FemaleAgent Fuck me like a man

FemaleAgent Fuck me like a man
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. I wondered if my mom found them and chucked them out? I told my boyfriend Trav of the mystery. He checked his car and&hellip.nothing. It nagged at me how could this be? That night we were watching porn in my room and he was flipping around porn pictures and stopped at a site to view some. It was young guys cross dressing. We giggled at some of the guys wearing women's clothes.

We clicked around and that's when I saw them. The same bra and panties I couldn't find. I stopped and carefully looked at the pictures some young guy was wearing. The last picture he was wanking and shot cum. I noticed Trav got a big hardon. I admit the guy looked very much like a cute young girl. I got a little aroused myself watching him/her. I saw something&hellip.

&hellip.he had a sheet up to hide where he was but one bed post was showing&hellip.then it hit me who the guy was. My younger brother!…Sam. He called himself 'Samantha' in the pictures. Trav said the young guy made a cute sexy looking girl in the bra and panties that Trav was familiar with. I didn't say anything at first, I just watched the pictures again and again.

Trav got very aroused and said if 'he' was only a 'she'. I realized now how this all got started. I had a very private slumber party when our parents were gone for the weekend. I told Sam to keep his mouth shut about it.

He smiled and said ok, but he wanted to watch 'things' going on.

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I said 'maybe' we'll see how it goes. My three very close girlfriends all gathered in my bedroom. OK&hellip.I like to have sex with girls too, and Trav does not know this. Sam was aware of the sounds we made and listened at my darkened doorway in the hall. Sandy spotted him and decided to have a little fun with him. I tried to stop this but the girls all got him and pulled him in the room. Sam was young, skinny and under developed. The girls all said he would make a cute young 'girl'.

Us girls all had one thing in common, we all had the desire to get a real young girl and lick her pussy and get her sexually excited.

We all had it done to us by girlfriends, older girls, sisters, aunts, and even moms got us all horny for the first time. Next thing I knew, they're holding him and putting makeup on him.

You could tell he liked the attention. Out came some hair pieces and a bra and some panties. I was shocked at how developed his cock was. It was slowly getting bigger as the girls all fussed over him. These girls were already horny from playing with each other and me. I just let 'things' happen. We had a new girl to play sex with&hellip.but… who had a cock. Poor Sam didn't stand a chance.

We &hellip.were all over him to make him real horny too. His cock got bigger and bigger.

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He got his first tongue kisses and his boy tits felt up. Someone whispered to him to 'jack' his cock for us. He was shy…so we all jack it for him. Sandy was hot to give him a blow job when he shot cum big, all over our hands. He moaned, then got up and took off for the bath room. He didn't return, so we had sex with each other all night. I told him the next day that 'nothing happened'…right?

He smiled and agreed&hellip.but got a panicked look and made me promise not ever tell any guys about the 'nothing happened' night. We never talked about it again…but I wondered what he must have been thinking about what 'never happened'. Those pictures of him cross dressed like a female, told me it must have had some effect on him.

Let me fast forward to today for a minute, because we later did have a talk about the night that 'nothing happened' one night. I brought it up and here's what he told me: " I was all excited about watching you girls having sex play. I knew you did by the sounds I heard in your room. I like to wank listening and thinking about it. I'd never been with a girl yet and I was coming of age and the thought of fucking girls made me cum when I wanked. When Sandy grabbed me and drug me in your bedroom I was so stunned I just submitted to her giving me a close up look at 4 girls half naked.

I just put up with the make up and girls clothes on me. This was all arousing me to a new level. When you guys all jacked on me…I had the best cum of my life. I panicked and ran out because I was afraid you all would think I was gay, which I'm not. Later on I got aroused by looking in your drawers and feeling your bra and panties.

It kept going. I tried on your bra and panties and got more horny, and I had great wanks from it. I found a buddy at school, Jerry, and slowly we found we both liked to cross dress to get horny, and then wank. We did a sleep over at his house and crossed dressed for each other. He was so sexy looking dressed like a girl and we both got so aroused we wanked each other. By now we both had girlfriends and were getting sex, but the cross dressing still made us real horny.

That was about the time we took pictures of each other and the pictures made us horny. Dressing like a girl and seeing him aroused was a big turn on for both of us.

We were not gay, but we began to make 'exceptions'. Watching each others excited cocks get big hardons and thinking like girls, we both wanted to suck on that excited hard cock. The first time his parents were gone, we got all dressed and both got extra super horny. We turned the lights low and pretended we were girls. We turned 69 to watch each other cum. At about that same time our cocks went in our mouths. We felt our tits and hair and moaned like a girl.

We were girls sucking a guys cock and it was taking us to a new peak. We just kept pretending as we both blasted cum in our mouths. It was somehow 'ok' as a girl giving a guy a blow job, but even more thrilling. When we were back to our regular guy clothes we didn't get horny or have any sexual attraction to each other at all. It worked for us.

The pictures ended up on the internet and then you spotted me." ---- Listening to Sam was making me very horny. A girl dressed like a guy did nothing for me, but a cross dressing (CD) girl…she had a cock, and the idea of getting together with 'Samantha' was a real turn on.

I whispered to Sam, "I want a date with 'Samantha', she's got me hot and I want to have sex with her." Sam smiled and said 'Samantha' already had a boyfriend but&hellip.she was definitely interested in having a girlfriend and he would set up a secret date with 'her'. I decided not to tell Trav anything about this. Trav had grown a new interest in certain CD's and the pictures got him a hardon.

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I didn't want him near Samantha and our top secret affair we were lining up. I admit, I wanted Samantha all to myself…&hellip. It was a weekend when Trav and my parents were both gone. I stopped Sam in the hall and said: "Is tonight good for Samantha?"…he said out of breath…"I was just going to get you and tell you Samantha would love to get with you tonight. She'll come to your room about 9pm tonight.ok?" I showered and dressed up for her.

I waited in my room for my date. At 9pm my door slowly swung open. I had soft light on and there she stood…'Samantha'. She had on a long sexy dress, high heels, long flowing hair and perfect makeup. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I said quietly: "I've been so waiting to meet you Samantha." She didn't speak but slowly came over and held out her hand.

I held it and she had me stand up. Our bodies came together in the sexiest hug ever. I looked down her low cut front at my missing bra. I just had to reach in and feel her little tits. She did the same to me and we started unbuttoning our dresses, a little at a time.


We felt our asses and body's. Our excited breathing was awesome. She was a hot beautiful young girl.

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I felt a rising lump between her legs. Her gentle hands felt my tits and nipples. She guided her lump between my legs slowly, but firm &hellip.right on my pussy. She started kissing down my cleavage. Damn, she was making me hot&hellip. This was all new to me. I loved to feel girls up and lick their tits and pussy's, but this girl had a cock and I wanted to feel it with my bare hands.


A new excitement was happening in me. I had my girl and guy desires being turned on full at the same time and it was taking me to a new level of extreme arousement I didn't even know existed. I loved to feel my heart pounding and the twitching and wetness in my pussy.

I slowly hiked up her dress and felt her cock inside my missing panties. It was very warm and I could feel her heartbeat in the throbbing of her cock. She kissed down my now open dress and onto her knees. I got a wave of heat travel through my body, something I'd never had before.

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She inched down my tiny panties with her teeth. I felt a burst of wetness in my pussy.

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She lowered me to sit on my bed. She leaned me back and took my panties clear off. She bent my legs at the knee and opened them up. I felt her hair as she began to lick my pussy. My clit was throbbing with each lick of her tongue. I want her cock in me bad and wanted her to hurry&hellip.yet …take your time as I got a floating feeling.

It was an awesome site to see and feel a very young girl&hellip. licking my pussy.

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She slowly turned and got up on the bed, while she kept licking my pussy. She rolled me to her and lifted my one leg. She scooted her sexy panties ever closer to my face. I grabbed and squeezed her butt cheeks. I licked her panties over her now hard and erect cock. ---- Let's fast forward again so you know what Sam told me later about what he was thinking that night&hellip. --- "I got real horny when you said you wanted a date with 'Samantha'.

My CD buddy Jerry was the only one that had a sexual desire for me as Samantha, and now&hellip. not only a girl, but my own sister wants to have sex with me. Most young guys think about having sex with their sisters but don't tell hardly any other guys because is was so taboo. I was getting a double turn on, as a guy who would love to fuck his sister, and…as Samantha the girl I pretended to be to get turned on.

Jan your a looker with your big tits, a great ass and very sexy. Your also very sexy to certain girls and know hot to turn a girl on real good. I use to listen at your door to you making your girlfriends all hot by tribbing and then going 69 with them. The moaning was a real turn on for me. You were hot for Samantha and she was hot for you&hellip.and so was Sam.

Getting to feel those big tits and lick your pussy was over the top exciting. Now I was getting the action, not just listening to it. Licking your pussy almost made me cum in my panties. Going 69 was next as I got in position and I felt your tongue on my cock&hellip. ----- Back to our 'date' night. Instead of having my fingers in a girls pussy, I had a cock to play with. I pulled off her panties and went for her cock, licking, sucking and jacking it. She was teasing my clit and massaging my G spot perfect.

I jumped with my first orgasm she gave me. I deep throated her and heard her moan. She fingered my pussy faster and sucked my clit harder… I started jacking her as I kept her cock in my mouth. I was going crazy as I wanted to feel her cum shoot in my mouth. We both began to moan as it built up and up. She moaned long and my pussy clamped on her fingers in a glorious climax.

She sucked hard on my clit as I squirmed with the feelings. Hot shots of cum filled my mouth and overflowed. Oh my god she could cum a lot, pumping and driving her cock deep in my mouth. We moaned, squirmed and shook at the new high we were having. A girl had just shot cum in my mouth just as I had a climax&hellip.the strongest most intense one I'd ever had&hellip. I didn't have to wonder how Samantha felt, she read my mind.

After a little time to recover we both wanted her cock in me. We turned and up came our dresses as she lay on top of me. We both held her cock and rubbed it on my wet pussy.

I had sneaked rubbing pussy's with girl before at school, in a car and when no one was around to see us. It was exciting. The same excitement was happening now but more so with Samantha who had that beautiful cock. I get real excited when another girl gets real horny and aggressive with me to feel me up and rub pussys.

Samantha was like that. She was pumped to fuck me after wanting to for so long. She held my arms down and let her cock tease my clit. It was almost to much as my pussy orgasmed all by itself.

The moaning and squirming was intense. I began to whisper to her&hellip.(".oh fuck me&hellip.fuck me good…put it in now…I want it so bad.Samantha fuck me now…") the words just came out as she held me down. Her cock found it's way to my entrance. She wrapped her arms around me and pushed her cock all the way in. My pussys squeezed around it and orgasmed again.

She started a slow fuck and let it build up a little faster. We both made those heavenly sounds as our bodies moved totally together. Feeling a girl on top of you and a cock in your pussy was awesome. I felt like I just entered a trance on a ride to heaven. Our legs intertwined as our hand went crazy feeling our tits. We squirmed and moaned as it was on its was. She went with deeper strokes in me as my pussy gladly welcomed them. She took one hand and massaged my throbbing clit…two steady moans came out of us as I felt her cock swell up to its peak size.

She began to get weak as the first shot led the way to our skin slapping peak&hellip.last deep trust by both of us and all exploded. We both yelled as a blast of hot cum shot in me, then continuously over and over. My pussy locked up to hold her in tight. We became animals fucking hard and fast as her load filled my pussy to the max.

We got out of breath and dizzy as we couldn't stop fucking&hellip.no time to even think as we were out of control with the euphoria feelings&hellip.oh…my&hellip.god…we have gone to a new heaven&hellip.

&hellip.it made us slowly black out with the intense pleasure…… . * .I failed at keeping my boyfriend away from Samantha, I found them going 69 in my bed.so I joined them.oh heaven.