First time foursome shy nervous wife amateur

First time foursome shy nervous wife amateur
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I had just finished making Wendy moan and scream my name in pleasure, she just told me she thinks she loves me and i told her the same. She looked down at me with the cutest smile as i stood up, my cock pointing straight out at her.

Her eyes instantly went to my cock and her mouth dropped open. "Stan, I don't think i can fit that in both my hands let alone my pussy." i grinned and run my finger up the bottom of my shaft to the head of my penis, collecting a huge amount of pre-cum on my finger tips.

"try this." i told her as i reached my finger out to her. She smelled it then touched her tongue to my middle finger. She got a big grin on her face the took my pointer and middle finger into her mouth sucking ever drop off my fingers and i think i lay of skin too. she leaned in and kissed the tip of my cock then licked her lips. She grinned bigger then licked from my balls to the head of my cock 5 to 6 times before trying to wrap her hand around my shaft, her hand made it a little bit more then half way around my shaft, so she used both her hands and interlaced her fingers then slowly moved her hands up and down my shaft with her lips around the opening of my cock.

she just sucked on the head as she moved her hands up and down the shaft of my cock. After a minute or 2 of this i reached down and grabbed her breast and started squeezing her left one, then told her to run her tongue again my cock head.

she did so as she moaned from my hand. God her tongue felt amazing.


Her hands started to move faster up and down my shaft and her tongue flicked against my cock faster and faster. A short time later i erupted in her mouth, she choked and hard to lean back and spit most of it out. "Sorry i should of warned you i was going to do that." i told her, she just looked up at my with a frown on her face. I leaned down an kissed her passionately, not caring or really noticing my sperm on her lips i kept kissing her soft lips passionately, then i picked her up and smiled as her head came to my chest.

"it really is ok, but now your naked and i am not." she looked me over then her self, i smiled as i noticed her inner thighs were wet and her tits had my sperm drizzled all over them.

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She ran her small hand slowly up my stomach and pulled the shirt up with it. I could only watch, felling my cock never go soft just becoming harder.

She slowly lifted my shirt up and over my head and throw it to the ground with her pile of clothes, then her hand fell down to my belt and slowly undid it then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans then let them fall down, my cock still pointing straight out. i stepped out of my jeans then kicked them to the pile. She reached up and pulled my boxers down, my cock bent down then sprang back up.

She just smiled and licked my cock again. I thought, here comes another blow job, but she just licked up the pre-cum then stood up and pulled my head down and kissed my passionately, i slid my tongue out and along her bottom lip then inside her mouth, my tongue slowly explored her mouth as i felt hers explore mine.

We just stood there exploring each others mouth and the feeling of each others tongue. We finally pulled away, both with a huge grin on our face. I looked in to her eyes and she looked in to mine, "I love you" we both said it at the same time.

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we could only smile as our hands seemed to find each others and our fingers laced. i slowly lead her to her bed, not realizing i was. She followed me smiling. I laid her down on her bed and then slowly laid on top of her. She looked up at my eyes as i just seemed to look back at her for what seemed like hours to both of us, then i snapped out of it and asked her if she wanted me to keep going, she nodded her head slowly and pushed my hair behind my ear then wrapped her arms around my neck.

I moved my hips up and felt my cock hit her small slit, she softly moaned then closed her eyes. I reached down and guided the tip of my head into her cunt. feeling her hymen stopping my cock from going any farther. She let out another moan. "This is going to hurt." i told her. "i know but i want you to do it." she replied.

i slowly pushed the head of my cock into her Hymen, feeling it bend, she tightened her eyes lids and let out a moan, it was different then before, it was more of a cry. I pushed myself hard against her hymen, feeling the thin piece of skin tear and give way.

She let out another cry this time i could tell it was of pain. I stopped and looked at her, a tear was running down her face. She tightened her arms around my neck and took a deep breath. i pushed a little farther in, feeling her hymen rip all the way and didn't feel its resistance anymore.

she gave out another cry but no more tears. i slid my cock inside her pussy slowly going deeper, her tight pussy squeezed my cock, it wasn't all the way in yet but it was hard to go deeper, it almost hurt. It was like someone was just squeezing my cock, It was warm and moist but still really tight.

She kept her eyes closed tight, as i got my cock as far in as it would go.

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She moaned in pain again but slowly started to open her eyes, mine were still locked on hers waiting for them to open. She smiled and told me i was splitting her in half. I smiled and started to pull out of her, to my amazement i couldn't. I was stuck deep inside her super tight pussy. She yelled stop as i tried anyway, then her legs wrapped around me and pulled my hips towards her, causing me to go slightly deeper.

"Can we stay like this for now?" she asked me. I nodded yes, and smiled. She smiled too and looked into my eyes, I flexed my cock causing it to move inside her, She moaned and then asked me to do that again, i did and she moaned even louder.

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she told me it was rubbing against her insides just right. I did it a several more times tell she moaned louder and louder, screaming my name at then end as her body started to shake and her pussy felt really hot. she screamed my name as her entire body convulsed. I just looked at her as i stopped flexing my cock. She was breathing even harder then before, her legs were tight around my waist and her arms were so tight i couldn't move.

She finally loosened her arms and legs around me, then got her breathing under control, my cock still filling her pussy up. She looked up at my eyes and blushed. "you still haven't started to do much have you Stan?" i shook my head and smiled. "Nope." i replied.

her cheeks got redder then told me, my cock was still hurting her but not as bad. I slowly started to pull my cock out of her, this time i was able to move out, i started feeling liquid leak out as my cock slid out, i pulled my cock all the way out and looked at her pussy lips and the bed under her pussy.

it was dripping her cum and blood on to her bed, it was really wet like a glass of water had be spilled under her pussy. "Want me back inside hun?" i asked then noticed i just called her hun and went red instantly. She grinned and looked amazing.

"I never wanted you out Stan." she paused and smiled bigger.


"And please only call me that from now on." I smiled and leaned in kissing her ear then whispered "anything you want hun" and then slowly slid my cock inside her and watched her arch her back towards me and let out a loud long moan.

i slid my cock all the way in her pussy and she just moaned louder. I slid in and out of her small tight pussy for awhile, not going all the way out, just all the way to the head of my penis.

She moaned every second of it.


After awhile of making gentle love to her I felt like i was about to erupt like before when her lips where around the head of my cock, i warned her this time but i didn't think she could think straight as my cock slid in and out of her slowly and gently. i tried to pull my cock out just seconds before i came but her legs tightened around me and pulled me all the way back in, my cock fill her pussy as i shot my sperm deep inside her tight, small pussy. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as i tried to stop my cum from filling very inch of her pussy.

She just yelled "I AM CUMMING!" and finally just let my cock fill her full of my cum.

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we both stopped about the same time. Then i looked at her eyes as they were opening. "I love you Stan." was all she said then she closed her eyes and tried to control her breathing as i did too.

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my cock slowly softened inside her after a few minutes then i pulled out of her slowly and collapsed next to her. she rolled on to her side and rested her head on my chest, then looked up at me still breathing alittle heavy. "I really do." then she looked away and closed her eyes as i replied "good cause i love you." then i fell asleep with my arms around her.