Blackmailing MOM into FUCKING me

Blackmailing MOM into FUCKING me
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This is my first attempt at writing My mom is so shy: she did not trust people too easily. When she was seventeen, her boyfriend impregnated her. He lied to her, of course. He told her that she would not be able to become pregnant if there was no penetration. They were dating for about two months and this was Mom's first boyfriend. Tim, my father, convinced my mother to get naked and let him masturbate on her.

She told me that he was forceful, but I believe that she was just blinded by the "love" for her first boyfriend. Some of his cum ran down off her stomach and slid into her vagina. She was concerned, but she believed Tim. About two weeks later, her period was late.


That night my Mom went to Tim's house to talk to him, but she did not want to worry him, so she did not call a head of time. She walked up to his house and noticed that his car was home but no lights were on. She opened up the door and walked in on Tim fucking his mother. My Mom dropped to the ground and started to cry.

When Tim saw my Mother crying on the ground, his balls drained out into his mother, and all the love that my mother had for that bastard also drained out. Eight months later my sister and I came into this world. It has been sixteen years since my Mother saw Tim fucking his mom, so in eight months my sister and I will be turning sixteen.

My mom never dated again: she committed all her time to raising us to be respectful and loving. My sister and I grew up in a very stable environment and, unlike other siblings, got along well with each other.

Our mother was always there for us when we needed her and we were always there for her. Currently, my mother is 35, and she is attending college to get a Bachelor's degree in accounting. Since Tim left my mother with two children and a nominal amount of child support money each month, we never had it "good". We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, my sister and I have to share a room. We do have dividers going down the center so it isn't too awkward.

My mother is about 5 foot 5 inches tall with red hair that extends to her shoulder blades. She has a set of perky C-cup breasts with nickel-size nipples. She never has the chance to tan because she doesn't like to expose her body in public. Even around the house she wears sweat pants and a loose t-shirt.

My sister reminds me a lot of my mom.

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Cassidy, my sister, died her hair black about a year ago but some of the red seems like it is returning. She is currently sporting a B-cup bra. Both of them have a perfect hourglass figure that extends right into a nice tight ass, a type of ass where you can grab a firm handful, and they both weigh about 110 pounds.

She is almost 5 foot 4 inches tall. I stand at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches and 150 pounds. My dick is only 6 1/2 inches and about 2 inches in diameter. I have short brown hair, my father had brown hair. My sister and I never dated anyone because we never showed interest in other people.

We hung out with each other, shared secrets with each other, and loved each other. Even though we are twins, there are some differences. She is afraid of thunder and I am afraid of lightning. She is afraid of fire and I am afraid of smoke caused by the fire.

It's weird that we compliment each other like that. We always joked about how we perfectly complimented each other. The first time we made that joke around our mother, she got all quiet. I did not know why at the period in time, but in retrospect, it was because of Tim and his sexual relations with a direct kin. One storming night, Cassidy was having trouble sleeping, and I could hear her crying over in her bed.

I walked over to her side of the room to check on her, and I see her crying into her pillow and covering her ears. I sit down on the edge of her bed and put my hand on her shoulder to let her know I was there. She turned her head and looked up to me.

There were tears filling up her pale blue eyes. I went to hug her and tell her everything was okay. She threw her arms around me and started to cry even harder. I said to her, "It's okay Cassidy." I then started to pet her hair to calm her down. "It is just thunder. It is just the sound of the li.the lightn.ning." I choked up on the last word because the fear of lightning hit me hard. I started to cry at the shear thought of lightning outside. I have become accustomed with blocking out the idea of lightning.

Cassidy moves the cover from the bed and pulls me in so we were lying face to face with each other. She said, "Thanks Victor.

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I love you so much. My fear of thunder calms down somewhat whenever I'm close to you. Thank you big brother." She calls me big brother even though I was bourn about five minutes before she was. Right as she was saying "brother" a loud thunder rolled in and made her jump.

She jumped up while in bed and landed right on me. My sleeping giant was stirring up from its sleep with my sister landing on me. I never had an incestuous thought about my sister before, but her landing on me quickly changed that.

When she landed on me, we were face to face. She started to stammer an apology, but another roar of thunder boomed from the heavens and made her clutch onto me.


I could feel her chest laying on mine and the heat from her pussy on me. I just realized at that moment that she was wearing only a bra and panties.


I was sporting only an A-shirt and boxers. After a few minutes of the anticipation of the next thunder, Cassidy dismounted me. She turned away from me but, not fast enough for me not to notice that her face was scarlet.

"I think the storm is done. Can you please go back to your bed now, Victor." At that moment, another thunder sounded off but closer then the rest. She shot backwards and moved her right hand back to stop me from leaving her, but she got a whole handful of my penis. She was about to let go but another thunder went off.

She held onto my dick like she clutched onto me earlier.

I pulled her back and put my arms around her. She finally let go of my dick. She was blushing badly. "It is okay, Cassidy. I know you didn't mean to, you were just trying to stop me. I'm being serious, it is okay." I told Cassidy. She kept on saying she was sorry.

After about 10 minutes of no thunder, I drifted off to sleep with my arms still around my sister I awoke to a consistent motion against my arm.

Cassidy was moving her hand in an inward to outward motion and thus kept bumping my hand. I was curious to what she was doing. There was this strange pungent smell in the air, I can't describe it but it was very noticeable.

I looked over my sister to see what she was doing and what I saw made my dick stand at attention. My sister, my flesh and blood was fingering herself while I was there. I could hear her whispering something. I couldn't make it out, but I swear it started with a "V".

I'm pretty sure she was fingering herself to the incident that happened earlier and saying my name to it. I was in a dilemma: I could go back to sleep, but lose my chance at becoming closer to my sister, I could reach down there and start to finger her and see what happens, or I could pretend to wake up. I decided to reach down there and finger her. Now, neither of us has done anything sexual with anyone, so I was very inexperienced.

I slowly lifted my arm up without her noticing and moved it down her body. I was right above her pussy with my hand. I whispered in her ear, "I love you, Cassidy" and kissed her neck. She froze. I lowered my hand down to her pussy and started to rub. I kissed her neck again and she relaxed. She turned over to face me. She put her hands around my hand and pulled me in for a kiss. She was so horny and wanted sexual relief that she didn't want to make out.

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She took my hand and put it down into her pussy and, with her hand, grabbed my hard dick and started to stroke. She started to squirm around and I asked if anything was wrong.

She replied, "Yeah something is wrong. I'm not on birth control, and I don't think you have any condoms. My pussy is aching for something bigger then my fingers. My girlfriends at school talk about sex all the time and how to do it. They taught me how to finger myself and hot to bring myself to an orgasm, but they told me it's better if a guy sticks their dick in their. Please finger me harder, I need to get off." Hearing my sister imply that she wanted my dick in her got me close to blowing my cum.

With my free hand, I moved her bra out of the way and went to suck her tits. She kept on stroking my dick. She started to squirm faster and faster. Eventually she shuddered and started to rock back and forth. I withdrew my hand because I was afraid I hurt my sister.

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She said, "fuck" and started to finger herself for a few more seconds. Then she went limp.

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She looked up at me with a tired look and kissed me. I took her hand and put it back on my dick to remind her that I was not taken care of yet. She started to stroke me and kiss me. She kept stoking me until I blew my cum all on her leg. We both fell asleep in complete relaxation. Tell me if you like this story. I'll continue if you do.