Trying to fit it all teenager sucking

Trying to fit it all teenager sucking
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Bed Wetting Daughter My teenage daughter Amber has a terrible secret…she wets the bed. She never has her girlfriends sleep over and she never sleeps over at their house either. It isn't an every night thing and yes we have taken her to see a doctor. There is nothing physically wrong with her. It started about the time she hit puberty. My wife just assumed that Amber would grow out of it.

I on the other hand eventually started studying her behavior.

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We cut back on her drinks in the evening and made her pee before bedtime. Sometimes I would even wake her up before I went to bed so that she could pee. I started recording the events on my calendar. Finally I discovered that it happened about every four weeks. I matched that information to my wife's calendar where she keeps track of her and Amber's periods.

Sure enough Amber was wetting the bed right in the middle of her cycle when she was most fertile and ovulating. When I told her doctor what I had discovered he had no clue as to what to do about it. He had never heard of anything like that before. So I turned to the Internet. After a week of searching message boards and posting questions I finally got an answer from a guy in Australia. His wife did a similar thing until he started fucking her three times a day when she was ovulating.

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That stopped it! Okay so I had a possible solution but what could I do about it. I talked it over with my wife first then we discussed it with our daughter Amber. Amber was willing to do whatever it took to stop her bedwetting. It was so embarrassing that she wanted to die. She was willing to let me fuck her three times a day for as long as it took. My wife was also willing to let me fuck our daughter. Now all I had to do was convince myself that I should fuck my teenage daughter three times a day for about a week in the middle of her cycles.

It really wasn't all that hard to decide to do it but not for the reasons that you probably think. It was because both my wife and my daughter kept begging me too fuck Amber. So I suggested that I start that day by breaking her cherry and getting her used to having a cock forced into her. I suggested that we do it every day until it was time to start doing it three times a day. Hell it had been forever since I had sex of any kind three times a day. The truth is it was when I was a teenager myself and jerking off as often as I could get away with it.

So that day I told my daughter to soak in a nice hot bubble bath for an hour then I took her into her bedroom and played around with her pussy to get her excited. I played with her breasts, sucked on her nipples, and tickled her clit with my finger until she came.

I positioned my cock at her opening and then asked her if she was ready. When she said that she was I just popped my cock into her and dropped my chest onto her tits.

In doing that I impaled her fully on her own father's cock. I fucked into her slow and steady. Amber got used to it relatively quickly and so did I. Her pussy was tighter than her mother's pussy and not quite as deep. If I wasn't careful I could hit her cervix with the head of my cock and make her jump.

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The last doctor had taken care of her hymen during his internal examination of her so it was not in the way that first time I entered her. In my mind I was doing this for her own good but I was really beginning to enjoy this a lot myself.

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My daughter Amber was a lot better fuck than my wife had ever been. I was trying to stretch this first fuck out to a whole hour if I could however I made it to all of about eight minutes before exploding deep inside her once virgin pussy.

I thanked her as I pulled my cock out of her pussy and she thanked me for not hurting her too badly. We both told my wife how it went and she was please for Amber. That night my wife got frisky for the first time in a long time and initiated sex. I was completely caught off guard, and then I realized that she was in competition for my services. My wife didn't want me to give my daughter more loving than she was getting.

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Too fucking bad! My wife had years to get my cock in her and basically never wanted it. Now that my daughter needs it she's jealous. Too fucking bad! So every day after work I would go into Amber's bedroom and make love to her.

She got used to it and even seemed to like it so after the third day I would make love to her in the morning too. Then the next week I was making love to Amber before work, after work, and at bedtime. My wife really got cut off from sex with me then. At the end of that week my daughter and I were totally enjoying the sex together and she didn't want me to stop.

Also in the process she realized that she had not wet the bed either. So I told her to say something to her mother about it and see if I could keep screwing her everyday. Her mother was not happy about it but she did give in to Amber's request. My wife eventually went back to her old ways where she didn't even want to have sex with me at all. Amber on the other hand wanted sex all the time.


She couldn't get over the fact that she hadn't wet the bed yet. Soon I was sleeping in Amber's bed every night with her. We would make love before and after work and again at bedtime. I was sure getting used to having sex three times a day and loved it.


My wife eventually didn't even care. Amber and I lived more like husband and wife than my wife and I did. Amber was one terrific piece of ass.

She never said no to sex in any position and was willing to try everything. She actually demanded sex from me every single day even during the days of her heavy bleeding too. Her pussy felt so good wrapped around my cock. It was soft but firm, wet but still had enough friction to excite me, and it was just deep enough that I could bottom out if I really wanted too. Her pussy was absolutely perfect to me not to mention that she let me play with her tits all the time too.

I was so close to throwing my wife out of the house and shacking up with my fifteen-year-old daughter that it wasn't funny. Then a few months later my wife announced that she was moving out. She didn't want a divorce or any alimony.

Okay! Good ridden!

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After my wife moved out Amber moved into my bedroom and assumed the lady of the house position. She couldn't cook very well but she more than made up for it with great sex.

She was even better at oral sex than her mother was. The next thing to try will be anal sex. I'm sure that she'll let me try it.

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