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Photos of straight naked arab men and cowboys gay I brought up the
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I leaned back in my chair and stretched out, picking up my Mojito and taking a sip. I watch the crowd of people that keeps walking by in a steady stream, I smile at some of the young, fit and tanned ladies who look my way, from behind my sunglasses and just keep observing the people walking past.

As I sip on my Mojito I think back at how my fortunes changed in an instant. Two years ago I was a manager of a repair shop and we barely got by paying all our bills, then I got a partnership offer and after weeks of thinking it over I accepted. We moved into a new building, the partner started the advertising and suddenly we had more work than we could handle. I got new staff, trained them and within six months we were raking in money hand over fist and I could finally sit in an office and just make important decisions and sign new contracts with high level companies.

Within a year we made so much money that I could afford to go on a much needed vacation. After a few calls and arrangements have been made I got on a plane and flew all the way to America, I rented a car and just took off driving, taking as much of the scenic route as I could. Naturally I got calls daily from work and I kept on making the decisions and of course talking to my partner.

He notified me that he got a deal for a new building and that there was two new prospects for the technician jobs, I told him I'll need to think about the building and that he could let the two senior technicians interview the two people and then act according to what they thought. That was two days ago and as I booked into the hotel last night, he called me and urged me to give him an answer by today, so here I am, sitting at a little street restaurant, sipping a Mojito and mulling over if the move will be a good thing.

I notice a young Hispanic looking lady stopping and staring at me, she seems to debate with herself and then slowly come walking closer. I look her over, black high heeled sandals, tight blue jeans with a wide black belt, a tight spaghetti top that is cut to accentuate her very impressive cleavage, her raven black hair streams over her shoulders and her big brown sunglasses hides her eyes, something about her tries to spark a memory and when she stops in front of me I suddenly remember her.

"Uhm, sorry to bother you, but you look like somebody I know" I decide to tease her a bit and smile politely at her "Ma'am if a lady as beautiful as you says that she knows me I'll just agree" She blushes slightly and laughs softly "It's very inappropriate of me to just walk up to people like this, I know" "So ma'am who do you think I am?" She shuffles her feet a bit "You see I had this friend who I met on the internet a few years ago, he's from overseas and I truly do like him, his name is Greg Donovan" I grin at her "Now now my dear, I told you my whole name before, it's Greg Eddy Donovan" She looks flabbergasted at me and I get up from my chair with a laugh "Yes Jenny it's me, never thought I'd see you here" With a squeal of delight she practically jumps on me and starts laughing, I just hug her to me and then after a few moments set her down "Omigosh Greg!

What on earth are you doing here?" So I offer her a seat and sit down next and after the ever anxious waiter took her order I start to tell her what happened since we lost contact around eight months ago. All the while she has this happy little smile on her full lips and I drink in the smell of her perfume all the time that we talk. After a few mojitos and a few more obscure drinks for her I'm starting to feel a bit too relaxed. She asks me where I'm staying and I tell her the Hotel's name, her smile widens a bit and she ask if I'm still a single guy.

I laugh at her and shake my head "My dear nobody is interested in an old hermit crab like me" She pouts at me and I just want to lean over and kiss those sexy lips "You're a year older than me, do you want to tell me I look old?" I make a show of looking her over and then smile "Wow you're really that old?

I could swear you're ten years younger" Again her sweet laugh lightens my heart and she lean over to squeeze my hand "You are exactly the same as when we chatted you know that?" I smile "I am who I am my dear" We continue to talk and I remember to ask her if she was on her way to work or something and she just reply something, she's on leave for a week. Suddenly she grows serious and I wonder what I did wrong "Greg I almost didn't recognize you today, what happened?

I know that you started doing well, but that doesn't explain why you look so fit" I smile at her "Well along with the money came time and with the time I started hitting the gym and going for cardio workouts" Her gaze runs over my body again and I grin "I could show you if you want to see" A faint blush comes to her face again and she quickly looks away "And how about you?

Still one of the hottest single ladies in Miami" She smile broadly "Oh stop it Greg and yes I am still single" I ruefully shake my head "I still think the guys must be blind" She shrugs "I had few guys, but they just don't seem right, they're either jealous assholes or just guys who wanted me for my body" I sigh "Same old problem all over again hey?" She just gives me a slight smile "Not everybody is like you Greg, I wish I could meet a guy like you" I smile slightly "And voila today you meet a guy like me?" Again she laughs and shakes her head "Oh you're just one too much, I still don't understand why you're single" I shrug "Must be destiny or something" She looks at her watch and start to get her things together "I got to get going…" She pauses "Can I see you later?

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Tonight?" I get up "Sure, you will just have to come get me, I don't know the sights and sounds around here" She gives me another smile and then hugs me tightly and whisper against my chest "I'm so glad you're here, I've been waiting years for this moment" I just hug her to me and say nothing, after a short while she let's go and stand on her tip toes to give me a soft kiss.

I'm still entranced with the feel of her soft lips when she walks away, turning to wave at me and then walk off, her hips and tight ass moving seductively. "Man how the hell did you land that?" I look at the waiter next to me and grin "The wonders of the internet, I guess you have seen her here before" "Yup and you won't believe how many guys have been with her, but every time she comes back with a new one she just says that the other only wanted to get in her pants" He sighs "Not that I would mind" I laugh and slap him on the back "That is exactly the attitude that will not get you inside her pants, she's not a sex object, she's a female and a female is like a rose bud, given time and patience she will bloom for you and you must savour her like you would a fine wine" He looks puzzled at me "Are you French?" I just grin and shake my head "No mon ami I am not French, so let me settle the tab, this man has a date tonight" After paying my tab, I leave a handsome tip and saunter back to my hotel, whistling "When the saints go marching in".

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This draws a few strange stares from people, but I truly don't care, for the first time since I started this vacation I'm actually feeling happy and relaxed.

I take a long hot shower and walk into my room dressed in just a towel, sorting through my clothes I decide that I don't need to dress up, I'm not here to impress anybody.

So I pull on a loose baggy, black jean and a white t-shirt, black socks and my white sneakers. Just for finishing touches I gel my hair, then I take out my laptop and start to check up on my e-mails and reviewing the business reports from my admin girl or as some like to be called, secretary (yes we grew that much from a two man show).

The telephone rings and I almost jump out of my skin, I get up and walk over to the bed and pick up the phone "Hello" "Sir this is Gary from the front desk?" "Ah yes Gary, so how can I help you?" "Oh sorry sir, there is a lady here, she says her name is Jenny Sanchez?" "Ah thank you Greg I'll be right down" I grab my wallet and stuff it into my side pocket, I debate about taking my cell phone, but leave it on the table next to the laptop as I exit the room and lock it.

I head down the stairs whistling as I descend. I stop when I enter the foyer and let out a soft whistle, there she was, flashing her brilliant smile at the people walking past her and chatting idly to a very flustered Gary.

She's wearing calf length boots, short black shorts barely covering her ass, a black midriff baring chiffon top and you can clearly see her black bra under the top, her hair is loose again and she just look absolutely stunning. I walk over and slip an arm around her, my hand resting on her bare skin, she's so soft and firm that I just want to hold her and never let go, she look up at me smile "I can see somebody else is still hitting the gym" She laughs and slips an arm around me to give me a hug "Come on, we're going to miss the party if we stand here chatting" She pulls away, grabbing my hand and pull me after her, I grin at Gary "I'll take my messages tomorrow" He just gives me a shocked wave as we head out of the door.

She stops at a silver Ford Eclipse and bundle me inside and a few minutes later we are on our way. Music pumping out of the speakers "I can see that you're not a shy lady once you made up your mind about something" She laughs "If you only knew Greg, I've been thinking about this since the first time you mentioned it" "Driving me to a party?" "No, spending a night out with me and my friends" Her smile is infectious "Most of the guys just want me to themselves, they don't understand that I want to spend time with my friends when I go out" I laugh "Like the one guy who just asked you to have sex with him?" "Exactly!

I'm glad you stood up for me that day" I reach out and squeeze her shoulder "Anytime my dear, anytime" We stop in a well lit parking lot and get out, after locking the car she leads me to the entrance. The bouncer is one big bruiser of a guy, but he smiles affectionately when Jenny comes into view. "Well well if it isn't our most popular client" She laughs gaily "Marc you stay a dear, this is Greg, an old online friend of mine" The bouncer looks me up and down "So you're the Greg she's always lamenting about after a bad love experience" My jaw almost hits the pavement and Jenny turns a darker shade of pink "Marc!!" He grins and slaps my shoulder "Go ahead and enjoy yourselves kids" As we pass he leans closer and whisper softly to me "You better not get into a fight in there, you look a bit too strong for your own good" I grin at him "I'll just flex my muscles and look angry, hopefully that will scare them off" He chuckles and shake his head as I follow Jenny inside, once we get inside a bunch of ladies comes rushing over and they all share excited little screams and talk in high pitched, girly voices.

I just smile as I watch them, suddenly jenny turns to face me "And this is Greg" "You mean as in THE Greg?" "Wow he's taller than I thought" I shift a little nervously, could what Marc have said been true?

From their remarks I start to think it is. Jenny grabs my hand and drags me towards their little group "Greg this is Alice…" She points out a blond with brown eyes and a slim figure dressed in a loose silver mini dress, I shake her hand "Janique" A tall Afro-American lady is pointed out, she's also very slim, wearing black pants and a loose fitting red top with spaghetti straps, and I shake her hand as well "Grace" A brunette dressed in white shorts and a midriff baring top with a kaleidoscope of colours splashed all over it, I shake her hand as well "And this is…" "Wait I remember you, you're Jenny's sister…Martha" She laughs, although they are not a spitting image of one another, the good looking genes is clearly in her too.

She's a bit shorter and a bit heavier than Jenny, but she carries it in just the right places. I shake her hand as well, but she surprises me by pulling me into a tight hug "Hey the way Jenny carries on about you I'd swear you're family by now" We share a laugh as I get carried along by the group as they head for their seats, Jenny makes sure to have me seated right next to her and keeping her one hand possessively on my knee.

I'm a bit surprised at this reaction, but decide not to comment on it, we order drinks and start to talk. I get to know her friends, who she seemed to have met at the gym and who she goes out with at least twice a week. After getting dragged onto the dance floor a couple of times by Jenny or Martha, I just sat back and watched them dance.

Curiously enough Jenny didn't dance with any other guy, if she didn't dance with me or alone, she sat with me, talking with me. Close to midnight Jenny decided that it was time to head home, because I had a long day ahead of me, I was curious about this, but I learned that you never argue with a pretty lady. After saying our goodbyes and walking out of the club, I soon found myself sitting at a pizza restaurant, Jenny seated opposite to me and we both sipping on a tall glass of 7 UP "I thought I had to get to bed?" She rolls her eyes, if they heard I'm coming here they never would have let me go.

Bad for my health and all that, you know it's not like I get to meet you every day and eat a pizza everyday" I just smile and nod "I understand how you feel, it's the times that you can spend alone that makes a date more special" There is a glitter in her eye as she lean forward "So is this a date Mr Donovan?

I smile "You can bet your sexy ass it is one" She looks pensively at her pert rear clad in those short shorts "Do you really think it's sexy?" Her little girl's voice just makes me smile warmly at her "One of the sexiest I have ever seen" Her smile is warm and genuine, but quickly disappeared when an obviously drunk guy almost fell over her "Hey there sexy…why don't you drop that zero…and get with this hero" I almost burst out laughing "I'm sure I can rock your world" I tap his arm and he turn to face me "Dude I'm talking with the bitch" "Well if you weren't completely drunk and making a scene of yourself you would've realized I was talking to her first" "Listen dude, its guys like you that make me sick, you think you are Joe Popular, but you're just Jack Shit" Jenny reaches for her handbag, but I shake my head at her "Tell you what high school jock fallout, why don't you go to the restroom and take a good look at yourself.

The person responsible for your failure is right there in the mirror" His face goes white and he swings a fist at me, I just calmly shift and his fist swings past my head, his momentum makes him lose his balance and he stumble past me and crash into the empty table and chairs behind me.

I arch an eyebrow at Jenny, she just looks shocked at me, and our drunken intrusion is lying groaning between the tables "I hope this won't get me into trouble with the police" "No it won't, I've had just about enough of him" The big guy passing us and heading for the disturbance have a very determined look on his face and his name tag announces him as a manager. Jenny just looks unhappy, so I take her hand and squeeze it gently "What is wrong honey?" "This always happens, now our evening is ruined" I look shocked "It is?

I think I must've missed what ruined it then" She smiles slightly "You're sweet Greg, but what must you think of me now? Guys are only interested in me when they're drunk" I pat her hand gently "Now that is a lie, I'm a sober and I'm VERY interested in you" She blushes slightly and at that moment the manager who have forcibly rejected the drunk guy from the shop settles our pizza down in front of us "I'm terribly sorry about that ma'am, sir. I would like to give you the meal for free along with a free drink" I shake my head "No, it wasn't your fault and I know it's a rather big knock on a slow night like tonight.

I'll pay for it" "But sir I insist" I grin at him "Ok let me use my favourite slogan for times like this: "The customer is always right", so I INSIST on paying for the meal" Giving up he just smiles "Thank you sir" He leaves and I find Jenny looking at me, her stare makes me uncomfortable and I shift a bit in my chair "What?" "You really are a strange fellow" I just chuckle "I'm really not that strange, eat up before it gets cold" A few cold drinks later and a lot of talking we walk out of the shop after I paid for the meal.

She stretch out and I can't help but admire her firm body and my eyes gets drawn to her big breasts. She turns to me and smiles wickedly "Are you checking me out Mr Donovan?" I shrug in mock helplessness "But I could not control myself your ladyship" She laughs and step closer to me, her eyes is ablaze with feelings as she look up at me "Hug me" I slip my arms around her and pull her tight for a hug, she reaches up and slip her arms around my neck and pull my head down to hers and kiss me, a bit shocked I return the kiss and a few moments later her tongue slips into my mouth.

Pleasantly surprised I meet her tongue with my own and she moans softly, pushing her self harder against me. When she slowly ends the kiss and pulls back I'm not very coherent anymore, never before have I been kissed with so much passion and definitely nobody ever elicited so much passion inside me with just a kiss.

She slowly licks her lips and smile up at me "Are you a good a lover as you are a kisser?" I only stare at her and her soft laugh warns me that more is coming "Cat got your tongue Mr Donovan" "A very sexy one who I really like a lot" The smart mouth come back let's my brain kick back in and immediately thousands of thoughts assault my brain, none of them helping my half hard cock to soften. She grins at me, and pull my head closer to whisper in my ear "I'm going to tell you what we're going to do now.

We're going to get into my car, then we find a quiet spot and I then want you to fuck me as hard as you can. What happens after that is up to you" She pulls away and looks me in the eyes "Unless I'm completely wrong and you don't want me" I swallow and smile "Let's see how quiet your place really is" Her smile is genuine and bright, she grabs my hand and lead me to her car.

After getting in she pulls out of the parking lot and drive down the road, I reach out and run my hand down her silky smooth inner thigh, she flash a grin at me "I'm going to drive into a tree if you don't stop" I lean over and kiss her neck, my hand stroking over her warm crotch, her eyes lose focus for a second and then she look at me "God Greg I'm going to rape you" I raise my eyebrow "Is the lady in some dire need?

Should I save her from her predicament?" She grins and stops next to a brush, as we get out I can see that we're in a park of sorts. She waits for me at the front of the car, her lips find mine as soon as I embrace her. I slip my hands inside her shorts, gripping her firm, naked ass, she moans loudly into the passionate kiss.

I massage her ass firmly, her soft skin feels like silk under my hands as I knead her firm ass, she push herself up against me, rubbing her hot body against my swelling cock.


I pull down her shorts and she step backwards, sitting on the edge of the bonnet, spreading her long legs, she grabs one of my hands and shove it between her spread legs, crying out in pleasure as my fingers brush over her hard clit.

My fingers spread her satin soft lips, our lips locking again as I explore her wet folds with my fingers, as I push two fingers into her tight wet hole she bucks and I can feel her body spasm as her fluids gush over my fingers "Oh my, we're hot aren't we?" She looks breathlessly at me "I've been working myself up for your touch.

I swear I almost jumped you when we danced. Now stop teasing me I want you now" I undo my jeans and drop them, she looks at my erect cock and run her tongue over her lips, and then she looks up at me.

I step closer and she turns over on the bonnet, her tight ass in the air, wordlessly I slip my cock into her wet opening. She's so tight that it feels like I'm trying to force my cock into a hole half it's size, slowly my cock slides into her hole and her moans seem to echo in my ears, she grips the top of the bonnet as she press backwards. I grip her naked hips and force my cock deeper into her "Oh God love, you're so big, I want it all" She push even harder backward and moan loudly, when my groin dig into her ass she lets out a sigh of pleasure, and start to move her pussy walls, it feels like a hand in a satin glove milking my cock.

I pull back slightly and push back again, she throws back her head and groan as she bites on her teeth.

She turns her head and look at me, a fire burning deep inside her eyes "Fuck me baby, fuck me as hard as you can" I take a firm grip of her hips and start to thrust my cock hard and fast into her tight pussy, pretty soon she cums again, her juices coating my groin and running down her long sexy legs.

My groin slap wetly against her firm ass, I pull her into each hard thrust, her moans is so loud I'm sure that everybody outside the park can hear her.

I can feel my own orgasm building up from her tight pussy and my own excitement, I start to think of the problems at work and I can feel the rush subsiding. Jenny's next orgasm has her bucking on the bonnet, gripping the bonnet's top side hard and screaming in pleasure "Oh God! Oh God!


Fuck me! FUCK ME!!" I do just that, my cock working her convulsing pussy with a vengeance, her body trembling as the pleasure course through her.

Our bodies slaps hard together and it looks like she want to claw the paint from the car bonnet as her juices runs down her legs and drip from my balls. She's breathing heavily, at times gasping for breath, finally the pleasure overwhelms even all my thoughts of the shop, it takes hold of my body and I lean a bit forward, hammering her pussy even harder, pulling her back onto my cock, keeping her in place.

I throw back my head as the pleasure grows and grows and dimly I can hear her screaming out in pleasure again, my orgasm almost blows my head off. I ram my cock deep into her as my cum erupts into her, I cry out and hold her tightly against me as my cum pumps into her, I even rock my hips a bit more, trying to go even deeper into her.

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After what seems like an eternity my cock stop convulsing and I let go of her hips and rest my hands on the bonnet, next to her thin middle. She's breathing just as heavily and doesn't seem like she want to move, finally she turn her head to the side "Wow, I don't know what is bigger, you cock or your load of cum, I swear you just pumped half a gallon into me" She giggles "Damn Greg you made me sound like a whore riding a prize bull" I chuckle I pull myself slowly out of her, she stand with her legs open as copious amounts of our cum pours out of her spread pussy.

After a while she push herself away from the bonnet and stand on wobbly legs, she groan softly and touch her pussy "You really did a number on me didn't you?" I smile at her "You did ask me to" She grins "I didn't say it's a bad thing" She bends down and pick up her shorts, she whip the dust from it and pull it on again, I pick up my jeans and slip into them again.

I finish finding her looking at me with a wistful look on her pretty face "What's wrong baby?" "I just thought about something, so what do you want to do now?" I step closer and lean down to kiss her gently "Now I want you to take me to the hotel…" She seem crestfallen for a second "And stay the rest of the evening with me" She smile brightly and reach up to kiss me "Let's go before you change your mind" I laugh "Not bloody likely my dear" We kiss again and then get back into the car, as we drive I tell her about the business and the new building that my partner can get.

She listens intently, only interrupting me to ask a question or two. We stop at the hotel and she gets out with me, I notice then that her top is a bit skew and grin, suddenly I don't mind who sees us, I just had wild sex with one of the most beautiful women I know and I'm certain to have more sex with her tonight. A yawning valet comes out of the office and I smile at him, he gives Jenny a look, and then looks at me "Would you please park the lady's car?" "Yes sir" He hands her a card, then gets in the car and drive off, the doorman just tips his hat at me and when Jenny looks away winks at me.

At the reception counter I leave orders to not be disturbed for any reason. We take the elevator up to my room and I lead her to my door, after unlocking and opening the door I let her go in first and switch on the lights before locking the door behind me.

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She looks around and then smile at me "Not too shabby Greg" I laugh softly "Thank you, I'm glad that you approve" She bend over, displaying that sweet ass to me again as she unzip her boots and step out of them, she throw them next to a couch and stretch out.

"Do you want anything to drink?" "Well if you have cold water I'd be grateful" I nod and head over to the little fridge, getting out two bottles of cold water, as I turn around Jenny is sitting on one of the armchairs minus her top and bra which is draped over the back rest of the couch where her boots are laying on the ground. I take in her taut belly and her big, firm breasts, her brown nipples is small and tight, she wears a small smile as I look at her "Like what you see Mr Donovan?" I walk over and hand her the water "I don't think any of the great art masters could produce anything more lovely than you" She smiles at me, I sit down on a couch and she gets up to come and sit on my lap.

She flicks her hair backward, giving me a clear view of her breasts, she opens her bottle and drink some of the water. I set my bottle aside and rest my hands on her middle, her skin is silky soft and I can't wait to suck her small nipples into my mouth, feeling their hardness under my tongue and teeth as my lips work over the soft skin of her breast. She stops drinking and watches me as I lean forward to gently kiss her breasts, her skin is soft and warm under my lips.

I run my hands slowly up her back, rubbing the soft, hot skin, feeling the muscles moving under my touch. She run her fingers through my hair and breathes deeply as I keep planting soft kisses all over her ample breasts, making sure not to touch her areolas or nipples. She gently massage my scalp, breathing deeply, making me wonder just how sensitive her breasts really are.

My fingers firmly massage her back and she arches herself against me, her warm crotch pressing firmly against my hardening cock. She slip a hand from my head and stroke the outside of her breast, I slip my hands down over her firm ass and hold onto her as I stand up. She slips her arms around my neck and hold onto me as I carry her to the table and set her down on it. I slip my fingers in her shorts and pull them down, her shaved pussy glistens in the light, whether it's still from our previous session or from me just kissing her breasts I don't know.

I lean forward and suck a rock hard nipple into my mouth, her moan is deep and loud, her nails dig into my back as I suck her nipple and wiggle my tongue over it. I rest my one hand on her breast, marvelling at the difference, her soft breast tipped with a rock hard nipple, I brush my palm over the nipple as my fingers gently squeeze her breast.

"Oh baby, that feels so wonderful" Her soft sigh of pleasure echoes her words, her one hand is in my hair, pushing me against that wonderful breast, the other still clawing at my back. I suck, nibble, lick and bite on her nipple as my other hand goes on massaging her breast and brushing over her other nipple. She arches her back and moans deeply, she suddenly pulls my head from her breast and attacks my pants.

With a gentle smile I help her to slip it off, her soft, cool hand runs over my throbbing cock, she looks up at me "Wow, just how big is it?" I tweak her hard nipples and she shudder as her hands run over my cock "Last time I bothered to measure it was eleven inches" She grins as she judges the width, he cool fingers slowly slide down my cock and cup my balls "I thought you would be big and darn you almost split me open, but I'll be damned if I don't want more" She fondles my balls with one hand and stroke my cock with her other hand.

She smiles broadly and looks up at me "Looks like somebody still have a good amount left" I grin back at her, and brush her hair out of her face "I would believe so" She pulls me closer and guide my cock at her wet pussy, she rub the wet head over her lips and then slip it into her opening. She places her hands on my shoulders, I place my hands on her middle, she looks at me and kisses me gently. I meet her tongue with my own as I start to push harder against her, as my cock pierce her wet folds it feels like I'm penetrating a boiling cauldron.

I start to slowly thrust, pulling back and then penetrating her a bit deeper, she pulls away and clenches her teeth together, groaning loudly as I pierce her tight little pussy, I lean closer and whisper in her ear "God baby, you're so tight" She move closer to the edge of the table as my cock slowly slide deeper, her moans is out of breath and it feels like her nails is turning my shoulders into hamburger as she dig her nails in over and over again as I slip deeper with each slow thrust "Nnnnnn&'re so big honey&hellip.aaaaaaaah yes& that…deeper…oh GOD" She seem to stutter and her pussy convulse as her juices spurts past my cock, she bites my neck hard as she pull me against her, as she shudder through her orgasm I throw caution aside and thrust hard into her, she took it all before and I bet she will again.

She cries out in a pleasure filled pain as my groin slap hard against hers "God…I swear it feels…like you're in my tummy…" She pants as her orgasm passes, "Lean back on your arms baby" She complies, leaning back, propping herself up on her elbows, I watch her face as I start to slowly thrust my cock slowly in and out of her.

Her breasts rise and falls with her deep breathing, her eyes looks up at me, filled with pleasure and passion. I reach out and squeeze her breasts and tweak her nipples as I move inside her wet pussy. She shudders in pleasure, but she maintains her eye contact with me. I grip her hips and start to thrust faster, she close her eyes and start to moan loudly.

I watch her breasts move with my thrusting, the sight is so erotic and her tight pussy clenches around my cock as she has another orgasm, her juices squeeze past my cock and drip down my balls. As she start to regain her breath, I pull her legs up and force them wide open, I feel how her pussy stretches over my cock, I lean forward and start to thrust fast inside her sopping wet pussy "Yes baby, fuck me, fuck me hard ooooh so deep…fill me up with your cum" She croons and moans loudly as I hammer my cock fast and hard inside her tight pussy, the friction grows too much for me to bear.

I clench my teeth as my body takes over, my cock ravaging her stretched open and defenceless pussy, she digs her nails into the wood of the table crying out her pleasure. It feels like my cock is thrusting in and out of her faster than an engine's piston, our groins slaps hard together and echoes through the room.

I let go of her firm legs and grab her hips as I drive my cock hard and deep into her, my cum erupts into her and dimly I can hear her screaming. When I look down, she is mauling her tits with her hands, her face delirious with pleasure, it looks like she is connected to a live wire as she shudders and bucks on the table. Her tight pussy walls milks my cock as I empty my balls into her, our mixed cum, grows too much and start to squish past my convulsing cock.

I collapse on top of her as our orgasms wreck our bodies. When we finally collect our breathes, I pull myself out of her and with a groan push myself to my feet. It feels like a train ran over me. I look at her laid out on the table, her spread legs dangling from the edge and our combined cum, dripping steadily out of her pussy. She lowers a hand and touch her pussy, lifting her hand she looks at the mess on her fingers and then lick her fingers clean, she lies back, spreading her arms open "God Greg, when last did you cum?

Both times I swear you filled me up with over half a gallon of cum" She raises her head and peers at me "And I do declare, from now on we don't do missionary, it feels like you dumped your cum right in my tummy" I chuckle at her "Let me carry you to bed baby, maybe you'll feel better there" She lies back "Hold on a minute, don't want to go soil your bed sheets" I look puzzled at her and then realize that our combined cum is still escaping her pussy, I look at the growing puddle "Is that really all me?" She laughs softly "I think it's an equal measure there" I lean over and kiss her gently, she place a hand behind my head and returns the kiss.

When I finally pulls back, she smile up at me "Take me to bed or lose me forever more" I grin and then pick her up from the table, she entwine her arms around my neck and kiss me as I carry her to the bedroom.

I lay her down, then go to switch off the lights, when I return she is curled up, I smile as I switch off the lights and get into bed. She moves to snuggle up against me, I place my arms around her and suddenly realize that I feel exhausted, slowly I drift away into dreamland.