Cougar and teen babes share big dick in threesome

Cougar and teen babes share big dick in threesome
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It had finally happened. I had moved out. I finally was living somewhere that i could do what when i want. I could finally do all the things that i couldnt do whilest living under my parents roof. I could walk around naked, i could buy fleshlights, i could cum all over mysleft and slowing lick it off while siting in my living room if i wanted to.

And. I could finally fuck whoever or whatever i wanted to. As you can tell i am a pretty weird guy. Well for some backstory when i was my friend and i were experimenting with alchohol and we didnt really know what to do. It was my birthday. My friend Cody was staying the night.

My parents were gone to the city (we lived in a small town, closest walmart was atleast a 4 hour drive) and my brothers were still in california with my grandma for a few months. My dad had bought me 2 liters of vodka and a 32 pack of beer. I thought that it was going to be a big party. I had invited over 12 people but they all had better things to do or couldnt stay the night.

My best friend Cody was the only one that was able to stay the night. No one was there except for us and we had A LOT of booze. Together we drank 8 beers and about half a liter of vodka. Me and Cody both loved sports. Which ment we had great bodies. I was more heavier set then him but men in my family were tall and had big shoulders. Anyways we were fucking drunk. We had both had way to much and were definatly not going to remember most of the night.


We had been playing video games for the last 2 hours atleast. I had an xbox 360 and some Call of Duty game (cant remember which one. newest though). We were talking shit online and having a blast. We got bored after a while so we messed around on the internet.

I remembered someone had told me about a website called 4chan. We went on it and went straight to the adult section. After a while of looking at random tits on the internet he asked me, "Soooo.

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want to watch some porn". I sat there for a second before asking, "Sure. But how will we jerk off without it being gay?". He laughed and said, "Dude dont worry about it, if you dont tell i wont tell".

So we indead up searching the internet for porn. We watched a couple different videos then he got up and took off his clothes. I asked him why he did and he responded with, "I love jerking off naked. It feels the best". I then agreed and did the same. He had atleast a 4 pack and was super buff. I was looking at him sitting beside me holding his dick and staring at the screen. "What? You dont think it feels better?" Cody said. "No i think it feels great too. I was just staring at the wall." He giggled and said, "Hey its ok if you think im hot.

I would say the same to you." I blushed. I had never thought i was into guys before but he was looking amazing. We kept watching porn. Slowly jerking off to it. We soon came acrross a video where this couple was having sex. Midway the guy stopped and got on all fours. She went to a dresser and pulled out a strapon dildo and lube.

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When i saw this i was really turned on. I once used my finger in my ass while jerking off and it was amazing. She started to lube up the dildo when Cody stopped the video and changed it. "Why did you do that? Put it back i was enjoying that." I said.

"Really? you want to see a guy fucked in the ass by a girl?" Cody exclaimed.

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"Well i thought it would be pretty hot to be that guy" I said. He then looked at me with a grin and said, "So what you want a dick in your ass?" Cody chuckled. "Idk ive used my fingers and it was amazing. Havent you played with your butt while jerking off?" I was embarresed when Cody started to laugh a little.

"No but i have fucked a guy before and he said it was good." Cody said with a smile.

He then went into his night bag and grabed a bottle of lube. He then poured a glob into his hand and covered his dick in it. Then sat down and motioned me to come over. "Come and sit" he said.

I was very curious by the situation. I thought, well if my fingers felt good then this will be the best! So i went over to him and bent over so he could put some lube in and on my ass. He put so much on that he could easily slip his index finger in and out like nothing. He grabbed my firm bubble butt and started to lower me on his manhood. I turned around and lowered myself so we were face to face. He smiled and said, "Dont worry.

Ill start off slow, you'll love it i swear." As i started to lower myself he guided his dick so it would go right in. i slowly lowered myself so that i could literally sit down on him. When i was all the way seated he stared to thrust slowly. i had my arms around his neck holding on for dear life as he started to fuck my ass. I was moaning within seconds. it felt like something was finally filling a part of me that needed to be filled. He was going faster and faster.

And i waas moaning louder and louder. It felt amazing. after about 5 minutes of good fucking he was going so hard and fast that i was almost screaming. He grabbed my mouth and staretd to make out with me so i couldnt wake the neighbors.

It was so amazing that i didnt even notice that my dog buddy was sitting in the corner of my room licking his rocket. I told him that i was about to cum and so he said when i did to get up and do it on his dick. I didnt understand why and i didnt care.

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When i was ready i jumped up and his cock plopped out of my ass and was standing at attention. I jerked off for maybe a second and blew my load all over his dick. He then told me lay doggy on my bed. I of course listened. I had my ass in the air when he kneeled behind me. His cock soaked with lube and my own cum and shoved it back in me. Now it felt even better. So warm and wet, also knowing that my own cum was being used to fuck me made me hard again.


He fucked me so hard that i thought my asshole was tearing. After about 3 minutes in this position he said that he was going to fill me up with he cum and get me pregnant.

Now at the time i didnt know anything about how babies were actually make and how cum really worked. (Our hick ass school didnt put us through sex edd unti we where 16) All i knew is that i wanted all of what he had inside me.

i almost screamed at him to make me his bitch and that i wanted to be his little wifey. He came so hard and so much that i still swear that there is some in me today.

After filling me to the brim he told me that i needed to stay there while he got duct tape to seal his seed in my asshole. i stayd and clenched my cheeks. When he got back he made sure that nothing would leak out. We then layed in my bed together.

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He held me while i layed my head on his chest and told him he was amazing. "Well tonight went better than expected" he said. "Yeah i didnt think that i was going to be able to be someones bitch at all." He looked at me with a grin on his face and said, "Dont worry, ill let you be my bitch until your parents get back." I was so excited. The next day I woke up very hungover. Cody was out cold still. I went to the bathroom and when I sat on the tolit I felt the tape on my ass.

I thought it was weird so I pulled it off. When I did I felt stuff pour out. Now I was really intrigued to see what had happened last night. My parents had installed security cameras in all the rooms of the house.

They thought I didnt know the password to view it but I always have. So I went into their room to watch over last night.

It had I finally happened. I finally got fucked by my bestfriend/crush. And I didnt even remember it.


While.i watched it I kept asking myself why I drank so much and why couldn't I remember it. And then he appeared behind me, grabbing my shoulders.

"Its ok, I'll give you more to remember".

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And he spun me around and stuck his long, thick cock right down my throat and fucked me. I was in heaven. It felt amazing to be face fucked.

And with only a small gag reflex. Mmmm. It was amazing. After he was getting close he lifted me up and threw me on my parents bed. We were in missionary, he now shoved his tongue down my mouth while rubbing out dicks together.

Then he lifted my legs up and stared licking my asshole. It was one of the best feelings of all. And once he got it all nice and wet he started to drill my ass with he magnificent cock. He fucked me like I was his little whore. And he came in me like one too. "Sorry, I just love the feeling of your man pussy around my dick". All I could do was moan.