Erstaunliche Top Fick im Gefängnis

Erstaunliche Top Fick im Gefängnis
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Saturday, February 15th. 7: 30am I watched Loretta's beautifully manicured hand as she lifted the coffee pot. She smiled sweetly and poured me a cup. At dinner the night before she had told me she would be leaving in a week.

"Leaving for where? "I asked. "Back home to the oldies I guess," she shrugged. I had responded by hugging her and kissing her cheek. I was a little surprised but something told me that there was more to this than she was telling me.

Still, it was her life. In the month that Loretta had lived with me I had drawn and painted her many times; each work giving me more satisfaction than the last. Loretta had been a good model too: patient and creative in her own way and happy to be part of the artistic process. She was my inspiration; corny as it might sound. I was going to miss her. She had told me that posing nude and being painted never failed to turn her on. In the last four weeks I had found out just how true this was.

"I thought you said you hated your parents." She looked at me and was silent for a few seconds. I felt as though she was going to tell me something but then she smiled sadly and merely said, "Aww, I think you're going to miss me Pete." I grinned at her and sighed. I was certainly going to miss waking up next to her every morning; hearing her moan as she started to come then produce a torrent of sweet profanities.

I was going to miss seeing her eyes roll back as she bucked up and down; riding my cock into the land of bliss. I was going to miss her kisses, her skillful tongue and her lips. I was going to miss her strawberry blond locks with pussy to match and her perky, round nineteen year-old butt. Most of all I was going to miss her beauty and her charm, her wit and subtle sarcasm.

Aye, I was going to miss her but, like most men, I did my best to hide my true feelings. For the rest of the day I felt strangely cheerless and did my best to concentrate on my work. Painting is a long and painstaking process even if abstraction is your style. Mine is realism so I worked diligently with my brushes, reciting over and over in my mind some of Leonardo's famous lines about the painter's work; The painter is lord of all types of people and of all things.

He who despises painting loves neither philosophy nor nature. Painting seems a thing miraculous, making things intangible appear tangible……&hellip. About mid morning, I felt a soft hand on my neck as Loretta passed by. She wore a very brief pair of denim shorts and her floral bikini top one of the benefits of the long, hot Australian summer we had enjoyed this year.

She turned, with golden tresses swirling about her tanned shoulders, "I'm taking Jet for a walk. Do we need anything from the shops?" Without looking away from the canvas I shook my head. Loretta stopped for an instant then strode towards the door. She opened the door and paused as though she knew that at that instant I would turn my head away from the canvas and look at her. Our eyes met and an instant later, I had her pressed up against the wall. She gripped my head with both hands and kissed me; smiling triumphantly as she looked into my eyes.

I kissed her harder and put my hands on her hips.

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She resisted, "Later, I promise," she whispered. She then went out the door, leaving me with a lump in my throat. I returned to my canvas and worked on it for about half an hour.

The doorbell then rang. It was Jade. "Hi Pete. How's it going, is everything ok?" "Yeah, I'm fine, come in." "Oh I can't stay long; I've got an embroidery class in about an hour. I've brought over Loretta's letters from yesterday. Looks like there's one from her parents. Is she in?" "No, she's taken Jet for a walk.

I'll give them to her." Jade smiled and was about to leave when she caught sight of the canvas. Her eyes widened. Slowly she approached the picture, gradually taking it all in. I had painted a figure with cascades of golden hair, streaked with reds and paler yellows against a vast background of black and purple in all its shades. Within that somber background were; tanned limbs poised and confident, hips swiveled and provocative, breasts defiant, lips audaciously poised to speak her mind and eyes aflame with lust and laughter.

But only a picture can speak a thousand words. The old adage is true. So I let Jade look for as long as she liked until eventually, thoughts of her pressing work schedule intervened. She looked at me and simply said, "Loretta." I nodded. "Wow!" I nodded again. Jade was obviously impressed. She was a sensitive and creative person herself and I had seen this look on her face before. It was the look of quiet admiration, but was it for my work or was it for Loretta?

Jade kissed me goodbye and left. An hour later Loretta returned and I handed her the mail. She went into the kitchen and tore one envelope open straight away. I followed her in after a minute to make a pot of coffee. I saw her throw her hair back and produce a triumphant "Yes!" then she slapped the tabletop. "Good news?" "The best!" She didn't elaborate but I noticed that the envelope had contained a bank cheque.

There was also a letter several pages long, but Loretta seemed totally uninterested in it.


"Pete, I have a great idea," she said suddenly. "Yes." "I want to hold a going-away party, for my self. We can invite all our friends. Jade and Zane too" "Ok," I tried to sound enthusiastic, "What about Friday next?" "Awesome!" During the rest of that day Loretta was in the best mood I had ever seen her in. She said nothing about the money or the letter but it seemed as though she had won the lottery. That night we made love with more than the usual passion; both knowing I guess, that our time together was running out.

******************* Friday, February 21st 11:30pm. "Goodnight mate, thanks for coming. It was nice to see you guys again." I closed the door on almost the last of our guests.


Loretta's going away party had been a resounding success and now only Ulrich, Jade, Zane and Kayla remained.

We had shared some excellent Thai food; prepared to perfection by one of the local restaurants, some drinks, some more drinks and lots of laughs. But being a Friday, the majority of those invited had worked a long week and decided to call it a night before the stroke of midnight.

I must say I was glad too; I much prefer small, intimate occasions. As I returned to the studio, I was met by Kayla's smiling face. She handed me a glass of red which I accepted gratefully.

She was a beautiful girl; petite with shoulder length brown hair and sharp, elfin features. She had a body to die for too; athletic and nubile. I'd often imagined painting her as a Celtic warrior maiden; tattooed, adorned with gold, armed with shining blades and armored in black leather.

We sat on the floor and watched as Loretta regaled Jade, Zane and Ulrich with her thoughts on my last painting of her the one that I had just finished.

Kayla looked at me as though to say "What's she on about?" I shook my head and laughed, "Loretta's really taken to her fifteen minutes of fame as a life-model." "Well, she's certainly the most famous life-model here, in this studio tonight." I laughed at her witty reply and turned to face her only to find her lips close to mine.

I looked into her eyes and our lips met tenderly for a moment. I pulled back.

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Kayla had only recently split from her boyfriend and I thought too highly of her to take advantage. I needn't have worried because a second after opening my eyes, I again tasted her sweet lips; tinged as they were with the fruity bitterness of a vodka cocktail. She put down her drink and kissed me again; breathing deeply as our tongues began to explore.

"Mmmm, I've wanted to do that for a long time," she said; smiling sweetly. "Oh you have, have you? So why wait until tonight?" We both laughed. "Probably because of Brad the Drag." She rolled her eyes; her look was the epitome of teen exasperation.

She took another sip of her drink. "But enough about him," she continued, "He's history, and a total loser. I'm a free woman; free and horny." Before I had time to reply, she had pulled my head up to her mouth and was kissing me again.

This time I felt her hand place mine upon her breasts. They felt firm and tactile under her t-shirt and I realized that she wore no bra. We kissed for several minutes; trying various techniques then, when I thought that Kayla had had enough or that she was having second thoughts, she suddenly whispered in my ear, "Let's go outside, I want to see the moonlight." Without looking back to see what the others were doing, I snuck out; following Kayla's svelte little form as she silently flitted out the door.

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The night was cool and clear. A beautiful, almost full moon hung in a perfectly clear sky. At the bottom of the garden was a wooden swing that I had hung from the branch of a huge blue-gum eucalypt.

Kayla sat me down on the seat and stood before me. She reached down to kiss me, holding my head firmly with both hands.

For once she was taller than me and had clearly decided to take charge. She rapidly stripped me of my shirt and I felt her mouth leave my lips to concentrate on my neck.

She bit and nibbled on my throat and chest, turning me on more and more. I looked up to see her eyes aglow with moonlight, her breasts heaving under her tight t-shirt. Without a second thought I pulled the tee up over her perky breasts and held them with both hands. She arched her back and smiled down at me as though she was pleasantly surprised that I had taken the matter in hand.

No sooner had I opened my mouth, I found one of Kayla's beautiful globes filling it. Her rosebud nipples were already hard as my tongue flicked and tickled them.

First one then the other; I licked her breasts and felt the gentle sea breeze cool them .I looked up to see her face framed by the moon, her eyes closed in rapture. I was enjoying this so much that I felt a little surprised when she dropped to her knees and whispered in my ear, "I need you cock in my mouth now." I felt my balls instantly tighten in expectation and soon, Kayla was undoing my belt.

The shorts I wore fell down around my bare feet and before long, were discarded under the swing.


Kayla's cool hand now grabbed the middle of my shaft and started to pump it into life. She didn't have to try too hard; what she held in her hand began to swell both rapidly and appreciatively. She was obviously no novice at this either; ensuring that she exerted the right amount of pressure to the base of my cock while gently tickling my balls at the same time.

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She then switched to flicking my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock; increasing her speed as it became harder to do so. I looked up at her and saw her grin. She was a little minx, a vixen, a lusty babe, a pocket-rocket. Several fond names for her went through my mind as I leant back on the seat of the swing; allowing my cock to curve up to the gloriously starry sky. Kayla watched my face constantly; gauging the effect her hand was having.

When she was at last satisfied with her handiwork she dropped down and I felt her hair tickle my thighs. An instant later cool lips and a warm tongue were working indescribable wonders on my cock. Meanwhile her supple little hand kept pumping the base of my shaft, ensuring that I not only stayed hard but lost every last scrap of resistance. Why Kayla thought she had to try so hard I didn't know. After several delicious minutes, her saliva began to drip down around my balls so I decided that I had indulged myself enough.

I pushed her back gently and got up. My cock curved up towards her face and she grasped it as though she ran the risk of me getting away. Of course, nothing could have been further from my mind. I kissed her again and lifted her skirt; she swayed her hips and wriggled out of her underwear. I then made her sit on the swing. I dropped to my knees taking first one then the other of her exquisite legs in my hands and running my palms down their divine smoothness.

She giggled and wriggled closer, holding the rope of the swing with one hand and guiding my head between her legs with the other. My mouth had long ago started to water, so when I nuzzled up to her curly pussy hair I traced a little love heart with my tongue around it. Kayla giggled quietly as I did this again and again; each time drawing nearer and nearer to her slit. After a while she reached down with one hand and spread her labia, 'Ok, don't tease me Pete, lick me.

I just love to be licked." I needed no further instruction. My tongue explored her every fold; starting low and licking the full length of her pussy lips until the silky smoothness led me up to her clit.

This has to be my favorite part of a woman an organ intended for no other purpose than to bring its owner pleasure. Instantly I heard Kayla gasp; her hand at the back of my head pushed my face deeper into her pussy.

She moaned and sighed as I increased my tongue's onslaught on her clit. Suddenly she cried out and I felt her back arch, her legs shiver and her fingers twisting my hair. Her chest heaved as she shivered and went limp. I could tell by her increasing wetness that she had come.

I raised my head and smiled, wiping her juices from my chin. She gripped the swing with both hands and swung back and forth gently. Her legs were still spread when she spoke, "Mmmm, nothing beats experience." Before I could reply to this somewhat backhanded compliment, she lunged forward and took my cock in her hand. I had not gone down completely so, after a minute, I was pumped and ready for action. Without saying a word, Kayla stood up and turned around.

She stepped closer to me and spread her pussy with one hand. In an instant I plunged the full length of my cock into her tight wetness. Like a gymnast, she held onto the ropes of the swing. Moans and cries escaped her lips now as she flexed her legs; pushing back onto me as I thrust into her from every angle.

My hands were busy rubbing her breasts and gently pulling her down by the shoulders onto my ravenous cock. The scent of her honeysuckle perfume was lovely, her sounds: pure music, her pussy a riot of sensation. At last I held her tightly by the hips and plunged my cock in as far as it could possibly go. Seconds passed and a growing torrent of come was building in me. My balls felt like they were at breaking point with the strain. Then bliss. "Oh Pete, ah ah ah, I can feel your come shooting up inside me.

It feels soooooo goooooood, baby!


Ah, aaaaaaaah. After I was totally spent, I gently kissed Kayla and we hurriedly got dressed. We then headed back into the house and entered the studio quietly. The sight that greeted us was totally unexpected; a topless Loretta sitting in Zane's lap passionately kissing him while next to them on the couch, Jade and a shirtless Ulrich engaged in an equally torrid session of their own.

Kayla and I just looked at each other and laughed. Stay tuned for Part 5 of Loretta……………&hellip.