Pretty MILF Dildoing Wet Pussy and Ass

Pretty MILF Dildoing Wet Pussy and Ass
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In my last semester of college I took a photography class. It was a class I hated because it had nothing to do with my major. I dreaded going to class and we always had stupid projects to do. The thing that mad me want to go to class was Mellissa. Mellissa was a freshman and was taking the photography class because it was a requirement for her major.

Her boyfriend was also in the class and I always saw them smooching in the hall before class and they always walked in with his hand on her ass. I was jealous of her boyfriend. I wanted Mellissa. Mellissa was a little plump but she was not fat. She was about 5'5", and I would say about a 150 pounds. She had a beautiful round ass.

She had long curly red hair, blue eyes, and few freckles over her rounded face. She was a pleasant person and always had a smile on her face. She was a happy person and confident with her body which projected a certain glow around her. That and one other reason is why I was so attracted to her. The other was the size of her knockers. They had to be the biggest tits I have ever seen. Since she just was 19, I assumed they were all natural flesh. I don't know much about bra sizes but I am sure hers where special order from a large size catalog.

I often thought about playing with her huge tits while she rode the fuck out of me. I also thought about titty fucking her. None of my previous girlfriends had breasts anywhere close to hers.

Towards the end of the semester, I was working on my final project. I had the darkroom signed out from 3:30 to 5:30. I get there five minutes before and stood outside waiting for 15 minutes until the door finally opened.

There walked out Mellissa and her boyfriend. They said goodbye and Mellissa approached me. She explained that she isn't finished with her project and needed some more time.

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She asked if I would mind the extra company in the darkroom. Anyone else I would have said no, but I couldn't pass the opportunity to be in close quarters with this beauty. We went in and we got started. We worked well together. In no time she was finished with her work and she was helping me to return the favor.

An hour passed and we were both done and waiting for our photos to dry. She made a comment how fast it goes when you are actually working on it. I asked her, why she wasn't done in her time. She laughed and told me her boyfriend couldn't keep his hands off of her. The thought did cross my mind. I thought about them getting it on in the darkroom. I thought about Mellissa bent over the stool with her boyfriend ramming her cunt from behind. I thought about him getting a blowjob while she was on her knees.

I thought about her sitting on the counter with his faced buried between her legs. I started to get very turned on and knew I better stop. I think she sensed that. It was a small dark room. It was about 8'X8' and there was a counter on both sides at about 30" high. There was one stool in the room. It was big enough for two people but no more.

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I was leaning against one of the counters and Mellissa was sitting on the stool. She was wearing a pink and green flowered skirt. It came down half way on her lower leg. She had on light sandals that exposed her painted toe nails.

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She had on a white T-shirt that barley stretched over her gorgeous tits. I was able to see her white bra through the shirt and I could tell it was a sexier one with white lace. She had her legs crossed and looked so sexy under the dim red light. I figured here is my chance. She will either slap me or kiss me. "So, what were you and your boyfriend doing in here", I asked.

She turned a little red and replied "I was giving him a blow job." I answered, "I wish I was him." With that she got off the stool and walked over to me.

She said, "Yeah as usual he gets off and leaves my horny. Then to top it all off, I am not alone to get myself off and I am with a gorgeous senior that I have wanted to hump all semester." With that we moved towards each other and embraced. Our mouths found each other and were immediately locked together.

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Our tongues met. They played games with each other as we tasted the sweetness of each others mouth. We kissed as each of us held each other tight to us.

I felt her huge breasts as they were squashed between our chests. My cock woke up. It was hard and erect. Mellissa pulled away and dropped to her knees. She first pulled on my belt, then proceeded to my pants button. After she unbuttoned it, she slowly pulled my zipper down making sure to push against my cock. My cock loved the pressure but was aching for more. She pulled down my jeans and the proceeded too kiss my meat through my underwear.

I felt her reach up at the elastic band. In one swift motion, she pulled down. My huge hard erection bounced out and pointed straight to her face. Mellissa wasn't shy. She kissed the head of my swollen snake and proceeded to open her mouth. She licked the head before placing the tip inside her mouth.

She slid it into her mouth as far as she could. She kept as much suction as she could and made sure her tongue was licking the tip. She moved her head back and forth over my swollen shaft.

It felt so good having a woman want my meat like this. It has been over two years since I got anything like this. I reached down and tugged on her shirt. She stopped for a second to allow me to pull her shirt over her head.

I looked down watching her worship my dick. Her tits bounced a little as she moved in and out over my cock.


I needed to stop her or I was going to cum. I bent over, pulled her up, and told her she needed some attention too.

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I kissed her deeply before making my next move. I took a step away. I reached out and unsnapped her bra. I like when a girl wears a front snap because it makes it such easy access. Her tits fell out as I just pushed the bra out of the way but not taking it off.

I sat on the stool, pulled her towards me, and started to kiss her plump breasts. It was a handful but I was not complaining. It was nice having something to fill my large hands. I kissed and worshiped her tits. I kissed the nipples and watch them get erect as I kissed and squeezed them. I opened my mouth stuck out my tongue to lick her left nipple.

I moved closer placing my mouth over the nipple and sucking with great pressure. I felt her nipple get even harder as I heard her moan in pleasure.


I pulled away to look at my handy work. I needed to even the other one so I bent over to give that nipple the same attention. I stopped to look at my masterpiece. Both of her nipples were hard and erect eager for more attention.

I had other ideas. I dropped to my knees and placed my hands under her flowing skirt. With one quick pull her cotton panties where around her ankles.

She stepped out of them as I got up. Placing one hand on each side, I helped her onto the counter. I dropped to my knees again placing my hands to spread her legs. There was her hole. I noticed how beautiful it was as well as the red hair. She was a true red head. I moved in for the kill. With my right hand I gently rubbed the entire length of her slit.

I moistened my fingers with her juices. With my fingers slippery I rubbed her clit lightly. She moaned as I continued to rub up and down paying more and more attention to her love button each time.

I moved my face closer to smell her aroma. I bent in and kissed her clit. A wave of pleasure came over her as she bucked her hips to get more pressure. She was moaning. I opened my mouth and licked her hard clit. She moaned even louder. Slowly at first and then harder and faster, I licked her clit while inserting my finger into her love hole.

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At first it was one finger then two. Her hips bucked to meet my thrusts. I reached down and stroked my cock with my left hand. It was rock hard. It needed attention and it needed it now. I stood up and guiding my cock with my right hand slid it into Mellissa's hole. It slid in her tight slot with ease from all the wetness. I pulled out a little and shoved just the head in. I pulled it out and rubbed her clit with the head of my cock. She cried out that she wanted fucked. I was happy to oblige.

With one fast motion, I shoved it into her as far as it would go. She yelled out in great pleasure. I continued to slide it in and out with varying degrees of speed.

She yelled every time I shoved it all the way in. Her hand was on her clit as I fucked her tight hole. Her breasts bounced all over as I fucked her like an animal. It didn't take long before she had an orgasm and I was happy I was able to hold off mine. I was getting to the point of no return when she pushed me away. I started to think "you slutty bitch". She said, "I want to drink your cum". Falling to her knees and opening her mouth, my cock was soon being sucked by Mellissa.

It didn't take me long before I shot my load and at first she started to gag. It didn't bother her and she continued to suck every last drop out of my now dying cock. It got soft in her mouth as she licked up every last drop.

There was a knock on the door. We hurried and put our cloths on trying to make us presentable. We opened the door and there stood Mellissa's boyfriend and another student waiting for the darkroom after me. Mellissa went to her boyfriend and gave him a deep kiss on the mouth. I wondered if he tasted my cum in her mouth.

They walked away hand in hand down the hall. When I got home, I opened my book bag and there were Mellissa's panties, a souvenir for my fuck in the darkroom.