Hot bbw blondes ringen nackt und bedeckt in körperöl

Hot bbw blondes ringen nackt und bedeckt in körperöl
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My lover, Mercy's her name, is 5ft 1in and 7 stones of absolute Filipina perfection, long dark hair, beautiful almond eyes, pert suckable A-cup breasts and the holy grail in Asian women, a round firm magnificent ass. So, how nice, to be invited for a day of unbridled sexy fun by her. Especially as the hotel is being paid for by her employers because she has a presentation to make at a executive meeting the next day.

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As I make my way up to her room on the 5th floor I can't help but feel all eyes must be zeroing in on the bulge I'm sporting in my pants. Because, no matter how many times I meet Mercy, whether for drinks, lunch, dinner or as in this case a sexy liasion, she has the same effect on me.


At last I reach her room, number 566, announcing myself with a volley of bangs on the door. " Ok, just push the door it's open" she shouts, " no need to knock it down" Barging my way in I make my way through the enterance hall in to the main bedroom, sporting what must be said is a superb wrought iron four poster bed. "Where are you babe" I call out. "I'm in the bathroom" she replies, "now take off your clothes and lay on the bed and when I come out you do exactly as I tell you you.

Do you understand" "Err yeah, but why?" "Don't fucking ask why, just do as I fucking tell you" Now, this isn't her usual behaviour and I'm beginning to think I've done something very wrong. But hey, doing as your told is normally the best way to get back in the good books.

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So off come my clothes and I make myself comfortable on the bedsoon starting to relax and daydream,when suddenly I'm shaken from my bliss. " Open your fucking eyes boy" Waking from my daze I slowly focus on the sight before me and what a sight it is!!

Mercy, standing at the end of the bed clad in a rubber leotard, breasts exposed and nipples freshly pierced, matched with rubber stockings and black patent leather fuck me pumps. Wow.

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Suddenly something heavy lands on my chest ,I look down to see two pairs of leather cuffs and two pairs of heavy duty metal hand cuffs. "Cuff your ankles to the bed" Mercy orders me " then I'll cuff your wrists, don't even question me or ask why, just do it, and if you wanna talk to me call me Miss or Madam.

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Understand LITTLE BOY?" "But.ok then, I mean ok Madam" I manage to splutter out, partly in shock and partly in absolute excitement, having never seen, or even imagined Mercy like this before. I guess it was little more than two minutes before I was laying spread eagled and exposed on the bed with Mercy standing over me with a stiff leather paddle in her hands. " I'm going to use you and abuse you today boy" she snarled out, just before I felt the sting of the paddle on my thigh, " and I mean use and abuse" the sting of the paddle again, only this time on the head and shaft of my swollen cock.


"But I. " My sentence didn't get to finish as Mercy plants her rubber clad ass over my mouth and starts to grind herself on to me, covering my mouth and nose making breathing difficult. Uncomfortable and restricting but at the same time the most powerfully erotic thing I've have ever had done to me.

Lifting herself from me Mercy inserts her fingers between the rubber and flesh at the crotch of her leotard pulling it to one side, exposing her swollen, freshly shaven cunt and ass.

"When I sit back down you're going to fuck my ass with your tongue" she orders " get inside me and lick for your life, if you're good I might just suck on your fat cock as a reward" My head is absolutely spinning as Mercy lowers herself back toward me and I lap at her ass like a man possessed, loving the musky taste and aroma, made even more exciting by the never ending stream of juices that are running in to my mouth from her cunt.

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Slap, her paddle stinging on my cock again and then a second time, before being replaced by the familar feeling of Mercy's lips and tongue, teasing me, licking under my head and scraping her teeth around me, and then her speciality, biting and tugging on my scrotum before spitting and drooling on my head again.

I'm in heaven as Mercy rearranges her positon and plants her cunt directly over my mouth. "Get to work on me now boyIm close and I need to cum" she pants out " and I need to see you cum too" With no more encouragement needed I start to work on her swollen pussy, sucking her lips in to my eager mouth, flicking her clit with my tongue before scrapping my teeth over it.

In her state of arousal it doesn't take long before I start to feel her tell tale signs of approaching orgasm, her shortness of breath, trembling of her legs and then the real give away, the beautiful and unique pulsating of her pussy, almost as if her cunt is turning inside out.

"Oh, you fucking piece of shit, you're making me cum" she screeches "oh yes yes, fuck, oh jesus" Falling forward she rests on top of me, recovering from her climax ,but obviously not finished ,as I can tell from her hot breath and hands on my cock.


I'm just about as hard as I've ever been and it's not really going to take a lot to get me off especially when Mercy starts to push a finger up my ass and stroke me so vigourously.

I feel myself starting to twitch. "That's it boy" Mercy coos "you shoot all that cum on to your mistresses face and in her mouth, you know how much I want it, make me pretty with all that face cream, you know it's good for my complexion" That's it, there's only so much a man can take and I fire stream after stream of hot sperm on to Mercy's face whilst pulling against the restraints on my body.

" Mistress, you've drained me of everything I've got" I croak "every single drop" Mercy looks down on me as I'm speaking before smiling her most beguiling beautiful smile and spits my cum back in my face.

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