Housewife fucking with huge objects

Housewife fucking with huge objects
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Some time ago one older lady convinced me to set up a web page with contact details and a bio so I could offer my services. She even measured my cock with a tape measure she 'just happened to have handy' while I had a full erection, while she was sucking me. Her girlfriend was watching and wrote down the measurements.

"Wow, incredible, eight and a half inches long, and five and a half inches in circumference." After a wide range of experiences as a gigolo, I developed a preference for a certain type of client: elegant, sophisticated women aged around forty five years old, with bodies anywhere between size ten to fourteen and not overweight.

They were often a long way from home on business. Almost without exception these women would be very good communicators, uninhibited and able to articulate their sexual preferences. And if they enjoyed what I had to offer and recommended me to others that was an added bonus. Xxxxxxxxx Lola was in town from a provincial city on business for a week. "Is my hotel at 7.30 night Friday suitable?" It was and five minutes later we were fucking like rabbits. She was multi-orgasmic and for her fourth one we climaxed together.

Laying in bed together in the afterglow of very good sex she told me her husband was 'about half your size, and not very good'. "Your cock is magnificent and you know how to use it.

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I was very turned on and ready to fuck you as soon as I saw your cock dangling out of your crotchless jock strap. And when you asked me to help fit your cock ring on I was absolutely hooked." Without any further conversation she starts licking and kissing my limp cock.

"Even after your huge erection has gone down you must be five inches, and very thick. I can taste my cunt juices on your cock.

And I just love the way your cock is responding to my attentions." By now she has at least half of my almost fully erect cock in her mouth. She is very good and the way she is using her tongue and lips in combination on my cock is bringing me to a full erection.

She then scratches and cups my balls while her mouth and lips are working very hard on my now full erection. "Never ever had that much cock in my mouth. I love it. Can I fuck it again?" Without waiting for an answer she has me on my back, straddles me and slowly eases her very cunt onto all of my erection. "I love a dominating woman who likes to take charge and fuck me like that." "Good, I like doing it, especially on your huge cock," she purrs as she teases my nipples and manipulates and squeezes her cunt muscles along my erection.

"I am multi-orgasmic in case you hadn't realised. Let's see if you can hold out while I have four more." In next to no time Lola is hissing as she cums for the fourth time. "You and your cock are fucking magnificent." She has really turned me on with her technique and talk and I am close to cumming.

I turn her over on to her back, put a pillow under her arse and slowly slide the full length of my erection into her, then commence fucking her very, very hard while holding her legs in the air, then putting them over my shoulders. My cock is begging for relief as I fuck Lola for the second time in a little over an hour. "Like that baby? Give me one more orgasm and I will cum with you. I can't hold out much longer." Lola is a stellar performer and right on cue we have brilliant orgasms together.

"When I get home my husband will ask what I did tonight. If I tell him he won't believe me." Xxxxxxxxx "I am the entertainment secretary for a gay bikie gang. Would you like to our entertainment next month. Based on your bio our members would be very keen to have you." Without any qualms at all, I passed on that one.


Xxxxxxxxx "My name is Lucy, I am the creative director for a glossy swingers magazine. I am organising a ten-page MFM spread for next months issue with a good size budget. It will feature two very well hung men being pleasured by a slightly older woman. We have already booked the other man and the woman, would you like to participate?

To make you comfortable there will be two photographers, one male and one female." On the appointed day I arrived at two in the afternoon for make up and a briefing by Lucy who led me through the studio area to the make up room.

The lighting person was adjusting a range of lights and the only props were two low lucite stools. The other two people were already in the make up room. Lucy makes the introductions; Patricia, a tallish size twelve honey blond with what appears to be a very good body tells us she is Australian, a part-time model, forty-two, and looking forward to the photo shoot.

Jean, an attractive looking man is a six-feet tall chocolate coloured French-African and thirty-two years old he tells us who has had many different modelling assignments. "I want all three of you to give and enjoy sexual pleasure in a MFM situation and show your pleasure and enjoyment, and for you two men to hold out for at least forty minutes," Lucy informs us. "Let's create some sexual tension before we apply your make up, I need you all naked so we can spray it all over your bodies.

I want you all to undress for the make up girl and me. When we start shooting you can wear no more than one item of your choice to highlight your bodies.

And I almost forgot to mention, I want to take some measurements to add to the storyline." We all commence undressing simultaneously, the voyeur in each of us enjoying flaunting our naked bodies and teasing four other people. Patricia is standing in stiletto heels and is watching us two men very intently as she removes her dress. She is totally naked under her dress apart from a thin gold chain on her waist, which is hanging just above her closely shaved honey blond pussy.

"I learnt long ago that underwear lines spoil a nude shoot." She has an even better natural body than I thought than when first I saw her. Excellent legs, arse, tits and cleavage. And a breezy and very seductive sexy persona. As Lucy measures her tits, waist and hips, she asks, obviously excited at the thought of being pleasured by, and pleasuring two men very shortly, "Can I keep my shoes and chain on?" "This is my lucky day, two men with huge cocks.

Never ever had a cock that big before, now two at the same time," she smiles as Lucy sprays her all over with a can of sun tan spray and then her facial make up.

"Before I measure you two men I need to have you fully erect. Perhaps you can help Patricia if you spray them?" Patricia starts spraying Jean with gusto as two other women and I watch very intently.

His back, legs and then his athletic arse as he opens his legs so Patricia spray the insides of his thighs. She steps around to do his front side, spays his chest and moves down to his stomach, ignores his penis area, then sprays the front of his muscled legs. "I have saved the best for last baby," she teases as she takes his cock in her hand and teases and sprays it at the same time. "Would you like me to spray your balls," she teases without waiting for an answer.

"That cock is magnificent, I want it. It must be ten-inches.

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Four people are watching in awe as his huge cock has become rock hard in Patricia's hand. He is longer than me, ten inches I guess, but not as thick. I can see Lucy's hands trembling as she measures him. "Wow, ten-inches long, and four and a quarter inches in circumference. What item would you like to keep wearing." "My gold neck chain." Full of confidence Patricia then asks me, "Would you like me to do you?" "Thought you would never ask.

I am almost fully erect from watching you two." I am enjoying four other people watching Patricia spray me and my cock is almost fully erect. "Before I spray your cock I am going suck it. Will that help get you as big as Jean?" She kneels in front of me, sucks my raging cock with one hand on my balls then sprays me.

"Eight and a half inches long, and five and a half inches in circumference," Lucy smiles with the tape measure in her hand. Not as long but much thicker than Jean. That really is sexual tension." "Can the one item I wear be my figure-eight cock ring?" I ask Lucy as Patricia watches fascinated while I fit it.

The photographers are ready for us, lets go into the studio." As we walk in Patricia smiles and tells two men, "I am to please and be pleased, so lets make it really good. I am wet for you, and having two photographers filming while Lucy and the lighting man watch will really turn me on." "Let them take some photos of you sitting on the stool with your legs open Patricia," Lucy instructs, "Front and back, your arse looks fabulous sitting like that.

"Now play it by ear. You have two extraordinarily well-hung men at your disposal.


They are rock hard for you, or each other maybe? Find out how much they want to fuck you. Remember we are shooting MFM pics for a swingers magazine." Jean and I stand either side of Patricia. She is a very eager participant as she takes a cock in each hand.

"Getting paid for this is magic. Lots of women I know would do it for free. On your knees Jean and lick my cunt lips while I suck this thicker cock.

I love the cock ring." "My cock loves what you are doing to it, I loved the way you kissed and licked all of it before your started sucking it. And I think you like Jean licking your cunt at the same time. I think you like it very, very much. What else would you like?" "I would like to watch Jean suck your cock. Then I want you to watch me suck his cock. You are huge, but he is even longer." The two photographers are taking pictures non-stop from all angles.

Patricia is a very good and obviously experienced performer. "My camera loves you Patricia," the male photographer says urging her on and I can see she is relishing his attention.

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I am enjoying being photographed by a female and her comments are a real turn on. Patricia sits me on the other stool and tells Jean, "Suck his cock, then I will suck yours." Jean kneels in front of me, but not before Patricia kisses his ten-inch cock and teases his balls.

"Who says size isn't important. Your turn for me to suck your cock soon Jean. Before I have you, show us what you can do with a huge cock." Jean is very good and the sight of his rock hard ten-inch cock protruding at ninety degrees as he sucks and teases me with his fingers while Patricia teases my chest and nipples as she tongue kisses me is a huge turn on. "Your tongue down my throat is almost as good as it was on my cock baby. Stop and look at his huge cock while he sucks mine." The sex is so intense that I almost forget the two photographers at work taking pictures of us for publication, while Lucy gives them explicit instructions.

"Twenty minutes so far, make it last for another twenty if you can. This is going to be an awesome shoot, I am watching three stellar performers in action, you two men are very lucky to have Patricia, and the same goes for Patricia." I watch as Lucy parts Patricia's legs and wipes her very wet crotch with a warm towel then takes hold of Jean's head, takes it away from my throbbing cock, and wipes my cock with her towel.

"Your turn to lick Patricia's cunt now, kneel in front of her while she sucks Jean's ten-inch cock." I watch as she greedily takes Jean's cock into her hands and mouth. I put my hands under her arse and her extended clitorous finds my tongue. "I want to lick you to a huge orgasm baby with that ten-inch cock in your mouth. Then I want to fuck your brains out, while Jean watches and masturbates for you.

Would you like that? The male photographer can't get enough pics of you, he is fascinated by you." She can't respond with Jean's cock in her mouth, however, I assume her soaking wet cunt as I lick and tease it with my tongue and lips with two fingers sliding in and out of it to be an affirmative answer. "You are doing great guys, thirty five minutes, keep it up," I hear Lucy call. Almost simultaneously I can sense Patricia is about to orgasm. She is groaning, squirming and bucking her hips as she pulls my lips into her cunt, then shakes and explodes.

I can hear Lucy, "You told Patricia you wanted to fuck her brains out, while Jean watches and masturbates for her. So do it now." And what a fuck the finale was, with two photographers, Jean and Lucy urging Patricia and I on while they enjoyed. The voyeur in all of us loved it. Xxxxxxxxx "Hello honey, I am pleased you phoned. I told you I was lonely while you are thousands of miles away. I took your advice and phoned a male escort to accompany me to dinner.

It was a wonderful dinner and I don't feel so lonely now, I am back home and feeling much better. "What am I doing now? Thought you would never ask. I am looking at myself at the two big facing mirrors in our bedroom. I am stark naked and I can see my big arse cheeks. I can also see my male escort's hand cupping my arse cheeks. "And I am sitting on his huge cock as he glides my wet cunt up and down it with his hands. His cock is rock hard for me and very long and very thick.

You always told me you liked me talking dirty to you on the phone when you are away. "After dinner I thought it would only be polite if I asked him back for a nightcap. "I asked him if he would like to watch me to change into something more comfortable while he watched.

He was very keen on that idea, so I got naked except for my g-string and changed into one of your black shirts, but left my stiletto heels on. He enjoyed watching that and he said my legs, especially my thighs looked terrific in your shirt with just one button done up.

"I casually asked if the information on his bio was correct. It said he was thirty-five, eleven years younger than me. Then I asked if the measurements on it were correct. It said eight and a half inches long, and five and a half inches in circumference. "I asked if I could have a look to verify the information. And honey, when I saw that package hanging out of his crotch less jock strap, I just had to have it.

I think I must have made him excited when I undressed to change because his cock was ready to go. "So honey, here we are, what else can I tell you? "How many orgasms have I had? "None yet, but I am close, horribly close. Would you like me to tell you about it?

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"My escort is enjoying me talking to you while he is fucking me. He thinks I am a bit kinky.

Fancy that. "Honey I am so close, you know how I scream when I cum, with this huge cock pumping me I really am going to scream …… "Enjoy that honey, I did, fabulous. "You are going to make me watch you have sex with another woman when you get back?

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That would be very exciting for me, can I be totally naked and use my vibrator while I watch?"