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Slutty nymphos fuck the biggest strap on dildos and spray juice everywhere
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Alex snapped his fingers pulling me back from my erotic memory, I looked up at him and he leaned back on the couch and raised his eye brow.


"Okay, my turn…, Truth?", he nodded and I asked "Have you ever slept with Jackie?", I smirked at him when I saw the shock on his face, Jackie is a friend of our mom and I always thought that he was too comfortable with Alex for it to be just a normal relationship and the shock on his fave right now proved that it was nothing but normal.

"Umm… Who told you that?", he asked me sternly and downed a drink.

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"So it is true", I replied slowly. "It was a thing of the moment okay, it just happened and we both liked it so it became a mutual agreement", he said quickly, looking me straight in the eyes as if trying to gauge my reaction.

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I opened my mouth and gaped at him, "so it happened more than once?" He smirked and looked at me "I'd say more than you could possible imagine", my mind was reeling with his information and that's when I noticed that I was wet from my earlier memory and the info my brother just gave me.

"Close your mouth sis", he brought me back again from my thoughts and when I looked at him, He was smiling at me. "We even have videos", he added and laughed at my shock. "Now, truth or dare?", he asked me.

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"Dare", I automatically answered. "I dare you to take your top off", he said casually and I glared at him. "Hey, that's…", I gave up on my argument when he raised his eye brow again. "Fine", I spat at him while I shrugged it off, leaving me with my red bra while I thought of a way for a revenge.

"Truth or dare?", I asked sweetly and he narrowed his eyes and I beamed at him. "Dare", he replied and I was ecstatic for that answer. "I dare you to show me those videos you have of Jackie and you", he was obviously not expecting that and neither was I but I was horny and I needed to see what my brother can do to a woman.


"Okay", he stood up and went to his room, I was surprised by his calm demeanor, I was expecting more of a fight. He walked back in with his laptop and hooked it to the tv and looked back at me while I downed another drink and I was feeling a buzz. "Do you want me to play all of them?", he asked calmly.


I nodded "start with the one you like most", I let the words slip out before I could comprehend them. He looked shocked and I wasn't surprised. He played one of the videos and as I could see, he had quite a collection.

He came back and sat next to me, and we watched. The camera angle was perfect as it started and we could see the bed and table and comforter, I was impressed by my brothers camera skills, the video was clear.

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I watched him walk in with her and squeezed her large ass, he tensed slightly next to me and I held his hand without even thinking. I watched as he took her to the comforter and sat down with her in his lap, they started kissing and it was erotic, he had his large hands on her ass and she was grinding it on his crotch area and the wetness I felt increased even more.

She stood up and started stripping slowly, teasing him with her curves and she stripped until the only thing she had in were her shoes and panties, he pulled her back to him and greedily kissed her as she pushed his pants down and stroked his cock, I now noticed that I was holding on to my brothers hand, the same hand squeezing that ass tightly.

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I now saw my brothers cock and it was huge, about 8 inches and had a large pink mushroom head. I licked my lips and watched as Jackie stroked him more, his hand was now in her panties, no doubtless playing with her clit, she was moaning loudly.

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He stood up and wrapped her legs around him while he moved to the bed and laid her there, he pushed her panties all the way off and plunged his cock into her, she screamed out loud and started moaning again.

At this instant I was so aroused I barely noticed that I was rubbing my pussy over my shorts with my brother next to me.

He pushed his pants down and pulled his shirt off as he started thrusting harder into her, she was screaming and moaning and kept asking him to fuck her harder, I could see he was playing with her clit as he was fucking her and suddenly he pulled out of her and I could hear her whine, he removed his shoes and knelt I front of her, pulling her legs to his shoulders as he slid into her again with a groan. He started thrusting harder and I could hear he screaming, "fuck me harder Alex, that's it baby, shove that cock into my pussy" I stood up and pushed my shorts down without caring that he was next to me and shoved my fingers into my pussy.

I watched as she moaned and groaned, cumming more than once and he turned her and started thrusting harder into her, in doggystyle. This was my favorite position and my brother was amazing at it, he pushed her to him and he fucked her so hard, he was groaning now and I heard him scream I'm cumming and that did it for me.

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I came so hard right there while he released his load into her pussy. I was just coming back to my senses when I noticed that my bother was furiously stroking his cock, but he wasn't looking at the tv, he was looking straight at me.