Petite natalia rides on a massive shaft

Petite natalia rides on a massive shaft
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Chapter 3: Samantha's First Anal Samantha Brunner, the sexy little 19-year-old American, was naked and on her knees. However, she was no longer in Hassan's basement with her arms tied to the wall above her head. She was inside the bedroom of her master's sprawling mansion. There were countless fancy and extremely expensive furnishings and decorations inside the room. Chief among them was Hassan's king-size bed, with its golden headboard and beautiful tarp and oak frame.

Attached to each of the four bedposts were leather bindings and these were the only part of the bed that looked odd and out of place. "Ah Samantha, I have been looking forward to this all day," Hassan declared, as he stripped naked and faced the trembling girl. "I heard your training was a bit more difficult than expected. You had trouble learning to deep-throat? I understand how it could be difficult, Jalil is so very large and you—you are quite tiny." Samantha's eyes began to water as she listened to the man's words.

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She'd spent over three hours learning from Jalil how to suck dick the proper way—the first hour finding a way to even fit the Arab's huge cock inside her mouth and the next two actually using her throat to make him cum. It had been absolute torture, as the insane fiend had clobbered her frail throat over and over again with his penis.

He'd battered Samantha's breasts and ass dozens more times during that span, for various reasons like choking on his dick, incessantly crying or begging, and vomiting when she could not handle the brutal pounding of his cock against her gullet.

For Samantha, it had been by far the worst three plus hours of her life. During that time she'd been treated like the lowest piece of filth on earth. Jalil had been completely merciless as he'd fucked her mouth in the most brutal fashion imaginable, slamming his massive penis in and out of her throat like he was trying to obliterate it.

The only thing worse than having her raw gullet pummeled over and over again was getting hoisted into the air and constantly flogged all over her swollen chest and buttocks. After more than two hours Jalil had finally grown tired and hammered away at the blonde's mouth until he blew his load. He'd forced Samantha to swallow every drop of his sperm, which she was barely able to do without puking.


Samantha had never swallowed any of her boyfriend's cum, and found the idea absolutely disgusting. She'd nearly spat out Jalil's seed as well, but had wisely found a way to gulp it down. The Arab had then taken Samantha upstairs to a large bathroom with many different medical tools. He'd leaned Samantha over the bathtub, tied her hands to her ankles, and then spent the next hour giving the poor girl an enema.

For Samantha, this too had been excruciating, as Jalil roughly inserted the rubber hose deep inside her rectum and proceeded to flush out any feces inside her. After thoroughly cleansing the girl's bowels, he'd allowed her to take her first piss of the day and then finished by running the shower over her and wiping any fluids or other filth from her body.

"So, are you ready to show me what you learned today slave?" Hassan asked eagerly, as he stroked his huge cock and looked down at the American's bruised, reddened chest.


"Yes sir," Samantha said softly, choking back tears. "Come, onto the bed slave," Hassan commanded, as he walked over to the mattress and climbed atop it. Samantha followed the fat, massive Arab onto the bed.

He was so revolting and she could not stomach the idea of him even touching her. Hassan moved to the end of the mattress and turned around before plopping down on his butt and resting his back against the wooden headboard.

He spread his thick, hairy thighs apart and beckoned Samantha over with his finger. "Get over here slave," Hassan commanded, as he stroked his huge cock with one hand. "And show me what you have learned." Samantha could not hide the look of disgust on her face as she shuffled forward on her hands and knees like a bitch.

She got between the old man's legs and was on the verge of tears as she looked at the hideous cock in front of her. After spending half of the day choking on Jalil's dick the last thing she wanted to see was another one, especially since Hassan's penis was barely smaller than his guard's.

"Oh yesssssssss," the Sheikh groaned, as the little blonde wrapped her lips around his cock. Samantha had tears in her eyes now as she brushed her hair to the side and tilted the Arab's ugly penis down.

She relaxed her gullet and tried to remain calm as she leaned forward and took inch after inch of Hassan's penis into her mouth. She got nearly all of it inside her throat before her gag-reflex triggered and she began gagging violently. "I'm sorry!" Samantha quickly apologized, taking a few seconds to gather herself before reattaching her lips to the old man's prick. Hassan looked down with a smile as the 19-year-old American sucked his huge cock in the most obscene manner.

She was groaning and sniveling in misery as she spread her jaws as wide as she could and constantly pumped her mouth up and down the awful cock. Unsurprisingly, Jalil had done a fine job with the girl. She did not stop stuffing her throat with Hassan's cock, even while she was constantly forced to choke on it.

Hassan could not see her face, but the way her amazingly petite and slender body tensed each time she gagged on his cock was so hot. As she continued to blow him, the Arab suddenly gripped Samantha's hair and forced her face all the way down to the base of his penis.

He kept her in this position for nearly ten seconds, savoring the tightness of her frail throat until she began retching on his dick. "Ah perhaps Jalil did not do as good of a job as I'd thought," Hassan lamented, finally pulling the American's head back up.

"I will make sure your session with him is much more thorough tomorrow." Samantha was coughing dismally but was still able to make out what the man had said, and his words filled her with dread. Jalil was without question the most sadistic, terrifying person she'd ever met, and she could not stand even the idea of being in the basement dungeon and at his mercy again.

Eager to please the old Arab in front of her, Samantha wrapped her lips back around his penis and continued to deep-throat him once more.

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"Ah yes, very good whore," Hassan groaned, as the little American simultaneously sucked and gagged on his cock. Hassan sat back and allowed the blonde to blow him for more than five minutes. Toward the end it was clear she could no longer take his 8" cock down her gullet, as she slowly began servicing just half of the giant shaft.

Hassan allowed the girl to continue in this manner, but planned on making sure Jalil educated her tomorrow. As he began climaxing, he was further surprised and furious as the impudent American yelped in disgust and immediately detached her mouth from his cock. "Stupid American whore!" Hassan growled, as spurts of cum shot through the air and landed on his bed.

"You will be punished severely for that!" Samantha began weeping as she realized her grave mistake. She remembered now what Jalil had warned her earlier, after he'd ejaculated in her mouth and forced her to swallow it. He'd instructed her to swallow every single drop of Hassan's sperm anytime the old Arab spewed in her mouth, and had cautioned her that failure to do so would result in the worst beating of her life.

"I'm—I'm sorry," the blonde quickly stated, looking up at Hassan with sincere regret in her eyes. "You are lucky I don't have Jalil take you away right now," the Arab replied. "You will receive your punishment in the morning." Samantha whimpered in fear as her thoughts raced ahead to what awaited her tomorrow. The mere thought of getting her ass and breasts beaten by Hassan's sadistic guard made her tremble.

The two areas on her body were so inflamed and battered that she could not even sit down or touch her small chest without crying in pain. "Come," Hassan commanded, as he took hold of the blonde's arm and pulled her off the bed. "You will make me hard again now." Samantha stumbled after the old Sheikh as he led her to a small platform just a few feet from the bed.

It was about 10' by 10' and built into the center of it was a steel pole that connected to the tall ceiling. Also, next to the pole were a pair of cheap 8" stripper heels, with black leather straps and an acrylic base. Hassan pushed the little American toward the stage and smiled as she looked confused.

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"Oh come on slave, you are American, do not pretend you are unfamiliar with this," Hassan laughed. "You will dance for me here every night, and you will dance like a true American slut. If I am not satisfied with you I will have Jalil discipline you." "Please, I'm not a stripper," Samantha beseeched the man, her cheeks already beginning to turn red. "I've—I've never done this before.

Please, don't make me do this." "No more complaining!" Hassan hissed. "Or I will have you taken away and beaten the rest of the night.

Shut up and begin dancing. When I am recovered you will join me on the bed again. Now put on those shoes and begin!" Samantha sighed in despair as she climbed onto the stage and attached the heels to her feet. She'd never worn anything like them and was barely able to keep her balance in the insanely high stilettos.

The petite blonde was quivering as Hassan sat comfortably on his bed and leered at her. Samantha felt completely disgraceful as she began doing her best stripper impersonation, running her hands through her long hair while she swayed her hips from side to side. Hassan watched in amusement as the little American danced awkwardly on the stage.

While her movements may have been enough to arouse some high school jock, they were nowhere near satisfactory for the old Arab. He shook his head as he made yet another mental note on what Jalil was to teach her. He smiled as Samantha continued to dance while she struggled to not break down on the stage. Nearly 20 minutes passed by before Hassan finally felt his penis stiffening again. By that point he was beyond disappointed with Samantha's performance.

The entire time she'd basically repeated the same two moves over and over: either swaying her body from side to side or leaning forward and running her hands all over her thighs and hips.

It was the worst dance the Arab had ever seen, and he would make sure she was punished gravely for it. "Okay slave that's quite enough of that," Hassan declared, motioning the girl over with his finger. "Come back to the bed." Samantha exhaled as she was finally allowed to stop. Although her dancing had not been intensive, doing it for almost 20 minutes had been very draining and a layer of sweat had developed on the girl's body.

She removed the heels on her feet and walked slowly back to the mattress, staring at the carpet the entire time. Just before she got there Hassan suddenly climbed off the colossal bed. "Stay still slave," the tall, fat Arab instructed, as he bent Samantha over the wooden footboard.

"Do not move." Samantha let out a bleat of fear as Hassan pulled her arms out wide and tied her wrists into the leather cuffs on the bedpost beside her. She was tied in an extremely uncomfortable and lewd position, as she was draped over the footboard at a sharp angle and her reddened buttocks were perched up high in the air.

The edge of the wood beneath her hips was of such height that her feet were dangling at least a foot above the floor. "I have been waiting all day for this moment slave," Hassan stated, as he uncapped a tube of lubricant and squeezed a good amount of it it onto the girl's tiny anus.

"Eeeeeuuuuuaaaaagggghhhhhh!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!" Samantha screamed, jerking at her bonds as she felt the Arab pry her butt-cheeks apart and place the tip of his huge cock against her asshole. "Now now slave, you must get used to this," Hassan said, as he clutched Samantha's hip with one hand while he used the other to guide the head of his cock inside her ass.

"I will be fucking your ass many, many times, along with Jalil and the others." "Nooooooooooooooo!! Please don't!! Stop!!!" Samantha shrieked, jerking her hips from side to side as she felt Hassan's penis starting to spread her anus terribly wide. Ever since Jalil had given her that awful enema just a couple of hours ago Samantha had been well aware of the reality that she was going to get raped anally.

However, the idea of it was just so horrifying and disgusting that she refused to entertain it. She'd never, ever done anal before in her life, and planned on keeping it that way.

To her, it was one of the most disgusting acts in the world, and she was dumbfounded how any self-respecting girl could think otherwise. "Oh my you are so tight back here!!!" The Arab exclaimed in joy, as he struggled to squeeze just the head of his massive cock inside Samantha's asshole. "Noooooooo!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Samantha screamed, kicking her little feet against the wooden bed-frame as Hassan finally lodged the tip of his cock inside her anus and now began burrowing into the teeny hole.


Hassan was trembling in ecstasy as he gripped the little American's tiny waist and slowly, painstakingly wrestled his huge penis inside her half an inch at a time. He knew that at the moment any attempts to slam into the girl's sphincter would result in total failure. Even with the aid of the lubricant the blonde's anus was gripping him so hard that it felt like his dick was being choked.

As unbelievably tight as her vagina had been, Samantha's anus felt twice as incredible. "UUUUUAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Samantha squealed, shaking her head and tugging at the cuffs on her wrists as the revolting Arab drilled about 1/3rd of his cock inside her now.

Samantha was starting to weep now as the old, Middle Eastern bastard behind her forced more and more of his penis inside her rectum. She could feel the muscles of her anal ring straining to fit the enormous cock.

At any moment it felt like they were about to rip completely apart and the pain was simply excruciating. "AAAAOOOOOWWWWW!! PLEASE STOP!! OH MY GOD!!" The American begged vehemently, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth as Hassan continued drilling into her. Samantha continued to wail and plead pitifully as the Arab slowly but surely forced more and more of his penis inside her ass.

The further he went the more hysterical the little blonde became, as the feeling of Hassan's huge cock inside her tiny sphincter was not only agonizing but also downright disgusting. By the time he sank all 8 inches of his shaft inside the American she was twitching violently like a dying animal. "Thank you Allah for blessing me with this American whore," Hassan proclaimed in Arabic, smiling as he looked down at Samantha's quivering little body.

"Uuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh!!" Samantha screeched, twisting around as Hassan leaned forward and his sweaty torso rubbed against her back. "Listen to me carefully slave," the large Sheikh whispered into Samantha's ear. "This will be extremely painful for you. But I promise you will become used to this. I will be fucking you in the ass many times from now on, as will Jalil and my other guards." "Nooooooooooooooooo!!" Samantha wept, refusing to believe what the man was telling her.

Hassan laughed as he straightened his body again and clasped his strong hands firmly around the petite American's hips. He then pulled about two inches of his dick out of her sphincter before brutally ramming back into it. Samantha immediately screamed in pain and kicked her feet against the footboard several times.

"AAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWW!!! STOP!!!" The tiny blonde howled, as Hassan repeated the move in even rougher fashion. "Calm down my little slave, I am just loosening you up," Hassan chuckled, as he started working his cock back and forth inside the girl's asshole in short strokes. Samantha was sobbing in pain and misery as her asshole literally felt like it was on the verge of tearing.

Unlike when he'd raped her earlier, Hassan was actually thrusting slowly and gently, as he knew it was physically impossible for him to pummel the American's asshole like he so badly wanted to. Nevertheless, even at his sluggish pace, the pain was still unbearable for little Samantha.

"Aaaaaauuugggghhhh!!! Please just stop!! Please!!! It fucking hurts so bad!!!" Samantha begged, rubbing her long, skinny legs together as the huge Arab gradually began fucking her with longer and rougher strokes. Hassan continued to grind away at the 19-year-old American's anus for more than ten minutes. Although it was a lengthy process, the girl's asshole very slowly began to open up.

More importantly, however, was that with his repeated thrusts Hassan was able to smear the lubricant deep inside and all over Samantha's sphincter. This—combined with his patience and determined efforts—finally resulted in an ever so slight loosening of the blonde's anus.

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Even though it still gripped his huge cock like a hose, Hassan was overjoyed, as he'd now stretched it wide enough to where he felt he could finally begin hammering the tiny orifice. "NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Samantha screamed, struggling wildly beneath the Arab as he suddenly began fucking her much more harshly.

Hassan wrapped his thick, strong fingers around Samantha's 22" waist and held it completely still while he proceeded to slam his cock in and out of the wretched young blonde. His patience was at an end, and the only thing he wanted now was to give the American bitch the vicious fucking that she deserved.

He used all the strength in his burly hips and began savagely hammering the outmatched hole, ripping the entire length of his dick in and out of it like a beast. Samantha, in the meantime, began screaming so loud that Hassan's eardrums throbbed. "AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! AAAAAUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!" The petite blonde wailed, her limbs flailing around in the air as she was ferociously raped by the Arab monster. "Uuuuggggghhhhhh!!!" Hassan bellowed in pure delight, as the girl's tiny asshole still squeezed his cock like a vise.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE!!!" Samantha screamed, tears streaming down her blue, shock-filled eyes while Hassan completely wrecked her anus.

Hassan was in a world of heaven as he looked down at the squirming little American while he pummeled her asshole. With her arms tied out wide to the sturdy bedposts and her tiny body pinned between the heavy footboard and Hassan's own massive frame there was absolutely nothing she could do to defend herself.

Regardless of how frantically she struggled, Samantha truly was at the complete mercy of the Arab brute. As each second ticked by the fucking only got worse and worse for the bound American. It wasn't long before Hassan was using every ounce of his strength to rape the girl as ferociously as he could. He continued to hold Samantha's hips in place while he lunged forward with all of his might and tore his cock through her asshole like he wanted to murder it. Samantha was in so much pain and screaming so horribly that the veins in her neck were visibly straining and her face was bright red.

She thought no amount of pain could be worse than getting flogged by Jalil, but this very possibly was. Her asshole had literally torn in several places and was beginning to smear blood all over Hassan's penis. "AAAAGGGGGHHHHH!! AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!! AAAAAGGGHHHH!!!" Samantha screamed over and over again, her mind so consumed with agony now that she could no longer form words. Hassan pounded away at the American's asshole for more than five minutes, which to Samantha was an eternity.

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Every single time the huge Arab slammed into her she thought she would pass out from the overwhelming pain of her asshole getting ripped apart. The dirty old Sheikh was fucking her so roughly that despite her nonstop screaming Samantha could hear his hairy testicles and gut smacking against her vagina and buttocks. "Aaaaarrrrgghhhhh!!!" Hassan roared, stabbing his whole dick inside the 19-year-old one last time before he began climaxing inside her rectum. Samantha could feel the Arab's disgusting seed flowing into her bowels, but she was so relieved he was finished that she genuinely did not care.

The only thing she yearned for was his cock to be out of her asshole and never put back in. The American was weeping uncontrollably as she thought about what had just happened to her and what still awaited her. Her asshole felt like it had been ravaged with a wooden log, and she had no idea in the world how she had survived through the anal fucking.

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"That was even better than I imagined it slave," Hassan extolled the sobbing blonde, reaching around and wrapping his fingers around her little chest. "AAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!" Samantha shrieked, thrash about in agony as Hassan began pinching and slapping the small, welt-covered mounds. After tormenting the blonde's breasts for a minute Hassan was satisfied and slowly extracted his penis from her ass. Even now the hole was so tight that pulling out of it was a struggle.

When he finally did, the Arab looked down at Samantha's anus proudly. The orifice was gaping badly and lined with blood. Because her ass was perked up in the air, Hassan's load of cum he'd emptied deep inside the blonde was barely trickling out of her asshole. "Okay slave, back to work," Hassan announced, as he unlocked the cuffs on Samantha's wrists and dragged her back to the small stage.

"Uuuuuaaagggghhhhh!!" Samantha cried, stumbling along with the old, fat Arab. "You will dance for me again," Hassan instructed, shoving the blonde toward the stripper platform.

"And when I am ready we will have more anal sex." "Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" Samantha screamed, dropping to her knees and burying her face into her hands as she began weeping in utter misery. To be continued… **I hope you enjoy the story so far.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to hear comments or ideas about the story.**