Enge Wazoo und Schlitz Demonstration

Enge Wazoo und Schlitz Demonstration
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This story follows "Free Spirited.The Beginning (1997) Moomba" After Easter the next big event in my life was ANZAC Day 1997; it was also my 15th birthday. Leanne had spoken to Jason about my special request for the day; the guys were all very eager to take part.

My request was to be fully stuffed with cock in my pussy, ass and mouth simultaneously. To prepare for this I had to become acquainted with oral; and learn to suck cock. So I had 4 weeks to practice; which I did during lunch time breaks at school. I can't remember if it was every lunch time, but it felt like it.

Leanne would always be nearby watching and checking for someone coming; all this happened behind the rear building next to the bike sheds toilet block. By ANZAC Day I felt no disdain towards a boy's cock; and was now confident with their whole shaft inside my mouth.


I would show the guy his goo afterwards by opening my mouth before swallowing it down. I was now starting to skip the odd class because of doing the odd guy in the toilets; and not just orally. My grades were well and truly slipping now as I could not concentrate on study at all. The only thing I had on my mind was sex, sex and more sex. By now I was dressing a little more risqu?n shorter skirts and often wore no bra under my school top. I began teasing my pet dog too by place pizza on my pussy and letting him lick it off; it drove me crazy.

At school I had even started rubbing myself in the classes that bored me. I would moan softly as I neared completion; some of the children in my class knew and teased me. I did not care less about them and as far as I was concerned they did not exist.

Anzac Day long weekend began on the Friday and the plan was to head to Leanne and Jason's place. I told my Dad that I would be staying over at their place and would not be home until Saturday. I wore a denim skirt, white tank top, black bra and panties, fake leather jacket, cowgirl boots and black stockings. I also took along a bag with a complete change of clothes inside.

When I arrived there their parents had already left for the weekend. The gang was all there; 5 guys and Leanne were watching a movie called "Pinkies" or "Porkies".

I sat on the couch and was handed some goon; I sculled my first sip.

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After drinking lots one of the boys asked "Does anyone want to have some smoke"? We all got up and went outside; I almost fell over as I was pissed on the goon.

So we gathered around a metal barrelled drum and used logs for seats. Jason's mate Andrew was mixing the weed bowl as we all had the giggles; I was wished a happy birthday and kissed on the cheek by everyone. We smoked the bong for God knows how long; it was very strong stuff because after about 4 goes I passed out.

I was semi awake looking at Leanne being fucked by 2 guys when to my delight a hand went under my tank top. They released me from my top and undone my bra; I was still dreamy and watching Leanne. Someone was tickling and caressing my nipples; that's when I felt a hand dive up my denim skirt trying to get inside my pussy through my panties.

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The guy rubbing my nipples kissed me; I immediately kissed back it was Jason. My denim skirt was undone and removed; I lifted my ass cheeks off the ground so by aiding them in taking my panties off. I had decided I was theirs if they wanted me; I was still drunk and stoned though not out of it. Watching Leanne getting fucked was making me soaking wet.

Jason lifted me off the ground pulling me closer to him; hugging me as we kissed. He started sliding his boardies off as we kissed; out the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of another boy Andrew rubbing Vaseline on his fingers. Jason was sucking on my tits real hard as Andrew started probing my pussy opening.

I let out a gentle moan as he began to slide two fingers inside me. Once inside he was finger fucking me forcefully; it was driving me crazy.

I was now sitting on a blanket in bliss with one guy sucking the life out of my tits; and another fucking me with two lubed fingers. It was so intense I gripped Jason's back tightly and bit into his shoulder. It masked my screams of joy as I gushed out my first orgasm of the night.

I saw both Jason and Andrew's huge bulges straining to escape their boxers. Jason then slid his boxers off exposing his erect cock and sat on log next to me.

Andrew lifted me up and positioned me on top of Jason's cock facing him. Then he helped me bounce up and down on Jason's cock by gripping me either side of each of my tits. What felt like 20 seconds though was probably 2 minutes had Jason groaning and cumming inside my wet pussy. He yelled "Oh God" then quickly pulled out of me. Andrew lifted me on to all fours and positioned himself with his cock at my cunt for the doggy position. He began to really fuck me hard oh God it felt so good; each time he thrust it in I pushed back to meet him.

I needed him deep inside me and I needed it bad. I had long since blocked out what Leanne was doing to concentrate on my own fucking. He too did not last very long maybe 5 minutes; before pulling out and spraying cum on my lower back.

I was still pushing forward and back as if I was still being fucked until I felt the slight cool breeze blow past my wet and very empty pussy. Another guy either Matthew or Nathan lifted me up off the ground and on to a wooden BBQ table. I sat on the edge with him and he began to lean into me.

I stretched back on the bench and spread my legs wide apart inviting anyone to do what they wanted with me. Matt started fingering me while Jason and Andrew licked my tits.

Matt was finger fucking me with three fingers before pulling out his thick cock and showing me it. "Do you want this" he asked? My smile said everything as he began thrusting that thick cock inside me. The power of his fucking forced me across to the other side of the table. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen or had at that point; and definitely the fattest. I had to grip the edge of the table; trying not to be forced off it by his thrusts.

Matt was fucking me intensely; I had cum after 3 minutes of his cock pounding, but he did not cum for what seemed an eternity of 8-10 glorious minutes in which I came again.

When his cock finally exploded inside me I felt the powerful eruption. When he pulled it out of my cunt; the cum spewed out from my very soppy pussy. It must have turned Jason and Andrew on as they were both jacking off and shot their lot over my tits. I rubbed their cum into my tits and chest before licking my fingers clean.

At this stage the neighbours complained about the music so we turned it off. I was relaxing and resting on my back when I felt someone kissing my nipples and breasts. I was thinking one of the boys had returned so I laid back to enjoy it. Whoever it was they were doing an excellent job.


Making circles with their tongue on my nipples before gently sucking them. Then they bit into my nipples and with their free hand caressed my inner thigh while rubbing my cum soaked pussy. Curiosity was killing me wondering who this was; it was Leanne stark naked like me and smiling with cum drenched hair. She positioned herself on top of me and started licking my cummy pussy; all I could see was her own cum soaked pussy.

She embraced my spread legs and God it felt so sweet; I pulled her body closer to my face and licked out her salty cum soaked pussy. As I nibbled on her clit I inserted a finger in her slippy cunt.

Oh God I could sense I was about to cum; and she sensed it too; so she started to quickly finger fuck me until I bit down on her clit as a sharp joint of ecstasy zapped my entire body. I had cum with a bang and still trembling when I resumed on Leanne's hot pussy. I was still happily licking her out when one of the boys spoilt it by grabbing her to take away to fuck.

She kissed me on my lips before she was taken away leaving me smiling; I had never had such an orgasm. I just lay there for what seemed like 20-30 minutes relaxing.

I looked around and Matt and others were looking at me with lust in their eyes. I motioned him over and told him to lie on his back on the BBQ table. I got off the table and on my knees between his legs and put his large cock to my lips. He helped me by slowly stroking it in and out of my greedy mouth. He moaned as he grabbed my head and began making me take his cock faster and deeper.

I was bracing the edge of the table as he was now making my head do all the work. I was feeling really hot again when someone behind me pulled me up off my knees and began rubbing my wet pussy with his hand; before sliding his cock in it. I gasped as he left his cock balls deep inside my pussy; before he inserted a finger inside my tight virgin ass-hole.

It made me jump and freeze; Matt the guy I was sucking noticed that I stopped and began using his hand and forcing my head to his cock. My ass was now being finger fucked carefully until he took his finger out and stuck 2 fingers in. "Oh God" I thought as he was now cock fucking my pussy and finger fucking my ass-hole. I was beginning to enjoy the ass manipulation as he started making circles with his fingers inside me. He pulled his cock away from my wet pussy and spread my legs further apart so my ass cheeks could be parted.

He then ever so slowly squeezed his cock inside my never before fucked ass-hole; inch by inch until it was all inside me. It hurt like fucking hell; and I almost bit Matt's cock off inside my mouth.

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I knew I could not keep sucking his cock without harming him so I pulled it from my mouth before saying sorry. The guy in my ass left his cock inside me without any motion as he caressed my middle back. He then reached out and grabbed my hair as I was slowly jerking Matt off. When I looked around I discovered Andrew was the one in my ass; he slapped it before starting to slowly fuck it.

Hell the pain made me really grip Matthew's cock and grit my teeth. Matthew grimaced until he saw my face wretched in agony then he just smirked. I was trying to jack him off, but the pain was too intense. "Relax then it won't hurt so much" I was told.

He was right as I did relax the pain started to go away; my ass felt numbness at first then I started to enjoy it. I was now so focused on getting ass-fucked that I had not realised Matthew had blown his load in my face. I did the first thing that came to my mind: I sucked his cock clean of his sweet cum. He then kissed me and left me alone to be ass-fucked; I gripped the edge of the table as Andrew was fucking me real hard in there now.

I was getting the tingly feeling as his balls were slapping my wet pussy.

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I know reached further forward as Andrew forced me into the table with each harder thrust. I was screaming out loud it's a wonder the neighbours didn't come over and complain about that. "Oh God; this feels good, this feels good" was all I could muster. I did not know when I started to, but now I was moving in rhythm with each thrust.

Andrew lasted a long time in my ass before I felt his cock explode inside it. He began kissing the back of my neck until his cock shrunk and fell out of my sore ass-hole; it was intense my ass was quivering as if it was still being fucked.

Andrew then left and walked inside. I lay there across the BBQ still trembling for a good 10 minutes more. I rubbed my tender ass and felt the gaping hole before attempting to stand up. I looked around, and everyone had gone back inside; I tried to walk, but was too tender. I had a bad urge to fart and when I did something warm ran down my leg. I took a look to find I had just shot out all the cum from my bum; and some shit too.

I went to the tap and cleaned my thighs and ass up the best I could. Was this normal? I was walking really badly because I could not close my legs properly; and it felt as if I had something poking in my ass.

I entered the room as they all watched me; I was so embarrassed when they all started laughing at me. More next time.