Movie of real gay sex suck breast Straight man goes gay for cash he

Movie of real gay sex suck breast Straight man goes gay for cash he
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Chapter 30 CAMPAIGNING, ONE By the end of the week, all the boys from the party had logged onto Claire's website and rated her sexual performance.

She got a little buzz from being rated as "high" by all the boys. And with the addition of that data, Claire had completed her R grade. She got the change made on her ID by Michael the next Monday, just after she sucked him to orgasm.

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Next was Q grade, and Claire was pleased to find she had already completed most of the requirements for it. Michael had another surprise for Claire. She and Kitten were going with Michael on a campaigning tour, to visit several important politicians in their home states and win them over to a new suite of reforms Titcage wanted to implement. He said he had already gotten confirmation from Claire's father, and she would be home in time for her first porn viewing party that Friday night.

She wouldn't need to pack, he told her - he already had a suitcase for her. And they were leaving in an hour. And so a nervous Claire found herself on a week-long series of plane trips and hotel stays.

They visited several cities and stayed in a different hotel room every night. On the planes, generally they say in rows of three seats, with Michael near the aisle and Claire and Kitten together near the window. Michael would make the two girls discretely masturbate all flight long while listening to their earbuds, without letting themselves orgasm.

When they needed to piss, both girls would go together to the toilets, Claire blushing intensely as other passengers watched them enter the toilet stall together, and then they would piss in each others' mouths. Often at these times Claire would grind her cunt against Kitten's face, desperate to cum, but Kitten (like a good slut) would never let her. In the hotel rooms, when the girls weren't working, he would keep them naked, their hands bound behind their back, their legs bound together, with their clit rings vibrating.

He would chain the girls' clits together with a short length of chain. The bondage kept them from rubbing their cunts or scissoring their pussies together, and the short length of the chain kept them from turning around to 69 each other. They had nothing to do but look into each other's eyes and kiss while their pussies drooled with arousal.

Claire found she liked this treatment despite herself.

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It felt good to be able to be naked with Kitten with no one judging her. She liked being aroused, and liked the feeling of her ciltoris buzzing, and because of the situation it wasn't even her fault that she was so horny. She kind of wished she could spend more time like this, naked and chained to a pretty girl. When it came time to work, he had the girls go through another ritual. One of the two would suck his cock until he was ready to cum, and then he would ejaculate into a cup.

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The girls would then 69 each other, licking each other to the verge of orgasm before pissing into each others' mouths. The horny sluts would then shower, then pour the cup of sperm over their tits, massaging the semen into their fuckbags before dressing in the slutty clothes Michael had packed. And they were slutty.

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Claire couldn't believe she would be wearing them in public. There were skirts so short they didn't cover her cunt at all. There were "tops" that were little more than see-thru plastic sheathes that slid over her tits and were held in place by painful elastic at the base of her boobs.

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There were cocktail dresses with holes cut out to show off her ass. There were lacy bras designed to be worn with no top covering them. Claire felt like a total whore in each and every one of them. Although, she had to admit, she liked the look of Kitten in more-or-less-identically whorish clothes.

And then the two degraded sluts were taken out to see politicians. There were a package of reforms that Titcage wanted instituted in this round of parliament, and for each one Claire and Kitten were asked to talk it up and explain why they wanted it, why it would be good for women, and why they deserved to be degraded like that.

They usually did this while sexually satisfying the politician. Sometimes they fucked him. Sometimes they titfucked him or sucked his cock.

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Occasionally the politician wanted to spank their cunts or whip their fuckbags, and the girls let him. "This reform will make it legal for businesses to discriminate against women on the basis of breast size," said Claire as she bounced up and down on an elderly man's dick. "Basically businesses will be able to refuse to hire small-titted women, or pay them less, or fire them if they refuse to get a breast enlargement.

Big titted women face a lot more challenges in life; they are more likely to get back pain, they are more likely to be raped, and their bras and clothes cost more. I don't think it's fair that sluts with tiny little slutbags should be treated as well as women who make the effort to please men by having big fuck handles like mine." In another meeting, Claire held Kitten's head down on a politician's cock to suck it, while she explained, "Breast reductions should be illegal.

Bitches who make their breasts smaller are doing it for no other reason than to make themselves less attractive to men. We already have laws against public graffiti.


We are agreed that defacing public property is a crime. Why do we let women deface their bodies this way?" "If businesses are going to be able to discriminate based on breast size," gasped Claire, as a politician whipped her naked tits, "they need to be able to get reliable data on those breasts.

This law will make it legal for companies to require breast inspections of employees or prospective employees, to measure and photograph their tits.

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They can do this at the start of employment or as often as every week, if they choose. They will be able to keep the breast photos in an employee file and make them available to future employers on request." "And this last law," Claire finished, as she knelt across a naked Kitten's face and released her bladder, pissing all over her friend for a strange man's entertainment, "will make it illegal for women to lie about their breast size, or refuse to answer a question about their breast size, punishable by imprisonment.

Why would a woman lie about her tits or keep their size a secret? Only to deceive her employer, surely. Or to try and trick a man into thinking she is worth more than she is. So with this law whenever someone asked me how big my udders were, I would have to answer with a quick '34DD, sir'." Their reward for a good performance was that Michael would let the girls cum.

He usually did this by taking them back to the hotel and fucking one of them in the cunt while the other girl masturbated; afterwards they could 69, one girl licking the sperm from the other's recently pounded twat, until they both orgasmed. It was the best part of each day.


The girls must have been good lobbyists, because even as they flew home, the news was already reporting that the laws had passed, and would take effect immediately. The business councils were already gathering to implement a national database of breast photographs, and a payment scheme that would see sluts being paid more money based on how big their breasts were.

Commentators were saying that A-cup girls would be living on the poverty line, while only bitches with a G cup or higher would be permitted to earn top dollar. Claire felt satisfied with her DDs, and felt lucky to have such big tits and not be as useless as more petite sluts.

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(To be continued.)