Young brunetts fucks with Santa

Young brunetts fucks with Santa
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We got to the house, let the dogs out, and popped a couple beers. Once the dogs were in and fed, the chickens and turtles were fed, and the cats were fed, I showed Nicole around the house. She told me she didn't really have any furniture, but that we would make do. She would get it all in order. We chuckled. I told her that as long as I had her in my bed every night, I would live in a tent outside. With that we went to the bedroom. We stopped at the bathroom where I helped Nicole out of her clothes, except her shoes, and watched her pee before wiping her clean.

We went across the hall to the bedroom where we lay down and I laid with my head at her feet at my face. I took her shoes off and kissed and sucked and smelled her stinky feet. God they were awesome. "I don't think I have the energy to do anything now baby. Just play with my feet and let me go to sleep, Yami will be here in a couple hours, and I want all my energy for her." I took each of her toes in my mouth and then rolled her onto her stomach.


I licked my way from her feet to her ass where I settled in on glossing her ass crack with saliva. Finally when I couldn't take it anymore, I straddled her legs, and slipped up into her pussy once again. "Goddamn your tight baby!" I yelled. I fucked her furiously with my hands on her back. I still had the thong Yami had given us so I stuffed it into Nicole's mouth before putting one of her own shoes up against her face.

Nicole grabbed the shoe and stuck her nose right into it. "Your cock is just & damn long……" Nicole's voice trailed off as she began to puddle on the bed. Soon after I shot a heavy load inside of her and fell off beside her in a sweaty mess. We soon both fell asleep. A couple of hours later, we were awaken by Yami standing beside the bed.

Yami was shaking Nicole gently and the motion of the bed woke me. "We both sat up in the bed at the same time. "How did you get in?" I asked. "You two were in such a hurry to fuck, you left the door unlocked!" We laughed. "Now, I'm horny and I want to taste this tight little pussy!" She leaned in and started kissing on Nicole. "Damn these shoes still stink." She tossed them off the bed as she sat down. "Wait, don't you like the way her feet smell?


"And you owe my feet some attention!" She pulled Nicole down in the bed and nuzzled down between her legs with her feet up behind her. I knelt at the end of the bed as Nicole, who was now receiving more well deserved cunninlingus, watched as I smelled around Yami's shoe clad feet.

I could smell the sweat inside of her shoes. I kissed the sides of her shoes and around her ankles. I finally reached for the heel of her left shoe and eased it up.

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Oh my god, the smell. "Yep, Nicole, you were right. They do stink worse than yours." I think I started leaking. "I thought you liked them to stink, "Yami turned to watch me smelling. "Oh, I do, I do indeed," I replied as I stroked my cock with one hand and held her foot as far up against my face as I could get it.

"Wait," Nicole said. "Let's change positions." She moved around on the bed so Yami could eat her and she (Nicole) could play with my dick as I enjoyed Yami's smelly feet. I eased the shoe off completely and licked up every drop of sweat from her left foot. As I reached for the right shoe, Nicole announced that she wanted to eat Yami. She waited for me to get her right shoe off then helped her out of her tight ass jeans and shirt and bra.

She pulled her legs up so I had her feet in my face and she (Nicole) was doggy style in front of me. "Now fuck me hard as you enjoy those feet!" "As much as I would like to, baby, I think Yami deserves this wood.

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I need to thank her properly for getting her cute little feet this stinky for me!" "Well okay then. Then I'll lay down and she and I can 69 and I can watch you fuck her little pussy and you both can drip all that cum all over my face!" "Well, haven't you become the perverted little demon," Yami snapped. "I think I like it." Yami climbed onto Nicole's face, but I quickly snuggled down beside her.

"I never fuck pussy with out tasting it. You will share won't you baby?" "Of course!" We flicked out tongues across Yami's nether regions as I eased fingers in and our of her asshole. After about an hour of licking and sucking while kissing Nicole, we brought Yami to a cum load of huge proportions.

Nicole licked my face clean before I got up behind Yami and started licking her asshole. Yami fell on Nicole. "No don't--I don't like that!" "Let him do it, Yami. He is a total freak and will even eat it if you fart on him.

I have to admit, It feels so good and he will reward you with a sore pussy!" "Fine then," Yami conceded. She let me start and then finally arched her back and stuck her ass up high in the air. Her body smelled of sweat from working the last two days with no shower. "Yess……that does feel good! I'm glad I called out for the salon tomorrow morning.

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I want to fuck like this all night long&hellip.I don't want to go to sleep. Kevin, you may have to carry me to the bathroom to pee when we are done." I stood up on the bed and mounted Yami.

Her pussy was dripping wet so I slid in quite easily. "Suck on Nicole's feet baby," I pleaded. Yami started kissing them and gagged a little but did as she was told.

I pumped vigorously into her. Finally Nicole got up and said she wanted to taste Yami's cute butt. She got beside me behind Yami and started smelling and licking the brown eye. Before I knew it, she was sucking on Yami's asshole, something she admitted to me she thought she would never do.

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I started pumping in and out of her pussy as sweat dripped from my body onto both of theirs. Yami was yelling in delight as I finally dumped what felt like the biggest load of cum in my life into her waiting pussy. I collapsed onto the bed as Nicole jumped beneath her and licked her clean. I got so aroused, I jumped back on Nicole's begging pussy and started fucking her again with a new vigor.

Yami eventually climbed off of Nicole's face and came to stand behind me at the end of the bed.

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"Nicole, didn't you tell me you wanted to try anal sex? I think it is time." "Yami, you know I think you are right, but I don't think I can handle this big dick in my asshole. My old boyfriend tried it one time but I couldn't stand it." I interjected. "Then again, have you ever been this turned on?" "No, I don't believe I have, baby. Yami, you said you used to let Chris fuck your ass.

Can I watch Kevin fuck your ass, then try it?" Yami didn't need any convincing. She had been sucking on Nicole's toes, but she instantly bent over the bed in anticipation. I dropped to the floor and lubricated her ass with my tongue. She started shoving two fingers in and out of her asshole.

She was moaning in delight as she played with her ass. I pulled her fingers out and brought them to my nose and smelled them and sucked them.

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"Oh, my God, you are making me come again, and you aren't even inside me!" That was all the direction I needed. I stood up and eased the head of my dick into her ass cheeks.

Nicole started licking my cock entering Yami to lubricate the tiny opening I was invading. "This is not my first anal sex, but definitely the best!" "Does it hurt?" Nicole asked. "A little at first, but after that, it feels really good!" Nicole jumped on Yami's back and opened her legs wide.

"Make me good and wet then go for it!" she said. I pulled her up into a standing position on the bed and ate out her ass as I fucked Yami. Before I knew it, I was cumming inside Yami's ass.

I was panting hard as I pulled out and sat on the end of the bed. To my surprise, Nicole pulled Yami to the floor and they both took turns cleaning my shaft. Nicole played with Yami's tits as Yami sucked me back stiff. I directed Nicole back up onto the bed and stretched out her legs as far as she was comfortable.

I grabbed the tube of lubricant from my bed stand and slicked up my penis and squirted it into Nicole's ass crack. I eased my middle finger into her asshole as she squealed and asked if Yami could lay under her. We made the necessary adjustments. Nicole told me to fuck Yami to get more slick and then enter her ass. I did as I was told as the two girls kissed and necked. I could not believe the night I was having. I eased the head of my dick into Nicole's tight little opening as Yami was reaching down fingering Nicole's pussy.

Nicole cried a little bit, but told me not to stop under any circumstances. Before I knew it, I had fully entered her and was now enjoying her sphincter muscle squeezing my member. In just a few minutes, I emptied my seventh load of the evening deep into her bowels. When I had finished, I collapsed onto the bed in between my new two lovers. We were just starting to fall asleep when we heard a banging at the door.

"Wonder who that could be at 11:30 at night!" I grabbed my robe and the girls put on their panties and a couple of my T shirts and we all walked into the living room. I walked into the kitchen to answer the door. I opened the door to find my p.o.

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and two deputy sherriffs standing on the porch. "What's up?" I asked. The two officers came into the door and brushed past me. They went into the living room and started talking to the girls as Crystal questioned me. "So do you have an underage girl living here?" "No, I am the only one living here right now, but two people are fixing to move in, both of which are over 18. What are you doing here?" "A lady who got fired from Sagebrush today said she used to work with an underage girl who you left the restaurant with.

Where is she?" Crystal demanded. An officer stepped back around the corner and told Crystal that there were two females were in the living room and the rest of the house was clear.

Crystal asked the officer to arrest me and started reading me my rights. "What am I being arrested for?" "I just told you!" Crystal snapped. She walked towards the living room. Nicole and Yami came running in the kitchen, their barely covered asses gaining the full attention of both of the officers following. "What the fuck?" Nicole snapped. "He hasn't done anything wrong. Let him go!" "How old are you little girl?" Crystal demanded. "I am 18 bitch! My ID is in my pocketbook in my new Jeep sitting in the driveway.

Is it a crime to have sex when you are over 18?" "Don't get loud with me young lady. I don't believe you. Go get your ID." Nicole marched out to the Jeep and grabbed her purse.

She shoved her ID in Crystal's face. Crystal looked dumbfounded. "Cut him loose, Charlie. Looks like she is three months older than 18. I'm sorry Kevin. Paige just told me --I mean--the caller just told me that this girl was underage.: "Well, you and her will both be hearing from my lawyer!

You could have taken just a few minutes to verify this information before marching into my home and arresting me for something that was not true!" I snapped. Crystal told the officers that she didn't need them anymore and asked me if we could sit and talk for a minute. I led her into the living room where I sat between Yami and Nicole, both now crying. She sat on the other couch. "Look, this lady that called, was adamant that I come out and rescue Nicole from you.

I am sorry I acted irrationally and did not verify the information. I have made three other serious errors this year alone. I have a lot going on at home and I am always looking out for the victim. If you report me, I am going to lose my job and probably be prosecuted. You haven't been any trouble for me since you have been in this County and I am going to recommend that you be released from probation early.

I am going to talk to my supervisor tomorrow and we can talk to the DA and get this handled by the end of the week. It looks like you are going to be here at home for a long time to come anyway." She smiled at the girls.


"I have a better idea, Crystal. This whole second charge is bogus anyway. I took a plea bargain to keep from going to trial and embarrassing my sons in the next county. Here is what you are going to do.

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I am sure you have friends in the attorney sector. I'll give you one week to find an attorney, convince him and the DA to drop the charges against me and clear my name of this latest charge. I earned the first charge, but this one was bogus. Otherwise, I will have a lawsuit brought down on both you and Ms. Leath larger than any you have ever seen in this town!" "I'll see what I can do." "Wrong answer--the way I see it I have lost jobs or not gotten them because of all this bullshit.

So you talk to Jefferson County, your boss, whomever you see fit. But, in exactly one week, I want court documentation that my charges are dropped and I am a free man.

Furthermore, I want a check for $10,000 in my bank account by the close of business on that same day." "What? I am pretty sure I can get all that done except for the money. It is going to be hard to get that done without a lawsuit. Besides, I don't have that kind of money!" "Well, I tell you what. Tonight is your mistake. I have suffered for the last 4 years because of all of this chaos brought on by you and everyone else involved. Unfortunately for you, you are the one who chose to come crashing into my house for no apparent reason.

So I don't care how you get them money--steal it, refinance your home, take out a loan, whatever you need to do. But clear my name, get the money and produce a document for me that says I have the right to have full visitation rights with my sons again effective immediately. And I want the records off all of this chaos expunged and sealed so it can never be opened again!" Crystal started crying and just got up and went out the door.

I called after her. She said she would call me tomorrow with the details. "Wow, that was incredible," Nicole said. "Once you do something, they always think you are guilty, huh?" "Now you see what my life I all about." "I'm sorry baby. I really am. C'mon Yami, lets show him how good of a man he is." Next thing I know, Yami is in the floor sucking on my flaccid cock, which of course rose to attention, and Nicole is standing on the couch, her pussy in my face.

Here we go again. After about two more hours of fucking on the couch, the bar, the table, the desk&hellip.just about anywhere I could plant their pretty asses&hellip.we finally made our way to the shower.

It is a large walk in shower, and all three of us could fit uner the rain shower head. The girls soaped each other up and washed each other down while I sat on the bench and watched. Then they cleaned me up and we all toweled each other off. We walked to bed where I rubbed lotion all over Nicole's body first, then Yami.

Nicole had fallen asleep by the time I was finished with Yami. Yami thanked me for her massage and asked if she could do something for me. I told her she already had but she insisted. With Nicole sleeping right beside us, she told me to lay down. She positioned her pussy over my face and told me to relax and go to sleep that she wanted to fall asleep with my dick in her mouth. She licked my balls and dick ever so gently. I could not help but get hard again, but Yami told me that she didn't want to make me come, just use my dick as a pacifier.

"I can't stand it baby. I must have you now!" Nicole was laying on her back beside us, so I had Yami lay with her face near Nicole's feet. I gently and gingerly fucked Yami's pussy while the both of us sucked on Nicole's toes. I emptied my load and fell asleep on Yami's chest.