Raunchy fun with delightsome dolls

Raunchy fun with delightsome dolls
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I could not help but be depressed, my mother just told me i was going to be moving to Sandiago in two weeks. My father had gotten stationed out there on base. The thing that i was more upset about is that this is my senior year and now im leaving all my friends behind. "I DONT WANT TO MOVE!" i yelled at my mother "dont raise your voice at me young man" she calmly retorted "what ever im going to my room" i was pissed off i took the stairs two at a time and slammed the door shut and locked it.

I sat on my bed and was just shaking due to the frustration i felt. my mind was buzzing i couldnt get a grip so i layed down to nap and my mind wandered to the one that i knew i would miss more then all.

Jenny we were at a party in my friend wades basement me and jenny laying on the couch together "Carter we shouldnt be doing this here" she snickered threw breaks in our lip lock,She acted like i cared. i wanted her for so long ever sience she moved here 4 years ago. She is a knock out at 5'7" and only abot 130 or so she had a nice firm tight ass and nice perky breasts.


"i dont think wade would be happy" she chuckled as i kissed her neck. she was sprawled out under me and i had one hand on the back of her head the other on the out side of her pussy rubbing threw her panties. "oh that feels so good" she moaned. I worked my lips from her neck with tiny kisses up her neck to her chin and i kissed her deeply. I paused and looked in her eyes. " i love you cater" she said when we broke the kiss.

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"i love you too jenny" i replied and i did. she rolled me off the couch onto the ground and was ontop of me in a flash.

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"woah" was all i could think of at the time. i looked into her eyes and saw pure lust and disire.she moved her hands down to my shirt and pulled it over my head with ease.She kissed my chest and then kissed her way down my chest to my stomach she fumbled with the belt buckle.

"need some help my love?" i chuckled she blushed and had a look of embarrassment on her face. She looked so cute when she blushed. when she heard the buckle un-clip and was off in a rush ripping my pants and boxers off all in one fluid motion.

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"holy shit carter that thing is fucking big!" she yelled. her eyes were wide and stairing at my cock. now its not really big but not tiny either at 7" long but it is super thick at about 6 1/2" thick.After her initial shock she grasped the base in her hand and stuck her tongue out and licked the head i shivered and moand out of pleasure.

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she had a sinister grin "i like the taste" she giggled she took the head back in her mouth and all i could muster was a groan of pleasure. she had taken about 3/4 of my cock in her mouth when she gagged and pulled back sharply.

"you alright?" i asked concerned she looked up with a smile and had tears streamimg down her face and just put my cock back in her mouth. she had worked up a pretty good pace and i was about to explode. "carter you ok?" "shit" i breathed out of breath and sweaty, i looked around and realize i fell asleep. it was my mom. "carter hunny you ok in there, are you still mad?" "no mom" i was trying to hide the dissapointment from being interupted "ok well dinner is done" "ok mom be rite down" thats when i noticed i had my cock out.

i must have been jacking it when i was dreaming. i jumped up and fixed my cloths i went down the stairs. "are you sure your ok?" "yeah mom im fine" i looked at my mom.

i realized she had been crying. 'oh shit way to fucking go asshole' was all i could think. i must have made her cry. "mom?" "yes hunny?" "im sorry for yelling earleir" i got up and gave my mom a hung and a kiss on the cheek "thanks sweety, i know its going to be tough" "mom not now i just want dinner i dont want to get upset again" "ok hunny" she under stood at that moment my phone rang "hello?" "hey hot stuff" 'shit' i thought it was jenny.

i was going to have to break the news to her and i was not looking forward to that day. "hey love" "what you doing?" "eating call you back?" "sure love you" "love you too" i hung up and my mom just looked at me. "was that jenny?" i hung my head "yeah" "when you telling her?" "i dont know mom soon though soon" "ok" and that was all that was said for the rest of dinner time.

i went to bed about four hours later. i woke up on and sat up my phone was ringing next to my head. "h-hello?" "hi mr. sleepy head" "hey jenny" "so what you doing today?" shit i thought this would be the perfect time to tell her what was going down with the move. "nothing want to hang out?" "sure" she was brimming with happyness i could tell by the sound of her voice. this day is going to suck i said i hung the phone up and let it drop on my carpet. i met jenny at the park around 2pm.

"carter!" she yelled in excitement as she ran twords me arms open.


"babe" i replied as i picked her up in a hug. we walked around for allmost 3 hours talking about life befor i got the heart to tell her. "jen" "yeah" "i got something to talk to you about" i said as i hung my head low "what is it? whats wrong?" she had a look of fear on her face.

" i got bad news" she burst out in tears. "whats wrong jenny?" i tried to calm her down. when she finally did calm down i looked at her. "what was that about?" "y-your d-dumping me?" she sobbed i felt like a complete asshole now "im not dumping you jenny i love you" "then w-what is i-it?" "my dad got re-stationed." she just stared at me. "ok?" shit she didnt understand what i was saying "jenny hunny i have to move" as soon as the words left my mouth she started wailing again.

"n-no c-carter"she was crying so much i could not help but shed some tears too. "jenny i love you" "i l-love y-you t-too" i hugged her and kissed her pasionatly on her lips.

"im going to walk you home now" by now it was 730 and dark out "n-no i dont w-want y-you to l-leave me tonight". i had a problem i wanted to be with her tonight to comfort her and just hold her all night "you know our parents.

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"call wade his are out of town for the weekend" she cut me off "oh yeah hold on" i grabbed my phone and called wade " yo wade" "whats up?" "can me and jenny spend the night i know your parents are out" "yeah i dont care" "thanks man" i hung up and told her he said yes she jumped in my arms and hugged me tightly "call your mom tell her your staying at a friends" i told her she grabbed my phone and called her she had a short conversation with her and she got the ok.

i grabbed my phone "mom" "yeah hunny" "i was wondering if i can stay at wades tonight?" "sure honney i think you should spend as much time with your friends as possible" "thanks mom" "welcome love you hunny" "love you too mom" so there we were at wades again, and in the basement on that couch again.

"do you remember the night we hooked up?" jenny asked lifting her head off my chest "yeah" i smiled and kissed her lips i rolled on top of her and started to kiss her more deeply and pationatly. she reached up and took my shirt off, she ran her hands over my cut figure and sighed as i nibbled her ear lobe "i love you carter" "i love you too jenny" i dont and probrably wont understand how women work as soon as i said 'love' she jumped into action. she rolled me under her.

this time when she attacked my belt buckle she had no troubles it sprang free with a litle more then audible "hah!" from jenny i grabbed the sides of her face and pulled her up to me and kissed her pationatly. I rolled back over on top and started to take her shirt off, she lifted her arms and it was flung across the room into the ever growing pile of cloths.

I started on her bra but i could never get a hang of those god damn clasp's "need some help romeo?" she giggled this time i blushed and she undid the bra and slowely revailed those lovely perky mounds. as soon as they came out i grabbed the left breast and licked th nipple she let out a sigh of pleasure. i licked and sucked her left niple for about 2 min then i trailed kissed to the other.

"oh shit thats good carter" jenny moaned out i was pinching and puling on her left nipple with my left hand. i stoped sucking and licking her niples and looked at her. "why you stop that felt wonderfull?" "i love you baby" befor she could reply i kissed her lips deeply and thn i kissed down her neck past her nipples and down her stomach.

i reached her jeans tha were still on i unbuttoned them and pulled them off revealling a pair of sky blue panties. "i love you carter" i looked up and smiled at her. i grabed the elastic edge of her panties with my teeth and pulled them down she raised her hips and sleid them down with mer hands. I inhailed deeply and took in her musky sweet scent. then i dove in head first. "oh fuck!" she screamed as i licked the out side of her lips. i felt her hands wind threw my hair and rest on theback of my head she puled my face against her mound.

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"yes don stop!" as if i would ever dream i just licked and sucked all around her lips. i then set out for her clit. i teased it with my tongue with sharp quick flicks of my tongue. "oh fuck oh fuck!" she was screaming now i sucked he clit into my mouth and lightly nibled it tha sent her over the edge "OH FUUUUUCK IM CUUUUMMMMIIIINNGGGG AHHHHHH!!"