Stepma Cory Chase Takes Care Of Lustful Needs

Stepma Cory Chase Takes Care Of Lustful Needs
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My neighbour's wife is a young, very good looking half Chinese girl called Doris. She is slim and barely 5' tall, and so looks tiny. But she has thick black hair and brown eyes, nice little tits, long slender legs for her height, and a neat figure with a very cute round bum.

Her husband Jack is a little older than Doris, and to my good fortune, he has developed a desire to see his young wife getting used. Last night he invited me along to watch and take notes about what was going on, when he and Doris were to visit a couple that he knew, Roy and June.

He had told them about Doris, and how she was very pretty, part Chinese and part English, and very small and petite. Big, dominant June was very eager to meet small slender Doris. Her eyes had lit up. "Just the kind of girl I like," she had told Jack. She was even happier when he told her that Doris would have something special added to her drinks, and would probably be a bit woozy but would also be very submissive and very open to suggestions. As soon as she was in that groggy condition, he told her, it was no holds barred, June and Roy would be allowed to do whatever they wanted with his sexy little wife.

Doris looked really good in a short yellow dress that showed off her neat figure and legs, and went very well with her dark hair and oriental looks. She was wearing ridiculously high heels which must have boosted her height to at least 5'4, but she was still tiny compared to the rest of us. The first half hour or so was all just friendly chat and drinks, then Jack signalled it was time.

We were served up another round of drinks, including the special one for Doris. She was only slightly tipsy by then, more relaxed than anything, but it only took a few sips of her drink and she was suddenly looking dazed and confused.


She didn't seem to realise that with her legs crossed, the short dress had ridden up to show a lovely length of thigh. Without her being aware of it, she was letting everyone see that she was wearing stockings by carelessly exposing the stocking top and a tiny bit of exciting bare thigh flesh above. Jack could see the others looking at the display of his wife's legs, and with a smile, he deliberately hitched the dress high enough for both thighs to be bared along with sexy suspenders straps above the stocking tops.

Doris didn't notice what he was doing and still looked in a daze when he pulled her to her feet. It was obvious she could hardly stand, and looked very small and vulnerable. Jack lifted her arms behind his neck and her pretty face remained blank. He turned her round, holding her waist, so she was facing the rest of us. Roy and June were perched right on the edge of the couch, looking Doris up and down and excited in anticipation of what was in store for them. "How do you like my wife," Jack asked.

"My little asian slut of a wife. She does whatever I tell her, you know. Don't you, Doris?" Doris very slowly nodded her head. "Of course, honey," she murmured, her words slightly slurred. There was the sound of a zip being pulled and suddenly Doris's dress became loose.

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Jack slipped it off her shoulders and peeled it down to her waist, revealing that his pretty little wife was wearing a black half cup bra. Jack said, "What do you think everyone, has she got nice little tits? Want to see them?" Doris's face was expressionless, and Jack said "Smile, Doris." She managed a half smile while Jack was telling her, "Everyone wants to see your tits, Doris. Take off your bra." Doris in her bemused state was slow, but her hand came up and fumbled with the catch at the front of the bra, until she managed to undo it.

The front of the bra parted. She raised her hand up very, very slowly to each shoulder in turn and slipped the straps down her arms.

The bra fell to the floor, and Doris stood passively, her hands by her sides, her pert little tits on display. Little tits, but firm, round, and high set, with prominent nipples. Her smile had disappeared and her face looked bewildered, but Jack pressed on.

"Hold your tits, Doris, both hands. Pull your nipples." Doris obediently cupped both tits and began to pull and twist her nipples. Almost immediately they began to expand and stiffen, and Doris couldn't help breathing faster and panting a little with her mouth slightly open. Meanwhile Jack completed unzipping the dress and it joined the bra on the floor. Doris's arms fell to her sides and she stood still in front of everyone, swaying slightly in her high heels, looking dazed, her eyes blank, her tits bare, and her stiff nipples standing out on stalks.

She was now wearing only her panties, stockings and a very narrow lacy suspender belt around her waist. "Fuck, what a hot little bitch!" The comment was from Roy, who then added eagerly, "Turn her round, Jack, I want to see her arse." Jack spun Doris round and had to catch her from falling over.

The sight of her nearly naked little round arse raised murmurs of appreciation. It was so perfectly formed, her well rounded arse cheeks giving her tiny slender body some very sexy curves to go with her high set tits.

Jack turned her round again and pushed her forward towards the space between Roy and June on their couch. "There you are," he announced. "Doris is tonight's entertainment for you. I've got her all sexed up, just look at those stiff nipples on her.

She's all yours and you can do whatever the fuck you want with her. Remember, all you have to do is suggest something for her to say or do, and the state she's in, Doris will do it for you." June was so eager, she didn't waste any time.

She pulled Doris down onto the couch beside them and her hand flew between Doris's legs and pressed against Doris's panties. "Is your pussy hot, baby?" she said with some excitement in her voice. "Want me to feel you up a bit?" Her fingers were already rubbing up and down on the flimsy material. Doris uttered a low moan, and Roy pulled her head round to face him. "You gonna be a good girl for us, Doris?" he asked.

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"You gonna do what we tell you?" Another low moan came from Doris, then she murmured "Yes." Roy grinned. "Oh fuck," he said. "This is gonna be good." His hand swept up Doris's slender body from her thigh to her tits. "Take my cock out, bitch," he added hoarsely. "Suck it for me!" All Doris's actions were slow and her words slurred.

It was like she was in a daze. She fumbled for his zip, and Roy undid his belt himself. His jeans opened, and Doris had a half hard cock in her hand.

She held it for a moment, and Roy snapped "Suck it, bitch!" She bent her head towards it, mouth open, and obediently guided it slowly between her lips. I glanced at Jack. He was sitting watching, smiling contentedly as he watched his wife take a stranger's cock in her mouth. June had stopped feeling Doris, she was staring at the sight of the little drugged Chinese girl bending over her husband's cock.

"Fuck!" she exclaimed. "I don't believe it! She's really doing everything we tell her! I think it's about time we got her knickers off!" She pulled the little Chinese girl away from sucking Roy's cock, and got her leaning back against the couch with her legs stretched out together in front of her.

With a big smile on her face she hooked her fingers into the waistband of the skimpy panties, and began to pull them down. Doris stared up at her with a blank expression as the older woman yanked down her knickers and threw them aside.

She pulled Doris forward to the very edge of the couch. "Open your legs a bit, Doris," she said. "I can't feel your cunt properly with your legs closed!" She had to wait a few seconds for Doris to respond, then the slender nylon clad legs parted and June uttered a "Wow!" as she saw Doris's pussy for the first time.

"Look at this tight little pussy that Doris is showing us! Take her leg over your lap Roy." Roy slipped his hand under Doris's thigh and dragged it across his lap, spreading her legs well apart. June eagerly put her hand on the bare thigh flesh above the top of Doris's stocking. "You still want me to feel your cunt, Doris," she teased. "Come on, tell me, it would be so exciting to hear you say it!" Doris slowly turned her head towards June, and nodded.

"Tell me, Doris," June repeated. "What is it you want? I can't hear you." Doris's eyes were glazed over, but she heard what June was saying to her. After a second or two, she murmured, "Feel my. cunt." June smiled in triumph. But she wanted more. "No, Doris," she said. "I want you to feel your own cunt. Show us what you do when you're feeling all horny and thinking about a nice big hard cock in your cunt." Doris gasped.

She turned to look up at June as if she was going to say something. But she had to obey. Her hand slowly moved down between her legs until her finger was pressing against her clit. She moved it further down, and rubbed it between her pussy lips.

All eyes were glued on the sight of Jack's pretty little wife lying back on the couch virtually naked, with her stockinged legs spreadeagled like a whore, starting to work her middle finger into her exposed cunt. We knew she was doing exactly what June had told her, and that she was imagining that she was taking a cock in her cunt.


Each time she pushed her finger in, she gave a little excited gasp and her hips trembled. At last June pulled her hand away. "Is your cunt wet now, honey," she demanded. "Let me see." She bent her head between Doris's thighs and her tongue flicked out at Doris's clit.

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This brought a low moan from Doris, and another louder moan as June pushed a finger into her cunt as well. For a few seconds June gave us a display of licking and finger fucking Doris, then she stopped and stood up. "My god she is so fucking tight! And soaking wet!" She called over to Jack. "She's a horny little cunt, isn't she. I think she really does want cock." "Ask her," came his reply.

June laughed. "I don't have a cock. But I do have a dildo." She turned back to Doris. "Well, my horny little asian cunt," she said with a sneer. "Do you want my dildo?" She reached under the couch for her bag and produced a black dildo, holding it up in front of Doris. "Well, cunt? Do you want it?" There was the usual few seconds before Doris responded. She nodded, and muttered in a croak, "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes.

please." "That's better, slut." June was enjoying herself, she knew Doris could not resist and would say and do whatever was demanded of her. "Take it," she ordered. "Take it your hand. Put it in your mouth. Suck it." Looking permanently dazed, Doris held the dildo for a moment then brought it up to her mouth.

She slid the bulbous tip of the dildo between her lips and began a slow sucking motion with the dildo sliding in and out. "Look at the horny bitch!" exclaimed June. "She thinks she's got a cock in her mouth!" She intervened again, pulling Doris's arm down. "Right, Doris," she said. "Rub it over your tits then put it in your cunt.

And keep your legs wide open so we can all see you fucking yourself." Doris obediently moved the dildo down and rolled it across her stiff nipples. She gave a series of little gasps as she moved it from one to the other, then she opened her legs even wider, and guided the dildo down towards her pussy.

She let the head rest for a moment, pressing it against the lips, then her glazed eyes closed and she slowly pushed it into her cunt. "All the way, Doris," rasped June. "Take it all the way in, that's right, deeper, go on, all the way." The dildo looked grotesquely huge between Doris's slender thighs, but she kept pushing until the whole length to the handle was buried in her cunt.

Her head was thrown back, her eyes opened, staring blankly at the ceiling. June took her wrist, pulled the dildo back a little then jammed it back in hard. Doris gave a little squeal and her mouth fell open. "You do it just like that, Doris," June said excitedly. "Real hard!" The helpless Chinese girl lifted her head and looked down at herself, spreadeagled naked on the couch holding a dildo buried deep in her cunt. She pulled half the dildo out, then jabbed it back in.

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June was not satisfied. "For fuck's sake, Doris," she exclaimed. "Do it like this!" She grabbed Doris's wrist and brutally worked the dildo in and out several times. When she took her hand away Doris continued the action in the same rhythm. We watched her fucking herself, her head and shoulders jerking forwards each time she thrust the dildo into her cunt.

Within a minute or two her hips started convulsing. Her legs flapped around, coming together then immediately spreading apart again, and all the while she kept pummeling the dildo into her cunt. When she orgasmed she let out a wail and let go of the dildo with her hips jerking and her knees opening and closing. June reached for the dildo and pulled it away.

"Well, well," she said, looking around. "We really have a dirty horny little cunt here." She looked at Doris sprawled on the couch, panting. "You want to taste a real cock in that pretty little mouth, Doris?" Gasping and panting, with her eyes half closed, Doris murmured, "Cock.

yes." "Get on your knees then, bitch," June ordered. She pulled Doris off the couch and made her kneel on the floor in front of Roy, and told her to hold his stiff cock in her hand and take it in her mouth.

We watched Doris do exactly as she was told. As she sucked Roy's cock, her hand moved up and down the shaft, and Roy started to groan. June turned to Jack. "You've got your bitch well trained, haven't you," she said with a smile. "She sure knows how to suck cock!" June watched Doris sucking the cock for a few moments then pulled her back.

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"My turn," she said. She thrust her pelvis against Doris's up turned face. "Suck my pussy, now, bitch," she snapped, grinding her hips against Doris. She held the back of the girl's head for a few moments to keep her face jammed against her pussy, then released her. She spoke loudly and clearly. "You are a slut, Doris, aren't you. Tell me you are a slut." Doris replied, speaking slowly, almost in a whisper, her eyes blank.

"Yes," she croaked. "I'm a slut." "And you like cock. Tell me." "Yes. yes. I like. cock." June paused, thinking. Her hands dropped to Doris's tits and gripped her nipples. Doris winced, and June laughed. "Your nipples are still stiff, bitch, you still feeling horny?" Doris lowered her head and this time she did not answer. "Will you show us how you like taking cock, Doris?" June continued.

"I mean, your favourite way, the way you get the best cums." Doris nodded slowly and croaked "Yes." "Tell us." "I like. I like. I like on top." "Why?" "I like. to ride cock." June looked round, grinning, then turned back to Doris. "There's a man here with a big cock.

You were sucking him off a minute ago. Do you want to ride him? Do you want to ride his big cock? It's awfully big and your cunt is so small and tight, will you manage?" Doris was breathing fast. She nodded.

"Yes. I like. big cocks." June grasped Doris's chin again and lifted her head. "Look at it, Doris, is it big enough for your juicy little asian cunt? Lie down Roy, I think Doris wants to fuck you." As Roy lay down on the floor, Doris, still on her knees, put her leg across his body and slowly slid herself towards his cock.

She raised herself slightly and reached between her legs for his shaft. She was almost panting as she guided the stiff cock to her pussy and let it penetrate her wet cunt. Her hair fell forward across her face as she began a slow rocking motion. Riding the cock in her stockings and suspenders and high heels, Doris looked just like a perfect little whore. She suddenly fell forward across Roy's chest. Her pert round arse cheeks were framed by her suspender straps, and with her knees on either side of Roy's body it meant that we could easily see her cunt impaled on his cock.

She was fucking him, but moving only a fraction to and fro. June saw her opportunity. Leaning over Doris's little body flat out on Roy's chest, she said, "Doris, you've got a nice big fat hard cock in that tight little cunt of yours.

Does it feel good?" Doris groaned. "Yes," she breathed.


"Well, I've got a a treat for you." June mounted Doris's body, facing backwards, her hands resting on Doris's bum cheeks. She gave them each a series of slaps, and was rewarded by a series of gasps and cries from Doris.

She traced her middle finger between the cheeks, and found the hole she was looking for. She stabbed her finger in to the knuckle. Doris reacted with a short sharp shriek followed by a long low moan.

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To nobody in particular, June said, as if reading poetry, "It seems our little horny whore, has had some cock up here before." She gave Doris's arse another few slaps. Her finger went back into Doris's arse hole. "Doris," she called out. "We know you take it up the arse, do you want another cock up here?" Doris didn't answer. She was moaning constantly and her fucking was getting more vigorous, probably due to having her arse fingered.

June picked up her dildo and pressed the head against Doris's arse. "I think the bitch is nearly going to cum off again. Let's see how she likes it with both holes filled." She pulled Doris's arse cheeks apart and rammed her dildo straight in. Doris screamed out as the dildo plunged in deep.

But she was grinding her hips faster and faster, taking both cocks deeper and deeper into her cunt and arse. June furiously rammed the dildo in and out and Doris was crying out, groaning, whimpering and panting all at the same time, her slender little body was shuddering, she was on her elbows, her head thrown back, and she orgasmed again with both cocks buried in her holes.

She was still shaking when June pulled her to her feet. "Get up, whore! Get on the couch!" She almost threw Doris along the couch, and straddled her face. Leaning forward she pulled Doris's legs apart and buried her face in the girl's pussy. Her hips were moving as if she was fucking Doris's mouth, and at the same time her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked and licked at Doris's freshly fucked cunt.

She was using two fingers inside Doris's cunt as well when Doris started cumming yet again. Her legs started kicking and her hips began bucking madly, and June's finger fucking became a frenzied pummelling of Doris's helpless cunt.

Both of them climaxed at about the same moment. As June rolled off the couch, we watched Doris's naked body still convulsing in an incredible long drawn out repeat semi-conscious orgasm.

When she calmed down a little, she lay panting, eyes closed, her stocking clad legs apart and stretched straight out. Leaving her where she was lying, we had a few minutes talk. June asked Jack if he had enjoyed watching his slut cumming off on another woman's fingers, and Jack said he was very pleased. Roy looked over at Doris's naked body and said, "I've never seen such a horny little cunt.

We're not finished with her yet, are we. How much time have we got?" "Not much, honey," June replied with a smile. "Go on, I can see how hard your cock is and I know what you want. You want to see how tight her little girl's arse is, don't you." Roy grinned back at her and went over to Doris.

"Wake up, Doris!" he said. "You're getting some more shagging, you little cunt." Doris stirred, then opened her eyes and propped herself up on her elbows. Her bleary eyes looked down at herself, and frowned slightly in surprise as if she realised for the first time that she was naked. "Where am I," she whispered. "Why am I like this." Roy said, "You said you wanted somebody to shag you, Doris.

Well, look at my cock. Do you still fancy a shag?" Doris tried to focus her eyes on Roy's stiff cock. "Yes," she murmured, still under the influence.

"Cock. shag. yes. please. fuck me." She was so small that it was easy for Roy to straighten her body, then lift her legs by wrapping his arm round her ankles. His cock nudged against her arse, and the earlier dildo fuck made it easy for it to penetrate her. But this time her legs were held together, up in the air, her arse framed by the taut suspender straps.

There was a look of shock on Doris's face as Roy buried his cock in her arse and began to fuck her, mercilessly ramming his cock in and out. The tightness must have been incredible. Doris had not been expecting to be fucked in this way, her face was twisted up as she felt the cock stretching her, she was moaning and gasping as each thrust almost lifted her into the air.

Her head rolled from side to side and her arms thrashed about as Roy's fucking became more frenzied. It was a sight to see. Her naked tiny body was jerked and jolted and tossed about like a sexy little doll, all with her legs held upright and pinned together.

Roy powered his cock in and out of her tight hole, with huge thrusts that rammed his thighs against her buttocks. Jack was beside them, wanking his cock as he watched his wife getting such a severe fucking, encouraging Roy.

"Fuck her Roy! Give it to her hard! Fuck the bitch harder! Harder!" Roy responded by fucking Doris even faster, slamming into her arse with such force that her whimpers and moans turned to wails. She might have been cumming off again but she was shrieking so much it was impossible to be sure. Jack came off at much the same time as Roy, his cock spurting cum all over Doris's face and tits.

Roy went rigid and gave Doris one final enormous thrust and then drew his glistening cock from her hole. Panting hard and covered in sweat, he pushed her legs aside and once again Doris was left sprawled out, moaning, her well fucked slender naked body cum spattered and exhausted. June decided that was a fitting climax for the evening. Everyone got cleaned up and dressed.

June asked Jack if he would bring Doris back and said, "How would you like to see your sweet little wife naked, on her knees acting like a whore, sucking cocks and me giving her one with my strap on dildo?" Jack was supporting his dazed wife, still unsteady on her feet. "Would you like that, Doris," he asked her. "That might be a real good fuck for you, I guess." Doris managed a weak smile and a shaky response.

"That sounds. that sounds good, honey. I like.

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I like a good fuck."