Amateur ex gf sucking dick and swallowing

Amateur ex gf sucking dick and swallowing
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I normally go out on Friday nights; my children usually go over to their fathers for the weekend. This Friday my sons were staying home and not going over to their fathers' house untill the next day. I still went out that evening with a couple of friends. When I got home that evening I saw that my sons were still up. I had a good buzz going and I was feeling very horny. I came into the house and found my sons sitting in the family room playing on the Playstation.

"Hey mom, did you have a good time?" Ryan asked. "Yes I did sweetie. I have a great buzz going right now. Why don't you boys stop playing that game and take out your cocks.

I feel like jacking you two off right now." Knowing how horny my sons are I figured that would get their attention, it did. Hunter and Ryan quickly turned off the game and they unbuttoned, unzipped their shorts and pulled their cocks out. I slowly stroked their cocks, at first I just watched my hands moving up and down their shafts, I would squeeze hard with my upward stroke, milking some pre-cum out of their rock hard cocks.

I listened to them moaning with pleasure with each stroke of my hands. I looked up into my sons' eyes; they were filled with lust and pleasure. Ryan and Hunter had leaned back on the sectional, their hands behind their heads. I knew they were enjoying having their mom on her knees jacking them off. I wanted more than just to jack them off and I was going to get it. I began to fondle their balls as I to talked to them.

"I have something to tell the both of you." Mmm yeah, what is it mom" Hunter moaned to me. "Hunter, Ryan I found that fucking magazine and the picture of me in it!" I squeezed their balls hard, just enough to give them some discomfort. I watched as they both turned white. "You little perverts have been jacking off to me!

You fucking incestuous boys have been thinking about fucking me, your mom?" they didn't say anything, they looked in pain and panicking.

"Answer me damn it! You fantasized about fucking me didn't you?" "Yes. Yes mom, ow, you are hurting us!" Ryan almost screamed. "What about you Hunter?" "Yes mom I did." "I'll bet you thought of me sucking your cocks too. I know high school guys your age that is what you fucking want. You want your fucking cocks sucked. I am you mom, you little lustful incestuous fucker's." I squeezed their balls a bit harder. "But mom. you have been giving us hand-job's." "That is one thing, but thinking about fucking your mom and thinking about her sucking you cocks is another!

You both fantasized about me giving you blow jobs, didn't you?" I yelled at them, in my pissed off mom tone of voice.

They both winced in pain and hissed yes to me. "So when you thought about me sucking your cocks, did it look like this?" At that moment I released their balls. I grabbed Hunters cock with my right hand and began to stroke it as fast as I could. I looked at my son Ryan, I opened my mouth and before he could say anything I slid his cock into my watering mouth.

I took his cock all the way into my mouth. My son let out a very loud moan of pure lustful pleasure. I worked my wet tongue all over my son's hard cock. I began to bob up and down on his shaft as fast as I could, sucking as hard as possible. I am very good at giving head and I knew my sons would not last long, which is what I wanted. I could just imagine how happy Ryan must have been to look down at his mom's blonde head going up and down on his hard, wet cock.

He began to run his fingers through my long blonde hair. "Oh yeah mom. Suck it! Suck my fucking cock. Look at me mom, I wanna see my cock going in and out of your fucking wet, slutty mouth." I bent his steel rod shaft a bit and looked up into my sons' eyes.

I kept taking his cock into my mouth as fast as I could, sucking really hard. "Oh fuck mom. Fucking suck it! Ooooooh yeaaah, you are the best cock sucker." I looked over at Hunter; his cock was oozing a lot of pre-cum.

I slid Ryan's cock out of my mouth; a long string of saliva and pre cum went from my tongue to the head of his red hard cock. I looked at Hunter; "You want me to suck your cock too?" Hunter grabbed his cock out of my hand, held it at the base and waved his hard prick around. "Suck it, wrap your lips around my cock and suck it!" I moved over in-between his legs, I grabbed Ryan wet cock in my hand and began to stroke him good and fast. I took the tip of my tongue and ran it along the underside of his wet cock.

When I got to the underside of his hard shaft, right at the tip of his prick, I flicked my tongue, as fast I could, like a snake. Hunters' pre-cum started to flow out of his cock. His saltiness tasted so good, I couldn't wait to have him blow his load in my mouth.


Hunter squirmed like I had never seen any man do before. "Oh shit mom! Oh fuck that feels great! Don't stop.fuck don't stop mom! Lick my cock!" Ryan spoke up, "Look at mom go! I told you she was a little slut." I stopped licking Hunters cock, "So you think I am a slut.your little slut mother." I flashed him a very wicked smile. "Keep talking dirty to me. I am your slutty, cock socking, mom." I slid Hunters cock into my mouth and began to suck it like there was no tomorrow.

My own pussy was soaking wet; I never experienced such pure lust, as I was experiencing at this point. Hunter put his hands on my head, using my head as his fuck toy.

My mouth let his cock go and I moved back over to my other son's cock. I gave his cock a good tongue-lashing and he responded the same way.

I ran my lips up and down his shaft, when I would get to his piss slit, I milked out Ryan's pre-cum and let it cover my lips. "Suck it mom! Suck it! Oh fuck. oh fuck mom.Seeing your lips on my cock is better than I ever imagined." I grabbed his cock at the base; I stuck my tongue out and beat his cock on it, letting some of his pre cum splatter on my tongue. "You boys like your slut mom sucking your fucking hard, wet cocks?" They both said yes in very lustful tone.

For the next couple of minutes I went back and forth between my sons cocks, sucking one while jacking off the other. I could feel Hunters cock beginning to stiffen even more, I knew he was getting close to cumming. More and more pre-cum was flowing out of the head of his shaft. With my free hand I pulled my blonde hair to other side of my head so my son could get a good look at me sucking his brother's cock.

My other son, Ryan, held my hair off to the side. "Oh yeah mom, you are so fucking hot! You are the hottest, sluttiest mother." I slowly slid my sons cock out of my mouth, my wet lips were covered with his tasty pre-cum. Ryan left a nice coating of his pre-cum on my tongue. I flicked my tongue quickly around the head of his nice red cock. I moved over in-between Hunters legs. My sons cock looked so good, hard, wet with pre-cum; I couldn't wait to have it back in my mouth.

I licked my sons' shaft, from the base of his cock slowly up to the head of his red, rock hard cock. I circled my tongue around his prick head, and then I ran my lips up and down each side of his cock.

"Ooh fuck mom. That feels so fucking good. Please suck my cock.please mom, suck it!" Hunter moaned to me in a very lustful manner. I devoured my sons' cock, sliding it all the way down my throat. Hunter let out a very loud moan. He placed his hands on the back of my head, he rested them there, enjoying watching his mom's head bobbing up and down on his erect shaft. I could tell he was really close to cumming, I let go of Ryan's cock so I could run both my hands all over my sons body as I sucked him off.

"Oh mom! Oh fuck.I am gonna cum. I can feel it. I.I cant hold it much longer mom.! I'm gonna cum!" I could tell what my son was asking, he was asking me, by telling me over and over he was going to cum, if I was going to let him blow his wad into my hungry, wet, hot mouth. Of course I was going too, I wanted to taste his cum, I wanted to feel his sticky load spurting into my mouth, on my tongue and deep down my throat.

I just kept sucking on his cock, harder and harder. I looked up into his eyes as I was bobbing up and down on his shaft; the lust in his eyes was about the same as the lust I was feeling. His brother finally yelled out, "Do it Hunter!

Fucking cum in her mouth! Give it to mom, give her your cum! She wants you too!" Hunter then began to fuck my mouth, he began to wildly thrust his hips upward, his nice hard cock fucking my mouth as if it was my very wet, tight pussy. I loved it! I loved the lust I was bringing out in my sons; I had never felt this level of pure lust before. I had never felt this desirable to any man as I did at that moment with my sons.

"Oh yeah mom, here it cum's. I'm gonna fuck'in cum in your mouth. Oh fuck.oh yeah.I gonna cuummmmmm!" At that moment, with and upward thrust of his cock, Hunter sent a huge surge of hot, thick, sticky, salty cum spurting deep into my mouth. His cum felt so good spurting across my tongue and down my throat. He fell back down on the sectional; I kept bobbing my head up and down his cock as his wonderful cock released another wad into my mouth.

I began to swallow as much of his cum as I could, as fast as I could. "Oh fuck.oh fuck.she is swallowing! Ryan, she is swallowing my cum!" Hunter yelled out with lustful glee.

I heard Ryan reply, "Alright! I knew she was cum lover!" I was so into sucking and swallowing Hunters cum, I hadn't noticed my other son standing up next to me. Hunter kept cumming and cumming, I didn't realize I made him that horny.

I actually couldn't swallow his entire load fast enough. Cum began squirt out the sides of my lips, dripping down my chin, coating my sons cock with his thick, rich load of cum.

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When he finally stopped, I ran my tongue up and down his cock, letting him enjoy not only the feeling but the sight of his mom licking up every drop of cum off of his prick.

"Yeah mom, lick it. Lick all my cum up. You are so fucking hot, so slutty. I love it! Oh fuck that feels so good." Ryan yelled out to me, "Turn around mom!" I raised my head up off of Hunters cock; that is when I noticed my other son standing next to me, his hand was working up and down his steel rod at a blur.

"Stay on your knees mom, just where I slutty mom like you belongs! Now open up your mouth and stick out your tongue. I wanna see my cum blowing into your hot mouth. I gonna cover your fucking tongue with my cum mom!" Of course I did what my son wanted. I tilted my head back, opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out as far as it would go.

There was still some of his brother's load on my tongue and lips. I watched my son jacking himself like a wild, horny teenage son. "Oh yeah mom, here it cum's! I gonna fucking cum in your mouth!" I noticed my son bend his knees a bit, his legs stiffened, he quickly grabbed my hair towards the back of my head, and he began to stroke his cock wildly.

He was moaning, 'oh yeah, oh fuck here it cum's mom, here it cum's. With that his nice hard cock erupted. My son sent his first two spurts of nice white, thick, sticky, gooey cum onto my face. One spurt landed on my forehead, the next jetted across my nose and upper lip. Then he leaned forward, he held his prick just above my open, watering, waiting mouth and continued to jack off. My son sent several spurts of his tasty cum directly into my mouth, down my throat, just where I wanted it.

"Yeah mom, take it! Take it all! Swallow it! Eat my fucking cum mom!" I started to swallow his wonderful tasting cum. Mmm; it was so hot, salty, thick and gooey, just the way I love it! Then Ryan placed the head of his prick on the tip of my tongue. My son continued stroking his cock, spurting his thick cum onto my tongue. He sent several more spurts of his hot, thick, salty load on my tongue, covering it with hot gooey cum.

"Yeah mom, your tongue looks so good with my fucking cum all over it! You like the taste of cum, don't you?" I kept my tongue out with his cum on it, I just responded by going "Uh huh!" "That's what I thought mom." Then Ryan took his cock and with the head of his shaft he slowly pushed his cum load along my tongue, sliding his shaft into my mouth.

Some of my sons cum went down my throat, some of it spilled out on to my lips, and the head of his prick was covered with his thick cum. "Now wrap your lips around my cock and suck it mom. Eat my cum and lick me clean!" I wrapped my lips tightly around my sons' prick. I first swallowed his load, letting him enjoy the feeling of my tongue pushing his load back down my throat and then the feeling of my throat sending his cum load down. I ran my tongue all around the head of Ryan's prick, collecting up every drop of his cum.

Then I finished him off by sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, sucking hard, cleaning up his cock which was loosing some it's hardness. When my son Ryan was done blowing his load in my mouth, he pretty much collapsed back on the sectional.

I stood up, wiping the remaining cum off of my face and lips and of course swallowing every drop of my sons' cum. "That was the first blow job you two every had, wasn't it?" Both of my sons looked at each other then nervous responded yes. Hunter spoke up "How did you know mom?" I smiled, licking my lips; "A mom can tell when her sons haven't had a blow job before.

Well, you boys have a choice. You can both keep that picture of me and continue to jack off to it. Or you can give me back my fucking picture and I will give you blow jobs anytime you want!" I watched their eyes bug out as I continued, "Yes you heard me right.

All you would have to do is tell me you want me to suck your cocks or just pull out your hard pricks and I will drop to my knees and suck you off. So Hunter, Ryan, which is it?" Of course I knew what my son's were going to say. "Take your picture back mom! I want you sucking my cock!" Ryan said in a lustful tone.

"No shit! I want you sucking my cock and letting me cum in your mouth mom." Hunter added. "Great boys!


I hoped you would give me back my picture." I giggled a bit. I started to leave the room when my sons asked me where I was going. "Oh, I am going upstairs to my bedroom. I didn't realize that giving my sons a blowjob would make my pussy so wet.

I am going to go get myself off before I explode." I left my son's sitting there, stunned by my answer. I got up to my room and at first I thought about getting out my vibe or dildo but I decided I just wanted to finger myself. I left my bedroom door wide open; I had a thought I would have some company.

I had only gotten my skirt and blouse off when my son's came into my room. Both of my sons were naked, they had their semi-erect cocks in their hands. "Can we watch mom?" They both asked me. I smiled a lustful, wicked smile at them as I moved over to my king size bed. I turned facing my son's, I decided I would give them a little strip tease. "You can watch but you can't touch unless I tell you to." I reached around behind my back and unhooked my bra.

I slowly pulled it off of my shoulders, keeping my nice 34C tits covered. Then I let my bra drop to the floor. I started to fondle and massage my tits; my nipples were already standing out, erect and hard.


I could see my son's eyes go right to my tits, their teenage lust was building in their eyes and in their groins. I began to moan, with real lustful pleasure; it was really turning me on having my son's watch me play with my tits as I watched them stroking their cocks. I lifted my tits up to my mouth, I flicked my tongue across my nipples then gave each of my tits a nice good, long sensuous suck.

"Mmm, my tits and nipples taste so good. But not as good as when they were covered with all of your cum. I loved it when you came all over me, when I made you jack off and cum all over me. When I came upstairs to shower, I stood in my bathroom and licked all of your cum off of them. It tasted soooo good!" I watched my son's cock's go instantly hard. I slid one hand down into my wet panties. Wow, my pussy was dripping my sweetness more than I ever knew I could.

"Hunter, Ryan, you two made your mom's pussy incredibly wet! Do you want to see my pussy?" "YES!" They both yelled at me with a wild lust, it excited me beyond anything.

I continued to play with my pussy with one hand and my tits with the other. I wanted to tease them a bit longer. My boys didn't complain I could tell they really liked this. I looked at my son's and then I said. "Would you boys like to take my panties off for me?" They both instantly rushed forward, each grabbed one side and they yanked them right off.

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They both let out a lustful gasp of pleasure when they saw I am completely shaved. I gently pushed them back, "Keep stroking your nice hard cocks." I got up on my bed; I bent my legs up and then spread them wide.

I slid my fingers up and down my wet slit, and then I began to rub my clit. "Do you see? Do you Hunter, Ryan? Look at how wet you boy's made my pussy." "Yeah we see it mom, we see it!" Hunter said. Ryan spoke up and said, "Your pussy looks great!

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I wouldn't mind, licking it." I didn't say anything, I was torn inside, part of me wanted to just let my sons have their way with me but another part said I had already gone too far and I couldn't let my sons fuck me or even lick my pussy. I moved myself back up onto my bed, laying my head on my pillow. I went back to slowly rubbing my clit and playing with my nice tits. I looked over at my son's who were still standing by my bed.

"Wouldn't you boy's like a better look at me playing with myself? Hunter, Ryan, why don't you climb on up here, one of you on each side.just kneel down next to me." They moved like lighting getting up on the bed. They both knelt down next to me, watching me finger fuck myself. "Oh yeah, my pussy is so wet, hot, tight. I can't believe how fucking horny you two made me.

Keep jacking off for me, pleeeease." My sons both went back to stroking their cocks, just inches away from my naked, writhing body. I watched their eyes working there way up and down my hot, luscious body; they licked their lips as they watched my fingers going in and out of my wet pussy.

You could here the slurping sound my fingers were making I was so wet. "Have you ever tasted a pussy?" Both of my sons's nodded no. I slid the fingers on my right hand out of my wet pussy, slid my left in there.

I made sure I had a nice coating of my pussy juice on them. Then I reached up to both Ryan's and Hunter's mouth. I ran my sweet, wet pussy juice covered fingers across their lips.

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They opened their mouths and I slid my fingers in. I could feel their tongue's lapping up every bit of my sweetness. "Oh wow mom! Your pussy tastes so fucking good!" Ryan spoke up. Hunter added, "It tastes so sweet. I would love to eat you out!" I took my fingers out of their mouth's, I couldn't believe what I just did, I flushed a bit, which my son's took as me getting even hornier!

"Look, mom is turning red and sweating even more! Fuck, we are making her hot!" Hunter said, "No way we can make her hotter than she is now.

Mom, you are making me so horny. I am so close to cumming again!" I think they were right. I started to finger myself like crazy. I wanted to get off right there in front of my sons! I wanted them to see their mom writhing around, screaming in pure animalistic ecstasy! I held one of my tits up to my mouth, running my tongue all around my large, dark areola. I flicked my large nipple around, then sucked on it. That sent a bolt of pleasure down to my clit, then back up my body like I never experienced before.

I arched my back up, my tits bounced around; I let out a large moan. "Oooooooh fuck.

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yeah. You boys are going to make me cum, soooo gooooood." I saw the pleasurably lust in their eyes when they heard me say that. They watched my tits bouncing around wildly as I began to writhe around on my bed in pure heat of lust. "Huuunter.Rrrryaaan. Cummmmm all over me. Please.I .I.want your hot, sticky cum all over.over me!

Please cuuuummm on my tits!" As soon as I got that out, I could no longer hold back. I let out a scream of pure lustful pleasure; my pussy tightened around my fingers as I experienced an incredible orgasm.

Wave after wave of pure pleasure came over me, I thought to myself "Oh fuck I am having multiple's!" I writhed around on my bed; my fingers dug into my pussy. "Oooooh yeah.Oh God.Oh yes.aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" I had my head titled back, my eyes were closed as I arched my back while another, incredibly intense orgasm wracked my body. At that moment I felt hot, sticky, cum landing on my body.

I barely opened my eyes to watch my sons'. Hunter's cock was spurting out huge streams of thick, white cum. He had a gleeful look on his face as he shot his cum all over my body and I mean all over! He yelled out "Here it cums mom! Yeah take this!" He fired a spurt onto my arm and hand down by my pussy.

Another spurt of cum splashed on my stomach. A huge, long spurt of his wonderful, hot cum spurted out of his cock like a geyser. It splattered all over my tits. Cum landed on my face, neck, and my other hand which I using to play with my tits. My nipples became cum covered, sticky Popsicle's. I was so turned on. Ryan's cock began to fire off small spurts of his salty load.

He leaned close to me, spurt after spurt after spurt after spurt of his cum came launching out of his prick. He added his cum load to his brother's, making my tits wet with cum. Then he aimed his cock for my face. Cum spattered on my chin, on my cheek's, my nose, I opened my mouth wide, letting out a moan as Ryan's cum came spurting in. My son moved closer, shoving his cock into my wet, cum hungry mouth. I felt his whole body jerk as he pumped his remaining load deep down my throat.

"Take it mom. Take all my cum you slut mom! Lick it! Suck it! Eat my cum!" His cum coated every inch inside my mouth and my tongue. My tongue began lapping up the cum as it spurted out of his prick and into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed every tasty bit of his cum load. Both of my sons fell back, spent from their incredible cum load dumping they did on me. I nearly passed out for a moment from the pure intensity of my orgasm's. I massaged Hunters cum load all over my body.

I just wanted to feel his hot gooey cum all over me. I held my cum covered tit's in my equally cum covered hands. I held them both up to my lips, I slowly, sensuously licked and sucked up every drop of cum my son's had happy spurted on me. My son's just watched me with pure pleasure, lust still in their eyes, taboo thoughts running rampant in their minds. "God my tits taste so good with your cum on them! Ryan went over to my armoire and open up the second drawer.

Get my dildo and vibrator." Ryan gave me an odd look, I guess he was afraid to grab my sex toys. "Go on do it honey. I will let you boys fuck me with them.if you want." Well as soon as Ryan heard that he rushed over to get them.

I spread my legs and told Hunter to fuck me with the dildo, I told Ryan to run the vibe over my clit and around my nipples. My sons happily did as I said. Hunter slid the dildo in and out of my tight wet pussy; he really never did it slow.

Ryan loved running the vibe on my clit then on my nipples. I could tell he loved making his mom squirm and moan with pleasure. "Fuck me Hunter! That's it, fuck me hard and fast. Oh fuck!!! Oh yeah! Fuck me, Hunter, that's it! Fuck your mom! Fuck your mom good!" Hunter licked his lips as fucked me hard and fast with dildo.

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I moaned, writhed around in absolute pleasure. Ryan ran the vibe between my nice large tits. "Oh yeah Ryan! I love that! That feels soooo good. I love having a nice hard cock between my tits! It really turns me on when a guy slides his cock between my tits and fucks them hard.

I love it when he cums all over my tits!

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Do you want to fuck my tits? Do you wanna fuck your mom's tit's?" Ryan responded lustfully. "Yeah I wanna fuck your luscious tits mom! I wanna fucking cum all over them and all over your face. I wanna see you lick up my cum! I wanna fuck you too!" Hunter spoke up. "Me too! I wanna fuck your tits, I wanna spew my cum all over you, your tits, in your mouth and your pussy!" "Make me cum boys!

Fuck me, oh yeah, fuck me with dildo. Is that your cock Hunter? Huh, are you pretending that is your nice hard cock?" "Yes mom. I'm fucking you the way I would with my own cock." "Oh shit you are doing soooo good. I bet you would be a great fuck Hunter. Oh yessssss! You hit my G-spot!!! Do it again. Please fuck me again right there. Ooh God! Oh yes, do it! Keep fucking me with that nice hard cock." Ryan said he wanted a turn, so Hunter slid the dildo out of my very wet pussy.

They traded and Hunter went to work running the vibe over my whole body. He really likes playing with my tits and nipples with it. Ryan fucked me even harder and faster with the dildo. "Feel that mom? That is my cock now! I would fuck your brains out mom! You are so fucking hot!

I would fill your pussy with my cum, then make you lick my cock clean!" I looked at my sons through my lustful, pleasure filled glazed eyes.

Both of their cocks were rock hard again, bright red, dripping pre-cum. I couldn't last much longer with my sons pleasuring me like that. I hissed at Hunter to run the vibe over my clit. Within a few moments after he began to run the vibe over it, I came with a very loud scream. "Oh shit, fuck me faster! Faster Ryan.faster, with my clit.fuck boys make me cum.make mom cuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm," I writhed around my bed as I experienced an incredible orgasm.

My sons kept fucking me with the dildo and vibe. I felt Hunter slid the dildo out of my wet, tight pussy and Ryan inserted the vibe. I worked it around in my pussy, pleasuring every part of hot, wet pussy.

I arched my back several times, my tits bounced around wildly. My nipples looked like little flagpoles. As soon as my orgasm was over I whirled around and got on my hands and knees.

My sons were still kneeling on my bed, their nice hard, erect cocks drooling pre-cum. I wanted cock and I was going to have it. I grabbed both of their cocks, I pulled them close together and I wildly began to suck and lick both of their cock heads at the same time.

I took both of their prick heads into my wet, waiting mouth. I ran my tongue over both of their cock heads, licking up every drop of the pre-cum dripping out of their nice hard shafts. This took my sons off guard.

They both let out loud moans of pleasure. Both of them started moaning things like, suck it mom, yeah lick my cock. Look at her licking our cocks, our mom is such a cum lover.

I went back and forth between my sons' cocks, taking each one deep into my mouth and throat. I sucked hard and fast on each of my son's cocks. As their cocks were in my mouth I snaked my tongue all over their erect, hard shafts. I savored every inch, every taste of their wonderful cocks. Hunter and Ryan's pre-cum mixed together in my mouth, making for a wonderful flavor to me. My sons began to run their hands through my long blonde hair.

Each one would hold the back of my head and thrust their cock into my mouth as I was sucking them off. Then they began to run their hands down my back, down to my ass.

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I didn't say anything; I loved the feel of my sons touching my naked body. I let them grab and massage my tight ass. As they did it, I made sure I sucked and licked them even harder, so they knew I approved and enjoyed it. Then they slowly ran their hands back up my body, slowly working them along my sides, closer and closer to my tits, which were bouncing around as I sucked my sons off. I knew they were going to grab my tits and I wanted them too.

Sure enough when they got opposite my luscious tits, they both slowly moved their hands to my tits, waiting to see if I would protest. Finally they both took my tits in their hands. They went wild fondling them, squeezing them, and playing with my large nipples. I knew then that they had never felt tits before. "Shit, mom, your tits are fucking awesome!" Ryan said. "Oh fuck I would love to suck on them and fuck them." Hunter added. I loved the feeling of my sons playing with my tits as I had their cocks in my mouth.

I could tell by their moaning and breathing that they were going to deliver their loads of sticky cum into my hungry mouth. Ryan grabbed the back of my head with his other hand; he thrust his cock into my mouth and let his cum load free. Spurt after tasty spurt of thick, hot, salty, gooey cum spurted out my sons piss slit, coated my tongue, my mouth and slid down my throat.

"Oh yeah mom, take it, take it all! Suck my cock.yeah swallow all my cum!" Hunter started to cum, his first spurt landed on my lips; I opened my mouth, grabbed his cock and placed his prick head on my open lips. His cock spurted large thick loads of cum into my mouth. Ryan stopped cumming, so I quickly took hunters mouth into my mouth, letting him fuck my face and blow the rest of his tasty cum load into my waiting mouth.

Of course they came more than I could hold, so their thick cum was dripping out of the sides of mouth, running down my chin and face. Wow I loved the feel of their hot cum on my face and lips. When Hunter's ejaculation subsided, I sat up licked as much cum as I could off of my lips. I bent back over, grabbed their cocks again and used the heads of their pricks to wipe up the remaining cum from off of my chin and face. Then I licked and sucked their salty wads off of their cock heads.

I asked them if they enjoyed that, they both said fuck yes! I told them they better get some sleep, their father would be over to pick them up for the weekend.