Straight jock masturbates solo after football practice

Straight jock masturbates solo after football practice
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Sara stood in the hallway, tugging down her shirt to expose a centimeter of her bright pink lace bra. The edge of the lace played peek-a-boo with her low cut black top. It was one of the few bras she owned, but it was her favorite by far. It was the last day of school, she had stayed clear of Mr. Rostand for the past three weeks, but now she was standing outside of his classroom, in a very inappropriate outfit. Her petite fist rose up and knocked on the wood door.


She could hear the echo that it made inside of the room. The time she stood outside of that door seemed like an eternity, but was more like thirty seconds or so.

Enough time for her to wonder if perhaps he was in there with someone else. She wasn't so stupid to think she was the first student he had extra relations with, but she was hoping that she was the only one at the moment.

Mr. Rostand opened the door, his mouth dropped down for a moment as he saw Sara standing outside in the sluttiest outfit he had ever seen her wear, he snapped it close and cleared his throat, trying to find any words to say. "Did everything go alright with your final grades to Brown?" he finally managed to speak out. Sara grinned a sexy sly smile, "yes, thanks to you".

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She walked past him and into the classroom, which was disheveled from him packing up all of his stuff for the end of the school year. She sat down at one of the desks that was free of clutter. He turned around, and shut the door, locking it behind him. "I was wondering if you needed any," Sara looked around, her hair lightly moving and capturing the sunlight, looking for the next word, "help." As she said this word, she looked right into his eyes, the innuendo and sexual tension behind that one word was blatantly obvious.

His cock twitched as his attention was focused on her lips, he had dreamed of those luscious wrapped around him many times over the past weeks. He walked towards Sara, positioning himself right in front of the desk she was seated at. He lifted one leg up, resting his thigh on the desk nonchalantly, as if everyday he had a seductive young beauty waiting to please him. "Help me how exactly?" Mr.

Rostand leaned over, getting a whiff of the fresh strawberry scent that always lightly drifted off her soft skin.


Sara, in one quick motion, picked herself up and sat on the desktop behind her. Her legs crossed swiftly, the epitome of ladylike behavior.

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His eyes swept over her legs, the skin radiated a soft glow but his eyes longed to see where the legs joined to the perfect honey pot where his tongue gloriously captured each drop of her juices previously. She noticed his eyes devouring her, his eyes alit with lust.

She slowly shifted her legs, laying them side by side, then spreading them open slightly, revealing the fact that she had no panties on underneath her short jean skirt. His imagination went wild, as did he; he had only relieved himself in the past three weeks since their last encounter, and now with her right in front of him he couldn't help himself.

He stood up and wrapped his fingers around her wrist, jarring her down from her position on the desk. "You like being a little slut?" Mr. Rostand said as he forcibly twisted her arm behind her and bent her over a desk. She was tiny, and although she struggled with surprise, she was no match for him. "What? Mr. Rostand, what are you doing?" Sara's voice held a note of terror. "I asked you a question, do you like being a little slut?" Mr.

Rostand bent over her body, pressing his body weight on top of her, growling in her ear. He could feel her erratic breath as her small body heaved in terror underneath him. His hand that wasn't twisting her arm, went in between her legs, and slapped the tender flesh of her upper thigh. She yelped out and her legs opened, the exact reaction that he wanted.

His thick finger touched her puckered anus and traveled downwards, surprised at how wet Sara's perfect slit was. "You are a little whore, can you feel how wet you are? Do you feel your slut juices making you wet? Tell me you are a little whore." His finger went further, stopping at her clit and rubbing furiously, "Answer me!" His voice got loud, echoing in the room.

"Mmmhhmmmm," Sara moaned out, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. "Mmmhmm what?" "Yes" "Yes what?" "Yes, I am a little whore." Mr. Rostand's cock got harder as he heard Sara's small innocent voice telling him this.

"Well whore, get down on your knees," Mr. Rostand flipped her around. His hand went on the top of her head, and pushed her down on her knees, she stumbled forward.

"Take my cock out." Her small hands frantically went up to unbutton his khakis. She could feel the hard bulge underneath, and it turned her on. She did not expect the brutality that he was displaying, but she liked it. The khakis fell to his feet, a puddle of tan fabric. She hooked her fingers around the thick band of elastic on his Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

Which were so much sexier than the boxers that he was wearing last time. Sara's mouth watered, eager to get his thick cock in her mouth. She worked quickly and got his boxer briefs around his ankles too. She sharply gasped, surprised at the girth, even though she had sucked him off before, and other things. Her mouth opened, her small delicate tongue darted out and coated her lips with saliva.

They glimmered under the florescent lighting of the classroom. She inched forward on her knees, the rough carpet scratching her soft knees. He saw that the carpet was not pleasant on her, so he backed up one full step.

She went to put her hands down and crawl to relieve some of the pressure on her knees, "Did I say you could crawl slut?" Her head snapped up to attention, finally understanding how this was going to work out. She shook her head. "I can't hear you," Mr. Rostand made an overly dramatic showing of placing his hand up next to his ear.

"No." "No Sir," he looked down upon her. "No Sir." Her eyes were brimming lust and fright, it turned him on like nothing ever had before.

She scraped her knees along the rough carpet to get to his hard erect cock. She managed to finally get to him and opened her mouth. Before her lips could even touch him, he thrust forward and pushed her head down.

The intrusion was something that she did not expect, she coughed and he withdrew himself from her warm mouth. She coughed and cleared her throat, her hands wrapped around her mouth. "Those hands are getting in the way," Mr. Rostand said out loud. His eyes darted across the room, then he quickly went to the supplies he was using to package up his room.

He grabbed something and put it behind his back, walking back over to the waiting girl. He bent behind her, grabbing both of her wrists and wrapping duct tape around them, securing them together so the use of her arms was cut off. While he was bent over behind her, he nestled his chin into the nape of her neck.

He opened his mouth, his tongue dancing along the soft flesh. Her skin held the light taste of salt, just a hint. A soft moan reached his ears, he was hitting the right spot. He kept his lip parted and in place, but withdrew his tongue back into mouth.

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Then he parted his lips a little more and placed his teeth on her, slowly scraping his teeth against her sensitive flesh. He could sense a slight shiver run through her body, her head tilted back, giving him more access.

He stood back up, laughing in a low manly chuckle. She twisted her head around to see what he was doing, and threw herself off balance and fell down to the rough carpet. "Back on your knees!" Mr. Rostand barked out. Sara jerked around and twisted and maneuvered until she was back in her original position. "Good, now use that hot little mouth on me." Her lips parted and leaned forward to capture the head of his thick cock into her mouth. He let out a short deep moan of pleasure, pushing his hips forward an inch.

Sara took the hint well, her lips slicked up and slid further down his shaft. Her tongue worked on the bottom of his cock while she struggled to get all the way down. She braced herself then took him all the way into her throat. She swallowed his cock to make it easier to take, less gagging. Mr. Rostand's hands went up to the back of her head, resting there as he relished in the feeling of the teenager's mouth around his thick cock.

She came up halfway, regaining her composure, continuing to use her small tongue to provide pleasure. His hips pushed backwards, popping his cock out of her mouth. Her saliva coated his cock, a shiny lubrication. His hand pumped his cock a few times, then lifted it up, exposing his balls.

"You like being a dirty little cocksucker?" Mr. Rostand slowly rubbed his shaft up and down. "Yes sir," Sara looked up at him, looking so innocent, but he could see the sinful lust that was behind her eyes. Her mouth opened, she wanted his cock back in her mouth. Instead of giving her what she wanted, he stepped forward the smallest bit, leaning his hips closer to her, "Lick my balls. Show me how a little whore likes to lick-" he groaned out as she dragged her tongue in circles around his balls.

She licked around and around, her tongue making his head spin. Then Sara sucked inwards, his balls popping into her warm mouth. He looked down at the teenage girl, intently enjoying his heavy balls in her mouth.

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Her tongue wide and running back and forth. She sucked on them lightly, the suction downward made his hand go faster around his shaft. He pumped and pumped until he knew he couldn't hold back from taking what he wanted.

He bent over, placing his hands under her arms, lifting her to her feet. "What do you want?" Mr. Rostand kicked off the khakis and boxer briefs that were around his ankles. He walked behind her back to the desk with all of the packing supplies.

"What?" Sara turned, her useless arms almost made her lose her balance. "What do you want me to do to you?" Mr. Rostand picked up a pair of sharp scissors. "Fuck me," Sara said. "If I'm going to fuck you, I want to play with those little titties of yours," Mr.

Rostand walked back to her.


She tilted her head upward so she could see him, nodding her head vigorously. She turned around, pushing her arms back, so he could cut the duct tape from her bound wrists. He bent down, and licked up the side of her neck close to her ear.

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"That's not why I got the scissors." He reached around her and made a small snip at the bottom of her shirt. "No!" Sara pushed herself back, but couldn't stop the scissors. Mr. Rostand walked around in front of her, "What was that?

Did you just tell me NO?" Sara whimpered, close to tears, nodding her head. "Good little whores don't say no," He lifted up her skirt to make it into a small strip of denim around her waist. He raised his hand, bringing it down behind her quickly on her supple ass.

SMACK. Then again, SMACK. "Now tell me, did you mean to say no?" Mr. Rostand crouched down in front of her, bringing his face level with hers. She shook her head, "I'm sorry." "That's better. Now, I want to play with those little tits," His hands on each side of the small incision that he had just made. In one swift motion he tore the shirt in half, exposing the frilly lace pink bra that Sara had worn especially for him.

He took the scissors and cut the front of the bra right in half with one snip. Sara whimpered, but did not say anything. The bra hung down by her bound wrists, unable to be taken off completely. Mr. Rostand opened his mouth wide, taking one of her tiny breasts into his mouth. His hand went down to her pussy, rubbing it, being coated with her juices.

"You like sucking my cock so much that you are soaking," he said, bringing his mouth up from her tit. Her thighs opened, she wanted him to stop rubbing and teasing and give her what she really needed. His teeth scraped over her hard nipple and she let out a tiny mewl.

His finger slipped into her wet slit, then into her tight dripping pussy. She moaned out loud as it was inserted into her. He slowly rocked his hand back and forth. He took his mouth away from her chest and looked at her face as he felt her pussy start to react to his finger. His thumb went and ran circles around her clit as he went faster and faster with his finger. He curled it slightly inside of her, hitting just the right spot.

She leaned backwards, against a desk as she felt herself getting closer and closer. Juices coated his fingers, leaking down as his finger continued to work. "Cum for me. Cum like the common whore that you are," His felt his finger being clenched in her wet warm pussy.

He can tell she liked the name calling, "Cum you dirty little slut." She moaned and he legs went weak, falling more against the desk behind her as she came, her juices leaking down his hand. As the orgasm subsided he brought his hand up to her mouth, "lick your cum up." She opened her mouth and took his fingers into her mouth. He stuck his fingers all the way down her throat, she gagged slightly, but licked her juices still. He took his finger out of her mouth, grabbed his hard cock, stroking it a few times while twisting her around and laying her over the desk.

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Her legs spread automatically. "You want me to fuck that dirty little pussy of yours?" Mr. Rostand growled in her ear. "Yes please," Sara begged. Hearing the young girl beg for his cock made the lust in him increase. He ran his cock up and down her tight soaking slit.

He pushed inside of her, just the head, teasing her. Her tiny moan as it entered her reached his ears and made his primitive side take over. With one smooth thrust, he shoved his whole cock inside of her, splitting her open. Her tight pussy spasmed around his engorged member and she screamed out in pain at the sudden intrusion. His hands wrapped around her small waist and he pulled himself almost all the way out of her.

Then pushed himself back in. He was fucking her with wild abandonment. His thrusts getting more urgent, his hands firmly gripping her waist and pulling her back onto him. Her pussy gripping his cock, her screams of pain turned into moans of pleasure. He could feel his cock pulsate inside of her. His hips kept bucking, but his one hand went underneath her, putting his fingers on her clit and he leaned forward to pinch her nipple with the other hand.

The triple assault of pleasure sent her over the edge, she heaved as she came in a mighty rush. Her juices leaked out of her and made it easier for him to go faster. Faster. Faster. Her pussy squeezing his cock was too much for him to handle. Guttural moans filled the room as he pumped her tight little pussy full of his cum. Her still spasming pussy was milking every drop from within him. He still thrust within her, although at a slower rate, feeling their combined juices ooze out from her pussy with each push of his cock.

He took his cock out of her, it shining with their juices. He took a step, reaching over a desk to grab some scissors, cutting her hands free. Sara stood up, rubbed her wrists and kneeled down in front of him, taking him into her mouth again. He jumped a little, surprised at the sudden envelopment around him. Her tongue flicked back and forth over him, tender, it felt good. After all the juices were licked clean off of him, she stood up.

Her lips were wet and glimmering, one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen. "I think I have an extra shirt in the bottom right hand drawer of my desk," Mr. Rostand motioned to his desk as he walked over to his discarded clothes on the floor.

Picking them up and putting them on, he watched as Sara bent over to open his desk drawer and pull out one of the spare shirts he always kept handy. Sara put it on and tugged her skirt down. The vision before him was a combination of comical and sexy, the short jean skirt and oversized man's polo.

She looked up at him, "I'm volunteering to be a teacher's aide for summer school. Are you going to be teaching any classes?" He smiles, she couldn't get enough of him, "Yeah, but I'll be teaching with Ms. Gavin in her room." "Well, maybe one day I could come by and help you out." Sara paused at the door, unlocking it, then exited.

Mr. Rostand was left standing in shock, the young girl's shirt and bra standing at his feet, he picked them up, shoved them in his pockets, and turned off the lights, he could finish packing later.