. "What? Sorry, I totally spaced." She found herself looking over her father's body, studying every feature as he concentrated on the road. Was it just that she hadn't been fucked tonight or was her father getting sexier? She wondered silently for a moment, going over her intentions. She could fuck her father, what's the big deal? It's just sex, so what if their related?

She's seen the way he looks at her sometimes. He wants it, she's certain of it. But what happens after? Regret? Could they live with themselves knowing what they had done?

Any sound judgement she had was squashed by her immediate sexual needs. She leaned on the center armrest. " Dad." She started. ". I have a present for you." TO BE CONTINUED