Girlvert ashley blue dana dearmond vs bbc

Girlvert ashley blue dana dearmond vs bbc
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The meeting was called to discuss tactics for extracting a sizeable financial contribution from the private sector to fund a new rail link.

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I expected the men in suits to be present at this meeting and I was not disappointed. But when I arrived there was a young woman in the room with the meeting organiser. She wore a neat pencil style business skirt and a dark jacket over a white blouse. As she was introduced and we shook hands, I was aware of a delicate broad intelligent face, lightly freckled, and surrounded with sandy blonde shoulder length hair.

Her hand was cool, and her smile open as she introduced herself as Karen. She was a financial adviser with a multinational investment company. I guessed she was in her early twenties, not long out of college. There was tea and coffee available, but she asked for water. While the organiser went to get water from the cooler, I poured myself a tea, and offered her a biscuit. She declined, and I took a seat opposite her at the conference table. She immediately stated that she was very pleased to meet me, a twinkle in her blue eyes, as she opened her portfolio of papers.

She referred to a report on the transport operating corporation and said she had downloaded my representations on it from the internet and read them with interest.

While we waited on others to arrive, we discussed my report, and animated, her face glowed with the freshness of youth. She gave the impression of being impressed not only with my report but with having met me.

I was glad I had sat opposite her. Eventually others arrived, a tele-conference link to London was activated, and discussion began. Tactics and options were discussed, background to similar operations elsewhere, and it quickly became very technical. The room was not too big, and it got warm before very long. Karen slowly unbuttoned her jacket and slipped it off her shoulders to hang it over the back of her seat. I tried not to be too obvious about it, but as she did this she stretched the white fabric of her blouse across what was clearly a perfectly formed pair of full thrusting breasts, their precise form disguised by the bra she wore.

The blouse clearly fastened at the back, and the front had a scoop neck that for the moment sat neatly on her shoulders and exposed her neck and collar bones and top of her chest, but totally respectably, and from my viewpoint totally irresistible. Although I tried hard not to stare, she caught my eye and there was a glimmer of a smile appeared with again that twinkle in her eyes. She tossed her hair back and lifted her arms to sweep it behind her ears, an action that could only have been calculated to add to her provocation as it lifted and stretched the front of her blouse across these two delightful mounds.

Around us the discussion continued, and it seemed everyone else was oblivious to this little drama unfolding. As the discussion ebbed and flowed, and there was something said which was ironic or caused a smile among those gathered round the table, she would smile openly and her whole face lit up.

I could not resist watching her smile and her eyes would meet mine, as though the smile was not in response to the conversation, but was for me alone. I took advantage of our shared smile at a remark to let my eye pass across the front of her blouse, now idly wondering if I could make out the shape of her nipple, but her bra was doing a good job and the thrust of her breast was undefined. I was nevertheless captivated by the fullness of those two beauties and could only sit there and imagine what they would look and feel like nakedly exposed.

The afternoon wore on and two senior managers who had been at another meeting joined us, and the story so far was repeated for their benefit, and Karen was getting a bit restless and shifting her position in her seat.

The blouse neck was actually looser than I had at first thought and I suddenly realised that not only was I seeing her neck and collarbones, but the blouse had shifted out on her shoulder and I could see her bra strap as it ran down over her shoulder bone.

She saw me do a double take and looked directly at me, but I could only look away. But if she realised how she was sitting with the blouse loose on her shoulder she did nothing about it, and she was now leaning back listening to the debate.

I too was getting stiff (from sitting too long in one position!) and moved to stretch my legs under the table.

As I did so I looked down to make sure I was not going to kick anyone. I had not appreciated but Karen's well turned ankle in a stylish court shoe was just alongside my foot as I stretched. I guess she saw me stretching, as she gently slipped her shoe off. A perfectly formed slim stockinged foot was now within inches of my foot. I did not want to embarrass her, but over the next few minutes I casually checked her out, and somehow the blouse had slipped slightly on her shoulder and the lacy top of her bra cup was now exposed.

She leant forward slightly to write something on her pad, and the top of her breast was now there in front of my eyes. She looked at me as she sat back, and I realised with a start that her nipple was now definitely outlined through her bra against the stretched front of her blouse.

She was either completely naïve or she was playing a game with me to liven up the long drawn out meeting. And then I felt the delicate caress of her stocking clad toes on my ankle, easing up the foot of my trouser leg, and stroking gently.

I caught her eye and she looked back at me, no expression in her eyes, but the intensity of her look telling me for sure that I was not imagining the deliberateness of her teasing actions. Soon after that the meeting ended, and business cards were exchanged.

I had noticed her earlier writing something on the back of one of her cards, and she passed them out. I took the one she held out to me, again her cool fingers just touching mine as she handed it to me. She held my glance and there was just a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. I went back up to my office, and sat to look at her card.

I turned it over and she had indeed written on mine. It said "Thanks for letting me spice up our meeting this afternoon. Ring my mobile when you get back to your office." I didn't hesitate. I dialled her number and she answered immediately. "Hi, Karen, thanks for your business card, especially for the message on the back." "Oh, hi" she answered, "I thought you and I might have more to say to each other out of our colleagues' earshot.

You couldn't keep your eyes off me this afternoon, you old roué. Usually when I go to meetings with the men in suits they just treat me as another suit, but you really made me feel very feminine today." "You are very feminine, and I think exceedingly attractive.

And I think that you know how to distract a man who is not so much interested in you as a suit, but in what is inside that suit. And you were making sure I got a little hooked on the possibilities there." She laughed and continued "Look, I am still in the foyer downstairs and I only live in the converted warehouse apartments across the road. Do you have much still to do, or would you like to join me for a drink back at my place?" "If there was a greasy fireman's pole, I would be sliding down it right now" I joked.

"I'll be there in 5 minutes." "I don't like greasy firemen, but sliding poles could be a different matter" she purred. "I'm waiting." I never switched my computer off as quickly as I did that afternoon, and hoping none of my colleagues would choose that moment to leave the office and accompany me out, I departed for the foyer.

She was standing there, looking just as gorgeous with her jacket now buttoned up, and circumspectly watching for me. When she saw I was alone and making a beeline for her, she gave me one of those radiant smiles, and as if we were old friends, I guided her out through the revolving doors and into the cool of a frosty evening. "I hope you don't think putting that message on my card was too awful of me, and I realise I really know nothing about you, or you about me, but I thought after I had realised that you couldn't take your eyes off me, I would play you along a bit, and then I thought it was only fair to at least offer to explain why I was so forward, and perhaps we could get to know a bit about one another." "That's a long speech," I laughed, "but I am glad you took the opportunity as otherwise I would just have gone home and thought of you for days." "Oh," she smiled "so transport planners are human?

I am so glad. I love my job, you know, but sometimes these guys are so pompous. And a lot of them aren't much older than I am, and to find someone older, like you, sharing my sense of mischief, well that just made that meeting buzz along nicely" "Karen, I can understand all that, but don't you have someone in your life that you can unwind with out of hours? Why pick on someone at a meeting to spice up your life?" "Well, I guess I don't want any commitments just yet.

And I could see from your ring that you are married, I presume?

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So I thought you might be good company, but not get all serious and spoil things." "Sounds logical," I said "and I am married and the good news for you is that my wife is away from home at the moment looking after her sick father. So I am very much my own company at the moment and I am sure you would be good company." She laughed, and as we had reached the warehouse apartments, she let us in and we moved to the lift.

We got a lift to ourselves, but as the building was only four storeys high there was only time for Karen to take my arm, and as the lift doors opened we walked arm in arm to her apartment door.

She unlocked the door and led me into her loft apartment. To my surprise it was at the end corner and her main room had a large corner full height window, with a glass door leading out on to a small balcony. She didn't put the lights on, but took me across to the window, opened the glass door, and we stepped out onto the balcony.

The view, although in one sense well known to me from ground level, was nevertheless stunning. Across from us was my office, all quarter of a mile long and three storeys high, floodlit and with the office lights shining through the windows. Turning slightly towards the harbour there was the Ocean Terminal, again floodlit, but this time in a range of pastel shades, and alongside a couple of cruise liners, fully decked out in lights and looking rather magical.

We still had out coats on against the cool of the evening, but the romance of the view had only one conclusion, and we turned towards one another, our eyes locking, and I bent to kiss her. She turned her face up to me, and our lips met, coolly at first, just testing one another, but then our lips pursing more, exerting more pressure, then the softness of our lips on one another easing them apart, and my tongue running round her lips, first just outside, then inside, feeling the soft inner flesh of her mouth, and in turn her tongue seeking out mine, and pushing it back so she could run her tongue around my inner lips.

We were almost still standing apart, but as our kiss grew more passionate, I took her in my arms, and she put her hands behind my head, and as I pulled her yielding body close to mine she pulled my head down firmly against hers, our mouths locked in what seemed like a timeless moment.

I remember thinking we were in plain view of the office, albeit on an unlit balcony, and not caring. After what seemed like an age but which was probably only a minute or so, we broke the kiss, and with our arms round one another went back into the warmth of her room.

She took my coat and the jacket of my suit, and took off her black jacket. Then she offered me a drink and we settled on white wine. I followed her into the kitchen area while she opened the wine and got some nibbles.

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Watching her standing and moving about, she was every bit as attractive as I had thought sitting across from her at the meeting. I don't know if she had done anything to her blouse, but one arm was now completely off her shoulder, the bra strap fully exposed, and her neckline was loose showing the top of her bra cup again on one side. She certainly had a good figure, her shapely bosom firmly pressing against the front of her blouse, and yet the blouse tucked into a very slender waistline of her skirt, the skirt itself pencil thin to below her knees.

She was not insensitive to my admiring looks, and as she picked up the wine and nibbles, just mouthed one word, her eyes creased in a mischievous grin. "Later" We sat side by side on a sofa, dim wall-lights casting shadows round the room, and that stunning view again out of the balcony windows. For about an hour we talked, opening up about our backgrounds, lives and our jobs. We sipped the wine and devoured the nibbles.

Then when our glasses were empty and the food was gone, she took the debris through to the kitchen area, put on some soft romantic music, and pressed a button which brought curtains across her windows.

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We were now cocooned in our own little world, and she came back and sat close to me on the sofa. She kneeled beside me on the sofa and put her arms round my neck before moving in for another kiss. As our lips met, I put both my hands at the back of her head to pull her into me, and then, as our tongues parried, I stroked down onto the back of her neck and towards her shoulders.

I quickly realised that somewhere along the line she had undone the clasp that held the blouse together at the back, and beneath it there were a couple of buttons. These too were already undone. I didn't need to be a genius to draw my own conclusions. I slowly ran my hands down her back, feeling her bra strap and fastening as I went, but stroking her spine with my fingers and with my palm and thumbs playing across the flesh of her back through the cotton blouse.

I soon reached her waist, and gently eased the blouse out from the top of her skirt. Not to be outdone, as we kissed long and hard, she undid my tie and removed it before unbuttoning my shirt. I then felt the exquisite pleasure of her cool long fingers spreading the front of my shirt open, feeling the top of my chest and tenderly stroking my nipples on either side.

By this time I was able to lift her blouse and I drew it up till we broke our kiss, and she raised her arms above her head to let me lift the blouse up and over her head. With one hand I held the blouse round her raised wrists, and she laughed as I put my other hand on the back of her neck and drew her mouth again to mine.

I then dropped my hand round to the front of her neck and slipped it down into the cleavage at the centre of her lacy picture bra.


She drew breath as I firstly stroked the exposed flesh at the upper rise of her breasts, and then lightly tickled my thumb over the cotton where it covered each nipple. She murmured her arousal as we continued to deep kiss, and I ran my hand then over her flat smooth tummy.

I then relented and pulled her blouse free of her upraised wrists and she immediately brought them down and quickly pulled my shirt off me. Before I could do anything else, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, and in that delightfully coy way women have using both hands dropped the cups away from her breasts and threw the bra away on the floor.

In one quick move she then shifted from her kneeling position and turned herself to lie across my lap, body up, and breasts now fully exposed, stretched her arms again above her head so that what I could now admire as a perfect pair of firm well developed breasts with gorgeous large dark nipples were themselves stretched and openly inviting my caresses.

She just lay smiling and purring like the cat that licked the cream as I started to caress her breasts one by one, teasing around the nipples, and drawing them gently out to full, and judging by her response, sensitive erection.

I played with her breasts for a few minutes and stroked her flat belly and the sides of her ribcage and up into her shaven armpits. She then pulled herself up again, and lifted me up so we stood, and face to face kissed again, our naked upper bodies now pressed to one another. I could feel the soft fullness of her breasts against my chest, her nipples poking into me, and as she ever so gently moved her body, the nipples brushing through my chest hair and against my now erect nipples.

I stroked her naked back and shoulders, and felt her press her belly against mine and wriggle so she could clearly feel my not inconsiderable erection. She obviously decided the time had come to move on, as she quickly undid my belt and unzipped my fly before pushing my trousers and briefs down in one swift movement, her hands stroking my buttocks as she did so. She broke the kiss and looked up at me, smiling mischievously again, and I sought the fastening of her skirt and undid it, pushing the skirt down across her shapely buttocks in turn.

We broke apart, me to remove my shoes and socks and get my trousers and briefs right off and her to step out of her shoes and skirt and slip her tights down and off her long slender legs.

She then wore just a neat thong, and looking me straight in the eye, she peeled that down and off so we were both now naked. She was magnificent. Her body was tight and trim, long slender legs, a flat belly above shaven pudenda, her sex lips puffy with arousal and moist, a neat little waist, then a rib cage rising to those delightful full firm breasts with their engorged nipples.

She smiled at my appraisal, but her eyes were also appraising themselves, and I trusted that she was well pleased with what she saw. I took the initiative now, and turned her round to sit back on the sofa, while I dropped to a kneeling position in front of her. She leaned back against the cushion as I parted her thighs and raised her ankles to drape them over my shoulders. I stroked her thighs then ran my hands up her sides to her breasts again as my mouth and lips homed in on her moist open sex lips.

I planted a kiss on the lips curling open round her unfurling cunt, and followed through with my tongue probing those lips and seeking the moist juices within. Then as my fingers again teased out and stimulated her nipples, I ran my tongue up to the hood protecting her clit, and with the very point of my tongue parted the hood and sought out the nubbin of her clit itself.

As I struck home, she shuddered and sighed, and I very gently licked round the clit and the surrounding flesh before moving back down to her cunt lips. But before she had almost registered my move, I lifted her thighs on my shoulders and went on to pass the tip of my tongue over the puckered flesh at the mouth of her anus.

She really jerked at that and only by having a good hold on her did I avoid being knocked forward by her body. I made my tongue curled and rigid and probed her anal opening before stroking back up to her cunt. I repeated the rigid tongue probe on her cunt and penetrated the soft inner folds for a few moments.

He was really aroused now and her juices were flowing freely. She tasted sweet and creamy, and I continued my ministrations as her breathing grew deeper and her sighing louder, and after a minute or two her whole body went rigid and she started to scream and shudder as her honeypot now gushed and spasmed in a powerful orgasm. I let her down gently and she pulled my head towards her and reached forward to kiss me and lick her own juices off my face.

Then she laughed and said those magic words "Your turn" and stood up from the sofa to push me down in a sitting position, and knelt in front of me with my legs now apart.

With her eyes never leaving mine, she leaned forward, hands on my knees pushing them further apart, and let her tongue start at the very base of my balls. I am very sensitive there and the sensation supercharged and reinforced my erection, as the tip of her tongue moved up on to my balls and she started to lick round and about them.

She certainly knew what she was doing and I was aware of pre-cum oozing from the slit at the tip of my cock. I lay back and enjoyed her expertise, her lips now playing round my balls, encircling one at a time, her tongue still poking through to lick and give that added sensation.

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Then, mischief still in her eyes, her tongue lapped right up my stem, and she sucked in my pre-cum before wrapping her lips round my helmet. Her tongue probed my slit as her lips exerted a velvet suction on my cock, and she slowly moved on to devour my length within her mouth.

I could feel the inside of her cheeks against my cock, and the feeling was great as she proceeded to give me a first class blow-job. But she wasn't going to let me have the satisfaction of creaming down her throat. She judged well my state of arousal, and as I was beginning to mount the myriad of pre-orgasmic build-up, she withdrew and with a wicked smile, said "I'm not going to waste that this time, nice as it would be to swallow it all.

No, I just have to feel you inside me, you gorgeous man!" And with that she stood up and moved her pelvis forward till it was poised over my erect and throbbing cock. She braced herself with her hands on my shoulders and I reached out to grasp her hips and steady her as she positioned herself.

Then again looking me straight in the eye with a wistful grin on her freckled face, she slowly lowered herself and between us we hit the bullseye. Her open and dripping cunt sat down straight over my helmet, and she slowly took me into her, just a bit at first before moving up slightly then a bit more, then up again, and she settled into a rhythm of taking me a bit deeper each time before the velvet grip of her vaginal muscles caressed the length of my cock almost to the tip, then sat back down again.

The feeling in my cock and balls was exquisite. Every nerve ending was singing, and my balls were tight and full. As I held her hips and she glided up and down, I started to raise myself off the sofa to meet her rhythm, and she gasped with pleasure, realising that she was not totally in control of the sensations in her body.

I then moved my hands from her hips up the sides of her ribcage, and over onto her full breasts, softly squeezing, and rotating her firm mounded aureola and engorged nipples, dark with the blood flowing in them, and by the way she bit her lips and tossed her head with its gorgeous mane of hair, I knew I was having an effect on her.

She increased her tempo of frictioning her cunt on my erect cock, and she leant forward towards me now, and pulled my head towards her breasts. I took my hands off her breasts and she pulled my face against them. I wrapped my lips round the peak of one breasts, and sucked deeply on her nipple, laving its tip with my tongue, and nibbling with my teeth.

I shifted from one breast to the other as she increased her fucking of me again, and this time I drew her nipple out with my teeth without any preliminaries. She wriggled as both my hands still held her breasts, one funnelling her nipple into my mouth, the other rolling her nipple in the saliva left on it by my sucking and making sure her breasts were the centre of my sensual attention. We were still pounding together down below and as well as bouncing up and down she was pressing forward to rub her fully exposed clit against my stem on each stroke.

It was only a matter of moments and I felt my orgasm gathering and my cum rising as she started to shudder, her breathing coming in short bursts now, and together we hit orgasm, she screaming and flailing aroundher hands now on her head pushing her hair off her face as her head rolled back and fro, her pussy now pouring with her orgasmic juices, and my cock pouring jet after jet of cum up into her cunt, only for it to join her juices and pour back out of her.

After a minute or two (or so it seemed), our climaxes subsided and she collapsed against me and kissed me passionately on the lips, her teeth nibbling my lower lip, her lips sucking voraciously at mine.


We lay in one another's arms, then gradually moved apart and she got some tissues to mop up the evidence of our copious coupling. Still naked she got us more drinks, soft this time to replace the fluids we had so enjoyingly expended, before throwing on a wrap and heading for the kitchen to cook us a more substantial meal.

It was difficult to think that only hours before I had not even met her.