Early morning husband and wife

Early morning husband and wife
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Mommy Mind Control A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Two: Mommy's Naughty Threesome By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Deidre Icke, president of the Institute of Apotheosis Research, shuddered as she looked at the latest printout. She gripped the dot matrix paper, staring at the blocky letters, her hands shaking as she read: STATUS: Drones have installed four pinhole cameras at SUBJECT 2 residence at 2003 CST.

CAMERA 1: ACTIVE, Living Room CAMERA 2: ACTIVE, Dining Room CAMERA 3: ACTIVE, Bedroom 1 CAMERA 4: ACTIVE, Bedroom 2 CAMERA 5: ACTIVE, Bedroom 3 Drones on standby for further actions. "Put on the camera feed, Mom," her naked daughter, Alexis, said. "Let's see what the new goddess has decried." Alex, Alexis's twin brother, nodded his head.

He was the only one clothed in Deidre's office. The last goddess had revealed that mother/daughter incest was to be practiced, and Deidre enjoyed practicing it with her eighteen-year-old daughter.

She brought up the camera feeds on her computer. The pinhole cameras were installed by the drones in the ceiling. They were expensive cameras, pioneered by the company. And one of the many patents that helped finance their true research into the god-making halos. CAMERA 1 came on. A young man groaned, in the throes of ecstasy in the arms of the goddess, Margaret Justice. A hot flush shot through Deidre's body as she realized what she was watching.

Alex groaned. He, too, understood. The front door opened. Another young man entered the living room, hair dark, his body handsome. "Ryan, strip naked. Mommy needs to love you, too," commanded the Goddess. "Yes," Alex groaned and peeled off his shirt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "What?" my eldest son Ryan said even as his hands went to the hem of his shirt, ripping it up to expose his muscular body. At twenty, he had grown into a real hunk, thick brown hair, chiseled chin, rippling abs, defined pecs.

My pussy clenched on the softening cock of my youngest son, his incestuous seed filling my pussy. My thoughts tingled, Ryan obeying my commands all because of this simple, gold circle I put on.

A halo. It gave me powers. Mind control powers. And now my sons would finally listen to their mother. I had great advice for the both of them. I would make sure they had great lives full of joy and happiness just the way every mother should. Davie, my youngest son, trembled in my embrace. He was eighteen and the opposite of his older brother in every way. Slim and shy instead of buff and outgoing. He was a nerd while Ryan was a jock. My eldest exuded confidence, which attracted all the skanky girls to him, like that miniskirt wearing hussy he was currently dating.

Melissa. I hated the girl. She would ruin my son's life. I half-expected to learn I would be a grandmother because of that cunning minx. If Ryan listened to me, he would be dating the sweet Annie who lived next door.

She was the perfect girl for my son. I smiled as Ryan attacked his belt, admiring the dark chest hair on his torso. Oh, Ryan would be happy with Annie now. "What the fuck is going on, Mom?" Ryan demanded. "You and Davie. Did you to just.?" "Yeah, we had sex," Davie said, not embarrassed thanks to my advice.

I had just taught him how to make love to a woman, to help build his confidence so he could start a relationship with the girl he had a crush on.

He was too shy, too afraid, to approach her. But Mommy would take care of all of that. "Jesus," Ryan said, pushing down his jeans, exposing thick, firm legs. Unlike Davie, Ryan wore dark-blue boxers, his cock bulging the front.

He appeared as big as his brother and their dead father, my sweet Mitchel. I missed him so much. But his sons were so handsome, just like he was. Then Ryan blinked. "Why the fuck am I getting naked?" His eyes widened as he kicked off his jeans, his shoes coming off in the process. "Why can't I stop taking off my clothes?" "Mom has mind control powers now," Davie said. I beamed, squirming beneath him on our couch where I started our firstlesson in making out with a girl.

Davie was such a good student. He made me cum so hard when he ate out my pussy and then again when came in me. My son's cum was in me. "What?" Ryan asked, his cheeks actually red as he pushed down his boxers. His cock popped out, already half-hard, thrusting from a thick, dark bush of brown hair.

I licked my lips at the sight of his cock. He was so hung. "Mmm, Mommy is going to enjoy that cock." "This is fucked up," Ryan muttered, bending down to peel off his socks. The moment he was naked, he used his hands to hide his growing hardon from me. "Now don't hide your cock from Mommy," I purred. "And you have nothing to be embarrassed about, Ryan.

You have a gorgeous body and a yummy dick. Be proud. Show Mommy how you've grown into such a hunk." My thoughts prickled. Ryan's nervousness vanished, a cocky grin appearing. He pulled his hands away from his dick. It sprang out hard before him, swelling even bigger as he struck a pose.

"So, you think I'm a hunk, Mom?" "And you think I'm a MILF, don't you?" I asked. "Yeah," he had to answer. "Do you fap to me?" I snuggled Davie tighter to me, loving holding my baby boy against my naked breasts. "Davie does." "I have," Ryan said. "A bunch." "And now you get to enjoy Mommy for real.


Isn't that hot?" "It's fucked up," Ryan said. "And, yes, it's hot." He shook his head. "Jesus, Davie, she really has mind control powers. I can feel you in my mind, Mom. You're.twisting my thoughts." "Good," I nodded, patting the couch beside me. "Come sit down. Mommy wants to ride that gorgeous cock. I think you're a little bigger than Davie." I giggled. "Mmm, two hung studs. Your dad would be proud." "Would he?" Davie asked, squirming in my embrace.

I let him go, sensing he was restless. He rolled off of me onto my other side. Ryan's eyes fell on my big, pillowy breasts rising and falling, my pink nipples thrusting hard and fat from their pinnacles.

He moved to me, his dick reaching its full girth, a slab of hard meat just aching for my pussy.

He sat down beside me, a little tense. I knew he was no virgin. Not with the girls he dated. But he was nervous like one. He never thought he would have sex with his mother. A huge grin crossed my lips as I ran a hand across his muscular chest and down to his hard cock. He groaned as I grasped his shaft, pumping up and down him.

Precum beaded out the tip. My pussy was so hot, so wet with Davie's cum, and so eager to feel another taboo dick in me. This was so wrong, so forbidden. A mother shouldn't fuck her sons. But I could do whatever I wanted. The halo had changed me. Made me special. Finally, everyone would follow my advice. I would make them all so happy. "Mom," Ryan groaned as I moved, straddling his waist. I still gripped his cock with one hand while my breasts swayed and bounced before his face.

I put my other hand on his shoulder. "Jesus, this is fucked up." "It's beautiful," I said, "for mothers and their sons to make love. To be close. You came from my body, Ryan. You were a part of me once." I grinned. "And now you're going to be again." "Fuck," he gasped as I rubbed the tip of his dick against my wet pussy.

His dark eyes were so wide. "We're really going to do it." "Fuck?" I asked, feeling so naughty as I said it. "Yeah," he groaned. "I didn't think I was getting my nuts off tonight." I blinked.

His date with Melissa was over way too early. He hadn't even been gone two hours and he was already home. What had gone wrong? Did that little skank hurt my son? I sank down his cock, making us both groan and shudder. I savored him filling my pussy. He was thick and long, just like his father.

It was wonderful. My pillowy breasts dragged down his chest as I took more and more of his girth. And then he was in me all the way. His dick twitched in my pussy, my cunt clenching about his shaft. He groaned, his face twisting in ecstasy as he experienced the joy of his mother's pussy. Davie watched us, his hand playing with his cock wet with my pussy juices.

He was growing hard again, bursting with all that youthful energy just like his father had at that age. "What happened with your date with Melissa?" I asked.

Normally, Ryan would have deflected. But he couldn't. Not with my thoughts tingling. "She got a text from her parents and had to come home. Some family emergency. She left just as the movie was about to start. And it was a chick flick. I was so scoring with her." "But now you get to score with your Mommy," I purred, sliding up his cock so slow, taking my time, savoring the friction.

"Isn't that hot?" "Yeah," he groaned, his body shuddering, his hands clenching at his side. "Jesus, you have a tight pussy, Mom." "Surprised? I did Kegels to stay tight for your father," I grinned. "Mmm, now you get to enjoy Mommy's pussy again. Back where you belong." "Yes," he groaned. "But why aren't you touching me? Is my body so old and disgusting?" "No!" Davie and Ryan both said together.

"You're hot, Mom," Davie panted, stroking his cock a little faster. He looked almost fully hard.

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"You are gorgeous, Mom," Ryan groaned. "I was just.scared to touch you." "Mmm, touch your Mommy's gorgeous body," I moaned, leaning back as I slid down his cock. His hands went straight to my pillowy boobs. I gripped his shoulders as I rode his dick, savoring his hands squeezing and kneading my tits. He brushed my nipples, sending tingles down to my hot pussy.

I groaned, a shudder wracking my body. I moaned out my pleasure as he pinched and rolled my nipples. He definitely knew what he was doing. His reservations melted away. He attacked my tits, spurring me to ride his cock faster and faster. I savored that huge dick in me, filling every inch of my hot depths. "Oh, yes, play with Mommy's tits," I moaned as I slammed down his cock, the friction burning, the rapturous heat spreading through my body.

"They're huge," he groaned. "None of my girlfriends ever had big tits like these." "You like big tits, huh?" I asked. "I like all tits." He leaned his head down. I gasped as he engulfed my nipple, sucking on it. My pussy clenched on his dick as I bucked on him. "What about Annie's tits?" That snapped his lips up from my nipple.

I almost regretted bringing it up as I rode his dick. I slid my hot, wet cunt up and down his cock as he stared into my eyes. His forehead furrowed.

"Why would you.? Oh, no." "Oh, yes," I groaned. "Melissa is bad for you." My thoughts prickled hard. "She's a skank that doesn't love you. Annie loves you, and you love her. You two will be so happy together. You'll spend your lives together. Mommy will make sure of it." "Fuck, Mom," he groaned, squeezing my tits so hard.

"Jesus, you really just made me fall in love with Annie?" "You think she's hotter than even me," I said, the prickling intense, fuzzing across my mind before the pleasure stirred by his cock flooded through me again, soothing it away. "Yes," Ryan groaned.

"And you're hot, Mom! Damn, Annie is sexy! A fox!" He engulfed my nipple again, sucking so hard. I knew he and Annie would be so happy together. They would have the love that Mitchel and I had possessed.

I shuddered, my pussy squeezing down so hard on my son's cock as I slammed down his girth, my nipple throbbing in his mouth. The pleasure swelled through me, building as I rode my son, cradling him to my breast. It was so hot. I just wished I was lactating again so I could nurse him properly. I ran my fingers through his thick hair, bouncing harder, faster. Davie groaned, stroking his dick so fast.

I licked my lips, staring at my baby boy's thick cock gleaming with pussy juices. Lubed by my excitement. My asshole clenched. It had been so long since I had a cock in my asshole. I gave it to Mitchel whenever he wanted. But not to the few guys I had dated since his death. "Davie," I moaned, "fuck Mommy's ass. I need both my boys in me." Ryan popped his mouth off my nipple.

"Holy crap!" Davie's eyes were so wide as he leaped off the couch and moved behind me. "Thanks, Mom! I'm so hard! It's so hot watching you and Ryan." "Holy crap," Ryan groaned again. "Anal?" "Your father and I experimented," I groaned. "Just like you and Annie will." I gasped as Davie grabbed my butt-cheeks.

He wasn't as tall as his brother, the perfect height to fuck my ass as I bounced up and down Ryan's cock. I shuddered, sliding up his older brother's dick as Davie's cock pressed against my asshole.

And popped into my tight bowels. My youngest son groaned as he slammed into my bowels, my pussy juices lubing the way. My bowels stretched around his cock. My eyes widened. I had two dicks in me. Both my sons were in my body, filling me up as I impaled myself down Ryan's cock. "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned. "Fuck your mother! Oh, yes! Just pound me! This is so hot!" "Fuck," Ryan groaned, his body arching, his hands tightening on my big breasts.

"Jesus, your pussy got so tight, Mom." "You should feel her ass, Ryan," Davie groaned, his hands clutching onto my hips as he worked his cock in and out of my velvety bowels with such a frantic, hard thrust, savoring hot tight I was. Ryan groaned, the couch creaking as he thrust upward, bouncing me on his dick. My hips moved, struggling to find the right rhythm with my two horny boys.

Rapture burned through me. Both my holes blazed with blissful friction. The delight swirled through my nethers, churning around each other as my sons fucked me. They fucked me hard.


I loved it. I loved being fucked by my two sons. To have both their dicks reaming me. My pussy and asshole clenched on their shafts as the friction burned hotter and hotter, driving me closer and closer to my orgasm. Davie buried into my asshole as Ryan thrust up into my cunt. Sparks flared. And fell on my swelling orgasm. Pleasure detonated through my body. A howl of rapture crashed into my mind.

My pussy and asshole convulsed about my son's thrusting cocks. Stars danced before my eyes as I heaved between them. "Yes, yes, yes! That's it!

That's how you fuck your mother!" I moaned. "Such good sons! Oh, yes! Love your mother!" "Shit," Ryan groaned, his face contorting as he squeezed my tits. "Mom, yes," groaned Davie. "Your ass grew even tighter. This is so hot, Mom!" "So hot!" I gasped. Pleasure kept spilling through my body. Their dicks hammered me. Davie's balls smacked into my taint as he plowed over and over into my asshole. I loved it. My holes spasmed about their shafts, milking them.

They kept fucking me. And I kept cumming. Rapture flooded through my body over and over. One orgasm spilled into the next. I gasped, moaning, trembling and heaving. Their dicks plunged over and over into my holes, keeping the pleasure flowing through me. "Mommy!" Davie groaned, his hands squeezing my hips so hard. "Cum in me," I moaned. "Let it explode! Mommy wants her sons to flood her!" "Yes, yes, yes!" Ryan groaned, his face twisting, his fingers digging into my tits.

"Shit, Mom!" "Cum!" I howled, my thoughts prickling. Davie slammed his cock hard into my bowels, driving me down his older brother's shaft. I had them both in me, my holes writhing, milking their shafts.

Davie grunted as he flooded my asshole. His jizz spurted into my depths as he trembled behind me. Ryan grunted, bucking as his incestuous seed flooded my pussy. It spurted into me, mixing with Davies. I gasped, my orgasm intensifying. Both my sons' cum was in my naughty cunt.

I was such a wicked mother. "I love you both!" I howled. "Oh, yes, I love it! You're both my good boys!" "Yes, Mom," Davie groaned, his cock firing its last blast of cum. "Uh-huh," Ryan panted, his eyes blinking as he grunted a final time, his dick spurting incestuous cream into me. "Damn, that was hot." "Uh-huh," I groaned, my orgasm dying. I shivered, smiling. "Mmm, I love you both so much." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Mom," groaned Alex, his hands squeezing Deidre Icke's tits hard as she rode him.

He sat in her chair. It creaked and leaned back dangerously as she fucked her son hard, savoring the revelation of her goddess. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck him, Mom," Alexis moaned, fingering her eighteen-year-old pussy as she sat on the desk.

"Oh, that's so hot. I wish I could fuck Alex." "Yes," moaned Deidre as she slammed down her son's cock. Her pussy spasmed, her orgasm burning so hot through her. "This is amazing." "So amazing," gasped Alex. His face twisted. His cum flooded his mother's pussy.

The president of the Institute of Apotheosis Research howled in rapturous delight. The second goddess was just as amazing as the first. Her guru's plan, the great Dr. Blavatsky, was being followed. She only wished he had lived to see it. "I can't wait to see what she'll teach us next," Alexis moaned, staring at the screen. She smiled. "She's taking them to her bedroom." Deidre shuddered, feeling her pussy flooded by her son's cum.

"I wish I had a second son. Both their cocks at once. What an amazing revelation." Alexis nodded her head, her eyes bright. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I let my boys sleep in when I work up the next morning. They were exhausted. I had enjoyed them both thoroughly before the three of us fell into a sleep. It was so sexy sleeping between my two sons, feeling their cum dripping out of me.

But I had things to attend to. Today would be a busy day. My sons needed to have their lives put on track. I would take care of everything. Mind control powers were amazing. It was like I was a goddess, Hera reborn, giving out orders and being obeyed.

I wonder why this weird institute chose me? How? Why? Well, it really didn't matter to me why. I had work to do. First, the house had to be cleaned. It didn't matter if it was Saturday.

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I set about doing my morning cleaning until I grew hungry. Then I fixed breakfast and called down my sons. They both had tousled hair and looked sleepy, but their grins were huge. They were naked, no clothes allowed in the house.

I wanted to see my two studs in all their glory. And they weren't embarrassed. It was so easy to improve my sons. "Thanks, Mom," Ryan said as I set his plate, covered in bacon and a southwestern omelet, before him. He then gave me a hot kiss on the lips and groped my big breasts. Such a good boy. Davie gave me an equally hungry kiss as I set his plate before him.

Then I grabbed my morning smoothie—I had to watch my calories at my age—and joined them. They dug in, both so ravenous. I grinned at them, sipping my shake. "Now, Ryan, you are going to take college more seriously, aren't you?" "Yes, Mom," he said, shaking his head.

"You're going to take all the fun out of life." "Oh, I thought fucking your mother was fun," I said, arching an eyebrow.


He grinned. "Oh, that is." "And fucking Annie will be, too." I swiveled in my seat. He nodded his head, glancing next door where Annie lived. She was nineteen, and such a sweetie. She had followed Ryan around since they were kids, hopelessly in love. He just couldn't see the perfect woman for him when she was right under her nose.

Luckily, Mother knew best. "Why don't you call her over," I said. "Once breakfast is done. Ask her to be your girlfriend." "Sure," he nodded. Not that he had a choice. I stood up and grabbed my phone where it was charging in my kitchen, I really should get a new one.

And why not? I could just ask for one. I was sure T-Mobile would be glad to give me an upgrade. I scrolled through my contacts and found Annie. It rang twice when she picked up and asked in her sweet voice, "Hello, Mrs. Justice." Such a polite girl. "Hi, Annie," I said, moving away.

"You love my son, Ryan." "I do," she answered, though there was a catch in her voice. "But he just ignores me. I don't have any." "Tits?" I finished. "Don't be embarrassed, dear, say all those naughty words to me." "Yes, tits," she said. "He's going to call you and ask you over. I think you'll love what he has to say." I shuddered, thoughts prickling as I continued, "Because you love my son and will always love him and will be such a wonderful partner for him, won't you?" "I will be, Mrs.

Justice," she said, a breathy excitement in her voice. "You mean it? He's really going to call me over and." Her words trailed off. "He's calling right now." "Good." I hung up, one son taken care of. I had just started washing my smoothie cup out when the doorbell rang.

She must have ran right over. I bustled to the door and opened it. Annie gasped, staring at my naked tits. "Mrs.Justice.?" the sweet thing said. She was blonde, her pale cheeks turning pink. She had a fresh face and petite build. Her flowery dress made her look so cute. "Y-you're." "Right, naked," I said, forgetting to give her that command when I just spoke to her.

"It's a new thing in our house. Everyone goes naked. And there's nothing wrong or to be embarrassed about. In fact, just strip naked when you enter. That will make Ryan happy. And you want to make him happy." "I do," she said, that dreamy look in her face as my commands settled in. Playing matchmaker was so much fun. She stepped in and began stripping as Ryan walked into the kitchen.

I could tell as he looked at her he was finally seeing her as a woman. As the woman he loved. She wasn't just a skank he could fuck. I stepped back as Annie's flowery dress came off, revealing demure, white panties and a matching bra. She took off her bra, trembling as her small breasts came into view, little mounds of cute flesh topped by soft-pink nipples. "Annie," Ryan groaned, moving forward, and I knew they would be happy. "You might want to use a condom," I said to him.

"But it's your choice if you want to start a family now or wait until your done with college." "Yeah," he said. I walked back to the dining room where Davie sat. He looked at me with his smart eyes. "So.you're going to set me up with Kimmie now?" Kimmie Dawson was the eighteen-year-old daughter of my good friend Cathy.

She was also the girl Davie had a crush on. Unlike any girl Ryan had dated, I approved of Davie and Kimmie. She was a sweet thing, too. Just like Annie. "I am," I said.

"Aren't I a great mom? So get dressed and we'll go over to their house." "Okay, Mom," he said. Annie's squeals of delight came from the foyer. A rewarding tingle went through me. It was so wonderful to improve the lives of my sons. As I headed to go upstairs and get dressed, I smiled at the sight of Ryan carrying the naked Annie in his arms before me. It was such a romantic sight.

I teared up, picturing their wedding. Annie would be such a radiant bride, and my son would be such a handsome groom. I wiped at my eyes, heading up the stairs.

Ryan's door slammed shut. I smiled and walked into my room. I dressed simply, a loose sundress that I could take off in a hurry. I didn't bother with bra or panties beneath. Davie, despite having to pull on more clothing, was already dressed and waiting on me. He was excited. He loved Kimmie. "Eager to get into her panties?" "Yeah, Mom," he said. "She's just so cute." "She's the most beautiful woman in the world," I told him, "even more beautiful than me.

And you love her and want to make her happy." "I do, Mom," he said as the tingle faded from my thoughts. "Good," I nodded. "Now I know Kimmie is on birth control, so you don't need to worry about the condom." "How do you know that?" he asked as we walked to the stairs. "Her mother told me." I put my arm around his shoulder. "Women talk about all sorts of things." It wasn't a long drive to Cathy's house.

My friend didn't live too far away. A nervous excitement twinged through me as I climbed out of my car. Davie was already hurrying for the door, eager to enjoy his girlfriend. And I was eager to watch and make sure he remembered all his lessons. I frowned when I reached the door. I heard shouting from inside. A man and a woman. It wasn't Cathy's husband, they were divorced. It had to be her and her twenty-year-old son.

Last night, she had mentioned him doing something stupid. Again. Well, I would take care of everything. So I rang the doorbell. Kimmie answered the door. She was a slender thing wearing a pink tank top and tight flannel boy shorts.

Her breasts were small and outlined by her top. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra beneath, but was wearing the clothing she had slept in. She had fiery hair gathered into a pair of pigtails, her green eyes giving us a questioning look. And then she winced as her brother shouted something at their mother. "Hi, Mrs. Justice," she said. "Um, this isn't a good time." "Oh, just leave it to me," I told her. "Take Davie up to your room and wait for me there." "Okay," she said and then sighed.

"Come on, Davie." Davie just blushed and followed after. I headed to the kitchen where my busty friend was fighting with her son. She had a boob job to try and please her husband. Only he still left her for another woman. One younger and with bigger fake tits. Cathy wore a loose bathrobe, her breasts almost spilling out of it as she screeched at her hunky son, Bill.

He had dark hair, taking after his father with rugged handsomeness. "Okay, that's enough fighting," I said, more than a little impatient to get on with the real fun. "Instead of arguing, you two should be fucking." Cathy whirled around, eyes widening.

"Margaret? What are you doing here?" "Fixing your family." I said. "I meant what I said. Strip naked and start fucking.

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It's so much better than arguing. Bill, bend your mother right over the dining room table and just fuck her hard. You love her. She loves you. It's time to show it. Mothers and their sons should always be lovers." Cathy blinked even as she stripped off her bathrobe, revealing her large, fake tits and a wispy pair of panties.

She had a curvy body, in great shape. Bill groaned as he ripped off his t-shirt. "Damn, Mom, those tits." "Enjoy," I told my friend as her son seized her, pushing her towards the dining room table. Before I left the room, I heard a wanton moan and knew my friend was experiencing the same joy I had discovered last night.

But my real work was upstairs. "Would you like to go out to see a movie or get dinner or something," my son was asking when I walked into Kimmie's room. She sat on her bed, her knees clamped tight together, her eyes downcast. My son stood before her, nervous as he asked out his first girl.

And I could see it in Kimmie's posture as she said, "Well," that she didn't want to date my son. That she didn't think he was sexy or a hunk or that he loved her.

"It's just." "Of course you would," I snapped, fighting off anger. Davie was a wonderful boy. She was lucky to be his girlfriend. "Stop being shy and tell my son that you love him, Kimmie. Because you love him with all your heart and just want to make him happy." My thoughts almost burned with prickles.

Kimmie's head snapped up. Her green eyes were so wide, a dewy warmth growing in them. "Yes, that sounds nice. I would like that. A lot." "Because my son is the cutest boy," I added. Kimmie squirmed, her thighs pressing tight, her cheeks growing flushed.

"You are cute, Davies. I never really noticed it before." "He's such a wallflower," I told the girl. "But I educated him last night. I taught him how to please a girl. Go on, show her." "You.taught him?" Kimmie asked, her mind working. "Wait, you don't mean.?" "Yeah, Mom and I had sex," Davies said, no hint of embarrassment in his voice. "Incest is perfectly fine," I said with a wave, my thoughts prickling.

"In fact, your mother and brother are discovering that fact right now." A low, "Fuck me!" came from below. "Fuck me, yes!" Davies was already sinking onto the bed. He put an arm around Kimmie's shoulder, his other hand turning her face to his. Then he leaned in and kissed her on the lips, angling his head so their noses didn't bump.

His kiss wasn't hard or forceful. Their teeth didn't clack together. He kissed her with the skill I taught him. It was so wonderful to watch.

Such motherly pride surged through me as my son made out with his new girlfriend. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, my nipples tenting the front of my blouse as my heart pounded. Blood rushed through my ears as I watched their kiss deepen. Davies hand, starting on her stomach, moved up her tank top. He caressed the pink cloth until he was cupping her small breast through her clothing.

He gave her tit a small squeeze, his thumb rubbing over her nipple poking at the fabric. She moaned, her arms tightening about his neck, their kiss growing hotter. "That's it," I whispered, my hands fondling my own tits through my dress. Davies, still kissing her, laid Kimmie down on her bed, their bodies shifting. Her lithe legs rubbed together as he kept fondling her breast through her tank top. Then his hand moved. More pride surged through me as he went under her tank top, squeezing her budding tit.

That made her buck. His hand moved beneath her top, fondling her, playing with her nipple. Her thighs parted. I grinned. She wore nothing beneath her boy shorts.

The pink flannel of her boy shorts grew dark over her pussy, her juices bleeding through as her excitement mounted. I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled off my dress, baring my naked body, and moved to the bed. I stretched out beside them. Kimmie froze at the sight of my naked breasts.

Davies broke the kiss, frowning when he realized that she had stopped kissing him back. "Relax, Kimmie," I purred. "Nudity is fine. And I just wanted a better view." "Oh, okay, Mrs. Justice," she said, relaxing. "Oh, you don't need to be so formal," I told her. "After all, you and my son are going to be together for the rest of your lives.

You might as well start calling me Mom." Kimmie blinked at that then gasped, her head snapping to Davies. "Oh, that's naughty." I grinned. My son had shoved his hand down her boy shorts and rubbing at her pussy directly. He had such a huge smile on his lips as he fondled her snatch. I groaned, my own cunt growing so hot, begging for attention.

I pressed a hand between my thighs, rubbing at my pussy while Davies kissed his girlfriend. His hand moved beneath her boy shorts. My son was such as stud. She was whimpering and squirming, her arms locked about his neck again, clinging to him as he gave her such pleasure. "Oh, yes, you are a stud, Davies," I purred, caressing my dripping pussy.

Then I shoved two fingers into my depths. "What does she taste like?" Davis pulled his hand out of Kimmie's shorts, coated in her juices. He broke their kiss and brought them to his lips.

He licked them and shuddered. "She tastes so fresh and sweet." Kimmie face went scarlet. "Mmm, give Mommy a taste," I groaned. "Mom!" Kimmie gasped in shock even as Davies obeyed, shoving his fingers back into her boy shorts and rubbed on her pussy. They came out wet, darting for my lips. I sucked on them.

My eyes widened as I tasted another girl's pussy. Barely legal snatch was delicious. It was so sweet, different from my tart delight. I shuddered, fingering myself faster and faster, my pussy clenching down on my digits. "Oh, wow, Davies groaned.

"That's hot, Mom." Kimmie only nodded her head, green eyes wide. Then she realized that her boyfriend was sliding down her body while pulling off her boy shorts. My son was hungry for pussy. He was just like his father—a lover of his woman's snatch. Kimmie didn't fight him as he lifted up her legs, pulled off her boy shorts, and tossed them to the side, revealing the girl's pussy covered in a sparse mat of fiery hair.

Davies groaned and buried his face into his girlfriend's snatch. My son licked at her, tonguing her, putting all my lessons to use. His fingers stroked her pussy, making Kimmie squirm and moan and gasp. Her body shuddered, her small tits jiggling beneath her tank top.

"Get all the way naked, sweetie," I told her, licking my lips, eager to see her young boobies. "Yes, Mom," she moaned as she peeled off her tank top. Her breasts were even smaller than Annie's, barely more than bumps on her chest like plump mosquito bites. But they were so cute and sexy, her nipples so hard. I leaned over and sucked on one. She gasped in surprise as I tongued her little nipple, enjoying my future daughter-in-law's nub. I groaned, my orgasm swelling as I rammed my fingers in and out of my pussy.

Davies panted, staring at me from between her thighs as he devoured her pussy. "Wow, Mom," he groaned. "That is so hot." "Is it?" Kimmie asked. "Does it.make you happy to see other girls suck on my tits?" "So hot," panted Davies before he buried his face back between her snatch. I had a feeling my son and his girlfriend would be having plenty of threesomes. Lucky boy. I should find other girls to join them. That thought made me suck harder on Kimmie's nipple.

Her body trembled and spasmed. Davies devoured her pussy so hard, licking through her folds. I sucked on her nipple, worshiping her while sliding my fingers through my pussy. Heat rippled through me, my orgasm swelling and swelling.

It was so hot, so exciting, to join my son and his girlfriend in bed. To help him make love to her. This was so wonderful.

And I would do the same with Ryan and Annie. I would be the best mother ever! "Oh, yes," Kimmie gasped. "Oh, wow, Davies. Oh, that's so amazing. I never.

Oh, wow. You're going to make me cum!" I released her nipple and kissed up her chest as she squirmed. I reached her neck, nibbling on it before licking to her ear. She trembled, humping her pussy against my son's lips as I whispered, "So your last boyfriend didn't go down on you?" "He just had me suck him off," moaned Kimmie. "And got mad when I wouldn't put out.

He never even offered to lick my pussy." "But Davies is a man. And a man pleasures his woman," I groaned. "He is pleasuring me, Mom," she moaned, her head turning.

And then we kissed. Davies groaned so loudly as he pleasured her. Kimmie groaned into the kiss. Her body heaved. I knew she was cumming. Her sweet musk filled the air as she flooded my son's mouth with juices. Our tongues danced, swirling. It was so hot kissing my son's girlfriend while she came. My pussy clenched down on my fingers. I shuddered, my orgasm building and building faster and faster. Kimmie bucked again, moaning so loudly into our kiss.

"Wow, Kimmie, you squirted," Davies groaned, such pride in his youthful voice. "And you're kissing Mom. Damn." I broke the kiss. "I think he's horny and needs to fuck you." Kimmie giggled, nodding her head.

She turned, holding out her arms. "Come fuck me, Davies. I'm so wet and horny. You're amazing. I love you." "I love you," he said. Tears burned in my eyes, momentarily driving back my impending orgasm as my son mounted his girlfriend. Their lips met, Kimmie tasting her sweet musk on his lips while her arms held him. Davies brought his cock to her virgin pussy. And thrust. "Yes," I gasped as he took Kimmie's virginity.

She shuddered, moaning into their kiss. He had her primed, making her cherry popping almost painless. He made it special. And now he pumped away atop her, his cute ass flexing as he buried his cock over and over into her pussy. My cunt clenched on my plunging fingers. I gasped and groaned, remembering how he felt in me last night. I shuddered beside them, watching their bodies heave together. They were so beautiful.

I groaned, trembling, on the verge of exploding. Davies broke the kiss with his girlfriend, turning his head. "Look at Mom's tits, Kimmie." "They're so big," she said in envy, her hips bucking into my son's thrusts.

"Let's suck on them." I loved my son so much for those words. I moved my body, bringing my big tits to their mouths. They latched onto my nipples. I groaned, my son and future daughter-in-law suckling so hard. I shuddered, my fingers plunging with a frantic need in and out of my pussy. The bed creaked, all three of us moaning, gasping. My nipples throbbed beneath their hungry sucks.

The suction sent tingles racing down to my pussy. I moaned as my orgasm rippled out of me. It was gentle waves of loving bliss. I gasped and groaned, savoring their suckling lips as my body heaved. "I love you both," I howled. "You're both so amazing. So wonderful. Oh, Davies, Kimmie! You'll be so happy!" My pussy spasmed on my fingers as the rapture roared through me.

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I groaned and thrashed as their flesh slapped together. They moaned about my nipples, their own pleasure building and building as they loved me. Included me. Tears of joy burned as my orgasm intensified. Waves after waves of rapture shuddered through me. They bathed my mind in delight. I gasped as Davies sucked even harder. His teeth nipped me as he buried into his girlfriend. I knew he was cumming in her. A moment later, she squealed on my nipple. She bucked and trembled beneath my son, joining him in rapture.

I shuddered, smiling at their newfound love, the beginning of their lifelong relationship. I was so glad I had my powers. They were amazing. Their lips popped off my nipples. I groaned, rolling over onto my back. My tits heaved and panted. Davies and Kimmie were kissing as they trembled together, savoring their new relationship. I smiled at them. "I'll give you two some privacy now," I said. "But don't forget about me." Davies broke the kiss. "How can we?" Kimmie giggled.

"You're so forceful. I can't believe it. It's like I just had to obey you." "You did," I smiled. "And you love that, too." I grabbed my dress, buzzing from my orgasm, and pulled it on. I headed downstairs to check on Cathy and her son.

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I found them kissing in the kitchen, cum running down her legs, both still naked. They broke apart when I walked in, Bill blushing, Cathy beaming. "Oh, Margaret, I haven't cum that hard in. I don't remember how long." "Sons," I nodded at her. "They're a mother's pleasure." Cathy gave a wicked giggle. Bill leaned back. A phone chirped. He snagged it up, read the notification, and then barked out a laugh.

"Oh, that is fucked up." "What?" his mother asked. Bill froze and then gave me a glance. "Um.Maybe.I shouldn't, Mrs.

Justice." "What?" I demanded. "Tell me." "It's Melissa," Bill said, "there's a bunch of photos of her and Rick. She hooked up with him last night at a party and he fucked her hard." Anger soared through me. "Family emergency, huh?" That fucking skank cheated on my son? And now everyone would be laughing about it. Oh, that little bitch would pay. To be continued.