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Peituda chupando at eacute_ o fim
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Older Slutty white Women and the Black Men That Love Them! I met this incredible older woman on a kinky sex site. Her name was Trish she is 60 yrs old and a true slut! Not to be confused with a nymphomaniac or a whore. I think the definition of all three would be different and yet very much the same in many respects? A nymphomaniac has a strong and uncontrollable sex drive and in many cases is a classy attractive woman in all other respects!

A whore is one that engages in all sorts of kinky nasty sex acts for money and can be young or old attractive or not!. And a slut is much like both, a whore and a nymphomaniac that will do almost anything with anyone when it comes to sex.

The more humiliating perverted and abusive the better, as her insatiable and uncontrollable sex drive is what makes her what she is, and money has little to do with with her interest in perverted sex! I love women like this they are not even close to playboy models or lookers and Trish is certainly not one.But she is so appealing to men as they know she will do anything when it comes to sex and the thought to most men brings an instant hard on!

I have met at least a dozen women over the years that have impressed me and of course I married one. Trish at age 60 is a real slut she is over weight sloppy with a big ass and gigantic 44" hanging tits. She her ass mouth and pussy has been well used by her husband and so many other men over the years that both have lost count, and it shows!

Most women back in the day when they were young that fantasized about sex and when sex with black men was discrete and behind closed doors, as it was forbidden territory and a place where few white women would venture. Unlike today where many young women could care less if anyone sees them romantically in the company of black men much less having sex with them and most of the younger ones even like to flaunt it! Trish like my wife married a white husband that also like me loves to see his woman in the hands of others.

To the point that he is always thinking of ways to see her naked humiliated and fucked in public and has set her up with numerous black men and placed her in submissive situations where she will easily be made to suck black cocks and be fucked hard by black men! For Trish it has always been a scary situation, but the sexual anticipation of what could or will happen to her in this kind of perverse sex play has always overcome any hesitation or concern in doing them.

She has always obediently done any of the things her husband has told her to do. She has been propositioned by other men as a kept woman and has been offered all sorts of kinky sexual situations to come live with them as a well used sex toy. Several of these offers have been quite tempting and she has even considered taking some of them up on their offer!

Trish is a true slutty woman and this is what appeals to many of these men especially those that have met her or seen her in action. She just reeks of nasty perverted sex appeal.

Her sex drive and desire for kinky and abusive sex has always overridden any rational thought of what could or might happen. For her these kinky encounters to be with well endowed black men has removed any guilt about such things, as the thought of being naked an helplessly in the hands of perverted black men has been even more deliciously appealing!


The following is in Trish's own words. Here is one of many things my hubby has had me do: One Saturday afternoon on a weekend my husband says he has a surprise for me. I am told to shower, and shave my cunt bare leaving no pubic hair what so ever!


He wants me clean in and out! He also wants me to put on mascara eye liner and gaudy red lip gloss! I am also told to put my yellow blond hair into two pig tails! When I get out of the bathroom my husband has laid out three items, one is a bikini top that is for a woman that has much smaller breasts!

The second is a mini skirt with a stretchy waist band that laces up the back both are a flashy red and the third thing is a pair of bright red 5" hi heels!

I am told not to wear any panties and the bikini top after trying it on is like a Victoria's Secret nighty bra this leaves me with no modesty at all. As this skimpy top hardly covers my 44" hangers leaving my big nipples barely covered and so much of my tits and cleavage exposed that I might just as well be wearing nothing! The mini skirt covers even less, I am a big woman with a big ass and the skirt is so short it only covers about half of my big soft white bottom in the back!

But the front is even worse as my well used older cunt lips and clitoris are hanging down far enough that they can easily be seen just below where the skirt ends! I have put on the heels and am having trouble trying to stand as they are for a much smaller lighter woman. I look into the full length mirror and can see a woman that looks exactly like what I am .a slut and a raunchy well used one at that!

The sight of me dressed like this makes me look like a under dressed over made up slutty old whore that is trying to look younger than she is! This thought immediately makes me wet with anticipation. I have obediently done everything I was told.

A vehicle has pulled up in front of our house and shut off its lights! We have just moved to this poor section of tract homes several weeks ago. My husbands computer business has not been doing well and we were just able to get out from under our mortgage with a little cash this has allowed us to rent this run down older modest home cheap!

Over half of the homes are empty or in foreclosure the few people that still live here are like us just barely hanging on! Most of the homes are unkempt with trash junk, and several old cars that no longer run and have been abandoned. This was once a nice neighborhood but is now a place that is just waiting for some kind of recovery. I have seen no young children as those families that had them have moved on to better places as this is no longer a good place to raise children.

I do not know any of our new neighbors as most keep to themselves and of the few that still live here, that I have seen only peek out from behind the curtains to give us, their new neighbors a suspicious look.

My husband has the most devious look of satisfaction on his face as he holds my hand up and turns me around and looks me over making sure I am dressed exactly how he wants. My old sagging tits perk up a bit with his lustful look with my hand over my head. I find out later that all of these items of clothing heels and make up are at the request of what will be my new black lover!

The one that my man is going to send me to meet for the first time. I have submissively obeyed my husband. At 7PM he forces me out the front door and tells me to walk out of the house and get into the van that is parked in front of the house.

I was a little scared not knowing who was in the van, but I did as ordered I could hardly walk in these heels and unsteadily and precariously make my way to the van. I open the passenger side door and have trouble getting up the driver has offered me no help at all, as most of my white nakedness is easily displayed for him to see.

He is a big rough looking black man, that looks like he is in his fifties. He says hello with a big grin of anticipation, and a flashing gold tooth as I slide up onto the passenger seat leaving almost all of my bottom and naked pubic area exposed to his now leering look as the dome light has shown most all of my naked charms. After looking me over really good he starts the engine and pulls out onto the street.

As we drive along he immediately reaches over and easily pulls my tiny top off leaving me topless, then starts rubbing my nipples which instantly get hard. Followed by squeezing my big breasts it was getting dark but not completely. We are now driving on the main highway in heavy traffic on well lighted streets with my big hanging tits exposed swaying back and forth and jiggling obscenely every time we hit a bump! Several cars have honked their horns and the driver of one gives me a big thumbs up hi sign!

As he can easily see my big bare tits! I was afraid we might get stopped by the cops but said nothing as I became more excited ind in suspense as to where we were gong and what he was going to do, to me?. In the meantime I was getting wet and very horny.

He moved his hand between my legs lifting my short mini skirt which is covering little and was now up above my waist.

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This big black man in a soft voice, one I did not expect from such a big rough looking man ordered me to spread my legs, which I immediately did.

He was playing with my wet meaty cunt and labia lips and finally found my clit! My cunt was getting wetter by the minute and was starting to drip onto the seat.

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I was almost ready to cum with his attention to my big clitoris when he apparently sensed that, and quickly moved his hand away and back to my tits and nipples.

I was on the edge of orgasm holding my breath and afraid to ask where we're we going, on the other hand I was still so hot and sexually aroused that it no longer mattered!

After about 30 minutes of driving he pulled into the parking lot of a big sports complex inthe Los Angeles area. He parked several rows from the street and close to the fence where few other cars were parked. Then he ordered me to remove my mini skirt, then took both my little mini skirt and bikini top and put them on the floor, under his seat as he returned to playing with me.

After about 15 minuteshe ordered me to get out and go around to the back of the van. I said please don't make me I'm naked and I can't go out into this public parking lot wearing nothing!

But he says do it or you wish you had! The look on his face told me I had better and by now the thought of me naked outside in public and some one seeing me naked with a big black man left me on the edge of sexual bliss!

The sporting event was not over yet but a few people were walking around other cars that were parked in the next row. Although it was dark out many of the lights had different parts of the parking area lit up as if it was broad daylight .He said just do as you are told.

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I said yes sir, and climbed out of the van stark ass naked teetering on my hi heels and hanging onto the van as I made my way around to back, he lifted my hands up high on the back doors of the van and told me to spread my legs and stick my big naked bottom out, and stand up on my tip toes? I did exactly what I was told not knowing at first what he was going to do?

In a moment I screamed out as the first of several hard whacks of his leather belt bit into my bare buttocks! I started crying and begging him to stop, my big tits and ass jiggled obscenely, as I stood there with my hands up naked and humiliated, but all this did was seem to make him hit my bare bottom even harder as several men stopped to watch. They were drawn first by my unexpected painful yelp followed by my screaming and begging!

The whipping stopped almost as quickly as it started, he pushed me over towards these men and tells them to pull on my big tits! Then he opened the back doors of the van there was a big blanket on the floor with panties bra's and hi heels! Apparent He held my arms and hands behind my back as these to strange men had painfully pulled me up onto my tip toes using only my gigantic nipples as he marched me along and over to the back of the van, then told me to climb in.

He helped me by sticking several of his fingers into the folds of my dripping cunt and forcefully lifted me as his big black finger went into me even deeper, as I was trying to climb into the back of the van.

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My bottom was stinging and now quite red as he climbed in behind me and unzipped his pants. A huge fully erect black cock appeared, the kind that I, and many white slutty women like me fantasize about when it comes to black men! I think it was at least 10" By then I didn't care about anything except his big cock. He told me to suck this rock hard thing which I did!

Both back doors of the van were wide open and the two that had pulled on my nipples along with anyone that walked by could see a completely naked white slut like me that was in the back of this van sucking on a fully dressed black mans enormous cock!

I felt so helpless and humiliated but his hard cock was getting close as I felt him stiffen, and I was surprised when he pulled out of my mouth and didn't cum? After this he told me to get up on my knees so he could do me doggy style OMG I had been fucked hard with big dicks before like this but he was so huge, and I felt him really stretch me slowly at first and then with incredible animal lust he could not help himself jammed it hard all the way into me! I screamed so loud that I was sure that the sporting event security guards and half the people in the stadium could hear me and would be there any minute to see who, (Me) that had made such a terrible animal like noise!

Then he really started fucking me. He fucked me on all fours for over 45 minutes at least and I came at least three times as I blubbered groaned and whimpered just like an bitch in heat!. Then he rolled me over and fucked me even harder yet, as he held my legs up in the air with my red hi heels so far apart that it hurt! He did this so that he could get his big black cock all of the way into me eventually he came in my cunt with so much force it squirted out of my cunt and around his dick apparently he had not had sex for some time and was using me to satisfy his over sexed pent up urges.

After resting for a short time he fucked me again, harder yet, I loved this kind of harsh sex in public! As I came again I could see several more people standing around behind the van watching they started clapping and whistling as I moaned and groaned with this last sexual orgasm!. He ordered me to get out of the van in front of all these people. I was so humiliated now as I was barely able to stand in these incredibly hi heels wearing nothing with lip gloss an mascara smeared all over my face as cum was dripping out of my cunt onto the ground between my legs then he told me to go back to the front and get in!.Meantime I am setting in the front seat naked with strangers looking in the window he has taken his time closing up the back doors of the van and stuffing his still half hard gigantic dripping cock into his pants!

Then he finally gets in, starts up the van and as we drive off towards the exit several security guards are just now starting to show up! On the way back to my house he unzips his pants and pulled his wet leaking half hard black cock out and grabs my yellow blond pig tails and pulls me over to it and says slut suck me clean and lick his balls then with one hand pinches my nose closed and holding me down as far as he can as he drove me back to my house.

He finally let me up with my lungs burning as I gasp trying to catch my breath. Then he stopped almost a mile from from where I live and told me to get out! Telling me that I will have to walk the rest of the way to my house naked!. He kept all of my clothes andtold me I would have to come to his house if I ever wanted them back. I pleaded for him not to make me get out of the van naked in this strange new neighborhood.

He roughly reaches over me and opens the door and then forcefully pushes me out in front of an empty house! All I am wearing it the red hi heels, luckily it was almost midnight and I began to think maybe I could get into my house without anyone seeing me, but several dogs started barking and this was followed by several lights coming on in the few houses that still have people living in them.

I was scared that someone might see me in the the dimly illuminated yellow street lights as I walked along and was quite relieved when no one came outside to look! I was able to make it past several more houses and into an empty lot that was filled with numerous small bushes and several trees.

I was having a lot of trouble walking once the sidewalk ended. As my heels kept sticking in the dirt still thinking I could make it, when a car turned down our street and slowly drove by with its bright lights on.

I was now hiding in these bushes holding my breath unable to move and peering out. OMG! It was a police car! I watched the police car drive off down the street, was relieved and only three houses away from where we lived and thought I could still make it to my back door. I was in shock as one of the dogs that had been barking finally caught up to me. He was a big black and brown Doberman and had smelled the cum and pussy drippings of sexual intercourse from some distance, that was still dripping from my swollen open well used cunt!

His nose eagerly pushed into my wet pussy! I was trying to keep my balance and push him away, but he growled and showed his teeth as my heels caught again I stumbled and fell down hard on my back! It knocked the wind out of me and as I laid there helplessly the big dogs snoot was again pushing its way into wet and well used folds! I kept trying to push the dog away, But he was not going to be denied, I had no choice but to lay there helplessly as quite as I could be with my legs open and let him lick cum from my cunt.

I had heard stories about animal sex but had never thought I would ever experience it? In only a matter of moments the sexual feeling was indescribable as an orgasm of incredible proportion rushed through my already overstimulated body.

I tried to keep from making any noise as the big dog licked me harder and harder and when he got to my clit it was all over! I could not help myself as another of the most satisfying sexual orgasm rushed through my innermost nerve ends and out of my old well used cunt hole! I laid there even more helpless shuddering trembling and moaning like some wild female animal that had just endured her first incredible sexual experience!

To my surprise the big dog gave my swollen clit several nips and move forward putting his paws and fore legs on either side of my big breasts. As he did so I could feel his male sex organ easily slip into my wet wide open pussy followed by his knot that took a little more force!

I laid there helplessly as the big dog started humping me. His thrusts were quick and harsh apparently this dog was well trained in fucking women so I just laid there and took what he did with my red heels pointing out to each side, Oh My, Oh! My! I could not believe it I was going to cum again! I could no longer hold it as I came more forcefully that I expected, as I came I let out the most ungodly blood curdling scream of ecstasy it was so deep and satisfying that I could not believe anything like this could be that good!

If this was animal sex then I wanted more!


The scream occurred just as the cop car drove by again, their spot lights were instantly on the bushes where I was laying as I heard the car screech to a stop, the doors open, and the red and blue flashing lights of the police car come on. With in a few moments two bright flashlights were trained on me one on my face and in my eyes making me unable to see, and the other perversely trained on my wet meaty pussy lips and clit that clearly shown the dogs large male penis still in me all the way!

The two officers were trying to pull the dog off of me, but every time they tried he would bare his teeth and growl at them and after several attempts they realized that his swollen knot had to relax before he could finally get out of my pussy and unstuck!

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As the two officers waited and watched this perverted unnatural act the dog finally was able to free himself and as a parting shot the dog took his time licking my cunt as I squirmed around humiliated embarrassed and even more sensitive than ever from being naked out in the bushes, and being fucked and licked by a dog, with two public servants watching!

With the dog finally done licking me he trotted off and I thought I could almost see a smile of satisfaction on the animals face as he left? The two officers helped me up then asked me if I was okay?

As I appeared to be.

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under the circumstances a bit unsteady and still trembling from this incredible experience, but otherwise no more the worse for the ware, except for a sore bottom and a well used pussy I was in reasonably good shape. One of the officers asked did I want an ambulance, and to be taken to the county hospital? I said no and that I just lived a couple of houses down the street! Then he started asking questions, what was I doing out in this vacant lot naked in the middle of the night?

I tried to come up with a believable excuse telling him that we had just moved into this neighborhood several weeks ago and that I had just gone for a walk. I had been walking for a short time when someone grabbed me from behind hit me on the head and threw me to the ground in these bushes after which I woke up and this big mean dog was fucking me! (A lie)! The officer asked quite sarcastically, if it was a normal thing for me to be fucked by a dog?

I told him no, and that it was my first time. (The truth)! He then asked did I always go out for a walk in a new neighborhood wearing nothing but hi heels! I told him no that who ever did this to me had taken all of my clothes after knocking me down! (Another lie, omitting any comment about why I was wearing heels).

The officer then told me to get into the back of the police car, neither of the officers had made any attempt to cover my nakedness and in order to place me in the car, it was police policy that anyone they put in the back had to be hand cuffed!

I was then even more embarrassed standing there naked wearing hi heels with my hands cuffed behind my back as one of the officers took flash pictures of me with his digital police camera!

He then helped me into the back seat and set me down! He said they had to take my statement for their records and that I would have to come down to the police station, be interviewed and talk to a police councilor and sign the report.

I told the officer that I did not want to go down town and fill out any report and since they had no one in custody and that I was apparently not hurt and declined any kind medical attention or to go to the hospital, after some thought then said oh well.

I guess we could just take you home. The officer then commented to his partner as they drove to my house wasn't it strange to get a cell phone call from a concerned citizen that a naked woman was walking around wearing only hi heels in this mostly deserted area of old track homes! The caller said he wanted to remain anonymous and that he had been driving a van! The police car pulled into my drive way behind my husbands car with its lights still flashing the few neighbors that still lived here were now standing in front of their houses with their porch lights on as my husband turned ours on.

The two officers helped me out of the police car and removed my hand cuffs as my husband opened the front door. After a short conversation with him the officers turned out their lights and left, as my husband led me into the house naked one of our new neighbors from across the street whistled at me and called me a slut!

Several days went by and after work one day I heard a knock at our door, my husband answered it and called me to come out and meet one of our new neighbors. I was shocked speechless as it was the big black stranger whose van I had gotten in last Saturday night! He greedily looked me over with the same lust of a man that has done whatever he wants to women like me.

My husband pushed me out to greet him as I hesitantly stuck my hand out to shake his not knowing if I should act a stranger or greet him with some sort of affection? This awkward situation was quickly answered as both of his hands forcefully reached out and grabbed by big tits and he pulled me to him, followed by kissing me full on the lips as if I was his submissive willing girlfriend!

I was not sure what to say or do as he held my tits tight and continued to kiss me? He then said welcome to the neighborhood as if what had just happened was all part of some bazaar new way of greeting ones new neighbors that had just moved in.

As I stood there speechless still wondering how all of this was going to work out when he said, Oh! I want you to meet my best friend, as he put his fingers to his lips and whistled and then called a dogs name Duke, Duke!

Come here boy and meet our new neighbors! I almost fainted dead away as the big black and brown doberman that had licked my pussy to orgasm and then fucked me showed up sheepishly wagging his stubby tail! As soon as the dog realized it was me he was no longer bashful and his snoot was quickly under my dress and licking my panties that were getting wetter by the minute!

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Again I was trying to push Duke away and let modesty return, as my husband looked at me with wonder? But I could not help myself as this incredible feeling from the other night was quickly returning. This big black man then said with a smile again showing his gold tooth, I think Duke likes you? I am gone a lot would you like to feed and take care of his needs when I am gone?

Again with an even bigger knowing smile! I blurted out with out thinking and said my true feelings that I would be more than happy to service Duke.!. Then quickly stammered trying to cover up what I had just said, and that I would love to take care of him! My husband then asked innocently what does he like?

The big black guy and and I looked at each other, me unsure of what to say, as he said again with a knowing smile that I am sure that your wife knows exactly what he needs and will give Duke whatever he wants or needs? He also said that if I wanted my clothes back I needed to show up at his house wearing nothing but heels and a smile. Over the next several weeks this man was gone on a number of occasions each time before he left I would go across the street to his house, wearing nothing under my coat and enjoy his company along with servicing his big black beautiful 10" cock!

When he was gone I spent even more time with Duke and again would go to house wearing nothing. Food was not Dukes or my main interest as each time I was there, off came the coat and I would lay down on the floor nude and let him have his way with me! I am not sure if Duke was taking advantage of me or I was just being the slut I am, enjoying what ever attention this big dog paid me! Either way it was some of the best sex I have ever had and each time I went had more than several memorable orgasms.

I never did get my clothes back, and always seemed to forget about asking and left so glassy eyed and sexually satisfied that by the time I remembered it was to late and this always left me an excuse to go back.

and visit my incredible black lover and his, and now my best friend!