Stunning lingerie clad wife surprises her man with a threesome

Stunning lingerie clad wife surprises her man with a threesome
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The Devil's Pact Servants' Chronicles by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Chapter 2: A Maid's Day Visit my blog at Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Wednesday, September 4th, 2014 Tomoyo Asuka The Mansion The alarm clock rang.

It was 4:00 AM. "Get the alarm, Tomoyo," my lover muttered sleepily. "It's on your side of the bed, Abigail," I groaned, stretching beneath the covers.

"Fuck!" Abigail's hand slapped around, searching for the snooze button. I found her warm, naked body, and pressed up against her back. We were both maids for the Living Gods, Mark and Mary; honored women who were privileged to serve them in exchange for eternal youth and beauty. I would forever look eighteen, and Abigail nineteen. Young, beautiful, nubile, and Their servants forever.

We had ten more minutes of wonderful, dozing sleep before the snooze alarm went off. "C'mon, Abby-chan," I said, nudging the busty girl in the small of the back. "We have to get ready." "Fine," she groused. I slipped out of bed, stretching naked, and ran my hands through my long, blue-black hair, fingers catching in the tangled mess. I glanced at the bed; Abigail had buried herself back under the blankets, curled up into a ball.

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I snorted in frustration, and yanked the covers off the girl. "Get up, Abby-chan." She lay naked, her plump breasts peaking around her arms, and her brown hair covering her face. She grabbed the pillow and buried her head underneath it, muttering, "Just a few more minutes, Tomoyo.

Our Lord kept me up past midnight servicing Him." I smacked her ass, leaving a red handprint. "We need to be ready by five AM, you know the rules. You wouldn't want to make <em>Them</em> disappointed in you." "That's mean," she pouted, but she sat up, stretched allowing me to admire her perky breasts as they thrust out and rolled out of bed. Our bedroom in the servant quarters wasn't too small; we each had space for our own things, and had a private bathroom with a shower, which we shared.

It was just so much fun that way, soaping each other's nubile bodies with the loofah, while sharing kisses, and, if we hadn't slept in, we could have fingered each other to nice orgasms. Which was the best way to start the day! But we had to style our hair, put on our make up, and pull on our uniform.


I loved wearing our maid's outfit. Sexy fishnets held up by a garter belt. Lacy petticoats made the short skirt puff out and sway when I walked, and when we bent over, the skirt would ride up to expose my cute butt and shaved slit. The transparent mesh top showed off my small breasts and hard, dark nipples, and a small, black-and-white cap was the final accent for a sexy French maid.

Or in my case, a sexy Japanese maid! Together we swayed our way through the mansion's hallways to the main sitting room where Miss Pearl would be waiting to hand us our assignments for the day. The other maids who were on duty today gathered in the foyer, chatting, yawning, bouncing with excitement, or staring boredly at the ceiling. "Alright ladies," Miss Pearl said, and we fell quiet as she spoke.

Miss Pearl was a beautiful woman in her thirties, the mother of Cindy, and the Head Maid. "Nothing major is planned for today. Expect our Gods to spend most of the day in the house, so I want everything spic-and-span for Them." "Yes, Miss Pearl," we all chimed in unison.

"Good." Then she started handing out assignments. "You're so lucky," Abigail sighed. "I wish I got to clean Their rooms." I beamed.

Cleaning our Gods rooms meant that I was required to wake Him up; my mouth was already salivating for the feel of His cock. I walked as rapidly as I could to Their room, holding my bucket full of cleaning supplies. Their bedroom was in the west wing, and was the largest suite of rooms as befitted Their exalted station. Two bodyguards, 49 and 50, stood at attention before Their door, backs straight, their tits almost spilling out of their half-unbuttoned, navy-blue blouses.

"Ohayou gozaimasu!" I greeted with a big smile. "Have fun," 49 said, reaching out beneath my skirt to give my naked fanny a squeeze. I smiled back; I was used to getting pawed by our Gods servants, and the bodyguards were often balls of pent-up energy when they got off their shifts, and would avail themselves of us maids. It was lots of fun; just two days ago a pair of bodyguards fucked my ass and pussy with strap-ons while I was sandwiched between them.

I had about forty minutes before six AM, when I needed to wake my Gods up, so I started quietly cleaning in Their sitting room, dusting the shelves, putting a Bluray away They must have watched the night before, polishing the glass of the coffee table until it sparkled.

Vacuuming would have to wait. I still had a few minutes, so I peaked in on baby Chasity in her crib. The little Goddess was sleeping peacefully, and my heart melted at the sight of Her.

She would grow up, and one day, if I was fortunate, I would get to service Her, too. I bet She would be just as beautiful as Her mother. I was almost late in waking Them up, lost in my fantasies of Chasity at eighteen, and exploring Her nubile body. I entered Their bedroom; my Lord slept on His back with my Lady curled up on His right side; Her auburn hair cascaded dark across Their bodies.

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The Gods love each other so much, and it was beautiful to watch Them in such an intimate moment. Trembling, I reached out, and gently pulled the covers away, exposing Their nude bodies. My Lord was muscular, lean and strong, and so very handsome. His cock was half-hard, rising erect from His dark-brown pubic hair. I crawled onto the bed, rubbing my cheek against His cock, then lapped at the shaft, swirling my tongue about the pink head.

His cock responded, growing hard and throbbing with the beat of His heart. My mouth engulfed him, salty pre-cum leaking into me, and sucked. He groaned, stirring as I bobbed my head on His cock, and gently massaged His balls with my hands. A strong hand touched my head; I looked up across His body to see His blue eyes staring at me, a boyish smile spreading across His lips.

"Hmm, this is the best way to wake up," my Lord groaned. My Lady stirred beside him, sitting up, stretching, and gave Her husband a sloppy kiss on the lips. "Is the little slut making you feel good, hun?" "Yes she is." I smiled around His cock, so happy that my slutty mouth was making my God feel good.

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I redoubled my efforts, taking more and more of His cock with every bob of my head until the tip was brushing at the back of my throat. I relaxed and swallowed His cock, sliding my lips all the way down, until my nose pressed into His pubic hair. "Fuck!" my Lord groaned. "Fuck, she's got a hot mouth, Mare!" My Goddess giggled. "That's why we kept her, my horny stallion." Her lips kissed at His ear, pink tongue caressing his lobe. "Cum in her slutty mouth!" "Fuck yes!" He groaned, His balls twitching in my hand.

"I'm going to flood her dirty mouth!" I slid my lips up until only the head remained in my lips, sucking, swirling my tongue, coaxing His cum out eagerly. He groaned, then a blast of wonderful cum flooded my mouth, salty, delicious, creamy. A second and a third blast flooded my mouth, my throat working hard to swallow every last, delicious drop. "Good girl," my Lady praised, pulling my lips off His cock, and then Her soft mouth was on mine, Her tongue tasting the salty cream. She was sweet, wonderful; I savored every second we kissed.

I was breathless when She broke our kiss. "Thank you, my Lady!" "Umm, I'm feeling a little randy," She purred, spreading Her beautiful thighs. This was quite a special day. I brought my face close to Her divine pussy; pink, wet, waxed bare of all Her fiery-red hair, except for a heart sculpted above her clit.

I inhaled Her scent, sweet, spicy, and wonderful. "Oh fuck!" She moaned as my tongue slid through Her slit, flicking against Her clit. I nibbled on Her labia, exploring every wrinkled folds of her pussy. My God sucked one of her perfect, dusky-red nipples into His lips. My Goddess cradled His face to Her breast, white milk leaking out of the corner of His lips as he suckled. I wondered what her breast milk tasted like.

Abigail loved to boast about the one time she was permitted to taste it. "So sweet. Sweeter than cow's milk, and not as thick," Abigail would moan. She was so lucky. My lips found Her clit, sucking into my lips. I explored the sensitive nub with my tongue, feeling my Lady's hips jerk in pleasure every time I brushed the bud.

I slid two fingers into the warm depths of Her pussy, slowly pumping them in and out. "Oh fuck!" She moaned. "Oh Mark, I'm gonna cum!" "Cream her face, Mare!" he urged, kissing Her with milky lips.

"Cum all of her sweet face, my naughty filly!" "Yes, yes! Oh Mark! Oh fucking God!" Her hips bucked against my sucking lips, Her cries reaching the highest registers as Her orgasm burst through Her. My God pushed me to the side, His cock hard, eager to mount His Goddess.

I licked my lips, watching His toned ass as He pumped into Her. She tightly wrapped Her legs around Him; the pair lost in the pleasure of Their lovemaking.

They were so magnificent! I slipped my hand down, and found my hungry, little cunt. I dripped juices, my pussy burning with passion.

I had satisfied both my Gods, and now I could finally have my release. I shoved two fingers inside me, clenching my teeth as my climax surged through me.

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The rest of the morning passed uneventfully. Once They ate breakfast and showered, They left for the day, and I spent two hours carefully making Their quarters spotless. That done, I headed to the kitchen to get breakfast. I was famished. I was free until noon, when Ms. Pearl would hand out the afternoon assignments. I was going to head to the game room, were a bank of TV's wired with video game systems and small theaters lay, when Sam the Vizier walked down the corridor.

She wore a loose, silk robe, very short, that left her olive-toned legs bare. She was Cambodian, her skin darker olive than mine. My eyes noticed the hard cock pressing at the folds of her rope. Sam made her own cock with magic and could summon it at will like a <em>futanari</em>, the dickgirls popular with perverts in Japan. There was a considering look in her eyes, a speculative smile.

"Come with me," she ordered. "I need you to help me with an experiment." "Of course, Holy Vizier," I politely answered, wondering what sort of experiment she had in mind.


Sam was always inventing neat, enchanted objects and spells for our Gods. I followed her to the bedroom she shared with her girlfriend Candy; my eyes fixed to her firm rear as it writhed beneath the clinging silk robe, my cunt moistening with excitement.

I loved getting fucked by Sam's cock, and I really hoped her experiment would require some <em>intimate</em> examination with her tool. Her suite wasn't as large as our Gods, and far more chaotic. Candy was always setting things in random places, her phone, her tablet, her sunglasses, pens, papers, cups half-filled with liquids, plates, candy-wrappers, blankets, and so many other things.

I knew that Karishma had cleaned these rooms this morning; you couldn't tell though. Candy was lounging naked on the couch watching TV. "God, TV has gotten so boring," she pouted. "It's all bullshit propaganda for Mark and Mary." Sam cleared her throat as I glared at Candy. That programming was very informative and necessary for the well-being of the masses.

I planted my hands on my hips, preparing to tear into Candy for her lack of respect to our Gods, when Sam touched my arm.

"I'll talk to her later," she promised. Candy's eyes flicked to me and she flushed. "Sorry, just thinking out loud.

Don't you worry your pretty, empty head about it, Tomoyo." I sniffed and tossed my head, not bothering to answer. Technically, Candy was Sam's slave, and that put her on the same footing as me. Putting Candy's disrespect out of my mind, I followed Sam into her bedroom, a naughty thrill passing through my cunt—she was going to fuck me with her cock.

Sam pulled out a pill bottle, tablets rattling about inside the amber plastic as Sam unscrewed the white safety lid. I momentarily saw a red pill land in her hand before she swallowed it. Was she working on an improved version of her magical Viagra?

Sam made an indelicate sound, grimacing. "That has a nasty taste." She stretched out on the bed, patting the quilted cover next to her. Smiling, I slid in next to her. She touched my cheek, her finger tracing my jawline, trailing up to brush my nose. I licked my lips; they were suddenly dry. I leaned in and kissed her, gentle at first, then with some passion, slipping my tongue into her mouth. Sam cocked her head, leaning into my kiss and moaning with lust.

My hands reached out, found the silk ties of her robe, only loosely knotted, and I deftly untied them.


I reached in, finding her hard cock. It throbbed beneath my hands as I stroked and pumped; a delightful shudder passed through her body, and her tongue kissed me with more passion. I shuddered as her hands found my small breasts through the gauzy fabric of my blouse; her fingers hooked in, warm on my breasts, and pulled my bodice down, exposing my nipples to the air. Her digits found my hard nubs—pinching, pulling, twisting, stroking. I moaned into her lips, tightening the grip on her cock and jerking her faster.

I gave a frustrated sigh as her hands left my nipples, but then she was pushing my shoulders down, rolling me onto my back. I shivered as she mounted me. Her olive breasts the size of oranges, the nipples pointing slightly upward, hard as diamonds lowered down and kissed my breasts as I spread my legs for her.

Sam's cock was hard, leaving a trail of slipper pre-cum as it slid down my thigh towards my sopping hole. "Oh yes!" I moaned as she slowly penetrated me, letting me savor every delightful inch of her dick as it rubbed against the sensitive flesh of my cunt. "Stir my cauldron up! Fuck me, Sam! Fuck me with your nasty dick!" Her dark, almond eyes stared down at me as she began to thrust, deep, hard, amazing.

"You little slut," she purred. "You love my dick, don't you! You love being fucked by a woman with a cock!" "Yes, yes," I groaned, thrusting my hips up to meet hers. "I love <em>futanari!</em>I love dickgirls. Make me cum! Make me your whore!" Her lips kissed mine again, soft, gentle, a woman's kiss, while she fucked me like a man; her breasts rubbing sweetly against mine.

My hands roamed her supple back, squeezing the muscles as they rippled beneath her skin as she plunged in and out of my cauldron, stirring my passions with her ladle.

"Oh Gods! Fuck me! I love it!" Our flesh slapped together; the bed squeaked beneath us. The headboard slammed rhythmically into the wall, adding a primal beat to our rutting. I found her buttocks, squeezing pliant flesh with my hands, and pulled her deeper inside my cunt. "Stir my cauldron!" I gasped. "I'm gonna cum! Just keep stirring me up, Sam! Oh yes! Oh fucking yes!" She stirred my pussy until my orgasm frothed through me, swirling about my body and sending me trembling and bucking.

Her cock kept spearing into me, churning my insides, and sent another cum spilling through me. My cunt gripped her cock, making the friction of our rutting feel even more electric. She fed my passion with more pleasure. "Fucking whore!" Sam moaned. "Your fucking cunt's squeezing my cock!

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Oh yes! Gods yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" With every fuck, a blast of wonderful, thick cum flooded my pussy with heat. I enjoyed her weight atop me, our lips gently kissing, as we savored the afterglow of our fucking.

Her cock was softening inside me, and I could feel a growing, wet puddle around my ass as our combined cum leaked out of my well-fucked cauldron. Sam rolled off of me, and I noticed Candy sitting in a nearby chair, writing on a legal pad. "When was your last period, Tomoyo," Candy asked me. "What?" I demanded.

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That was none of the blasphemous bitch's business. "I need you to answer the questions," Sam said, her tone all matter-a-fact. "It's for the experiment." "Oh, um, just three days ago," I answered. "So you're not at the fertile part of your cycle," Candy noted.

"And do you take birth control?" "Of course," I answered. "All of us maids are on birth control. Well, except for Marcy. She and her husband are trying to have a baby." "And you aren't wearing a diaphragm or have an implant?" Candy continued. "No." What was the point of these questions? "And Sam, you weren't wearing a condom?" "No, I shot three blasts into her womb," Sam answered.

"Lucky girl," Candy muttered. "Well, thanks Tomoyo," Sam answered. "Let me know when you have your next period, or if any side-effects crop up." Side-effects? "Like what?" I asked, suddenly nervous. Sam shrugged. "I don't know. It should be safe, but you never know. That's what clinical trials are for. Now run along. I need to fuck another two maids before this pill wears off." Confused about what I just participated in, I pulled my bodice up, straightened my skirt, and left their room, feeling her jizz running down my leg.

I enjoyed the feeling of my messy cunt as I walked to the entertainment room, plopping down on a beanbag chair, and watched two maids and a gardener play one of those first-person shooters, probably Call of Duty.

They all looked the same to me. My afternoon cleaning assignment went smoothly; I spent it polishing the good silver for a dinner that was going to be hosted tomorrow night. After dinner, Miss Pearl pulled me and Abigail aside. "Xiu and Korina have requested bathing attendants, and you two are up in the rotation." I grinned at Abigail, and we hurried off to their quarters.

Xiu and Korina shared a room now that they were dating each other. All the sluts lived in the same wing as our Gods: Violet and her girlfriend Cindy, a fellow maid and Miss Pearl's daughter; April and her girlfriend Hayfa, one of Doctor Willow's nurses; Alison and Desiree, whenever they weren't out hunting Warlocks; Lillian and whatever maid, nurse, pilot, or gardener caught her eye this week; Jessica; and Korina and Xiu. Korina and Xiu's room was sparsely furnished.

They had a bedroom, a bathroom, a sitting room, and a room that was supposed to be an office, but they used it as a sex dungeon. Xiu loved to be hurt, she was a sadist, and Korina would tie her up and spank her with the large collection of paddles, whips, crops, flails, and canes.

They were lounging on their couch, Korina's son Silas cradled in her arms. He was a demigod, fathered on the slut by our God, and just a few weeks older than baby Chase.

Korina's large breasts were exposed, and it looked like she just finished feeding him. Xiu watched with a slightly envious look on her face; I bet she wanted to carry our God's child. I know I did. "Let me put him down," Korina said, a smile on her doll's face. Xiu stretched, standing up naked. She was Chinese and, like me, she was short and petite. However, her breasts were huge, and looked even larger on her small frame; her nipples were dark and pierced by silver barbells that dangled pink butterflies on silver chains.

Her eyes flickered on both of us. "I'll take Tomoyo," she called out. "That's fine, dear," Korina answered from the bedroom.

"You have a good night, Silas," she cooed to her infant. "Mommy's going to have a nice, relaxing bath." I led Xiu into the bath by her nipple piercing, making sure to pull hard so that her breast stretched. She moaned in pleasure at the pain, following along like a happy puppy. The bathroom was spacious, a jacuzzi tube sank into the floor.

We stepped into the warm water, getting wet, then Xiu climbed right out, lying on the tiled floor, her olive ass wiggling at me. I squeezed a handful of liquid soap out of its bottle into my hands, and soaped the entire front of my body. Then I laid on Xiu's back, rubbing my nubile body against hers to wash her. The soap made me slippery, and my hard nipples slid on her back as my pussy ground into her ass. "Hmm, that's nice," Xiu purred as I kissed her her neck.

Korina lay wet next to us, and Abigail pressed her soapy body down, grabbing her large boobs and massaging them in circles on Korina's back. Korina moaned, wiggling her butt against Abigail's humping cunt. My girlfriend flashed me a smile; her brown hair plastered wetly to her face.

I pursed my lips, blowing her a kiss. I ground my clit harder into Xiu's flesh, sliding my body up and down on her back. My pussy was on fire, fed by the friction of my clit rubbing against her silky ass. I gave her neck one last kiss, and told her to roll over so I could wash her front. "The best part," Xiu grinned, rolling over, spreading her legs obscenely wide for me. I settled on top of her, pressing my tiny tits against her massive melons, rubbing the pillowy flesh all over me, and getting them nice and soapy.

I settled between her thighs, my soapy pussy washing her dirty cunt. "Oh, fuck!" Korina moaned as Abigail started washing her front. My lover's ass pumped fast as she ground into Korina's cunt. "Fuck me, slut!" Xiu moaned, her fingers racking my back. I slid my pussy across hers, bumping our clits together. Gods, it felt wonderful. I found Xiu's lips, kissing her as I passionately tribbed her.

My nipples rubbed slickly across her soft mounds; a fire built, swiftly consuming my entire body with rapture. "Oh Xiu," I purred. "Oh fuck! Your clit's kissing mine!" "Yes, yes!" she panted back, then kissed me, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. She humped against me as we frantically pleasured each other. I broke the kiss, staring into her slanted eyes. "Let's cum together!" I purred.

"I want to feel your pussy cream on mine!" Xiu laughed, throaty, rich. "You fucking slut! Gods, Master sure knows how to pick the whores that serve him." I grinned back. "He choose you after all." Her hand squeezed my asscheek.

"He did. I love being his whore!" "And I love being yours!" I moaned as my orgasm burned through me, leaving me a quivering pile of flesh as every nerve came alive inside me.

"Fucking slut!" Xiu grunted. "I can feel your juices bathing my cunt!" She pinched my ass, sending my hips bucking. "Don't stop grinding! I need to cum so badly." I flushed; I was so lost in my orgasm, I forgot to keep pleasuring her. "Sorry," I muttered, and ground hard against her clit. "Oh yes!" she moaned.

"Rub that hot little pearl on me. You goddamn slut! Oh fuck yes! Fuck!" I could feel her body bucking beneath mine, her juices squirting hot on my pussy and thighs; her orgasm crashed through her.

As I lay atop her, breathing heavily and watching Korina and Abigail writhe in their mutual climaxes, a contented joy filled me up. I loved being a maid, serving my Gods and their servants. I made their lives easier, lessening their burdens and bringing small comforts to them. I was a maid, here to serve. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday, September 4th, 2015 Sakura nursed gently at my breast as I sat in bed with Abigail.

My fiancee was snuggled against me, resting her head at my shoulder as we watched my beautiful daughter feed. I smiled, a joyful feeling suffused my body as I fed her. There had been little enough joy the last year. She was Sam's daughter.

Apparently, that pill she took when she fucked me that afternoon a year ago was responsible. When I missed my period, and Doctor Willow told me I was pregnant, I went to Sam. "Didn't I tell you what the pill was for?" she had asked. "No," I had answered with a shake of my head.

"Sorry," she had shrugged. "Every woman Lilith fucks gets knocked up with her child, regardless of the time in their cycle or whether they're on birth control. I was curious to see if I could replicate it." It worked very well; two other maids and I conceived Sam's children, and gave birth within days of each other. I wasn't mad. I had my own, beautiful daughter. Together, Abigail and I would raise her, and when she's old enough, eighteen or nineteen, I'm sure she'll want to serve our Gods and be bound to him forever.

I sighed, excited for the day when Sakura and I would pleasure our Gods together.