Excited and sensual fuck holes delight

Excited and sensual fuck holes delight
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Randy and Sasha had been dating for nearly a year. They had met at a party, hooked up the first night and had been having hot sex since then. Sasha was a slender redhead, 5'-4" tall with 34B breasts, and a full growth of red pubic hair on her quim.

Randy was 6'-0" athletic build due to his participation on the football team, with a long thick cock of about 8". Both enjoyed their sexual encounters very much.

They usually fucked in Randy's car with the front seat reclined making the whole car a double bed. Their favorite parking place was a secluded gravel road that led back to an abandoned tool storage shed on a now dormant farm. The property had been Randy's Grandfather's farm and was, for the most part, forgotten by the family. They drove out to the farm to have an afternoon fuck and discovered that construction crews had cleared the area where the shed had been and were preparing to build an industrial building.

Randy quickly called his mother to find out what was happening. She told him that the brothers and sisters had met and decided to sell the farm to developers who intended to build and industrial park where the old farm had been. She then asked why he wanted to know and Randy quickly changed the subject. Randy spat curses as he and Sasha looked at one another, bewildered.

"Where can we go, Randy?" Sasha whined " I really need to get fucked" Randy threw the car into reverse and backed out onto the road.


"We can go to your house." he offered "No, I think Mom is home." she replied. "Well, fuck, I need to go somewhere." Randy snorted. Sasha quickly thought and told him to go to her house but to park behind the garage where the car would be hidden from view. Randy drove as fast as he could without getting a ticket. When they arrived he pulled the car behind the garage, out of view from the street. "Fantastic," Sasha said "Mom isn't here." Randy grabbed her blouse and pulled it over her head.

His mouth quickly covered her ripe full nipples as his hands ripped at her shorts and panties. "Slow the fuck down." Sasha shouted.

Randy didn't listen and soon Sasha was naked lying back on the reclined seats. Randy's cock was in full bloom, throbbing hard and hot. Sasha took it in her hand and guided it into her hot wet pussy. "Oh, baby," she whispered "Fuck me hard." Randy slammed his hips forward and buried his dick deep into her pussy. His ass pushed her against the leather of the seats as he buried his meat in her sweet twat.

"Oh, fuck, that's good" he shouted. Sasha was already cumming. She had been fingering herself on the ride to the house and was ready before they had gotten fully parked. She had been stroking Randy's big dick on the trip also, so he was very close.

Just as they were both about to reach the pinnacle of sexual bliss, there was a rap on the cars window.

They both froze as they looked into the face of Sasha's mother, angrily peering at them through the window of the car. "Oh shit," Randy blurted "Oh shit indeed" Carla, Sasha's mother retorted. "Both of you get your clothes on and get into the house, immediately." Randy and Sasha looked at one another embarrassed and flustered.

Sasha was shaking with fear. She had no idea what her mother might do, but she didn't think it would be good. Randy was very nervous as he followed Carla and Sasha into the house.

He knew better than to try to run or defy Sasha's Mom. She knew his parents and also was actually pretty mean. As they entered the house, Carla ordered them to follow her into the family room in the basement. They went like puppies behind her and sat on the sofa. Carla first stood over them and then came and sat on the ottoman in front of the sofa.

"Well, what do you all have to say for yourselves?" Carla queried They both stammered and looked at one another as if to get some guidance as to what to say. Finally Sasha spoke up. "I love him Mom and we love each other." "Bullshit!!" Carla shouted at her "You love to fuck, plain and simple." Sasha shrank away from her at this response.

Carla's eyes were narrowed and her jaw was set hard as she continued "I saw the way you were loving his cock. I saw the way he was pumping you as hard as he could. All he wanted was to blow his load into your pussy and that's all you wanted him to do.

You both were only interested in getting off." she snorted. "What I'm so fucking pissed about is neither of you even considered the consequences of not using protection. What if you get pregnant? What are you going to do then? Have you thought about how that would effect your lives?" Carla was quaking with anger, and then she burst into tears, sobbing as hard as she could. Her body convulsed as she cried her heart out in front of her daughter and her boyfriend.


Suddenly Sasha went from fear to pity. Her heart was broken that she had caused her mother so much pain. Randy felt ashamed as well. Carla choked her tears back and sniffled. "Damn it, Sasha!! What the fuck were you thinking! Don't you know how much I love you?" Sasha was crying now and Randy was sitting with his face in his hands. "I know how hard it is." Carla continued "I know you have desires, I'm not made of stone. I used to crave my boyfriend's dick just as much as you want his, but I always made him wear a rubber, always!!" she said emphatically.

Carla paced back and forth as if she was trying to come to some sort of solution that would make this all get better. She sat in silence for several minutes. Sasha and Randy were also very quiet. They held hands for support. Finally Carla rose and looked at both of them. "Look" she said " I am not upset that I caught you having sex, it's that you were acting irresponsibly.

I know you love each other, or at least you think you do. I know that sex is fun, I have been having sex for a lot of years and before your father and I divorced, I loved sucking his cock and fucking as much, if not more than you do. But, we never did it in the back seat of a car, we never put ourselves in a position that might get either of us hurt." Sasha looks incredulously at her mother.

"You never did it in a car?" she said with disbelief "You never did it in a car?" she repeated Carla flashed back a sharp look at her daughter. Her eyes softened a little. "Well, not very often, he didn't have a car." her face broke into a smile as she had been caught in her lie.

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Sasha burst into laughter. "Oh fuck, what an excuse." Sasha laughed. "He didn't have a car so what did you all do, fuck up against the side of the barn?" by now she was howling with laughter. "No," Carla shot back "We did it in the hayloft." Now Carla was also laughing, her face red from embarrassment.

"But he did always wear a rubber." she added "We call them condoms" Sasha corrected her mother. "We have been educated about sex." With this Carla and Sasha embraced one another. The tension seemed to leave the room instantly. "Can you tell me where the hell we are supposed to fu.enjoy one another?" Sasha stopped before she said the "f word" " The only place we have is the car, and it is actually pretty comfortable with the seats reclined.

It's like having a double bed. The seats are also nice and firm which means he gets deeper penetration." Now Sasha was getting bold. Her mother looked at her and smiled. "Is he good?" she asked "Does his dick reach all the good spots?" Sasha giggled, "OH Yeah!!!" she answered. Randy was amazed by the conversation he was hearing. A few minutes ago he was afraid that his balls were going to be cut off and fed to the dog, and now these two women were actually joking about his sexual abilities.

He didn't think he would ever figure women out. Carla put her arm around Sasha's shoulder. She bent to plant a kiss on her daughter's forehead. "Baby, you know I love you." she started "I just want you to be safe and I want you to enjoy all the things that girls your age do." Sasha interrupted "Then let me fuck my boyfriend." Carla sighed deeply, her argument was waning.

"Look, I have no problems with you all having sex. I want you to. I want you both to have great sex and to enjoy each others bodies, but I do not want to be a Grandmother." Sasha nodded, she fully understood her mother's objections now.

"We are very careful, Randy always pulls out just before he cums. He is a total gentleman that way." "Yes.

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I know." Carla replied "You are the result of a failed pullout. Your father was fucking away and I told him to pullout, because we didn't have any rubbers, or condoms, as you call them and he was so sincere when he told me he would.

Well we got to slamming away and before he could pull out I had wrapped my legs around him so tightly he couldn't and bingo, you came along about nine months later. I am not sorry, I have always been overjoyed with you and I wouldn't trade having you for anything in this world, but trust that voice of experience, please.

Wear a condom." she said looking directly at Randy. Randy nodded approvingly "Now, this business of fucking in a sedan." Carla said "That has to stop." Sasha was about to object when Carla stopped her " We have a perfectly good guest room in this house. I wouldn't expect you to use your room, that would require cleaning it up, heaven forbid. But if you all need to fuck and I assume you do, there is no safer and better place than right under your own roof." Sasha's face lit up.

A smile spread across it as she looked at Randy with delight. "Did you hear that, Baby?" she squealed "Momma is going to let us get our groove on here in our own house." Randy was smiling, too. His face was a mixture of joy and relief. "Come on," Carla instructed "Let's get things started." Carla led the two lovers to the guest room. "It has an attached bath, king sized bed. I hope it is firm enough for him to get full penetration." she jibed "and I believe you will find a full box of ribbed condoms in the medicine cabinet, where I keep them in case I ever get lucky." Sasha showed genuine surprise.

"Christ, how long have you had them?" she teased her mother "Fuck you" was the terse reply. They all laughed. "Baby, if you don't mind, I am a little turned on thinking about the two of you fucking here in my house." Carla began " Well, it's just that. well, if it would be okay."Carla was having trouble putting her request into words.

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" You want to watch?" Sasha asked matter-of-factly. "Yes, yes I want to watch. I would even maybe carry it a step or two further.like maybe.well possibly could I like." her voice trailed off. Sasha looked at her mother. She was still a very attractive woman, they were nearly carbon copies of each other physically except that her mothers breasts swung lower than hers and maybe her hips were slightly fuller, but, she was a very well preserved woman at 42 years old.

"What do you want, Mom?" Sasha asked "I can hardly even ask, no just forget it, I'll just go upstairs and let you two have your fun." she said her face red with embarrassment.

"Mom, would you like for Randy to give you a little?" Sasha asked. Carla's face turned crimson. "I want more than a little. Oh yeah I want a lot." Sasha looked at Randy and laughed. "Baby, you are going to have a gooood time tonight." Randy looked a little confused but the bulge in his pants indicated readiness to accept any challenge.

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As Carla and Sasha stripped off their clothes, Randy went into the bathroom to retrieve the box of condoms. His face lit up when he entered the room and found two very hot looking women standing naked at the foot of the king sized bed.


"Randy, Mom needs you to get her ready." she told him "Go down on her, get her wet and then fuck the piss out of her." Carla's eyes lit up as Randy came forward and picked her up and threw her onto the bed.

Her pussy was throbbing at the anticipation of having this young stud's cock slamming into her. She was breathless with desire. Randy positioned himself between Carla's legs and was about to go down on her when she shouted "69, I want to suck that big thing," Randy repositioned himself and lay on his back.

"Climb on, Mom." he said "Put your pussy in my face and let me lick your clitty and finger fuck you for a little while." Carla scurried to get into position as Randy buried his tongue into her waiting quim.

Carla lowered her mouth over his wonderfully rigid cock and began pumping and sucking it toward ejaculation. Sasha sat in the lounge chair and began to finger her pussy as she watched her mother and her boyfriend perform oral sex on one another. She was so happy.

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She couldn't remember anytime in her life when she felt more lucky. The action on the bed was stepping up. Randy had Carla humping against his tongue and face as she had orgasm after orgasm. Randy was trying to sustain himself but was losing the battle. Soon his balls began to tingle and he shot a full load of hot cum into Carla's waiting mouth.

She sucked it up greedily and continued to suck trying to extract every last drop from his balls. "Oh fuck, Momma." ha said "You are a primo fuck for sure." "Thank you so much, baby. thank you from the bottom of my heart, it's been so long since I have had a big cock like that. Oh Baby I loved it, I really just loved it.

Thank you Sasha, he was wonderful. No wonder you love to fuck him so much." Sasha joined them on the bed and gave her mother a long kiss on the lips. Their tongues playfully intertwined. She reached and grabbed Randy's cock and began stroking it to get it ready for the fuck she needed so badly. Carla moved off of the bed and took her place in the lounge chair. She watched as her beautiful daughter slid her lips over the cock that she had just recently emptied. She marveled as it sprung back to life.

Randy's balls were drawing back up as his cock grew and stiffened, ready for some hot pussy action. Sasha had her pussy wet and hot from playing with herself as she watched her mother and boyfriend have oral sex. She laid Randy on his back and mounted him. Her pussy swallowed the entire length of his cock as quick as a flash and her hips began the rhythmic pumping that would bring her screaming to a fantastic orgasm. The two kissed, Randy sucked her nipples, she suckled his and they synchronized their movements to bring the maximum amount of fucking pleasure to each other.

Carla was deep fingering her cunt as she watched. Her breath was ragged as she grew closer to her own prize. Randy let out a grunt, Sasha quickened her motion, the panting became more intense. There was an electricity in the air that was not like anything any of them had experienced before. Sasha and Randy had never had an audience before. Carla had never shared a lover before.

This was a truly unique occasion that would define how each of them viewed sex from this day forward. Sasha's hips were now in very rapid motion. Randy was actually grunting so loudly it sounded as if he were barking.

Carla felt her insides turn to liquid as she experienced possibly the most intense orgasm of her life. Sasha screamed as Randy emptied his balls into the condom Sasha had slid over his cock with her mouth moments before sliding it into her quim. Their orgasm was intense and lasted longer than any they had previously enjoyed. Sasha fell forward onto Randy's chest, breathless. They kissed. Carla sighed loudly. The room smelled like sex. Every pore of each of their bodies was dripping sweat.

It was a beautiful moment. Carla got up and kissed both her beautiful lovers. She took a moment to taste the lovers wine left on Randy's still stiff cock, then kissed Sasha's swollen clit.

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"I love you both" she said "Now I am going upstairs for a nice stiff drink and a nap. If you all need me," she paused as she turned to wink slyly "just call up the stairs and I will come running." With that she turned and left the room. "Oh baby," Sasha said to Randy "I can't believe that we have a place to fuck whenever we want, and you have a new pussy to play with." Randy rubbed his eyes as if trying to get a handle on what had just happened.

Hid cock was still throbbing from a superb blowjob and a mind blowing fuck.

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"I think I am in love with your Mom." he said. "She is absofuckinglutely amazing." They both laughed.


They went to the shower to clean up. Randy thoughtfully took a condom with him.