Excited babe in lingerie sucks on large dildo after fucking herself

Excited babe in lingerie sucks on large dildo after fucking herself
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Gabrielle wakes up in a basement. Her hands are bound together and tied to a pole. Michael comes downstairs and walks up to her.

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He's wearing only jeans. She begs him to let her go. She explains that she'll pay him. "I don't want your money, baby. I want to fuck your tight, wet pussy," he says. With that, he grabs her face, bringing her to her feet and kisses her, biting her lip. Gabrielle pulls back and spits in his face. He wipes it off and angrily smacks her, then kisses her to muffle her cry of pain.

"Now, now. Be a good girl or else I'll have to punish you," he explains. She pleads with him to let her go and he hushes her.

"Shh. Don't worry baby. You'll like it. I bet your pussy is wet right now just thinking about what I'm going to do to you." He cups her pussy, inserting one finger inside her.

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He fingers her and she moans. "Mmm, that's right baby. Moan for me. You like that, don't you?" Before she can answer, he bends her over and smacks her ass.


She screams out and falls to her knees. He smacks her again. She rolls over to stop him from hitting her and he smacks her thigh in response. He gets down on his knees and pries her legs apart. He smacks her other thigh and covers her mouth when she tries to scream.

He presses his hard cock bulging from his pants against her pussy and whispers into her ear. "I can't wait to fuck you." He stands up and grabs her arm to get her to her feet. He pulls her arms above her head with one hand and grabs her boob with the other. He licks the nipple and starts to suck. He gently nibbles on it. She can't help but moan.

Then, he covers her mouth with his hand and quickly bites down on her nipple. She screams in pain. He smacks her face again. "Stop fucking screaming," he yells.

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He uncovers her mouth and tells her to apologize like the good girl she is. When she refuses, he smacks her inner thigh. "I'M SORRY!" she yells. "Please stop!" He smiles at her and slowly unties her from the pole, but leaves her hands bound together. He walks her upstairs and into a bedroom. She tries to break free and he grabs her from behind. He sticks a finger inside her and fingers her until she moans. Then, he throws her on the bed. "Don't try to get away from me," he says angrily.

He ties her hands to the headboard and her legs to the footboard. He smacks her inner thighs again and she begs him to stop. "Don't pretend you don't like you, you slut." He climbs onto the bed, in between her legs. He leans down and kisses her.

Then, he kisses her neck and chest. He makes his way down to her boobs and he takes one in each hand, forcefully squeezing them and flicking the nipples.

He puts one nipple in his mouth and sucks, and then flicks his tongue gently. He moves onto the other one and does the same.

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Then, he bites it. She moans. He kisses down her stomach and reaches her pussy.


He licks her inner thighs and kisses around her pussy. He puts his mouth over her clit and breathes hot air onto it. Suddenly, he smacks her thighs again and when she screams, he licks her clit.

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She thrusts her pelvis toward his face, but he doesn't continue. He makes his way back up to her mouth and kisses her. He bites her lip. He kisses, sucks, and bites on her neck. He grabs her boobs and pinches her nipples until they are hard. He gets off the bed and leaves the room.

He comes back with a clip. Once back on the bed, he puts the clip on one of her nipples, puts the other nipple in his mouth to lick, and sticks a finger inside her pussy. After about a minute, he stops again and takes the clip off. By now, she is begging him to finish her. "Please, let me cum," she says. He smiles and kisses her. "See, I knew you liked it," he said.

With that, he smacks her thigh. He brings his face down to her pussy again, kissing all the way down. He takes a big lick, from her slit to her clit. She moans and begs him to continue. This time, he does. He licks her clit until she comes. He makes his way up to her face and kisses her again while pinching her nipples.

He gets off the bed and takes off his jeans and boxers. He walks over to the side of her head and sticks his cock in her mouth. She tries to not do it, but he smacks her boob and then her face. "Suck it. Now," he demands. She says no.


He walks out of the room and returns with a knife. He puts it to her chest and whispers into her ear. "Suck it now." She takes him in her mouth and begins to suck. He shoves it deep down her throat and she chokes a little. He laughs and smacks her thigh.

"SUCK IT!" She continues to suck. He pulls out of her mouth, kisses her forcefully, and says, "Good girl." He climbs on the bed again, between her legs and rubs his dick against her clit and inside her lips. She grinds against him. He shoves his cock inside her and she gasps.

"Please get off of me!" she pleads. He holds the knife up to her neck. "Shut the fuck up!" he yells. He pulls his cock out and shoves it back in, harder this time. He pinches her nipples while he fucks her hard and fast until she comes. He leans in to kiss her and she tries to bite his lip.

He grabs her face and kisses her. Then he pulls out and unties her legs. He squeezes her ass and bites down on one of her nipples. She tries to kick away and he grabs her legs. He roughly flips her over and smacks her ass. She screams and pulls her knees to her chest. He makes her kneel while he smacks her ass again and again.

Finally, he sticks his dick into her pussy and fucks her hard. He grabs her hair and pulls hard. She pleads for him to let her go, while trying not to moan. Michael pulls out and smacks Gabrielle's ass. "Fuck, my ass!" she screams. "I know baby. I'm getting to that," Michael explains. She tries to get away and he grabs her legs back.

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He licks his hand and wets his cock. Then, he spits in her asshole and sticks a finger inside. She gasps and he takes out his finger and puts in his cock.

Gabrielle screams in pain. "PLEASE STOP!" she yells.

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He smacks her ass and sticks his dick in deeper. He fucks her hard and fast, smacking her ass every now and then. Suddenly, he stops and cuts her hands lose with the knife. She tries to hit him, but he puts the knife to her cheek.

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"Hold your ass apart. I want to fuck you deep. I want to rip your little asshole," he yells. She does as he says and he shoves his cock so deep inside her that she cries out in pain.

He thrusts into her until he comes. He pulls out of her, pulls her head up, and kisses her hard. Then she pushes her head back down, and throws a towel at her. "Clean yourself up," he says as he walks out.