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Carmel cake redboned chitown own bbc fucked jovan jordan
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This is my first sex story ever, so please don't criticize me too hard. This story is based off the sexual fantasies I have of me and my sister, whom I love but have never been able to make love to. Oh yeah, by the way, if you hate incest and incest stories, there's a simple solution to that. You see the "back" button at the top left hand of the screen? Press it and never open another incest link ever again.


OK, now that all the idiots are gone, go ahead and read. Please comment. Me and my Royal Sister Part 1 It was getting dark on this particular night as he slowly strolled back home from Chris' house, who is a friend of his.

Although it was a November night, it felt more like December, much colder and darker then usual. He was 16, his height was 5"11 and he was decently thin, with slightly long brown hair that covers half of the back of his neck.

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He never truly considered cutting his hair, as he never considered shaving his facial hair, there never seemed to be enough time to worry about such things.

All he knew was that he was tired. And horny. The trouble wasn't so much that he was horny, but that he didn't have a girlfriend with whom he could relieve his sexual tension with. As he walked up to the front porch to the house, he thought about why he never got a girlfriend. "I guess I was never interested in anyone" he supposed.

He took his pair of house keys from his pocket and opened the lock before turning the door knob and walking in. As he closed the door behind him, he saw two curious eyes poke out from the living room. "Billy! You're home!". The voice belonged to his younger 14 year old sister Emma. "I told you for the millionth time. my name is not Billy. It's William!!!" He looked at her and for a second scanned her body.

She was 5"2noticeably smaller than he was, but she also was skinny like him, if not skinnier, even though she constantly complained about being fat. She had smaller breasts than others her age, (not that he cared too much, he actually liked smaller breasts)and she was shaped like an hourglass, what many boys her age would consider to be perfect. As he continued to study her, she opened her mouth again "Yeah, sure thing Billy!" She stuck out her tongue.

This briefly made him angry but then he gave up being pissed. "Believe whatever you want Princess." This was what their relationship was usually like. The exchange of insults and names. But tonight, everything would change, for better or worse. He began to climb the stairs to go into his bed room when he heard a small cry from the bottom of the stairs.

"WAIT!!! Billy, hang out with meeee!" This took him by surprise for a moment but then he shrugged and came back down the steps, walking into the living room. Emma was laying down on the couch, eyes watching the TV which displayed family cartoons.

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She looked over at Will and commanded "Sit". He shrugged and sighed, sitting down beside her, glancing over at the screen. "Emma, what do you want?" Usually when his sister was friendly it meant that she wanted something from him. He knew that he probably wasn't going to like this.

She looked like she was shocked "what makes you think that I want something from you?". He sighs, Oh God, he tells himself. After a minute, he looks over at Emma. "When was the last time you wanted to "hang out with me?" Before she can speak, he answers "Oh yeah, when you wanted me to hook you up with my best friend Chris!

So spit it out, what do you want Princess?" She is stunned for a brief moment but then replies "Actually I want to ask something." She cuddles up to him and looks into his eyes. "Big brother. Do you love me?" He stares back, his mind blank. He wasn't expecting this question. For months beforehand, he imagined several sexual fantasies with her and so this question startled him slightly. He had always dreamed about this day when he was jerking off, but never imagined that it would actually happen.

Stupid!, his mind screamed, She meant as a brother, not as a lover! Dimwit! With that thought he relaxed and replied "Of course I do. Sure we fight and screw around sometimes, but you still mean alot to me as a sister." "Umm, okay" She looked slightly disappointed as she looked back at the TV screen. The house seemed too quiet and so he managed to ask "Is mom at work or something?" "She's with her new boyfriend, Jeremy" she replied.

His father left them some years ago for another woman and so they lived in a broken home. He looked at my young sister, noticing, perhaps for the first time, how her chest lifted and fell as she breathed slowly.

It was such a little thing, perhaps stupid to focus on, but he became hypnotized by it. As he focused on her, he started thinking, What if she did mean sexually when she asked if he loved her?

Does she love him that way, and more importantly, does he feel that way about her? No. that's silly, she's my little sister, he thought. It can't be. She watched him, smiling, "wha cha looking at big brother? My big boobies?" She smirked as she cupped her breasts, pushing them up and giggling. "Emma." He blushes, feeling like an idiot. "I bet you love me don't you? I bet you would love to suck my boobs wouldn't you?" He was becoming slightly pissed, wondering how she became so bold with him.

"Emma!" She put a finger to his lips. "I've seen all the sex stories you've written about me. And your history log on Google?" She recites from the top of her head "How to attract sisters, Xnxx sex stories, How can I get my sister into bed.

it goes on and on." she grins He becomes very hot from anger "How did you get access to my computer? Also, why do I think that you are not bothered by this?" She looks into his eyes before pressing her lips gently against his for a few seconds and then withdraws and answers "Because I don't mind.

In fact I am happy. I want you so much." She kisses him again with a more heated passion and then withdraws again. "By the way, using the same password on your computer as you put on everything isn't very safe." He looks at her stunned, but still angry enough to want to ask her another question instead of responding to her kiss ".

Okay, if you knew all of this, what was with the whole innocent "Do you love me" approach?" She looks back at him "Well, I wanted to appear as a cute innocent little slut, but we couldn't do it that way, could we? No! You had to assume that i meant in a brotherly/sisterly way and spoiled it for me." She pouts and crosses her arms "Now I have to be all mature about it.

No fun at all." He laughs gently "No one can always have it their way Princess." She glares at him "I'll make you pay for that." She pounces on him, pinning his shoulders to the couch, surprising him greatly. He struggles under her, trying to get out. "Emma, let me out!" She grins "Not until you suck my breasts Billy." She slips off her shirt, revealing that she has no bra on as her tits bounce slowly.

He can no longer resist staring at her breasts and he finds that he has no more wanting to get her off of him. He can only think of what those breasts, which are only a few inches away from him, must taste like. He sits up slowly, sticking out his tongue and licking her nipple gently, enjoying the taste as he barely hears his sister moan as she squirms and pushes on the back of his head with her hands.

But he doesn't think of any of this, he only thinks about the breasts that he is about to suck on.

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everything else meant nothing to him. He wrapped his lips around her nipple, taking his other hand and, feeling that the other breast looked lonely, squeezed it.

She moaned even louder and it became obvious that she wasn't wearing any undies either as the crotch of her pants became soaked. "Fuck! Big brother." He smirked as he pushed her down onto the couch and climbed on top of her, pressing his crotch into hers. "You want me to fuck you, don't you sis?" She looked up at him and nodded slowly, her breathing heavy.

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He felt like teasing her a little bit more, "Well, maybe if you suck my cock, I'll think about it." He got off of her and sat on the couch, crossing his arms. She was shocked and then pouted. "Fine" She put on a big dramatic act about getting up, whining about how cruel he was being.

"Hurry up Emma, before I change my mind and leave" It was a bluff but it worked. She quickly got off the couch and knelt at his feet, taking off his pants and underwear quickly. She gasped when she saw his cock spring up, her eyes widened as she wrapped her hand around it, her hand too small to wrap around it completely. She gave the head of it a small kiss before she licked the shaft. He moaned, his cock leaking precum. She lapped it up, purring as she swallowed it.

She then wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, sucking on it gently as she pumped it with her hand. This almost sent him over the edge as he moaned loudly. Oh my god, he said to himself, She's actually sucking me off. My little sister wants me to cum in her mouth. He couldn't handle it anymore, he knew that he was just about ready to cum. "Ohhh. Sis, I'm gonna cumm!!" With that, she quickly squeezed his cock hard, to stop him from cumming and she smirked at him.

"Na uhh uhh, not until I get to feel you in my pussy." With that she slipped off her pants and climbed on top of him, grabbing his cock and lining it up with her pussy lips as she slowly descended on it. She moaned gently as the head of his cock pushed into her pussy and she pushed her breasts into Will's face, who happily licked her breasts.

Soon enough, his entire cock was inside of her and they moaned as they thrusted into each other, leaking juices of their sex onto the couch. She was lost in complete lust, fucking him as hard as she could. "God damn it Will. Cum. Cum in my pussy!" He bit her nipple as he returned her thrusts, moaning loudly as spurts of cum escaped his cock into her pussy.

She moaned as the ropes of sperm entered her womb and collapsed on top of her brother. His sister panted heavily before being able to talk "OMG.

That was the best sex ever.


Even though it was with you." At that, she smirked at him and got off of him. He couldn't say anything, his mind was too wrapped up with what just happened. "Oh, by the way, you owe me for not making me cum and I'll be taking advantage of that tomorrow." She kissed him on the lips gently before disappearing up the stairs and into her bedroom.

He slowly began to realize that during the whole time the TV was on and he didn't notice it. Of course, he figured, even if an entire band marched through the house during their sex, he probably wouldn't notice. He shrugged and turned off the TV before ascending the staircase.

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I wonder what she meant by "Take advantage of that", he thought to himself. He smiled at all the possibilities and then thought, Maybe I should shave.

The End? Not Likely LOL