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Fbailey story number 365 In Just A Man's Dress Shirt She looked outstanding in just a man's dress shirt. Only two buttons had been attached, just under her breasts. It was new, it was white, and it was stiff as if it had been starched. The collar had been turned up in the back, the tail in the front was open just slightly, and I could see a hint of her pink panties.

Julie said, "Please come in." I said, "Your husband wanted to discuss my business proposal." Julie said, "And just what business proposal would that be?" I replied, "Well…it's sort of an erotic film venture." Julie said, "You mean that you two have found a way to fuck and film young girls for fun and profit." I just smiled because her question didn't really need an answer and besides I didn't have one to give her either, other than the fact that she had guessed it.

Then Julie backed up slightly and said, "Look at me. Take a really good look at me. If you had this waiting for you at home, would you want to look for some young piece of jail bait to fuck?" I replied, "If I had you at home, I would never do anything to loose you." I was sincere too.

I had always loved Julie but my brother had found her first. She smiled and said, "Good answer, now let me hear your business proposal." She led me into her formal living room that she calls her parlor. The furniture is covered with white leather, the hardwood floor is partially covered with a white shag carpet so thick that you cannot see your toes when you run your feet through it, shoes are not allowed in that room.

Everything else in the room was made of rich mahogany, highly polished, and worth a small fortune. There was an elegant fireplace, which was never used, a Tiffany stained glass window, and an imported chandelier. The high ceilings and rich wallpaper gave it character. Not only was my sister-in-law beautiful but she became quite well off when her parents were killed shortly after her wedding three years ago.

Now at the age of twenty-eight Julie had inherited their small mansion, two local businesses, and several other income properties. Rob had no need to work and had become a playboy of sorts living off his wife.

However, he still needed to do something himself to maintain his manhood. His only true talent had been that of a womanizer. He had a talent for talking woman into doing things that they might not normally do.

Mostly letting him fuck them. Julie was not stupid and knew what was going on, so she had shortened his leash and was reining him in. Rob was resisting as best he could. It was just a matter of time before he blew his marriage and was out in the cold. I was torn between feeling sorry for him and hoping that it would happen soon. You see, I was and still am in love with Julie.

As we sat in her parlor sipping Cognac I couldn't help but admire her great taste. Cognac is a brandy distilled from white wine so that it could not stain her plush carpet if spilled, but more so it is the elite of the alcoholic bereaves.

A true Cognac has to come from only three styles of grape, grown only in six districts, in only the Charentais Region of France. Anything else doesn't count as a true Cognac.

It also has to be distilled in special giant copper kettles and it has to be aged in special wooden casks made from the trees of the Limousin Forests in Portugal. Julie stocks only the very best in her parlor. Julie then offered me a white Champaign Truffle.

She has them imported. She described them as a culinary masterpiece among connoisseurs the world over!

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Her Champagne Truffles have a Dom Perignon champagne cream center, surrounded by white chocolate ganache, covered with white milk chocolate and dusted with confectioner's sugar.

She sounded like an advertisement. I knew that my brother had told me that they cost about five bucks apiece and are worth every penny of it.

As I bit down into one I couldn't agree more. I could get used to living high on the hog. After she had softened me up she once again asked me about my business proposal. As she did so she crossed her legs for me allowing her shirt to part further in the front giving me an unobstructed view of her pink panties and her generous cleavage.

Julie was a work of art. She allowed me to take my time, she allowed me to study her body as if it were an exquisite sculpture, and she allowed me to fall madly in love with her, even more so than I already was. Finally I told Julie everything that my brother and I had discussed, the studio that I wanted to rent, and our approach to getting the older teenage girls.

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I told her about renting costumes, sets, and backgrounds. I told her about the filming, the editing, and the distribution of the finished product. When I was done Julie asked me a few simple questions that I answered. Then she asked me if I was in love with her.

Yes, I was. She smiled and asked me why her husband was not in love with her anymore. I could not answer that. Julie then made me a proposal. She would back my venture financially as a silent partner, Rob could fuck all the young sluts that he wanted to, but in exchange I would have to make love to her in a similar manor afterwards. What! Surely you're joking! No, she wasn't. She meant it. If her husband could fuck around then she could too, however the only man that Julie wanted to fuck around with was me.

She confessed to being in love with me, but at the time of her marriage, she thought that Rob was the perfect man for her. She now realized that no one woman would ever be enough for Rob. I was pleased to be her second choice. So it was settled if Rob fucked a girl on the beach I would make sweet passionate love to Julie on a breach. If Rob fucked a girl in the ass while driving down the road at a hundred miles an hour then she would let me perform anal sex with her in the same way.

All of a sudden strange thoughts went through my mind. I told Julie that during the process of making X-rated movies some pretty strange stuff was done to those girls. Julie said that I could do anything to her that her husband did to other women.

I was still not convinced but I went along with it. She made one phone call and I had a hundred thousand dollars transferred to my personal bank account. In two weeks I had the studio rented, furnished, and all of the computer equipment that we needed to do the job including digital video cameras, editing equipment, and DVD reproduction equipment. We were in business. Rob was quick to pick up on the fact that he was the male star and that I was the cameraman.

He found them so he should be the one to feel them up, fuck them, and then fire them while I filmed them. Our lawyer made up an iron clad contract for the girls to sign that gave us exclusive right to everything that we filmed that day and gave us the right to them for one year to prevented them from going someplace else and performing in a movie. Our very first girl was just two days past her eighteenth birthday, she had the required two forms of identification, and she signed our contract without any hesitation while I filmed her doing so.

Then the fun began. Rob had her do a striptease in the bedroom for her older boyfriend, him. When she was naked she was to beg him to break her cherry and take her virginity. She couldn't act for shit, she couldn't remember simply lines, but she sure looked good naked and she was willing to let Rob fuck her just as often as he could get it up that day.

With her help Rob fucked her four times, in that ten hours. I got her giving him blowjobs, taking a bath, taking a shower, and going to the bathroom. She jump roped, hula hooped, and did cartwheels. She got spanked, she got tied up, and she got blindfolded but most important she got fucked four times. I had enough material for two DVDs. Then Rob asked her to come back the next day to film a gangbang and she said yes.


I paid her the three hundred dollars that we had promised her and told her that I would give her another five hundred after the gangbang. She was delighted. An hour later I was still trying to figure out how Rob had gotten her to pose and let him fuck her for just thirty dollars an hour.

He laughed and said that for fifty dollars an hour that she was going to let a dozen men fuck her silly…and that he had already charged each of them a hundred dollars to fuck her in the first place. In just two days we had made four hundred dollars profit and hadn't even done anything with the film yet.

The following day the girl arrived on time and let that dozen men fuck her a couple of times each. Rob fuck her three more times, and she still asked us if we knew of any more men that wanted to fuck her. She was an animal. She took on close to thirty men in a sixteen-hour period, begged them not to stop, and accepted the five hundred dollars that I paid her. I told Rob that I needed a few days to edit what I had before he got any more girls.

Instead he hired one of his friends to film him fucking girls and then he filmed his friend fucking them too. They weren't as good at filming as I was but it freed me up to edit the finished movies and get them on the Internet.

It also gave me the opportunity to pay a visit to Julie while Rob was busy in the studio. I had dropped off the first two movies of that girl and was working on the gangbang one when Julie called and asked me to come over.

She wanted her loving. I told her that I was not like my brother and that I was more interested in quality rather than quantity. She told me to prove it. We then went to one of several of her guest bedrooms. It was gorgeous like her. It was decorated in a French d?r. There were three video cameras already set up.

I was impressed but I was also shocked. Julie wanted to star in a movie too and I was to star in it, direct it, and edit it. I was also only to make one master copy that she would get. Okay! I grabbed one of the cameras and filmed Julie getting into a very fancy French costume that had been in the closet. Then of course I filmed her getting out of it and getting almost nude.


She kept on the nylons, the garters, and the high heels. She even kept on the Marie Antoinette wig. This was nothing like the cheap crap that I had filmed staring her husband, this was elegant, this was art, and this was passion. I placed the camera back on its tripod then aligned them all and zoomed them in to capture the action that was about to begin on the bed. My heart was racing as I approached the bed that Julie was on knowing that in moments that I would be making love to her as I had dreamed of doing for several years.

I kissed her passionately and she responded just as passionately. I held a breast in my hand and felt it quiver with excitement. I saw her nipple respond and I heard her breathing quicken. I made love to her breasts and she enjoyed it.

I then made love to her pussy and she enjoyed that even more, so did I. Her pussy tasted better than any of the other four that I had tasted in the past. I got a pubic hair caught in my teeth. I pulled it out to find that it still had the root attached to it. I placed it gently on the bed stand to treasure, then went back to what I had been doing. For a long time I enjoyed her taste, her fragrance, and her most treasured possession. Julie didn't give herself away lightly.

She had been a virgin when she first met my brother. He talked her out of her virginity convincing her that he would be hers forever. It took her a couple of years to realize that he wanted to fuck every woman that he encountered. She also found out that Rob had fucked her Maid of Honor right after the wedding ceremony during the reception. Soon we were both content with the oral sex that I had been giving her. It was time to consummate our agreement. I crawled up her body and inserted my cock where my tongue had just been.

Julie moaned softly, called out my name, and told me that she loved me. I hoped that it was true because I loved her and told her so. I kissed her as I made love to her, our nipples were crushed together, and our pelvises were grinding together.


Time had no place in our world. In fact time stood still as our saliva mixed, our bodies became sweaty, and our minds melted into one. It was as though we were one mind, one body, and one soul. We shared her orgasm, my climax, and our bodily fluids.

I lay there afterwards kissing her, telling her that I loved her, and trying not to pull my cock out. She didn't want it to leave either. She clamped down on it with her vaginal muscles. When it finally shriveled up and slipped out it was clean. Her pussy had milked it dry, squeegeed it clean, and had closed up trapping every last sperm inside her love tunnel. I was spent, Julie was spent, and we drifted off.

About three hours later I awoke. Julie had been awake for a while and had been watching me. She reminded me that the teenager that Rob had fucked had also been filmed in the shower, a bathtub, and while using the toilet. She wanted the same treatment, at least the toilet and bath. I grabbed two cameras and then followed her into the bathroom. It too was French in design.

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The commode had a tank up high on the wall with a pull chain to yank on when she was done. The view between her legs was spectacular as that golden fluid splashed into the bowl, flushing out the sperm that I had left in there. She did not bother to wipe afterwards and just pulled the chain.

Julie filled the bathtub with bubbles before climbing in. She was beautiful, she was elegant, and she was a class act. She made what Rob's girl had done look like shit. That eighteen-year-old couldn't hold a candle to Julie.

As she sang a cute lullaby I filmed her face, her breasts poking up out of the bubbles, and her hands moving toward her pussy. Her eyes closed, her voice wavered, and when she finished she moaned as her orgasm took over her body. She shook more violently than she had with me and started to relax to the point that I thought she would go under the water. Julie apologized and told me that she had never done that before. What, have an incredible orgasm? No, masturbated in front of anyone before. She said that having me there was what intensified her orgasm.

Then she said that no matter how powerful that it had been that it did not come close to what she had felt with me. I found that hard to believe after what I had just seen. Julie smiled, pulled me closer, and then she kissed me.

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She said that her masturbation had just been sex but that with me it had been love and that it had touched her deeply. She also said that making love to Rob had never been like that in all the times that they had sex. She said that Rob was a sex machine but that I was a love machine. Then she admitted that she had married the wrong brother. I took all of the camera cards home with me and spent the rest of the night editing Julie's movie.

I fell in love with her all over again. I had trouble keeping it to an hour and a half. Then first thing in the morning after Rob left to go to the studio I handed the master DVD to Julie.

We went right in to view it. As she sat there silently I couldn't help but wonder what was going through her mind. The last line was where she admitted that she had married the wrong brother.

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Julie turned to me with tears in her eyes and asked, "Will you marry me?" I started to cry too and replied, "Yes." That evening when Rob finally came home Julie and I and her lawyer were waiting. She explained that she had fallen in love with me and wanted a divorce. She explained that she wanted him to continue running her film studio. He hadn't known that it was her money that had been responsible. She said that he would never want for anything in his life if he just signed the papers.

He just looked at me, smiled, and signed the papers. Rob got to fuck lots of girls without the worry of getting caught, as if that had mattered to him. We all made a lot of money from the movies that I edited and published staring my brother. Julie and I made several movies over the years our self.

We made our wedding movie, our honeymoon movie, and our first childbirth movie. To this very day Julie looks great in just a man's dress shirt…mine. The End In Just A Man's Dress Shirt 365