Inspiring Juicy Ass Is Classy

Inspiring Juicy Ass Is Classy
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It would be good to read "Like a Good Neighbor" to fully understand the story. I'm Lucas, or Luke for short. I am now 45, 6', 185 pounds, with sandy blond hair, and green eyes. I was divorced now for 2 and half years, after being married 14 years. My ex was 29 when we married and had two boys, who were 11 at the time we married. Maureen, or Mo as she is called, is 34 now.

She 5 '6, with red hair, 34C breast, and weighs about 145 pounds. She doesn't have the flat stomach like a model, but is still quite fetching, especially in a bikini. At this time though, she would be turning 33 when all of this started taking place. For years, Mo was living in California, but moved back a few years ago, after an awful breakup with the guy she was living with.

Then after living at home for a bit, she met a guy and moved in with him. But that lasted until this past winter, when he slapped her and basically treated her like shit, so she moved back home. Then, one day we got to talking and she said she really needed to get out of her parents home.

I suggested renting my upstairs to her. I was now divorced and had the room and it would be nice to have another person in the house.

After a few days, she called and said yes to my idea, and moved in that weekend. After a few months, we started going out together and became lovers.

I did not think she would even consider any of that, let alone go out on dates, but we do have many of the same interests, and after making love, we found it hard to keep our hands off of each other.

Since she works evenings and I work days, we don't really see to much of each other until the weekends. It was now just before the 4th of July, which was a few days off and my birthday looming in 2 days, Mo came home early on a Friday and we had some of the most erotic sex we ever had, complete with fantasies and watching porn.

After an evening of some of the wildest sex I have ever had, and then the slow, soft love making we did to end the night, we fell asleep, with Mo on top of me. Sunlight was now pouring in through the windows, even though the blinds were closed, but since they are white blinds, light comes in easily. It was 8:30am and I looked over next to me. Mo was laying on her belly, without a sheet on her.

Her legs were slightly spread and I had a terrific view of her ass. I leaned over and started kissing and licking those two gorgeous mounds. "MMMMMMMMM, you really do love my ass don't you?" she asked.

"Oh yes. To me it is perfect." "What time is it?" Mo wanted to know, so I told her. "Shit. I have to get moving. I promised mom and Jackie I would go shopping with them for Dad's party, for the 4th, this morning." Then she looked at her phone and busted out laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked. "Here, look at what Jessie sent last night. We must have been asleep already." There was a picture of her pussy, her fingers spreading the lips wide with a caption, "Either of you two want to come and lick this?" "Damn, she isn't shy is she?" Mo just laughed and said, "Oh hell no.

I'm sure she fingered herself half the night and was pissed because she couldn't be here to enjoy what we did." She looked over at me and noticed my hard dick, grabbed it and said, "Damn, such a waste to not be able to enjoy this.

I love morning sex." She then moved over and placed her mouth on it and sucked it for a few seconds. "After I get home tonight from that party, I'll take care of this", then kissed the head and got up to go take a shower. I went and made her breakfast, which was some fruit and a bagel and juice. When she finished she kissed me and said, "I love you" and I returned the sentiment to her, and watched her go out the door.

It was quite hot out too, topping out at 90, but I was pretty busy doing outside chores and stuff. Pool cleaning, grass cutting, and washing both cars. Almost felt like I was married again. Mo got home about 4pm and said she was going up to change for this evening's party. Around 5:30 she came down, and into the kitchen, where I was making myself dinner. She looked very nice.

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Khaki shorts, that were mid-thigh, a light blue tube top, and a blue shirt over that, which was unbuttoned to her belly. I know she wasn't wearing a bra, since her nipples were sticking out some, because of the air being on. "God, you look great tonight." "Babe, I can stay here with you instead, just say the word." I shook my head and said, "No Sweetie, you go and have fun.

Plus I wouldn't want to deprive Jessie of your company tonight. Plus, we'll be together later, and make sure you wake me up, if it's late." "Óh, I'll wake you alright", as she reached for my crotch and gave it a squeeze. "I have to take care of this later." I reached up then and cupped her one breast and gave it a small squeeze.

"MMMMMMMMMMM, I love when you play with my tits. We better quit though, or I may take you right here and now." I chuckled and said, "Promises, promises" "I have to tell you. Last night was awesome. I love being that naughty bad girl, and you being that bad boy. But, the love making topped it off for me. I think we may do that later too, if you have the strength again." "I think I can muster enough for another round like that.

I really loved you like that. You were such a porn star, but then making love to you then, really topped it all off. I Love You Mo" "I love you too Luke. I'm all yours, and lord knows there is enough of me." Just then the door bell rang. Mo went and answered it and it was Jessie. When Jessie came in, she was dressed pretty much like Mo, except her shorts were powder blue and her tops were pink.

Jessie came up and gave me a hug and a kiss, and said, "Hi Stud. Nice cock by the way." I sort of blushed with her comment. "You're such a slut Jess" Jessie laughed and said, "I am? What about those pics you guys sent last night. I didn't appreciate being teased like that." We all laughed then. The girls asked what I was doing tonight and I told them I was going to putz around in the basement and uncover the pool table and clean down there.

I have a rec room, complete with pool table, dart board and a bar. I also have a Flat Screen on the one wall and a couple of couches. Mo and I kissed then, said our I love you's, which Jessie rolled her eyes at, and left. I got to work then in the rec room. I pulled the cover off the table, then vacuumed it and the surrounding floors and couches.

Cleaned the bar up. I looked around and saw I had everything done and ready for use again. As I stood there, I thought back to all the times Linda and I used the room.

The massive amount of sex we had down there. One night she let me fuck her while laying on top of the pool table. Then thought back to the 3some we had with that guy. Damn, that was a hot night.

The rest of the week, Linda was a nympho. I then went and showered, put on some shorts and a t-shirt, no undies, and went down to the rec room and started shooting pool. About 9:30, I heard commotion upstairs, then heard giggling as the girls come bounding down the stairs. "Honey, we're home." As they giggled more. Mo came to me. Wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately.

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Jessie asked if she get's a kiss too. "Sure you can. I always share with you." Mo said. Jessie came to me and lightly kissed me on the lips. "MMMMMMMM soft lips too." She said. I asked what they were doing home so early and Mo said the party was boring, so they thought it better to leave and come party with me.

Mo fished around in her purse and lit up a joint. We shared the joint and the girls asked if I was playing by myself. I laughed and said, yeah, but only with pool balls. They giggled again and Mo said, "Wait here Babe, we'll be back in a few. Do you want something to drink?" I answered that a beer would be great. About 5 minutes later, the girls came back downstairs, and y mouth dropped open.

Both of them were now naked. Mo was carrying some tote bag and Jessie had 3 beers. "Pick your jaw up buddy. You act like you never seen 2 naked women before." Jessie said.

"Now, drop your shorts and let's see what Mo has been enjoying this whole time." I was now catching a buzz and thought, what the hell and stripped own. My cock was already hard from Mo's kiss.

Jessie smiled and said, "Oh wow Mo, you weren't kidding, he is nicely hung" I looked at Mo, with pleading eyes. She just smiled and said, "Remember the other day when I asked what you wanted for your birthday and you said I didn't have to get you anything? Well, Baby, this is your present" and waved her hand over her body, and then Jessie's.

She came up and wrapped her hand around me cock and kissed me and then said, "I mean you can have us both.

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Fuck us, eat us, fuck us more." Jessie reached into her purse and brought out a pill bottle and said, "So, do you mind using a little helper tonight? If not, say so and I'll put it away." I just grinned and said, "No, it's cool. I haven't done that in years." Mo said, "Look Honey, I don't do this often, but I think it will help a great deal tonight." I smiled at her and said, "Babe, really, it's cool. Let's party" It had been years since Iand my then wife Linda, used some of that stuff.

Only a few times though, the cost is very high, but it does enhance a night of sex that's for sure. We fucked one night from 10pm until 3am, and I never went soft. The next day sucks though. You feel very tired or like me, woke up with a major headache. Jessie made up a line and told Mo to lay on the pool table.

Then she put the powder on a piece of paper and brought to Mo, and laid a line out, just above her clit, on her mound, and told me that I was first. I snorted the line, then licked off the residue and continued to lick down to her slit, which got Mo to moan. Jessie then told me to lay on the table and did the same to me, but placed the line right on my cock. Mo, snorted it off and then licked my cock of the residue and then started sucking me for a second.

Mo then went and got some and did it again and had Jessie do the same. I was surprised how slow Jessie seemed to go in licking it off, then engulfed my whole cock into her mouth. "Fuck, Bitch, don't swallow his cock, or we can't play then." I think tonight is going to be wilder than last evening.

Jessie just laughed and said, "I just needed to feel that down my throat", then she smiled at me. Mo grabbed Jessie's hand and led her to the couch area, and pushed her down. Jessie looked up at me, as I started walking over and asked? "You guys watched some porn last night, so we should too. Let me pick the movie. I got the remote, turned it on, then picked the right station for her.

Jessie found one that she thought may do. When the show started, it was 2 couples, already naked, on a huge bed. The girls were giving the guys blow jobs. We had no idea which couple belonged together, but does it really matter? I was looking down at Jessie, who is almost a year older than Mo, and is 5'8, blond hair, about 150 lbs., but not fat.

She has some really muscular legs, a nice round ass, C cup tits with dark areola's and dark nipples, which were hard as rocks now. She has a nice golden tan too, with no lines, but neither does Mo, although Mo's tan is not that evident, but I suspect these two fine ladies have been sunning over here during the day, while I work. Jessie moved that her ass was just on the couch. Her legs were up and spread wide, with her heels on the edge as well.

Perfect position to be eaten by anyone. Mo got her knees and scooted between Jessie's leg, and then leaned down to kiss her friend. It was one very hot kiss, with plenty of moaning. Then Mo started licking down Jessie's body. Stopping for a bit to suck and bite her nipples. Jessie patted the seat next to her, for me to sit down, so I did and then leaned in and started sucking a nipple as Mo continued her trek down Jessie's body, to her soaking wet pussy.

Mo wasted no time in diving her tongue inside that wet gash. "Oh Fuck Yesssssssssssss. Eat that cunt Bitch" As Mo kept licking away, Jess was squirming all over, and my mouth was attached to her nipple. Jessie's moans were loud, but who cares, being downstairs, not a soul could hear us.

On the screen, the 4 were in a daisy chain now, with girls sucking cock and the guys eating pussy. "Fuck", Jessie said, "I need a man so we can do that one day" I watched Mo sucking and licking her pussy, then finger it some.

My cock was like steel, and really looking forward to entering one of these two beauty's soon. I got off the couch and went behind Mo. I got on my knees and with her on her knees, her pussy and ass were begging to be licked. So I dove right in. "Oh God Baby, lick me, taste me" Mo said. I worked her pussy for a bit, then went to her asshole. I buried my tongue inside and she let out a yelp, then said, "Oh Fuck Yes, tongue my ass" As I was doing this, Jessie was really getting into whatever Mo was doing, and you could tell she was going to cum soon.

I kept up my assault on Mo's ass and pussy, as she kept eating away herself. "Bitch", Jess yelled out. "I am going cum, Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" and cum she did. I quit what I was doing and watched, as Jessie's head shook back and forth. Her knees came together and was bucking her hips into Mo's mouth. "Yes, Yes, Yes, drink that cum Slut", Jessie yelled out. She definitely gets into sex. Mo kept eating her, so I slipped my cock inside Mo.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me honey" But I only pumped inside her a few seconds then pulled out. She turned her head to face me and said, "Awe, don't quit, you know I love your cock there." I smiled at her and said, "No worried Honey, you'll get your fill of me, and just so you know, it may take a long time for me to cum." "Good.

I need some hard cock for a long time tonight. Plus, you have 2 horny women to please" Jessie then pulled Mo up for a kiss, and she licked Mo's mouth clean and told her to get up here, so she could be eaten now. Mo took up the same position as Jessie had just been in and Jessie was now on her knees, between my girlfriends legs. I took up a position next to Mo and kissed her hard. As we kissed, I could taste what remnants of Jessie's juices were left on her lips and in her mouth.

"Damn Jessie, you taste real good", I said. Jessie smiled and said, "Well, get back down here and feast on me then.

I'll make sure your little pussy here cums" "Oh God. Look at that" Jessie turned and we all looked at the screen. One couple was 69ing. The other girl was helping the other suck the bottom guys dick and the other guy was fucking the girl on top. "Fuck" Jessie said.

"That looks so fucking hot. Be great if the one guy sucks his cock too. I'd love to see that" Mo groaned but said, "Oh Yeah, I would love to see 2 guys suck each other" Jessie started licking Mo's pussy now. She was really into it. Mo and I were still kissing and I was kneading her tits and pinching her nipples. "Oh Fuck Yessssssssss. You 2 are driving me nuts" I went down and started sucking her erect nipple now and Jessie grabbed my cock, as she ate Mo.

Mo whispered in my ear, "Go fuck her. Give her that cock baby" I looked at her and she nodded her head and smiled. So I got off the couch, kneeled behind Jess, and started rubbing her ass. Then my tongue found her puckered asshole and started licking.

"Ahgggggggggggg" she groaned out. "I love my ass eaten" I stayed with her ass for a few minutes. Both women were moaning and groaning.

I then started licking her wet slit now, tasting her juices that were flowing pretty good. "Fuck Mo, your man has a great tongue" I now positioned my cock to the entrance of her love hole and started rubbing it up and down, which got her to moan louder. Then I slowly entered her tight cunt. "Oh Fuck Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Fuck me Stud" Jess yelled out. I started fucking her slow and she said, "Damn Mo, I hope you fuck this every night.

God this cock feels so fucking good." Mo locked on to my eyes and smiled at me, and mouthed "I Love You" and I mouthed it back. I started fucking Jess harder now and Mo was getting ready to cum.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Cumminggggggggggggggggggggggg" I couldn't see it, but I knew she squirted and Jess was doing everything she could to lick it up. I stopped fucking Jess now, while she took care of Mo. After a minute more of licking, Jess fell to the floor and was panting heavily, as was Mo.

"My.God. That. was so. amazing" Mo let out, panting between words, and Jess could only shake her head yes. Mo joined us on the floor, crawling to me and kissing me deeply. When she broke, she smiled and said, "Happy Birthday Honey.

I hope you are enjoying this. I know I am. Sharing with the two people I love most." When she said, a little alarm went off in my head, thinking back to Linda and her leaving me for another woman.

Christ, could that happen again?, I thought. Something Mo and I would need to discuss. "Babe" Mo said, "Let's take this up to my room. The bed would be so much more comfortable and we are far from finished." I nodded and Jess said, "Great idea. Plus we have to make Stud boy cum soon" So we gathered up the bag Mo brought down, the beer that was hardly drank, and their purses and headed upstairs. I told them I would be up in a second and get us water. They thought that was a good idea.

"Need to keep hydrated, so we can cum a lot more" Jess said. I watched these 2 naked asses climb the stairs in front of me. What a wondrous sight it was too. I let the girls go up and I went and found the water and some pretzels, in case one of us wanted to munch on something. Hell, I didn't even ask them if they ate. But, I doubt highly these two really care about food now. I looked at the clock and it was almost 11pm. Damn, where did the time go. As I started towards the stairs to Mo's room, I was thinking, how the hell am I so lucky to have found a gorgeous woman, with a sex drive like she has, and then be playing with her best friend, who seems to be a bigger nympho, than Mo was.

When I got up to the room and looked on the bed, the 2 girls were locked in a 69 position and Mo was on top. Fuck that looked hot. "Wow. Starting without me?" Mo looked up and giggled and said, Sorry Baby, we're just so stoked right now and need more pussy. But get your sweet ass over her and help us out. You got some major fucking to do" I came closer to the bed and noticed that Mo was using a dildo on Jessie, as she licked her clit, and Mo had a butt plug in her ass and Jess was licking away at Mo's heavenly twat.

I was surprised by the plug, but thought, cool, maybe I'll be allowed in there tonight. I stood and watched for a moment and as I did, I was stroking my cock. Mo looked over and saw what I was doing. "Fuck Baby, get that cock in me. I really need to have it inside me while this slut eats me. Bang her face with your big balls too." I got up on the bed and got behind her and saw the plug in her and gave it a slight tap, which elicited a moan from Mo.

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I lined my cock up with her pussy and drove it in. "Ahgggggggggggggg Yesssssssssssss. Fuck I needed this". I started pumping in and out of her.

Jessie was eating her clit and lips, and also licking my cock anytime it wasn't deep inside. Mo was somehow still fucking Jess with the dildo and sucking her clit. At one point, my cock came out and Jess wrapped her lips around it and sucked, then placed it back to her Mo's entrance, where I buried deep again. I was no where near cumming, but, had we not done the snow earlier, I would have exploded already.

We kept this up for another 10 minutes until I heard Jessie yell out that she was cumming, and then Mo started cumming too. As she came, I held on to her hips and kept my dick buried inside her. I could feel her muscles contract and try and pull me in deeper and could feel the warmth of her girl cum wash over my cock. "Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" Mo cried out. "Oh Fuck Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" her body was shaking as she came. Jessie's body was twisting all over the place. These two must live to orgasm.

Mo then rolled off of her and I was back on my haunches, as I saw Mo curl into the fetal position. "Babe? Are you alright?" after a moment, she gasped, "Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh. Amazing actually. Just let me rest.


Fuck Jess Baby. Pound her good. She needs it" I looked at Jess, who was smiling. I got off the bed and went to the one end. I reached under her legs, which were bent at the knees for support, and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. Again, she just smiled up at me. I lined my cock up with her slit and started rubbing it all over. "Christ Stud, don't tease.

Put it in and fuck me like a rag doll." So I buried my cock deep inside her cunt. Damn, she was tight like this. Her pussy was like a vice grip on my cock. "Uhgggggggggg" Uhggggggggg" is all she was saying as I started pounding into her. Standing up and fucking like this gave me better control of her. I was squeezing her tits as we fucked and she was almost waling with every thrust in to her. Mo was laying next to her, watching us fuck, and started kissing Jess.

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Then she started sucking on her one nipple. That drove Jess crazy. She was now starting to meet my thrust, with her own, raising her hips up to meet my thrusting. You could hear our skin slapping together. Then I heard Jess tell Mo to let her eat her. "Mo let me suck your pussy" My arms were locked, with my palms on the mattress, besides her belly. Mo straddled her face and put her Hands on my arms for stability.

It was a sexy sight, for sure. Then Mo leaned in and kissed me, as her snatch was being licked by Jessie. "Oh Honey I love you. You have made my day today" I kissed her again and told her, "Great Birthday for me. You 2 are incredible. I have to cum soon Babe." "Shoot that cum deep inside her Baby. She really needs some cum." Damn these 2 love talking dirty, which really turned me on. I started pounding her harder now and Jess pushed Mo off of her and Jess latched on to my arms and was bucking hard into me.

"Give me your fucking cum. Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk I am cumming" My cock was now buried as deep as it could go.

My balls had tightened up and I was about to release my load. I pulled out, just as I started to cum and the first two shots went all over her big tits, and then 4 more smaller spurts covered her mound area. She was drenched in cum. Mo sat there and watched as my cum dripped now onto Jessie. "My God Babe, you had a huge load." She leaned over and placed the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked what was left out of it.

She then went up and started licking my cum from Jessie's tits, so I leaned down and licked the mess up from her mound.

Mo winked at me and I moved onto the bed, on one side of Jessie, and Mo was on the other and we brought our faces to Jessie's and started feeding her our tongues, full of cum. Jessie kept switching back and forth, sucking our tongues until all the cum was gone.

Then we all lay back and tried to catch our breath. I got off the bed as they lay panting away and got us each a water. We all sat and drank some water. Mo was sitting next to me on the bed, and Jess was sitting up against the headboard, legs slightly spread, so I could see her pussy, which was quite red, but her lips were really swollen. Jess said, "My God, you two are a perfect match.

I have never seen 2 kinkier people like you 2. Of course, I have never done a 3way before, but I never met a man who willing licked up his own cum. That was totally Hot" "Mo? Are you sure you are alright with just happened, with Luke fucking me? Because I don't want anything to ruin our friendship, I love you too much." Mo smiled and said, "I knew all day today that you two were going to fuck and I am quite good with it. It was so sexy to watch and I hope we do this more than tonight.

What about you honey?" I was a bit hesitant to speak, but finally did, "Look, this has been amazing, but understand, that this was for fun, and god was it.

Christ, I am still hard as a rock. But Mo is the woman I want to be with and I don't want anything to get in the way of that. But, with that said, you 2 are amazing together and I feel very fortunate that you 2 let me into your world, and if I am ever asked again to join you 2, I certainly will." Then I said, "after tonight Mo, I would like you to sleep with me every night, if that's ok with you." She leaned in and kissed me, as she squeezed my cock a little tighter.

"Yes, I think we should. We are a couple now and should be sleeping together. In fact, that bed we can use to sleep and make love, and when we want to be naughty, like this, or last night, we'll use this room. Our new playroom. Oh, and by the way Bitch, you are sleeping with us tonight" Jessie just smiled and said, "You 2 ready for a small pick me up? We still have some playing to do, especially Mo" We both agreed to a small pick me up as Jess called it.

While she got it ready, Mo straddled my lap and sat down on my cock. "MMMMMM I love this cock so much" "And I love this pussy that is surrounding it, and I love you" We kissed passionately, until Jess said, "Oh will you 2 get a fucking room" and laughed. Mo giggled and said, "Jealous, aren't we Bitch?" Jess just smiled and said, "No, really, I am so happy for you and hope I can find a guy as nice and as open.

When Luke and I were fucking, I was wishing I had a man who could have been right next to us, fucking you silly Mo, or him doing me as you and Luke fucked next to us." As she was saying this, Mo was grinding down on me. Her pussy was so wet again. My god, this woman can't get enough. Baby?

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Would that turn you on having another guy fucking you as I am fucking Jess?" "Oh Christ yessssssssssssssss. You two got me so fucking horny again." "Good" spoke Jess, "get your asses over here and have some of this, and then we'll party some more." So the three of us did another line each.

Fuck, I'll be up a few more hours for sure. I said, "Damn, I am going to pay for this in the morning with a major headache" Jessie chuckled and said, "Just take some advil before we sleep later and the only head that is going to ache is the one on the top of your cock, from us abusing it so much tonight." Jessie then said, "Luke, so you know, I don't usually do this stuff much. Just on special occasions. I have had this for almost a year, so this is definitely a special occasion." "It's cool, really Jessie.

I never thought you were into it. My ex and I did it too, on occasion, and let's face it, it does help the libido a great deal.

But like with anything, in moderation is cool" "Damn Mo, I may fall in love with him too" and then laughed. "You can use him, but you ain't getting him for yourself Bitch. Told ya, I don't mind sharing." Jessie looked at Mo and asked, "You ready for your special treat sweetie?" Mo shook her head yes. Jessie went to the bag, which was now on the floor and brought out another dildo. But this one has straps with it. I watched as Jessie put it on.

Flesh color, maybe 7 inches in length, and about as thick as I am. I have to admit, she looked Hot. She crawled up on the bed and was holding it out, "Like my cock lovers?" Mo smiled and said, "You know I do." Then Mo turned to me and said, "Honey, Jess has been my lover for the last 4 years, even when I was with Kyle, her and I made time for one another, and until you, Jess was the only one who made love to me.

So don't freak if she does now" "Baby, you do what you want and need to do. I am not jealous, nor will I get that way, unless you give me a reason." "Doesn't she look sexy with that on her like that?" she asked.

I chuckled but said, "Honestly, she does look pretty sexy".


I push Jess so she would lay down and I sucked her tits for a second and then moved down to her cock and pussy.

I first licked her pussy for a second, then, and I don't know why, I licked the cock and then started sucking on it. Both women moaned out real loud. "Oh Fuck" Jessie said. "That is so hot. Suck that cock you bastard, suck it good" I did it for another moment, then held it up and told Mo to get on. She wasted no time in mounting. "Uhhhhhhhggggg, it feels so good.

Not as good as the real thing, but so good" They started fucking a nice slow pace. Mo's butt plug was still in place as they were working up to a faster rhythm.

They were kissing and cooing, tell each other I love you's. I was just laying there enjoying the sight. The Jessie said, "Sweetie, are you ready?" Mo responded with a nod of her head. Mo turned and looked at me, "Baby, get that lube over on the nightstand, then take my plug out, lube my ass and your cock, and fuck me in the ass. Take my cherry ass tonight" I did as she asked and got the lube, removed the plus, and lubed us up. I was sort of standing, yet crouched over and placed the head in her tight puckered ass, and oh so slowly started pushing in.

I would stop after a couple inches got in, because I heard her gasp. "Are you Ok Hun?" she shook her head and said, "Keep going. I have had dildos in me before, just never a cock." It took a few minutes, but I was finally in her. "Oh God this feels amazing. Fuck me my lovers, Fuck me oh so good now" It took a short time, but Jess and I found a rhythm and started fucking Mo real good.

Nothing hard, but it wasn't slow either. As we fucked, Mo was moaning loud and almost yelling Yes, over and over. We must have been in her a good 10 minutes when Mo erupted in orgasm. "Oh Shit, Oh Shit, Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Cummmmmmmmmminggggggggggggggggggggggggg" Her whole body was shaking, my cock was buried deep inside her and I wasn't moving, and neither was Jess.

We were letting her ride this wave of emotion out on her own. When her body slowed from shaking, I pulled out. She was locked in a deep kiss with Jessie then. My cock was red now, from being in a very tight hole like that. Like I said before, without and powder help, I know I would have shot deep in her ass. Mo then rolled off of Jessie and on to her back. Taking big heaving breaths as she lay there.

Her breast were rising and falling, and she looked so sexy, but totally drained. Jess asked, "You ok sweetie" Mo shook her head and said, "Oh God, I feel so amazing right now.

My 2 best friends took me to a new height tonight. Jess, you have to try this. God I wonder what a real cock would feel like and both guys cumming in me." I got up and went into the bathroom and washed my dick off. I wasn't sure if we were through or not, but I didn't think it fair to fuck one of them with a dirty dick.

I came back out, and Jess had removed the toy and Mo was in the middle of the bed, her head on a pillow. She was done for the night. Mo looked at me and said, "Baby, I cant take any more, but I want you to make love to jess, not just fuck her. Make her feel special like you make me feel" I was about to protest, but Mo said, "Please Baby, for me" I looked at Jessie, and she just shrugged her shoulders and lay back down next to Mo, and spread her legs.

I climbed back on the bed and between Jessie's legs, placed my cock right at her entrance and slowly pushed in. Jessie looked up at me and smiled, then said, "Make Love to me Luke" and wrapped her legs around me and her arms around my neck.

I felt a twinge of guilt as we started, but then we both looked over at Mo, and she was now sleeping, and we could hear small snoring coming from her. Jessie started to chuckle, and so did I. She then kissed me passionately and said, "Oh Luke, I could do this all night with you" We did it for almost 20 minutes. Towards the end, I started speeding up, so we could cum. She whispered "Fuck me faster, and give me your cum lover". I started pumping faster now, her moans were getting louder, and she started cumming.

She was hanging on to me for dear life, as hard as she was squeezing me. "Fuckkkkkkkkkk Jessssssssssssssss" and I shot deep inside her. I just lay there as my cock shot spurt after spurt inside her.

She was kissing me as we came and still moaning into my mouth. As we lay there, with me still in her, she opened her eyes and smiled and said, "OH Luke, that was awesome. You have no idea how long it has been since I have had that done to me.

I hope you and Mo invite me back into your bed. I love her so much and if you keep doing this, I'll love you too. But now, let's get some sleep" She pulled me head down for one more kiss, and it was passionate. My cock was still buried inside her and I started moving my hips, making it like we were fucking again.

She smiled up and said, "Awwww fuck sleep, keep fucking baby." I chuckled but kept on fucking, for now it was just sex again. We fucked for about 5 more minutes, and just stopped. "I don't have anymore energy to keep going" I said.

"Me either. How about I turn on my side and you keep that inside till we do." "Ok, but don't tell Mo". "I won't.

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I promise. But god you are an amazing lover" We positioned ourselves so we were both facing Mo. Thank god for a king size bed.

She grabbed my dick and put it back inside her and we fell asleep. I awoke around 9am, and that's after we went to sleep around 2am. I was still on my side, as was Jess. My cock was now flaccid, but nestled between her ass cheeks.

Mo was facing jess, with her arms wrapped around her and Jessie's around Mo, but Mo's one hand was holding mine. Again, I felt a twinge of guilt, fucking Jess like I did. So I got up and hit the bathroom, then went downstairs and started the coffee. I then cooked some bacon and made some scrambled eggs, and took two plates and coffee up for the girls. I thought I would have to wake them, but I heard giggling going on, so I knew they were up.

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They saw the tray with food on it and cooed, "MMMMMMM lover and cook. Could this get any better Jess?" "No it can't, so you better not let this one go. If you do, I'll take him and I won't share either." They both laughed and I said "Hey, don't I get a vote in this?" "NO" they both said.

I went down and got my plate and coffee and came back up and joined them. We ate, and then Jess said she had to get going. She is to meet her sister at noon, for some event with her kids, and she needed to go home and shower.

"Hate like hell to smell like dried up cum all over me." After breakfast, Jess did leave. Mo and I were standing in my bedroom and she said, "Thank You. You made Jessie's night when you made love to her, and not just fuck her like a whore.

She only get's loving from me." "Well Dear, I felt guilty afterwards. I mean, here I am making love to a woman, and the woman I love is right next to me. Just felt weird. Then when you fell asleep, it didn't feel so bad, knowing I had your approval." "Trust me Darling, you had my approval, and I was so glad you did that for her. She was on cloud nine this morning. She said you were so caring and passionate. And what are friends for, to make the other feel good" As she is saying all of this, she was stroking my growing member, and looking in my eye.

"Now take me in that bed and make love to me." She got on the bed, lay back, spread her legs and croaked her finger to me, to come get it. I crawled up on top of her and my cock found its own way inside, like a heat seeking missile.

God she felt so hot and so tight. "Awwwwwwwwww, home sweet home Lover" We did for the next 15 or so minutes, until we both orgasmed. As we lay in each other's arms, she looked up at me and said, "Babe, I am not going to leave you for her.

I'm all yours. But I did enjoy what we shared last night and want to again and again. What would you say about Jessie moving in with us? Life is really getting good now.