Mumbai red light area full video

Mumbai red light area full video
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Sin 3 Carla was at her Escalade when Jake pulled up with his Dodge Ram. He had just bought it new last year, and Cindy swore he loved it more than her. 2014 Quad Cab short bed with the new Hemi, gun metal grey, completely blacked out, and of course it was 4 wheel drive. He hopped out and asked Carla if Cindy was awake or sleeping. "No, someone must have fucked her good, she's out cold and snoring.", as Carla walked up and rubbed Jakes Cock.

"You know, you could bend me over right here Jake and fuck me, no one would catch us. Not to mention the turn on of fucking your wife's best friend while she's sleeping in the next vehicle over. What do you think Jake? Want to tap this ass right here?" "Now Carla, you know better than that.", taking her hand off his rock hard dick.

"I would never do that to my sweet little angel. You really are a whore aren't you?!? Now quit being silly, you get her out the back while I put these back in for you.", Jake grabbed the interior bulbs out of the cup holder he had removed earlier and started putting them back, lighting up the interior as he did.

Karla unhappily did as she was told, although she had decided she was getting his cock tonight one way or another. "Hey baby! Did you have fun tonight?, Jake said to Cindy as he and Carla walked her to his truck. "You didn't have too much fun did you? Were you a good girl for me?" He teased more for his and Carla's amusement than her's. "Hey. Yea baby, I was fucking good! Ask Carla, I only had 3 beers when I got here.

No blow jobs in the bathroom though, I was your good little Princess!", she said falling into his arms. "I'm all wet for you too, just like you wanted! You want to feel me?", as she lifted her dress to display her freshly shaven, albeit, beet red pussy. Jake and Carla could both see what was left of their earlier sessions on her inner thigh and around her swollen lips. "You want to fuck me now baby? Ill bend over right here, you can stick that big dick in me right here!

Carla can watch you make me cum!", she said as she wobbled back and forth and placed her hand on the side of the truck to balance herself and lifted up the back of her dress to expose her cute ass for easy access. "No, no, not right now baby. Let's take care of Carla first, you just crawl in back here and go back to sleep.

We'll take Carla home first, then we'll head home and play, ok?", Jake asked as he helped her into the back seat of his quad cab. Cindy crawled towards the other side and then flopped onto her back, "Ok sweetie, you take care of Carla first, then me.

That will be perfect!", and almost immediately started snoring. "I intend to.", Jake said looking at Carla as she smiled back and walked around to the other side of his truck and got in on the passenger side.

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"So Carla, looks like my little bride back there will have some 'splanen to do in the morning, huh?" Jake said as he pulled out of the lot and flipped the armrest up so it was a full bench seat now.

"Now, about these 2 guys my innocent little princess fucked on your Chicago trip.", Jake said as he put his arm along the back of the seat. They were still in the city, but heading out of town towards Carla's house. She lived about 30 minutes out of town so she knew she had some time. "Well Jake, I didn't see everything but I can tell you how it started because I saw her from our hotel window.", as she undid her seatbelt and looked over her shoulder at Cindy in the back seat.

Carla could see her because of the outside lights shining through the windows. Cindy had her left leg bent with her knee pointing at the roof and her other one was hanging off the seat. Her legs were spread enough that it forced her dress up and you got a little glimpse of her recently abused pussy. She had her left arm bent over her face and her right arm hanging off the seat.

She was out cold but still looked beautiful, her body begged for sex just laying there for the taking. Carla thought about how good of friends they were as she turned back around and looked at Jake whom had a big smile on his face.

She thought about how much fun they had together, how their kids were friends, and how much she cherished Cindy. Then Carla looked over at Jake and simply said, "It started like this.", and then she leaned over and took Jakes cock out of his pants and started sucking on it.

Jake just breathed in deep as Carla worked her magic. Cindy always told him how Carla bragged about her oral abilities, Jake was now finding out exactly how true that was. Carla could taste Cindy all over his cock, and she loved it.

She never told Cindy about it, but in one of her many escapades she had been in a threesome with another woman, and she loved it. So the scent and taste of Cindy on Jake's cock was more than enjoyable for her. With her left hand she squeezed Jake's dick and worked him up and down as she used her tongue to drive him crazy.

Then with her right hand she would massage his balls and used her thumb to put pressure right on the base of his shaft. Jake had already came twice, but if she kept up this pace, he wouldn't last much longer and he knew it. It had been about 25 minutes and Jake was turning into Carla's lane. She lived at the end of a long lane that was in a woods so once he was about 100 yards off the road Jake put the truck into park and shut it off. He reclined the seat slightly and laid his head back enjoying one of the best headjobs he's ever had, courtesy of his wife's best friend.

He could hear Cindy in back breathing heavy as she slept within reach of both of them. As Carla continued to work his tool Jake reached back and started rubbing Cindy's swollen pussy. She moaned ever so slightly and her body opened her legs involuntarily expecting cock to follow as it had so many times in the past.

He brought his hand back up front and thought about how much he was gonna enjoy fucking her again later. Jake then reached his hand around Carla's big ass and was slowly sliding in and out of her wet slit, as she moaned softly each time he did. Did he feel bad about this? No, not at all, he loved Cindy. He loved her more than anything or anyone in the world. However, he found out tonight that she fucked not just one, but at least two other guys while on a trip with this whore that was blowing him right now.

Not to mention, if not for him she would have fucked that kid tonight back at the club. Although tempted a few times while "on the job", he was always faithful.

Jake laid back and enjoyed Carla as he wondered to himself about Cindy and her business trip "stories", and if they were just stories or if she was actually telling the truth when she would come home. "I need it in me Jake, you can't stop now, I need you to fuck me. Listen to little Miss Perfect Princess back there sleeping peacefully. As far as she knows, she just fucked some other guy, and she did fuck another guy, no-2 other guys 5 years ago! You need to give me what I need.", as she kissed the side of his neck still, slowly stroking him.

Jake figured he would just let Carla blow him in then kick her ass out, after all, she was Cindy's best friend. He never intended on fucking her, but then Carla started whispering in his ear as she was kissing his neck."I never told you about the two guys did I Jake?

Dave was average size and build, and he was white. He was the first one she fucked that night, and technically the last also. She sucked him off for a little bit while he was sitting in the front seat, just like I did you. Then she couldn't take it anymore because he was pounding that pussy with his fingers just like you are finger fucking me right now .", Carla paused and took a deep breath as Jake had gone from in and out to round and round, really stretching her out and bringing her closer.

Carla then continued, "Sin needed a cock up in her Jake, you know how she gets when she drinks. So she climbed up on him Jake. She climbed up on Dave's dick and she fucked him like it was her job to do it. But that's not the worst part Jake, you know what she told me Jake?

She said the best part was when she was sucking his cock and watched her ring that you had just bought her slide up and down his shaft and sparkle every time it hit some light from the parking light she was about to be fucked in. That wasn't the end though, because then she met his friend in back Jake, he watched the entire thing.

His name was James, King James.or Big Jim, and he was huge. His cock was 11 inches long and just like him Jake, his cock was black as the ace of spades.", Carla squeezed Jakes balls as she sucked on his earlobe.

And then went down and took him into her mouth again so she could let that last bit of info sink in. He was steel, hard as a rock. Carla wasn't sure if it was her, or the account of Cindy's adulterous ways that was doing it for him, but she really didn't care because she knew she was getting what she wanted.

"That's right Jake, your wife fucked a black guy, not just fucked him, but sucked him off first while Dave gave her another go from behind. Then when Dave was finished she still needed more so she climbed up on that ebony oak and let him bore her out.

She said it took ten minutes just to get it all in her, but it was worth it.

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She said it was the biggest and best cock she's ever had. Just a matter of time Jake and she'll be out trolling for it again. You know I'm right, Cindy is such a slut. You think those "stories" she tells you when she gets home from trips are just stories? You know better than that now Jake don't you? Yeah, she told me about that game you guys play. She said the best thing about it is that she just tells you the truth so she doesn't have to make anything up because she has a terrible imagination.

She says it's great because she gets off with you all the while remembering how good it was with the other guys. You know why she's really upset about losing her job don't you? It's because no more trips to New York City, Indy, Vegas, and Seattle. Not that she enjoyed the traveling, she said she just enjoyed being put up in 5 star hotels and fucking 2-3 guys on every trip.

She said it was like she was getting paid to fuck. And if you think about it she was, I mean how do you think she closed those big deals that got her those extra bonuses?


You didn't really think your wife was going to tool conventions and trade shows and making great sales because her knowledge of hardware did you? The only tools Cindy knows anything about is these right here.", as Carla bent back down and took him all the way in again while massaging his ball sack. "Now give me what I need Jake. Fuck me, fuck your wife's best friend." "Get out.", Jake said coldly, "Get out and come to the other side.", Carla did as told and met Jake on the other side as he was opening the back door.

A million things went through Carla's head. What did she do? Did she go too far? What was Jake going to do to her?

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What was he going to do to Cindy? He could kill them both and dump them out here, no one would find them for days. "You are just as much to blame as she is Carla, you're the bad influence that goes out and fucks and sucks everyone you can, so you need to pay too.", as Jake was pulling out Cindy by her leg which made her dress slide up even higher, completely exposing Cindy's pretty little pussy. Jake pulled out his knife and flipped it open, Carla was scared to death as Jake reached for her skirt and cut it down the middle in back and then grabbed at the band of her panties and sliced through them like butter.

"Now get over here.", as he pulled her toward Cindy and got behind Carla so her bare flesh was up against his swollen member as she faced her half naked friend. He reached his hand around her front and massaged Cindy's swollen clit. "Now do it.", Jake ordered, "Lick her, eat her pussy, make her cum. If you want my cock in you tonight, then that's what you need to do, do it now you fucking slut." Carla stood there and looked at her friend laying there passed out, ready for the taking.

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She had a good buzz going because she had gone back inside the club and had 4 quick shots of Tequila and another beer while Cindy and Jake were out in her Escalade fucking. It actually hit her a little harder than she thought it would and she was a little dizzy. Cindy was beautiful, she screamed sexual desire laying there, and Carla didn't really need Jake's dick as incentive.

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The truth is she would have happily gone down on her anyway, this just gave her an excuse as she leaned in and started licking Cindy's clit.

The aroma of Jake and Cindy's sex was intoxicating to Carla. It didn't take long before Cindy instinctively reached down and started pulling Carla's head into her even though she was incoherent and oblivious to what was really going on. It was just her body's natural reaction to the pleasure she was receiving as she moaned Jake's name softly. Carla was so into what she was doing that she almost forgot Jake was there, that is until she felt him stretch her apart from behind.

She momentarily lifted her head and gasped as Jake slowly stuffed his cock deep inside of her. But it was short lived as Cindy grabbed Carla's head and pulled her back into her.

Jake started a methodic rhythm back and forth, in and out, taking forever to complete each repetition. Except for right before he was all the way in each time he would ram it into Carla as hard as he could lifting her up onto her toes as she continued to devour Cindy.

Carla would moan each time and just go harder at Cindy who was still out of it but nearing another orgasm. "Damn that pussy is awful tight for a whore like you Carla, as much cock that's been in there I figured I wouldn't feel a thing!", as he slammed hard into her again. Each time when he reached the peak Carla would squeeze his cock with her hungry cunt and try not to let him out.

"Fuuuuck, I can't believe I waited this long to get up in you and your Ghetto Booty!" As he slammed her into Cindy once more making them both let out a loud moan. Carla had started using her finger now on Cindy, licking her clit furiously and working her finger in and out like a jackhammer.

Cindy was starting to breathe in short quick breaths, and making high pitched whimpers and squeals.


She was starting to cuss and scream, "Faster, harder, I'm gonna cum. Don't stop Jake, don't stop. Fuck fuck fuck . Ohhhh.!", she exploded all over Carla as Carla removed her fingers and Cindy squirted all over Carla's face. Carla just lapped it up as Cindy pulled her hard into her.

This was all Jake could take as he went from slow and stead to the Bunny that Cindy always called him and started banging into Carla like his life depended on it. Cindy finally let Carla up as she passed back out again totally exhausted and drunk.

Carla started talking dirty to Jake, "Fuck me Jake, fuck your wife's best friend. Fuck me hard while I eat her Jake. I could taste you in her Jake. Shoot it into me now.Make me cum Jake! Cum in Jake. Cum. Cuuuum.!" Jake grunted as he exploded inside of Carla as her pussy clamped down on him and had the strongest orgasm of her life.

Spirt after spirt he coated the inside of her as she slowly milked his cock with her well trained muscles. Jake slowly pulled out pushing Carla back down onto Cindy's ravaged body.

Carla spun around and wrapped her arms around Jakes neck and gave him a long hard kiss. He could taste Cindy on her and it was delicious.

He broke the kiss short though saying, "No, you're not done yet slut, you need to clean me up first.", as he grabbed her blond hair and guided her down without resistance.

Carla didn't hesitate and went right to work on Jakes semi hard shaft. Grabbing his dick at the base and milking what was left into her wanting mouth, getting every last drop not wanting to waste any of his seed. She then continued to slowly stroke him as she used her tongue on his empty sack and going up and down his cock cleaning him up just as he ordered.

Once done she put his cock back in her mouth and started working him over good, just like before in the truck.

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It wasn't long and he was back at full mast again. He took his left hand and braced himself against the truck as his right hand went to the back of Carla's head and matched rhythm with her as she bobbed back and forth. The entire time with her hand wrapped around his cock working it furiously.

"Fuck me! You suck good dick Carla! Tell me again why your husband isn't tearing that pussy up every night?!" Carla continued to work his pole as if on a mission. "Cindy always told me that you claimed to be a porn star between the sheets, looks like she's right!" Carla just picked up pace, Jake removed his hand from her head and placed that one against the truck for support too.

She had switched hands now and was going even faster. He could feel that familiar feeling building again as she took him deep into her throat once more. "Fuck Carla, you and I are going to have to work something out. Fuuuck.

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I can't have you continue to be a bad influence on my. Fuck I'm getting close. On my little Princess. Fuuck. So you need to quit the club life. Oh, fuck. Keep going. I'll let her hang out.out oh fuck, with you more. More, don't stop. Fuck. Fuck. Uhhhhh.", Jake exploded inside of Carla's mouth and she didn't miss a beat.

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She just slowed down and took him all the way in and let him shoot down her throat. She then slowly but deliberately used her hand to milk every single drip from him once again. "So what happens when I have needs Jake? Thad isn't going to take care of them for me, what should I do then?", as she looked up at him innocently with her big blue eyes while still licking his semi hard cock.

"You cum see me Carla, I'll take are of any needs you and that big ass have. Cindy always said that she was going to send you over to me so she could get a break and you could get some dick. Looks like a win win for both of you to me."