Black guy fort xxx sex stories story

Black guy fort xxx sex stories story
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Janie Part One Janie looked up and down the street. She chewed on her ball gag to relieve the pain in her jaw. Her hands hurt where they were bound behind her back. The dildo in her pussy chafed and the butt plug in her ass hurt.

"How do you like working in advertising?" Sam asked. Janie stamped her foot in frustration. Sam laughed. Janie didn't think it was funny, being contracted to stand outside a downtown brothel with signs saying "Dolores Discount Whores" strapped to her front and "Whores from $25 a short time" strapped to her back.

Her tits were bare and her cunt and ass bared and plugged and worse still she had to wear black knee length boots with four inch heels. Her back hurt and worse of all she hadn't been laid for hours.

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It wasn't what she had in mind for her summer vacation. But instead of heading for the beach she found herself heading for Horseville The name said it all. Horse ranches. A Horse jumping Arena. A Horse Auction. A Horse Race Circuit. Her uncle wanted her to help out as a Pony-Girl.

Janie didn't like Horses. They stunk. She wanted to vacation on the beach. She wanted to lie in the sun. She wanted to party. To swim. Jet bikes.Water skiing. Water sports. She wanted to get drunk. She wanted to get laid. It wasn't her fault she was dark haired and had brown eyes and glasses.

She didn't ask to be short sighted. It wasn't fair. Blue eyed blondes always seemed to be fighting the boys off while she watched from the sidelines. Janie was angry. She wasn't thinking straight as the greyhound bus droned along the highway. "Horseville," the driver announced as he slowed the bus to a halt. Janie picked up her bags and swung into the aisle as the bus stopped.

She saw the street sign at the intersection of Main and 2nd Street and climbed down to the street. She looked round. There was no one waiting for her. Uncle Harry said to meet outside the saddlery on the corner of 2nd and Main, but there was no saddle store.

No horse stores at all. Only an hotel. A drugstore. A small Walmart store and the Town Hall. Janie picked up her cell phone, "Uncle Harry, where are you?" she demanded. "I'm waiting for you on the corner of second and main." "Ok, you're early, I'll come right away," Harry said awkwardly. He looked at the clock, she wasn't due for another hour at least, but he grabbed his keys and set off in his Ford pickup. Janie sighed. She looked up and down the street. There seemed to be a lot of Adult stores.

Adult stores and Hotels. No Horse stores. No Horses. Maybe she mis heard Uncle Harry's directions. Maybe Horseville was not so bad after all. She felt dusty.

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Thirsty. Frustrated. She went in the nearest Hotel. "Can I have a soda?" she asked at the bar. "Do you have any ID," the bar tender asked. "What ID?" Janie demanded, "I want a soda not a shot of Bourbon!" "Even so," the bar tender insisted, "It's the law." "Oh forget it!" Janie snapped. "I still need to see some ID," the bar tender called after her as Janie stormed out the door. Janie bought a can of soda in Walmart like she should have in the first place.

She stood outside drinking waiting for her uncle. A cop approached, "Hi, welcome to Horse Ville," he said, "You're new here right?" "What's it to you?" Janie said nastily as she looked him up and down. All six feet two of him. Film star looks. Blonde hair, she was weak at the knees already.

"Well refusing to show ID, loitering, dress code violation, you want the full list?" the cop asked. "I only wanted a soda," Janie replied. "No women under the age of eighteen is allowed within city limits," the cop explained. "You are kidding right?" Janie demanded. "No ma'am." he replied. "Driver's license," Janie sighed as she pulled it from her purse. "Right. Near nineteen. That's fine," he said.

"I guess you don't have authorisation to hang outside Walmart?" "I'll let you off the dress code but find somewhere else to hang, Ok." "Why?" she asked. "Because it's not fair on girls who pay top dollar for the prime spot," the cop explained. "Ok fine," Janie sighed and she walked away. She walked round Walmart, then she walked down the street. Guys kept looking at her, sort of curiously.

Then the cop stopped her. Again. "Look I warned you," he said. "About what?" Janie said. "Dress code, Levis just ain't allowed." He explained. "You are kidding right?" Janie sighed, "What do you expect me to do, drop them here in the street.

Go naked maybe?" "It's your choice Ma'am." Janie was really pissed, she wrenched open her belt and slid her Levis down. "Happy?" she asked. "Un, sorry lady, I have to arrest you under section five, come with me," The cop announced. Janie hauled up her Levis and the cop handcuffed her and took her to the Town Hall. "Section 5 Sam," the cop announced. "First time?" Sam asked. "And last!" Janie snapped.

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"You got to chill out lady," Sam said reassuringly. "You got a skirt in your baggage?" "Yes," Janie agreed. "So put it on!" Sam suggested, "Take a caution and get out of here." "I can't just." Janie spluttered, then she had an idea, "Ok!" She took a knee length blue skirt from her hold all and slipped it over her Levis and then slid her Levis down.

"Satisfied?" she demanded. "Except the section 5," the cop explained. "You wearing panties?" Sam asked. "Mind you own. Uh. Of course I am!" Janie snapped. "Not between noon and four a.m. Not in the street lest a ways," Sam explained, "Its all in the regulations." Sam took out a little well thumbed book from his pocket. Whoresville Illinois.


Street Whore Regulations. "This is Whoresville?" Janie gasped. "I was supposed to be going to Horseville." "You know if I heard that once I heard it a hundred times," Sam laughed as he picked up Janie's hold all and rifled through it, "Ok, Seve pairs of panties, and a cell phone with a camera, thats illegal, I'll have to confiscate it, and that's seven hundred dollars fine, how you going to pay?" Janie panicked, she didn't have seven hundred dollars.

"Cash, Credit Card, Community Service?" the cop asked. "What do you mean Community Service?" Janie asked. "Ball a few guys at the retirement home," Sam suggested. "Look, I made a mistake Ok." Janie pleaded. "Sure you did," the cop agreed, "So drop your panties." "Ok!" Janie sighed, "You win." She slid her pants down and handed them to Sam.

"See lady, we don't like liars in Whoresville," Sam said, "You say you aint no whore, but your panties say different." "What?" Janie demanded. "Sweet fresh cunt juice, see Tom?" Sam said handing the pants to the cop, "See, she's hot and ready to fuck." "Sure is Sam," Tom agreed as he sniffed the panties. He put an arm round Janie and held her as he checked her pussy with his other hand. Janie staggered in surprise and then Tom's fingers were invading her sex.

Oh god. He was gorgeous. Janie didn't want his fingers. She wanted his cock. "Nooo," she protested but Sam had her skirt pulled up under her tits and one then two fingers slipped inside her. "Nice tight ass," Sam said approvingly. Janie gasped. Sam bolted the door. Tom now had three fingers deep inside Janie's hot wet snatch. Sam dropped his pants. Janie felt Tom's breath on her neck. Tom slipped his fourth finger inside her.

She felt Tom's cock against her ass hole. She looked round. His pants were off. His thick fat cock was between her ass cheeks. Jabbing. Grunting. "No!" she protested but it eased relentlessly in to her tight hot brown hole. "This sure is some ass!" Sam said approvingly. "I guess she passed part one of the whore test." Tom laughed as he dropped his pants and pulled on a rubber. "No!" Janie pleaded again, but Tom just shoved his long hard cock right into her moist cunt.

It slid straight in just like a sword through butter. "Ohhhh!" Janie gasped. It was agony. Sweet agony. She was being ripped in half but she didn't care, "Noooooo!" she wailed. "Oh it's too much!" Her crotch was on fire. All her frustrations were released as they double teamed her. She wrapped her legs around Tom's waist and held herself close to him. Her mind exploded. "Gee," Tom gasped as Janie had her orgasm.

"Damn amateurs," Sam sighed as he shot his load, "It ain't professional to cum on the job." "Guess I'll save some for later," Tom added as he let Janie down and pulled out of her. Janie almost keeled over. Her knees buckled but Tom held her up.

"Sit down a minute," Tom advised. Sam got on the phone, "I got Miss Maitland coming over, she'll look after you." Sam explained. "Help you make a few dollars to pay your fines." Dolores Maitland had seen it all before. She took one look at Janie and her heart sank.

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Men came to Whoresville for bronzed blonde bimbos. She didn't even know where to start with Janie. "Right?" she said, "You dragged me over here for this?" "I'm not a whore," Janie said, "I just got carried away Ok?" "I can see that," Miss Maitland said, "But lose the glasses. Lose the hairband. some breast implants. Teeth whitening." "Hell we fucked her like she is!" Sam declared.

"You would fuck a knot hole in a pine tree Sam Roberts!" Miss Maitland laughed, "But I'll see what I can do." "I'm not a whore," Janie insisted. "You got seven hundred dollars?" Sam asked. "No!" Janie admitted. "So we're giving you the chance to earn some, either that of some time in Jail?" Sam asked. "I'd rather spend time in Jail." Janie snapped. Sam showed Janie the cell. There was just the one cell. Eighteen guys were in there watching her through the bars.

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Not one of them under fifty. Not one of them with his own teeth suddenly jail time just didn't look attractive any more. "Uh guys, maybe I was hasty. Maybe whoring isn't such a bad deal?" Janie suggested. "Knew you would see sense," Miss Maitland agreed, "For your first job you can ball these guys at twenty dollars a time." "That's not fair!" Janie protested.

"Life ain't fair and then you die," Sam said philosophically, "If you want to get naked it will save the guys tearing your clothes off." "Very funny," Janie said sarcastically. "Look after my bag would you please." She stepped into the cell, "Now I know you are going to be." she was going to say real gentlemen but that's as far as she got before someone ripper her skirt right off. "Guys!" she pleaded but it was far far far too late. Half a minute later her face was wrapped around a none too clean seven inch cock and she had cocks in her cunt and her ass hole as well.

Poor Janie. First off she couldn't get laid now she couldn't seem to stop. The rest of her day went by in a flurry of cocks, dicks, hard ons and spunk. Cocks in all her holes at once mostly. They stopped for supper. Big Macs and Fries. They stopped to watch the game on TV.

But otherwise they mostly took it in turns and pertty much fucked her non stop. Poor Janie never had so many orgasms in her entire life before. She hated every mind blowing moment, at least she told herself she did. She really hated swallowing spunk. She kept gagging to start with but soon got the hang of it. Some time around 4:00 am she fell asleep. Janie woke next morning. Her ass and cunt ached. Her face was wet and sticky with spunk.She had spunk in her hair.

Her clothes were thrown in a corner all torn and dirty. She remembered the night. How one after another the men took it in turns to fuck her. Two at a time sometimes, three when they forced her to suck cock. "You sure kept those guys quiet," Sam said approvingly, "That's Three hundred sixty dollars they owe and Miss Maitland will go surety for the rest so I guess you're free to go." Janie collected her clothes and her holdall.

"I'm not a whore," she insisted. "Well you passed the test," Sam announced, "Here's your wrist band and the documentation." "I said I'm not a whore." she protested as she pulled on a tennis skirt and a tight top.


"When's the next bus out of here?" She asked. "Next week," Sam confirmed, "Miss Maitland will get you a ride out when you're through here. She's on her way over." Miss Maitland stepped in the office, she looked at Janie.

Janie looked a real mess, but some guys liked that. "Look, I'm not a whore, I came her by mistake! I wanted to go to Horseville to My Uncle's place." "Right," Miss Maitland agreed. "I was going to be a pony girl for the summer," Janie explained, "On my uncle's place, the Tock Six Ranch?" Miss Maitland coughed into her hand to avoid laughing, Janie was planning on being a Pony girl! Gee how stupid could she be.

"I guess I could find you a job as a Pony Girl," Miss Maitland suggested, "If you don't mind doing a temporary job in advertising to get started?" "Ok," Janie agreed, "But really I wanted to spend my vacation on the beach." "I'll find you a room," Miss Maitland replied and she took Janie to her place. They went the back way, so Janie wouldn't see the "Dolores Discount Whores" sign out front. "Gee I never realised you wanted to be a Pony Girl," Miss Maitland mentioned when Janie had stowed her stuff in a nice little room at the back of the large rooming house.

"No, I didn't," Janie explained, "I don't like Horses! I wanted to lie in the beach and get laid." "Well one out of two isn't bad is it?" Miss Maitland suggested. "Are you kidding? I was screwed in every hole every which way for hours last night! They even spunked in my hair.

And the guys were gross!" "I know but they are always so grateful, the gross ones are usually the generous ones!" Miss Maitland explained, "I remember in Hawii once, the whole US Pacific fleet was in port. GI's were queueing down the street, I never even ate for three days let alone sleep." "Gee!" Janie gasped.

"Can't do it now, I hurt my back," Miss Maitland confessed, "I was a pony girl once, I have some photos somewhere." She reached in a drawer. "Yes here they are." Janie looked idly at the picture, a woman led a horse by its leash. A circus horse with feather plumes on its head. Janie looked closer. A horse with high heels? She looked even more closely.

What she thought was a horse was a young looking Miss Maitland. She was wearing a plumed head dress, a leather corset, knee length high heeled boots, and not much else and she seemed to be pulling a cart. "Not the highlight of my career," Miss Maitland confessed, "Eating from a bucket and living in a barn." "Right!" Janie agreed, thoghtfully. "Maybe I had a lucky escape!" Miss Maitland smiled wickedly as she turned away.

Janie was not too thrilled as Miss Maitland explained about her advertising job. Standing on the sidewalk in bondage gear with a sandwich board saying "Dolores Discount Whores" strapped to her front and "Whores from $25 a short time" strapped to her back. She was even less happy at being handcuffed and really pissed when Miss Maitland hauled her skirt and brassiere off as soon as they got outside.

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And she took Janie's glasses. And she slipped the wrist band with her whore accredation round her wrist. "Have them tuck the money in your corset," Miss Maitland advised, "$25 a time, Ok?" Janie didn't reply.

She scowled as best she could past her ball gag. Her dildo chafed and her butt plug was splitting her in half, but she just had to make the best of it. At least it was warm in the afternoon sunshine.

She looked up and down the street but everything was blurry. Sam wandered along. "How do you like working in advertising?" he asked. Janie did not think it was funny at all though his blurred face didn't look so ugly without her glasses.

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"You giving free samples?" he asked sarcastically. "Never mind," Sam chuckled, "Get your nose, teeth and tits fixed and maybe you can get promotion!" Janie stamped her foot. Everything was blurred.

She never realised her heel was over Sam's foot and he screamed in pain. "Hot damn she's viscious!" he swore and he sat right down nursing his foot. Janie wasn't finished, she couldn't do much so she improvised. She stuck her crotch right by Sam's face, and she peed right down his face. A golden shower soaked his shirt. "Hot damn," he swore, "She pissed me!" Folks were watching, Ted Mead from the bar across the street came over, and Roy Garson from the Surf club.

"She pissed in my face!" Sam complained. "You got a contract with Maitland?" Roy asked. Janie shook her head. "You want an inside job, I sure could use an ugly piss whore." Roy suggested, "$50 a John, no fucking?" "Give you $75 and all the cocks you can handle?" Ted offered. "You'll have to talk to her agent, that's me," Miss Maitland announced as she appeared from the house. "Look, I just felt pissed," Janie explained which just confused things. "$100 that my limit," Ted insisted, "What she on right now." "$25 a John with $24.50 deductions for costume and expenses," Miss Maitland explained, "What ever you pay her I want a cut, maybe 96%?" "50%!" Ted offered.

"Done," Miss Maitland agreed and Ted realised he had been. "Gee now what have I gotten involved with?" Janie asked when Ted hauled her ball gag out. "The Great P Pussy Ranch," he said, "Hell we're the top earning fetish joint in Whoresville!

We're the Premier water sports joint in the entire state!" "What water sports, how do you do watersports with no ocean?

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Janie asked naively. "Water sports dear," Miss Maitland explaied. "Pissing mainly." "Oh god." Janie sighed, "How the hell did I get mixed up in this." To be continued?