Boys make first sex video and young fat gay hot boys porn full length

Boys make first sex video and young fat gay hot boys porn full length
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Mike had been going out with seanna for over a year and all that time her sister emily would always flirt with him.

She was about 14 and seanna was 17. he never thought much of it and usually brushed it off, but one day it was just too much. Mike went over seannas house for dinner. It was nothing out of the usual something he had done a thousand times.

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Tonight emily was dressed a little different. She had on a very short dress and her boobs had seemed to grow since the last time he saw her. Mike couldn't help but stare at her. As the night went on mike tried hard to forget about emily and focus on his beautiful blond girlfriend seanna.

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After dinner her parents decided to go out. They trusted mike and seanna enough to leave them home alone with only emily there.


So after cleaning up mike and seanna headed downstairs. They turned on the tv and started to make out after a couple minutes. Things progressed and mike started to massage seannas pussy through her yoga pants.

She was very beautiful and he was very turned on but he couldn't help but think about emily. Her round teen ass and her beautiful brownish hair. Mike focused again on pleasuring his girlfriend, but as she reached her hand into his gym shorts to start stoking his dick, he just couldn't keep his mind of her younger sister.

Imagining her small teen hand stroking his cock. Mike closed his eyes and just pictured emily when seanna whispered something in his ear. "I have a surprise for you" she said seductively. Mike thought it would just be another one of her new bj techniques but when she told him to open his eyes he saw seannas 15 year old sister standing there in a purple bra and thong.

He closed his eyes and opened them again just to make sure.

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Seanna went on the explain how she noticed how mike looked at her. Emily chimed in and told mike that her and her sister were really "close". As in they help each other out a lot. This turned mike on even more and the girls told him to sit back they were going to give him a show. Mike sat back and watched as seanna slowly rubed emilys pussy through her thong. Her pussy started to get wet as seannas fingers massaged deeper and deeper.

She pulled the thong to the side and slid one finger into emilys tight cunt. Mike watches as seanna gets down and begins to lick her sisters clit. Mike couldn't stand just sitting there anymore. He got up and got behind his girlfriend who was bending over and smacked her ass. And then pulls down her pants. She too is wearing a purple thong and mike quickly removes that.

He pulls her ass cheeks apart and begins to lick her pussy. She was extremely wet from licking her sister and mike was happy to lick up her juices. He also takes a finger and begins to massage seannas ass hole.


Moans of pleasure were coming from both the girls in front of mike. His tongue continued to dart in and out of seannas cunt and his finger slowly penetrated her ass. "im gunna cum!" emily yells as her sister continues to flick her clit. Mike comes over to watch as emily reaches her orgasm and squirt all over her sisters face. Mmmmmm seanna says as she swallows some of her sisters cum. "now its your turn" emily says looking down as mikes raging cock. "holy shit its so big!" "I bet you've never even seen a cock before" seanna teased her sister.

Both the girls got on their knees in front of mike. Seanna removed her shirt and bra and pressed her C cup tits against her younger sisters smaller tits. Seanna turned and took mikes cock into her mouth. She gently sucked on the tip and circled her tongue around it. She continued sucking until emily placed her hand on the back of seannas head and shoved it onto his package. Seanna gagged but made no objection.


The deep throating mike was getting elicited moans from him. Seannas head continued to be pushed down onto his dick and emily looked like she was enjoying making her sister gag. "mmm take it you slut" emily said as she pushed and held her sisters head onto mikes cock. She let it off and seanna was gasping.

"now its your turn" seanna said in between breaths. "ohh fuc…" emily tried to say before her face was full of mikes cock. Holy shit mike thought to himself I cant take much more of this. Emily opened her eyes and looked up to mike as her head continued to take his cock. Seanna grabbed her hair and pushed her head back and fourth harder and deeper each time. Emilys mouth was covered in spit and seanna finally stopped thrusting her younger sisters head.

" I wanna eat you cum mike" emily said as she slowly got back to her knees and wrapped her small teen hand around his throbbing cock. This is what mike had dreamed about so many times. She started to stroke his cock brining her hand back and fourth. She started slowly and began to pick up her speed, seanna sat on the couch next to them and started to massage her own cunt. " you like it when that little slut strokes your cock mike?" seanna said seductively as she continued to finger herself.

" your cock is soo big mike ive never seen one this big before. I don't even think it will fit im my pussy." Emily said with a wink. This put mike over the edge he started to moan and emily knew to start jerking faster.

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Her hand pumped his cock and he was about to cum. "hes gunna blow" emily said and seanna came and got back onto her knees next to her. They both looked up at mike and opened their mouths. I have to be dreaming mike thought as his cock started pumping rows and rows of his cum onto their faces. He aimed for emilys mouth the idea of seannas little sister eating his cum made him pump out even more.

After he had calmed down emily reached her hand to her sisters cunt and started to finger her. At the same time they made out in front of him and ate his cum off of each others faces. Seanna brought a finger down to her sisters tits and scooped up a glob of mikes cum a put it in her mouth and swallowed it.

"you taste soo good mike" seanna said. "yeah ive never tasted cum before but yours is so good" emily said as she fingered her own pussy now. "you better get that back up, you still need to fuck my sister" seanna said pointing to mikes softening cock.

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Mike grinned as his limp cock began to rise again.