Compilation of chubby teens girls sex videos

Compilation of chubby teens girls sex videos
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Since it was the summer, I was off from school and my parents were still working. They told me they would like me to make some money for myself but I was having trouble finding a job.

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Then one day while having another barbecue with the neighbours, Bill suggested to my parents that I could work for him during the day. I was never really sure what Bill did for work but my parents agreed to it since they knew him and trusted him.

I, however, knew differently. Ever since that first time at the barbecue, Bill had been doing everything he could to get another go at me but there was never any excuse good enough for us to be alone. Until now, of course. And my parents had no idea what they just signed me up for.

After it was agreed to by all parties, I could feel Bill's eyes on me, like he was trying to undress me with them. I honestly didn't know what to expect starting on Monday, "working" for Bill.

Monday came along a lot sooner than I expected. I spent most of the weekend trying to mentally prepare myself for what was going to happen at Bill's house. A part of me was hoping he actually did have work for me while the other part wanted to relive our little meeting in my bathroom. I made my way over to Bill's house at 9:30 in the morning, this was the exact time he told me to show up. I knocked on his door and he opened it right away inviting me inside. I knew right when I saw his face the only reason I was here was for sex.

His eyes scanned over me and he smiled widely when they reached my chest. I knew he could tell I wasn't wearing a bra since his house was cold and my nipples were starting to get hard. He told me to go into his living room and have a seat on the couch. I took a seat and watched him walk off into the kitchen before returning with two glasses of water.

He sent them down on the table and took a seat beside me. "I'm so glad your parents agreed to letting you work for me Lexi, although not much 'work' will be involved." He chuckled. "You know I've been craving your young body ever since that time I took you in your bathroom." He placed his hand on my knee and started moving it back and forth.

"Have you been thinking about me Lexi? I've been watching you some nights when you're all alone in your room, laying naked on your bed and playing with that pretty little pussy." I look up at him shocked. "You-you can see me?" "Yes, my spare bedroom has the perfect view into your room. Don't worry sweetie, I don't watch you often but sometimes I can't help myself.

That tight little body of yours gets me so hard." His hand started to move up higher on my leg getting close to my private area. He started rubbing and massaging my inner thigh which made me gasp. "Do you like that sweetie? Do you like feeling my hand on your thigh? Is it getting you excited?" He placed his hand directly over my pussy and started to rub it. I let out a soft moan. "That's a good girl." He said and kept rubbing. I felt myself push my pussy against his hand wanting him to rub it harder.

"Tsk, tsk such a naughty little girl you are. Why don't you stand up and take off those close so I can get a better feel on your pretty pussy." I hesitantly stood up and began removing my clothes. I took my shirt off first which exposed my naked breasts, then I unbuttoned my shorts, pulled them down and stepped out of them before finally taking off my panties.

"Give me your panties Lexi." I handed them over to him and he took them then held them up to him face so he could smell them. "Mmm, I forgot how good that little pussy of yours smelled. Now sit back down so I can finish off what I started." I sat down beside him again.


He pushed my legs apart to expose my pussy, slowly he traced his hand up my thigh before reaching my pussy and running his finger up my slit. "Oh god." I moaned out. He continued to move his finger up and down the slit of my pussy as I moaned and push my hips up trying to get him to insert his finger into me.

"What is it you want Lexi? Use your words." "I-I want you to finger me, please." "Is your pussy wet? Let's see." He inserted a finger inside of me and was met by wetness.

"Mmm, you are wet." He slowly started to move his finger in and out, in and out.

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"Oh fuck." I moaned out and push my hips into his hand. "You like that huh, sweetie? Why don't I try and insert another finger." He slid in his middle finger along with his index and continued to finger fuck me. He curled up his fingers against my G-spot every time he slid them into me. Faster and faster, I started to feel my orgasm build up.

I knew it wouldn't be long until I came all over his fingers.


I moaned and wriggled around. "Are you gonna cum for me sweetie?" "Uh huh." "Good girl, cum for me baby." His fingers moved faster and faster until I couldn't take anymore. My orgasm hit and I yelled out as my body shook. "Oh god, oh god. I'm cumming!" He kept fingering me as I moaned and came onto his fingers.

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Once my orgasm subsided he removed his fingers from my pussy and held them up to my lips. "I want you to clean off my fingers, taste your sweet pussy juice." I opened my mouth and he inserted his fingers. I sucked and licked them until they were clean. "Good girl. Now that your pussy is all wet, it's ready for my cock.

But my cock isn't quite yet ready for that pussy." He said while standing up and placing himself in front of me. "I want you to undo my pants and take out my cock, Lexi." I reached up and undid his pants and pulled out his huge cock, I had completely forgotten how big he was.

"Now, I want you to suck on it and get it nice and wet for that pussy." I placed the tip of his cock in my mouth and began to suck. "Ahh, such a good girl." He said as he put his hands at the back of my head and pushed it forward so more of his cock was in my mouth. He kept pushing and pushing until I gagged.

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Hearing me gag, he pulled back slightly then push forward until I gagged again. "Mmm that feels good when you gag on my cock, little girl." He pulled his cock out of my mouth.

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"Now that my cock is nice and wet, it's time for me to fuck that little pussy again baby." He pulled down his pants and boxers. "Lay back on the couch with your legs spread nice and wide." I did as I was told and laid back with my legs spread, my pussy was on full display for him now. He got in between my legs and started to rub his cock along the slit of my pussy. I couldn't help but moan out loud again. "Mm I know baby, you want this cock.

I'm going to give it to you over and over, okay? You're gonna be my little fuck toy from now on. Is that okay with you Lexi?" He touched his cock right against my clit and rubbed it in little circles.

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I moaned again and pushed my hips forward. "I'll take that as a yes." He slide his cock back down to my opening, I felt him slowly start to enter me. Just as the tip of his cock fully entered he pulled back out and pushed in slowly again.

I knew he was teasing me and enjoying my little whimpers. He wanted me to beg for his cock. "P-please." I whimpered out. "Please what, baby?" "Please fuck me." I moaned out now as he continued to push the head of his cock into me and take it out. "Mmm that's what I want to hear." He said as he slide his cock back into me, the full length of it now.

"Oh god." I cried out, feeling his cock stretching my pussy. I had forgotten how amazing it felt to be full of his cock. No other guy would compare to him. I felt him start going faster, pushing me up the couch. I had to hold on to keep from falling off. "Oh baby, your little pussy feels so good.

I'm gonna fill it up with cum.


You're gonna be a little cum slut too, always taking my cum in whichever hole I choose." I wasn't exactly sure what he meant by that but my mind was too clouded with the pleasure I was receiving from him pounding me. I kept moaning and thrusting my hips into him. I could feel another orgasm building up.

My moaning became louder and my thrusting was faster. I think he knew that I was close to cumming again. "Mmm baby, cum for me. Cum all over my big cock before I shoot my load into you." "Ahhh fuck!" I screamed out as my orgasm took over my body, making me shake and shiver. I was moaning so loud I thought the whole neighbourhood would be able to hear.

"Good girl, keep cumming on my cock because I'm about to fill you up!" He was holding on to my hips now thrusting and pounding into me while all I could do was lay there and take it while moaning and shaking. "Here it comes, baby!" With one last thrust into me, he held himself there as I could feel him unload his seed in me.

I was still shaking from my orgasm and the pleasure from feeling him cum inside me was too much. I was whimpering over and over as he just held my hips, draining his balls in me. "Ahh fuck." He finally pulled out his cock, it came out with a pop sound.

I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy. "I've been saving up all that cum for you, sweetie." He said as he reached forward and scoop some of his cum from my pussy before bringing his fingers up to my mouth for my to suck on.

I greedily sucked on his fingers loving the mix of our juices. "You're such a good little girl, Lexi. And I have lots to teach you still. Now get dressed, we're going to have a conversation about my actual job so you have something to tell your parents in case they ask." He put his pants back on and walked off leaving me still lying on the couch with his cum dripping out of my pussy. I stood up and got dressed and followed him to his home office.