Intense fucking action with a tiny schoolgirl

Intense fucking action with a tiny schoolgirl
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This was my first experience with a shemale, true story. I arranged for her to stay 3 hours I have always enjoyed playing with my ass hole, about two years ago I was in Chicago and went online to Eros and chose a shemale named with held. I called her up and she came to my hotel room. I was very nervous when I opened the door. She was about 6' tall and was a very good looking Latino.

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She bent down and gave me a kiss right on the lips and man where her lips where soft. She went into the bathroom and asked me to relax and she will be right out. I was lying on the bed and she came out with panties and high heels on only, she had beautiful tits.

I stood up just rubbed my hands all over her body; she was so soft her legs where so smooth.


I told her this was my first time and wanted to try everything. She undressed me and laid me on the bed and ran her tits all over me for about 5 mins, I asked her if I could give her a massage and she said that would be great.

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She didn't speak very good English. I had her lay on the bed face down and gave her the best massage I could which made her relax quite a bit. I used some hand lotion and really did a good job of rubbing her back, legs arms and those long legs. I spent about 20 mins massaging her back. I asked her to roll over and when I tell you she was beautiful I mean you would never be able to tell she had a cock. She turned over and smiled and said that felt great, her tits where beautiful and I could now see the bulge in her panties.

I asked if I could remove them and she lifted her ass and I slid the off!

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I stood and starred at this beautiful girl lying on the bed with a face that was beautiful, tanned body long legs and a great ass with a 8" cut cock. She laughed and ask me if I was ok, I said oh yea. I got the lotion and started rubbing her tits and stomach and legs and watch her cock grow and twitch.

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I went in bathroom real quick and got a warm wash cloth and set it on the night stand. I put some lotion on my hand and started rubbing her cock and felt it grow and twitch for about 10 mins. She asked me to stop before she shot a load. I used the wash cloth and wiped the lotion off her cock. She wanted to give me a massage so I lay on my back and she massaged my back a little and then started rubbing my ass and opened my ass cheeks and lubed my asshole with some anal ease she brought with her and slide her fingers in and loosened me up.

She got a rubber on her cock and started teasing my hole with her cock. She had a nice head on it and felt great. She took her time and finally had her cock all the way in and just laid on top of me with her cock buried up my ass. What a great feeling this was, she allowed me to get used to it and she slowly started fucking my ass. I can't tell you how good this felt, I had my little ass in the air and was pushing back to get as much as I could up my ass.

Remember, this is the first real cock I have ever had, fingers and dildos only. I was in fucking heaven as she fucks me very slowly for about 10 min I swear I almost cam and never touched my cock. She slowly pulled her cock out asks me to turn over on my back, picture this I am lying on my back and scootch to the end of the bed and this beautiful girl sticks two pillows under my ass and holds my legs up and slowly slides her cock back in my ass.

Dude I almost shot my wad right there. I am looking at this beautiful shemale and rubbing her tits and she is fucking my ass. Again, I am in heaven she grabs my cock and starts jerking me off and I ask her to stop because I don't want to cum yet. She fucked me for about 10 mins and I ask her if we can switch positions and she say of course.

I had her lay on her back and I lowered my ass down on her cock, this was fucking unbelievable. Beautiful face, great tits and a rock hard cock, I rode for about 5-7 mins and couldn't take it any longer and grabbed my cock and started jerking off and ride her cock, she started to fuck me hard and I shoot my first load right over her head and the rest on her tits.

I have not cum like that since I was 20 years old. I sat on her cock for about 2min after I cam and was shutting and panting. I took Viagra about an hour before she arrived so I could keep up with her. Did I mention she was 25 years old? She was still hard when I slid off, she did not cum.


We just laid there for a few minutes and I played with her cock and rubbed her tits, I asked her if it was ok to kiss and she grabbed my head and we started to make out. Her lips where so soft, she was a great kisser. We laid there for 10 mins kissing and rubbing and she looked me in the eyes and asked me to fuck her in the ass, I almost cam again.

I had her scotch to the end of the bed and spread her legs and started licking her asshole. She fucking loved it, I had to ask her to keep the noise down, I am sure if someone was in the room next to us they could have heard us. I licked her hole for at least 10 mins. Did I mention she smelled great, her asshole was so clean! I got some of the anal ease and lubed her asshole and started fucking her ass with my fingers and sucking her cock no rubber, again this is my first time with a real cock and did my best to give her a blowjob.

What a nice smooth cock and balls and asshole no hair at all. I sucked and fuck her ass until she stopped me because she was ready to cum. I got a rubber (Fucking packages are a pain) and placed it on my 6in cock (good sized head) and slowly slide my dick up her ass. Man was she tight, I slowly slide it in and out until she got used to it and started fucking her ass.

Here is the picture, she is on her back beautiful face looking at me with her tits swaying back and forth and I am fucking her in the ass and she is jerking off. This may have lasted 5 mins and she starts really getting into it and wraps her legs around my waist and pulls me in as deep as my little pecker will go and says she is going to cum.

I keep pumping as best as I can and she is jerking her cock and boom she lets go with the first shot; which hit her in the forehead and then another load on her tits and another on her stomach and I can feel her ass muscles clinch on my cock and that all I can stand and I tell her I Cumming and she starts grinding her ass and shoots another load on her stomach. I have never seen some cum that much, I shot a load in the rubber and slowly pulled out and started wiping up her cum and eating it, so I climbed on the bead and licked it of her tits and sucked her soft cock for a few minutes.

We started kissing again and laid there for about 10 min catching our breath. We went into the bathroom and took a shower together and lathered each other for about 20 mins and then went back to the bed and laid down and just rested and drank some water. We had about 45 mins left and she asked what else I would like to do, I started sucking her cock again and playing with her balls and got her hard.

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I place a rubber on her cock and lubed my ass and lowered myself on her cock again, but this time I bent forward and put pillows behind her head so we could make out while she fucked my ass.

What a set of lips, we kissed and fucked for at least 15min and she said she was going to cum again and I grabbed my cock and started jerking off cam right after her, not much left. We almost cam together.

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Dude is was great, we showered and she got dressed and gave me a big kiss and I gave her the $1,200 and she told me if I was ever back in town to call and she would spend the night for $1,000.00 I now need to go jerk off again