Saucy bitch begs for some rough anal brunette

Saucy bitch begs for some rough anal brunette
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This is my first story so please go easy on me. Let me set the scene for you; basically I was 17 and had recently lost my virginity to a girlfriend at the time, and broke up merely days before this happening, so here we go.

I was sat in my room, playing a little Xbox after a really long day at work.

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Working in a school was really difficult but to top it off on that day I had been called into work for my weekend job as a party organiser because the weekday organiser was off ill, so anyway, I was sat playing when my phone began to ring, it was my ex. "Hello", "Hey Jay" I knew something was up straight away; she was crying her eyes out and could hardly speak, she was sniffling and making really loud exaggerated crying noises. "I have a problem," she continued "I'm pregnant" "But you can't be" I replied, "You told me you were on the pill" "I am .

well was," "And were you when we had sex?" I asked. "Yes" "So how has this happened then?" And she replied with only the words "I don't know" then put the phone down, I was in total shock I couldn't believe that I had been so stupid, all that was running through my mind was that I had ruined my life and I had no idea of what to do. I picked up the phone and rang my boss, she and I were really close and I told her everything, "Hello" she answered.

"Hi Rachael, I have a problem, Ami is pregnant," by this point I was in tears, I felt like my life had come to an abrupt end and I could no longer hold back the tears. "Okay, I'll come and pick you up in five minutes, you can come to mine and have a few drinks to calm down" "Okay" I replied and put the phone down. I sat there in my chair and waited for a few minutes before I realised I still wasn't dressed from getting out of the shower, I had only some boxer shorts on.

I quickly jumped up and went to my dresser, rummaging through the drawers I could find nothing to wear, everything was either creased and would need ironing or just too scruffy to wear. I looked out onto the landing and found a fresh pile of clean washing all folded nice and neatly, I picked out my new jeans and a black polo shirt and put them on. Within seconds of getting dressed; Rachael was at the door, I opened it and stepped out.

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It was dark and the rain was falling, so I rushed down the garden path and got into Rachael's Mitsubishi warrior that was parked at the end. Karen looked really nice, casual but nice. She had a white crop top on which was now totally see through from the rain so I could see her pink bra which was struggling to hold her perfect breasts, she had on a short denim skirt so I was able to see most of her legs and I instantly got hard over her image, her red hair fell nicely down her back and she looked over at my and gave a little smile when she saw that I was checking her out.

The drive back to Rachael's house was short, only a mile or so and we were there within minutes as the roads were totally empty.

When we got inside and I went and sat on the sofa and grabbed the television remote from the coffee table in front of me nothing was on really so I just switched over to a music channel and turned it down so that it would just be a little back ground noise. Rachael came in with two glasses of coke and a large bottle of vodka so that I could put my own in depending on how strong I wanted it, we sat and talked for a while then Rachael got up to get another coke from the kitchen, her skirt rode right up as she did so and I could not help but to stare, she turned and I quickly looked at the TV I don't think she noticed because when I looked back round she had not moved her skirt back down and was now bent right over looking into the fridge, she had pink French knickers on which matched her bra, and I could see a small wet patch were her pussy was.

My filled with images of her bare pussy and I stared to ask myself many questions, did she shave? Why was she wet?

Was it because of me? Rachael came and sat back down but was sat much closer to me than she was before, our shoulders were almost touching and she leaned her head slightly towards me, I instinctively turned my head and rested it on hers.

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After a little while of just watching music videos Rachael decided to change channel and lent right over me to get the remote, almost resting her tits in my lap as she did.

I instantly got hard and I had to place my hands over my lap to hide my boner. Rachael turned on a really crappy show and my mind starting wondering, from where my head was on top of hers I could see right down her top and got a full few of her cleavage, I was getting more uncomfortable by the second as my boner tried to break out of my jeans.

Rachael started shifting in the chair and she twisted round so that her legs were over my mine which were now propped up onto the table, her legs were beautiful and I could see right up her skirt as I stared my boned popped out from under my waistband were I had just placed it and hit Rachael's leg, she must of felt it but she didn't even twitch, she just carried on looking at the TV.

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After a few minutes my boner started to fall ad a broke out into a smile because I thought I had got away with it when Rachael turned to me and said "Am I not turning you on anymore?" I stumbled on my words and could not speak, I was trying to, but nothing would come out. Rachael leaned over to me and kissed me on the lips; I kissed back and opened my mouth when I felt her tongue probing me.


We explored each other mouths for what seemed like only seconds before she broke off the kiss and started moving down my neck, kissing every inch. I leaned over and returned the favour, staring with her neck then slowly moving lower, as I kissed her left shoulder I gently pulled down the strap of her top then moved over to the right and did the same, I grabbed hold of the top and pulled it over her head and chucked it on the floor, all the while kissing her upper body breaking my kiss only to remove the top.

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As I worked a little lower I arrived at her breasts, I reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra while she took off the straps and let it fall into her lap, I picked it up and chucked it with her top on the floor.

Her breasts were nice and perky, not even a bit of sag and easily a D cup, I started to suck them, starting with the right then the left playing with the other and rolling her already rock hard nipples between my fingers, Rachael's head fell back and she let out a low moan before pushing me back and nearly off the sofa, she turned so that she was now sat on my lap and pulled my polo shirt up and over my head, she kissed my chest then down to my stomach all the while she was gently tickling me with her nails.


She worked her way down to my jeans and unbuttoned them; she pulled them down as I lifted my hips to help, the only thing between her face and my rock hard cock was my tented boxers, she pulled them down and leaned in really close, I could feel her warm breath on my fully erect cock and really wanted to grab her head and force it inside her mouth, but I was really enjoying being teased. She slowly moved up her hand and took hold of my cock, she stuck out her tongue and licked the end then started to stoke it and she looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes then engulfed the whole 8 inches of me.

She began furiously sucking my cock and I wanted to come instantly but I tried to hold it back as I was enjoying it too much, she looked up at me again and the beauty in her face was just too much and I spurted my whole load in her mouth, she kept sucking until she was sure she had every last drop then opened her mouth to show me before swallowing it all.

I decided it was time to return the favour and stood up while she was still in my lap, picking her up along the way and placing her down on the sofa before kneeling between her legs, I pushed up her skirt and admired her panties before slowly peeling them away from her soaking wet pussy and pulling them off her, I leaned in and inhaled her gorgeous scent before opening my mouth and licking her pussy lips, her clitoris instantly got hard and I enjoyed swirling my tongue around trying really hard not to touch her clit as to intensify her please when I did, she started letting out low moans and bucking her hips in rhythm with my licking, after a few minutes of licking I started stroking her pussy lips with my finger and gently pushed it inside her as I stoked my finger in and out of her soaking pussy I flicked her clit with my tongue making her moan every time I did.

Rachael's moans started getting louder and louder before her whole body was shaking with and overwhelming orgasm, her back was arched and her pussy was squeezing my finger tight, after about 2 minutes she finely relaxed back into the sofa and I gently removed my finger, she was breathing really heavily and smiling at me, she sat up and pulled me close by the back of my neck, she started to kiss me passionately and slowly manoeuvred me so that I was led on the sofa, by this time my cock was rock hard again and Rachael straddled my lap with her pussy aiming right at my cock, she looked at me and smiled before slowly sitting on my cock, I grabbed her hips and aided her movements, she started slowly, just bouncing up and down taking in the whole of my cock before lifting up again leaving only the end in, after a few strokes she started to build up speed, gradually getting faster and I began to move my hips in time, we had a perfect rhythm going and I was able to last longer this time.


We were going for ages, constantly changing positions, from missionary, to cowgirl, to reverse cowgirl and the ended in doggy style. Rachael was knelt on the sofa and I was stood up behind her, I was trying hard to pleasure her and even with my inexperience, was doing a good job.

Her head was right over the back of the sofa and she began to bite the leather cushion which was there for show, in order to muffle her moans.

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After only a few minutes a could feel that ever so familiar feeling stirring in my balls, I was about to come I pulled out, unsure of weather she was on the pill or not and defiantly not wanting to have a phone from her telling me she is pregnant, so I told her to finish me off with her mouth and she jumped at the chance, she quickly spun round on the sofa and put the full length in her mouth before vigorously stroking my cock and making my come instantly.

After we finished, we collapsed on the sofa in total exhaustion and fell gently into a deep sleep still totally naked. P.S. If there are any women reading this, and would like webcam chatadd me on [email protected]