Fantastische Carlee In Frei Kam übernatürlich Tun Um Sexatcams Mit

Fantastische Carlee In Frei Kam übernatürlich Tun  Um Sexatcams Mit
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It's a warm summer night.I'm out for my night walk in the park.The moon is shining on the river beside me.I'm expecting my friend Joe to come join me soon.

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After walking around the park a couple of times,i deciede to relax on the swings and wait for him.Then i notice headlights comming tward me.When i finally seen him park and open his car door,my heart started beating faster with excitment.We have hooked up a few times before tonight and every time is better than the last.

I stood and greeted him with a hug.His strong embrace around my body felt amazing. He placed a soft kiss on my neck,and hightened my excitment even more.He pressed his body firmly against mine and began rubbing his buldge on me.I felt his hardness growing beneith his pants.I could tell he was ready for me.I looked into his eyes as we both leaned in for a Hot,Deep kiss.I could feel my pussy throbbing,wanting him to please me now!He started moving his skillfull hands around my body and kissing down my neck making me moan.When his soft lips finally reached my chest,i pulled the front of my shirt down and fed him my hard pink nipples.

Joe sucked and caressed them as if he had been hungry for my body for a long time.


Suddenly we noticed lightening flashing in the sky above us.I finally pulled away,still holding my titts,i started walking away,wanting him to follow me. We reached a picnic bench under a big shade tree.I sat on the top of the table and decieded to tease him a little.I slid my hand down my shorts with one hand and with the other i lifted my nipple to my mouth and began licking it.Little drops of rain began falling from the sky as Joe released his stiff dick from his pants and started to stroke it slowly.It only took a few seconds before he moved closer and knelt between my thighs.He slid my shorts down until they dropped to the ground exposing my smooth cunt.I wanted him so bad!


I layed back as i felt his fingers slide my soaked panties to the side and penetrate my pussy slowly with his long finger. A soft moan came from my lips as he lowered his mouth to lick the sweet wetness that he created.I reached down and spread my pussy wide open for him to devour.He began tweaking my clit with his talented tongue while continuing to finger fuck me.I could feel the explosion coming.I lifted my hips and grinded my sweet pussy on his tongue,letting out a loud moan i released MY HOT PUSSY juices.Joe stood before me and began rubbing the head of his thick rod on my clit,then slowly slid it inside of my wet hole.His strong hands held my thighs wide open for deep penetration as he went deeper.Finally he pulled out and walked around the table.I was ready to taste my sweet juices on his beautiful chocolate dick dick.I gripped his shaft immediately and began licking the entire length.He tasted so good!

Looking up into his eyes,i could tell that it wouldn't be long before my mouth would be flooded with his hot cum.I began stroking harder and slid his stiff rod deeper into my mouth until the tip hit the back of my throat causing me to gag.His dick was soaked with my spit as i continued to suck and stroke.

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Joe grabbed a handful of my hair and started to fuck my warm mouth.I knew he was close to orgasm.His moans got louder,as i massaged his balls and continued to suck his black meat .Then finally he shot a huge hot load of jiz onto my tongue and lips.His head fell back and he closed his eyes as i sucked and licked the cum from his cock.

I couldn't get enough of him.I wanted him inside of me again.I wanted my juices dripping down his shaft.I stood and led him to sit on the edge of the seat,then straddled his lap and began to lower my pussy.

His sexy black dick grew harder as he pushed it deeper inside of my soaked hole.I began to grind my pussy and rotate my hips. Joe grabbed my hips and lifted his body,meeting every stroke i tightened my pussy muscles and came harder than i have ever came before,covering his dick in my love juices.

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As we layed back on the bench for a moment to breathe the rain started to fall harder onto our naked bodies. I sat up and kissed him passionately while rubbing my hand across his firm, wet body.Trailing my hand down his firm stomach to his cock.I craved this man's dick in my mouth once again.

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I twisted my body around and straddled Joe's face.His talented tongue went right to work on my pussy.As i leaned over to devour his sexy meat,he slid his tongue into my hot hole and began to tongue fuck me.His finger massaging my swollen clit sent me off the edge,and i began to shake as i covered his face with my sweet cum. I climbed down off of the table and positioned myself between Joe's legs.

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As he layed there letting the rain pour over his body,i began to stroke his stiff cock again.I trailed my tongue across his balls and then sucked on them gently,listening to his deep moans.I worked my way up to his slippery dick,kissing and licking the shaft until i reached the tip.Still stroking him i slid him completely into my warm mouth once again.Stroking and sucking his dick faster and harder,i could hear his moans getting louder.His legs began to shake.Just as he was calling out my name,his tasty jiz flowed into my mouth.

We agreed that this was a night to remember and repeat!! please let me know how you like my stories. and i will take requests