Blondie teen babe piper perri gets pussy railed by big cock

Blondie teen babe piper perri gets pussy railed by big cock
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It was a late Friday night when Lucky, black male at age 18, was walking home from the neighborhood bar. A beat up jet black Ford Escort pulled up, made a loud screeching sound, and 2 men hoodies jumped out the car with guns. "Give that shit up!" one said. Lucky was stunned like a boy getting caught masturbating and didn't know what to do.

He had his 36 inch gold chain on, worth about 2 geez and he wasn't finnin to give it up. He awkwardly looked up the street like one of his boys were there just to trick the robbers. Stupidly they turned and look and that's when Lucky started running. He ran for his life but then he felt his legs giving out as he fell to the ground. He was shot twice and blood flowing all over the place.

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The robbers quickly took his chain and money and then fled into the night. To this date, Lucky remembers this night like it was still today as he sits in his wheelchair.

As he sits in his bedroom moping, he gets a call from one of his friends, Mike. "Hey Lucky, you wanna come over and chill? I'll pick you up." "Sure, why not, ain't shit else to do" says Lucky. While they rode in the car, Lucky ain't had shit to say. He felt so miserable about his life. Mike ain't say nothing.

He didn't want to make the situation more sad than what it is. Finally, they got to Mike crib and Mike's girl just happen to be ringing his doorbell.

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As they got out the car and Mike helped Lucky into his wheelchair, Lucky secretly kept taking peeps at Mike's girl. "Man she hot" Lucky said to himself. Mike gf, Cindy a.k.a Cinnamon, was 5'6, Jada Pinkett complexion, Beyonce tits, porno star Gianna ass with J-Lo hips.

Superfine!! She had on a sky blue halter top with white blue cheerleader skirt to match, shiny legs and bunny tattoo on left leg.

It was 95 degrees that day.


While Lucky looked at her, he started reminiscing on the days he use to fuck some pretty women. Now, being confined to a wheelchair, he never gets any attention from women.

"Hi Lucky", Cinnamon said as they all headed into the house. Lucky didn't speak back, he was too mad at himself at the time.

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As Lucky sat in his wheelchair in the living room, Mike started to grip up his gf and give her passionate kisses on her soft looking glossy pink lips.

"Not right now Mike" Cinnamon said while pushing him away and looking at Lucky at the same time. "Aw come on Cinn, Lucky don't give a fuck, that' s my best friend. Right Lucky?" Lucky ain't say shit, just kept looking at Cinnamon curvaceous hips. Mike then smacked her on the ass real hard. You can see her bubble bounce as he did it.

"Stop playing all the time Mike", she shouted.

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Lucky laughed but felt a little movement inside his jeans. "Cinnamon is such a turn on", he said to himself. Mike didn't give a fuck. He smacked her on the ass again and this forced Cinnamon to sit down on the couch to stop him from doing it again. While the kept playing around, Lucky and Cinnamon kept taking quick peeps at each other. "If I wasn't in this wheelchair, I bet I could fuck Cinnamon", Lucky said to himself.

Lucky put himself in a daze for a couple of minutes until he realized Mike was putting his hand up her skirt a little too far. Cinnamon started to get hot and her legs flew open just a little bit. From Lucky angle, he can see a glimpse of her panties.

They were sky blue, matching her halter top. "Mike, we have company, chill out damn!" While she talked, she kept licking her glossy lips and making soft moaning sounds from the sexual emotions. Mike didn't stop and proceeded to make her legs open wider. "Oh shit!" Lucky said to himself. "I can see her pussy lips". Cinnamon had a cameltoe. Her pussylips looked swollen. Lucky instantly got a hard on in his pants.

He started rubbing in his crotch area as he watched them fool around. Cinnamon started watching Lucky as Mike rubbed on her now getting wet pussy.

"Mmm, that's my spot Mike, chill, we got company. Lucky is watching us", she said in a low soft voice. Mike stopped kissing on her and turned around and looked at Lucky. He then turned back to his gf and said "All Lucky do is look at pornos. He hasn't seen or had real sex in a long time." "So what are you saying Mike?" Cinnamon asked with a curious look on her face. Mike stared at her for like 10 seconds and then said "Nothin". He started kissin on her neck again and secretly whispered in her ear and said "Let's give him a show." Cinnamon didn't say shit.

You can tell she was thinking about it. Lucky was wondering what they were talking about. "Could they be talking bout how I'm such a perv right now because I'm steady watching them instead of leaving the living room?" Lucky asked himself. But for some reason, Lucky didn't give a fuck. He was anxious to see how far they would go. While Lucky sat there looking at them, all of a sudden him and Cinnamon locked eyes. They stared at each other for at least 30 seconds all while Mike was kissing on her.

All of a sudden, Cinnamon started kissing Mike back, still staring at Lucky. "Are they bout to fuck in front of me?" Lucky asked himself.

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"This is too weird this is happening." Cinnamon took her eyes off Lucky and put all of her attention into Mike. They kissed passionately. As Mike worked his way to her neck, Cinnamon started searching for his love tool.

Her hands were searching around his abs, then his thighs and then she finally found his cock. She gripped it up and started making it real hard in her hand. Mike pulled down her spaghetti straps and exposed her Size 36C round tits to Lucky eyes. "oh shit!" Lucky said out loud. He started to put his right hand down his pants to feel on himself but quickly remembered he was not alone.

All of sudden he heard Cinnamon say "Do it Lucky. Touch yourself". Lucky froze for a good 30 seconds until he did as she wished.

While Lucky was rubbin himself, Mike started suckin on her right tit while Cinnamon sucked on her left one. She made her light brown nipples shiny wet. At this point, Mike couldn't see Lucky but Lucky and Cinnamon can see each other. Cinnamon gave Lucky a head signal. He knew that signal must mean "pull it out".

So he did, all 9 inches of it. Cinnamon looked at him in a way she wanted to fuck him instead of Mike. In the back of Cinnamon mind, she was saying "Mike is no where big as Lucky.

A shame he is confined in a wheelchair with all that black meat". By now, Lucky didn't give a fuck. He treated this as a real porno and started stroking himself vigorously. Cinnamon started unbuttoning Mike jeans and pulled out his dick slowly. Mike was rocked hard but his cock looked like a banana to Lucky's plantain. Lucky sensed this… "Roll over this way Lucky so you can get a closer look." Cinnamon shockingly said out of nowhere.

So Lucky rolled over there cautiously. He didn't know what he was getting himself into. Finally, he was so close, it was like black porno "big ass big tits volume 1" right before his eyes. He just kept stroking his 9 inch piece as Cinnamon played with Mikes. All of sudden, she pushed Mike down on the couch and headed for the head on his dick. She placed herself in a way where Mike had access to her big tits and her booty was in Lucky face.

As she gave Mike head, Mike head aimed at the ceiling. At this point, Cinnamon took her other hand and lifted up her skirt. She then slid her thongs to the side and showed Lucky her fat juicy pink swollen pussy lips.

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Lucky stayed quiet as he looked. All he could hear was the slurp sounds coming from Cinnamon as she went up and down on Mike dick. Cinnamon started to play with her pussy and flag Lucky with her pinky to get closer. So Lucky did and man he could not help himself. He gently put his tongue on her clit and moved it in circling motions very slow. Cinnamon started wigglin her ass left and right from the enjoyment and then pushed her pussy into his lips harder.

Lucky didn't stop and kept showing his tongue game he used to use all the time back in the day. Still Mike don't know all this is going on, his head still to the ceiling with his eyes close. All of sudden, Cinnamon push Lucky face away from pussy and flagged him with her hand signals to fuck her.

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"Should I?" Lucky ask to himself. "Mike might not like this. He might get mad and beat my ass and I can't fight back. I'm in a wheelchair." Again, Cinnamon flagged him but this time with a strong signal. So, Lucky got closer in his wheelchair and grabbed her by the hips, signaling her to sit on his cock. When she felt the signal, Cinnamon stop suckin on Mike dick and stood up like she was moving away.


She then pretended like she was stumbling backwards. "Whoa Whoa" she said as she fell onto Lucky hard erect member. Cinnamon then let her pussy slide on Lucky dick and said in a shocking way "Lucky, what are you doing to me?" As she tried to get up, she stated moving her hips to the rhythm.

"Lucky, the fuck is you doing?" Mike yelled. "I didn't say you can fuck" Lucky looked at Mike like he was sorry but the way Cinnamon started moving her hips was making Lucky get into it. "Sorry Mike, I just couldn't help it. Your girl is so hot" "Get up Cinn!" Mike yelled at her.

"Okay", she said but not getting up while she saying it. All of sudden, she said "But Mike, he feel so good! His dick feel so good in my pussy. I just wanna bounce on it some more. I feel I'm bout to cumm". Mike didn't know what to do.

Lucky has stolen his bitch. He stood there with his dick poking at her mouth. Lucky gripped up her tits as she bounced on his swollen pussy juice covered cock. All of a sudden, Lucky said "Turn around and ride my dick". So she started to rise up. "Cinnamon, what are you doing? You gonna listen to him?" Mike asked and yell at the same time. Cinnamon got up, paused, looked at Mike and said "You started this shit remember? Mike ain't say shit, he couldn't believe it. Cinnamon turned around and immediately sat down on Lucky pointing to the ceiling cock.

She put her hands on his shoulders and started riding his dick. "mmmm" she said as she rode him in the wheelchair. Lucky can feel her C cup tits smackin him in the face as he palmed her big booty. He then pulled her face close to hers and whisper in her ear "You my bitch now!" She was so turned on by this that she started boucin like a jackrabbit on his dick. While her face was still close to Lucky, they started kissing, using a lot of tongue action. As Cinnamon and Lucky kissed passionately with their eyes closed, Cinnamon can feel Lucky hands arching up her ass.

He was trying to play with her moist butthole. So, Cinnamon arched her ass more and gave Lucky access. She felt a pinky in her little tight anus and that made her feel good.

But all of sudden, the pinky didn't feel ike a pinky anymore. She opened her eyes to look and see what finger Lucky was using. But it wasn't Lucky finger, it was Mike getting ready to insert his still hard cock into her ass.

He had sneakingly put some lube on his dick while they were kissing. "Mike, what the fuck are you doing?", she yelled in a surprisingly manner. But it was too late, Mike was up her ass and Cinnamon was being double penetrated.

"Ahhh, it hurts, take it out!" Mike didn't listen, he kept slow stroking it so he could open up the little butthole a little more. "Mmmm, stop, mmmm, shit!!!, damn yall turning me out" she started to say. After 5 minutes of double penetration, Cinnamon got into it and let her body fall into pure ecstasy.

She climax like 4 times and begged for them to stop. She was done… All of sudden, Mike says "uhhhh, booty too good, I'm bout to cumm." The look on Mike face made Lucky get over excited. "Shitttt, me too!", he said. Around the same time, both pulled out of Cinnamon and cumm started shooting out their swollen dicks. Lucky put it all in her face and tits while Mike let it out on her sweaty round brown ass.

Cinnamon looked like she just got beat up by a bunch of girls. Her hair was all over the place and cumm dripping down her chin. She looked at Lucky, paused, and then shook her head.

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She couldn't believe what just happened. Mike looked at Lucky and both smiled. To this date, they are still best friends and still tag team on Cinnamon. THE END