Jade Baker and Kenzie Reeves quickly move to taste and eats each others pussies

Jade Baker and Kenzie Reeves quickly move to taste and eats each others pussies
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when harvey came round to my house jason was already there we was all laughting and joking harvey walk over to me and gave me a kiss jason passed a comment saying "queers" harvey broke are kiss and said "hey watch your mouth you jack ass" i laughted and said "harvey he was joking" harvey looked shocked jason laughted and said "im gay too" harvey said "ooo" jason laughted again and said "dont sweat it" so we sat down and had are meal it was so much fun and jason went to the hotel he was stay at and me and harvey went to bed the next morning i woke up and harvey was asleep on the floor but when we went to bed last night he was in my bed i got out of bed and woke harvey up i asked him "why are you on the floor" harvey said to me "because you kicked me out of bed babe" i laughted we went down stairs and had breakfast harvey went home and got changed so i decided to go have a swim when harvey came back to my house he had a lot of magazines in his hands i asked "what are they" harvey answered me with "wedding mags" i jumped out of the pool so fast my shorts came down a little harvey eyes dropped to my short line and said "ummm" i said "lets look at the mags" pulling up my shorts as i said it so harvey gave me my towel and i dried off and we sat down flipping though the magazines harvey found some gorgous suits and i said "are we color matching or are we wearing different suits " harvey said "what do you think babe?" i said "i think we should match but have a little difference" me and harvey got so excited i grabbed my car keys and we went shopping for wedding suits we went to gucci, prada but we both broughted suits from chanel the next day me and harvey made a list of things we need to do for are wedding we got are parent to help aswell my mom started looking at wedding receptions that will do same sex marrages she gave us both the information and we decided on wich one we wanted i got so excited i was jumping harvey made the call as i was holding his hand harvey said to me "the next date they have is the 20th of next mouth" i started freaking out saying "we cant get everything ready in a month babe we got flowers, catering, wedding invites, travel and so much more to do" harvey hugged me tight and said "babe we can do it if you want to" i stopped stressing and said "if you think we can do it we should do it" harvey put the phone back to his ear and said "we will take it" harvey had to give some of his information to secure the booking the day soon draw to a close and harvey stayed at my house we both stripped down to are boxers and got into bed i kissed harvey good night and turned around to go to sleep but harvey has other ideas harvey started kissing my neck and putting his hand down my boxer shorts i gave into harvey and turned round and started kissing his lips harvey pulled down my boxer short and i did the same to him harvey shoved him dick into me and it hurt because the last few times i have been giving it to harvey but it felt so good having harvey dick in me harvey was giving it to me really hard and i was trying not to scream load but i ended up screaming really load and my mom shouted from a few rooms down "keep it down!!!" harvey stopped thrusting me and we both started laughting and called it a night and went to sleep the next morning when we went down to breakfast my parent had asked the cook to make two big breakfasts 1 veggi and one meat one my mom came in and said "i though my may need these after last night" me and harvey laughted and my mom smiled and said "listen guys i know you guys have sex but please keep it down" me and harvey both said at the same time "okay mom" me and harvey had finished eatting and carried on with wedding details harvey looked at cars as i looked at flowers (that the bastards got wrong!!!!) me and harvey had to drive to the reception to have a look at it being a rich family we sorta brought are way in to are appointment the next day (not something we proud of but lets be honest wont you have done it to) to be continued me and harvey are major stressed lol im so sorry i havent found the time to write are story but i hope to find more time when i have all the details finished omg im so excited and people in england we are having are honeymoon in london england so why dont you hit us up it will be so cool we are staying at the montcalm hotel it going to me awesome i cant wait to be married and live a married life moving home having kids being grandads and all that stuff also remember you need my help comment or send me aprivate message and i will try my best to help you out and believe me i wont judge you and as you also know you dont have to make my advice anyway you guys i have to go get ready for my wedding party i love you all and please keep reading even though im probaby boring you all to death also tell me whats going on in your life im intrested in knowing the people who read mine and harvey story.

okay bye people love you all xxx

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