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Everything in my life started to turn upside down for the better when I was 16 and the entire family was having thanksgiving dinner. As I got dressed for dinner, I was in the spare room next to where my two extremely hot cousins shared a room. As I started to leave the room for dinner I heard some moaning coming from their room and I decided I better stick around in my room for a few minutes more to listen.

As I pressed my ear to the wall I heard my one cousin who was 17 at the time, Kathleen screaming for her younger sister Alicia who was 15 at the time for to make her cum. As I stood there in shock I realized that my cousins were lesbian. As I pressed my ear back to the wall I heard Kathleen yell "ohhh mmyyyy God". Then Alicia said "oh yeah you little bitch you like that don't you".

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As my dad yelled down for us to come up to dinner. I heard Kathleen scream as her orgasm reached. As I left to go upstairs the two of them came out of their room. Kathleen was wearing a nice white skirt that showed her panties nicely and a white blouse that showed her nice round tits in her sexy hot pink bra. Alicia was wearing a pair of tight pants that hugged her ass perfectly and a similar blouse that hugged her slightly bigger tits in her sexy blue bra.

As we walked up the stairs I watched their asses jiggle in their sexy little outfits. As we sat down for dinner Kathleen knocked one of the glasses off the table and as she bent down I could see that she was indeed wearing a nice bright green thong.

As I started to sit down Alicia bent over to help her sister pick up the mess she made and her bright blue thong that matched her bra showed a little.


The rest of dinner went on normally as most dinners do. As we left the table I heard the two of them talking and Alicia told Kathleen that I was checking her out when she bent over. As I started to go downstairs the two of them came up to me and said" did you like what you saw before dinner" acting dumb I told them I didn't know what they were talking about. Alicia said that she saw me checking out her sister. After this I admitted that I was looking at her as she bent down.

As we all went down stairs Alicia and Kathleen got brave and asked if id like to see more. Instantly I said yes, as they led me to their room my dick started getting harder. When the shut the door they told me to go sit on the bed and prepare for a show. The two of them decided to play a little game with me. The said that I could ask them questions or make them do stuff and they got to do the same to me. I agreed because I wanted to see some girl on girl action.

Kathleen decided that being the oldest she should go first. We both agreed. She then said "have you had sex before" I said yes. Alicia then asked "who with" I told them they may not like the answer.

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They both said in unison" we don't care, tell us" I said that last year I fucked my sister and her 2 friends. The both smiled happily at this comment. It was now my turn to ask a question.

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I asked the first thing that came to mind "are you 2 lesbian". They asked "why would you get that idea" I told them that I heard the two of the moaning before dinner. They looked at each other and said they weren't lesbian but bisexual. They were only playing with each other because they're both virgins and couldn't find good guys to fuck.

Next Kathleen told me to strip down to my boxers. As I stripped down Alicia already knew what her question was before I finished "how big is you cock" she asked. I told her was almost 7 inches. They looked at each other and smiled. I then told them for my turn they had to strip down to their bra and panties.

As they stripped own revealing their beautiful bodies I could easily tell that Alicia had bigger boobs than Kathleen. Alicia was easily a 36c and Kathleen was at least a B cup.

As they started kissing each other I began to jerk my cock to this beautiful sight. Suddenly they stopped and walked over to me. Alicia pushed me down on my back and began to lick my shaft. As she did this Kathleen pulled her thong to side and placed her bald pussy over my face and told me to lick it till she came. As I licked and nibbled on her clit, Alicia began to suck on my shaft. Surprisingly she got the entire thing into her mouth and began to bon up and down on it. As Kathleen started to scream that she was gonna cum the door suddenly opened and my 14 year old sister was in the door way.

As Alicia stopped sucking my cock I told her to keep going. My sister Amanda walked in and shut the door behind her. Amanda pulled off her shirt and skirt revealing the sexy body that I had fucked silly almost a year ago. Now she had some beautiful 34D cup boobs and was wearing even sexier thongs. As Kathleen scream into orgasm, Amanda walked over and pushed her tits into Kathleen's face and ordered her to suck on them.

As the two of them played with each other me and Alicia moved to the other bed and began making out. Alicia whispered in my ear that she wanted me to fuck her and take her virginity I said that if she really wanted me to do it I would.

As I laid her down on the bed I began to lick her pussy while pushing my middle and index finger into her tight slit. She started to moan and scream loudly "oh my god your so good at this" as she neared orgasm I began licking and pumping faster. Finally she peaked at her orgasm and gushed her juices all over my face. As I lifted my head up to share some of her juices with her I noticed that Amanda and Kathleen were in a 69 position licking and nibbling each others pussies.

As we shared a passionate kiss I pushed some of her juices in her mouth and told her to take her thong off. As she slid it down her nicely tanned legs I started to remove her bra and suck on her nice tits.


As she moan and pushed me away and told me to fuck her already. " I cant take anymore I need you in me" I agreed and moved so that my now fully erect cock was at her lips and I told her she was going to feel some pain when I go in and she said to do it quick and get it over with.

As I pushed in 2 inches I felt her hymen and told her to prepare for some discomfort and pain. She said to go in farther. As I pulled out a little I pushed in another 2 inches and ripped her hymen.

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I stopped at this point to let her recouperate as she stopped sobbing I started to buck in and out till I was all the way in her. As I went all the way she let out a yell "oh my god it hurts so bad" I asked if she wanted me to stop put she said to keep going.

As I waited a minute I noticed that Kathleen had left the room. I asked Amanda where she went and she said "she went to go get her moms dildo for the two of them to use. I told her not to fuck her; I wanted to take her cherry too. Amanda agreed only if we would fuck when we got home. I said that she would have to earn the fucking of a life time. As I started humping Alicia again I began picking up speed and rammed my cock into for almost 5 minutes before she screamed in her second orgasm.

As I neared my own orgasm, I pulled out my dick and told her to roll over on her hands and knees. As she got in position I told her I was going to take her anal virginity as well. She said she was ready. I told her was going to hurt more than breaking her cherry did.

She said she was ok with the pain. As I pulled her ass cheeks apart I took some of her pussy juices and rubbed them on my cock and on her asshole. As I placed the head in her ass I told her to push out like she was pooping. As her asshole flared I shoved my cock in about and inch when she yelled for me to stop. I told her to do it again. As she did I went another inch. I told her this was the most painful part.

As I pushed in the rest of the way she screamed in pain and started to beg "please stop it hurts to much" I told it would be worth it in the end. She still begged for me to stop but I didn't listen to her cries it just turned me on more. As I humped her ass she cried even more till Amanda came over and placed her pussy up to Alicia's mouth. As she started licking she suddenly yelled that she was gonna cum I started going faster so we could cum at the same time.

As she hit her orgasm for the third time I exploded in a massive orgasm that hit so hard I fell right out of her tight asshole.

As she brought Amanda to orgasm Kathleen returned with her moms purple double headed dildo. As she started to push it into her pussy I told her to stop and give it to me. As she handed it to me I gave her a huge kiss on the lips and told her to go lay on the bed. I gave Amanda the dildo to use with Alicia. I asked Kathleen where all of the adults were and she said they left to go to the bar in town.

I told Amanda that if she could make Alicia scream into 5 orgasms before I was done with Kathleen then she would get a nice fucking when we got home. As I started kissing Kathleen she pushed me away and revealed one of her deepest fantasies.

She said "I've always wanted to be fucked while tied up to the bed" I asked how I was gonna do that and she said "I have sets of handcuffs in my top dresser drawer. As I walked over I pulled open the drawer and inside was all of her handcuffs, thongs, teddies and even a long pink vibrator. I returned to her with the handcuffs and tied her to each of the bed posts. I quickly removed her hot pink push up bra and slid her thong down to her ankles and began licking and sucking each of her nipples.

As she squealed in pleasure I heard Alicia scream into her first orgasm. I looked over to see that Amanda and Alicia were scissoring each other with the double headed dildo in their pussies.

As I moved my way down to Kathleen's pussy lips, she started to buck her hips up to my face. As I nibbled on her clit she writhed in pleasure. I continued to lick her pussy and massage her clit with my thumb till she screamed in orgasm "oh my god lick my fucking pussy".

As she screamed in her orgasm Amanda screamed into a monster orgasm as well that caused Alicia to stop fucking her with the dildo and to start licking her tits. This caused my cock to become rock hard again and I was ready to give Kathleen a fucking of her life. As I inserted the head into her tight virgin pussy she asked me to do something else.

I asked her what she wanted me to do. "I want to be blindfolded also" I told her ok and grabbed my shirt and tied it around her eyes.

As I pushed in more I felt her soft hymen. She was just about to tell me to go in deeper when I rammed my cock through her hymen and hit her pelvis. "Holy Shiiitttttttt" she screamed. her screams caused me to fuck harder and harder till she said " OOOHHHHHHH GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOD CCCCCCUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMIINNNGGG" as she neared orgasm I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy which made her say " why the fuck did you take your cock" I told her it was time for one of my fantasies that she already started.

She asked "what do I have to do" I released the handcuffs and told Alicia to come and lie on the bed. I told Kathleen to get into a 69 with her. Once they were in position I handcuffed the two of the together. Amanda asked me "what should I do". I asked Kathleen if her mom had a strap on for Amanda to use and she said that she had one in her bottom dresser drawer. When Amanda left I revealed to them that Amanda was going to fuck Alicia in the ass while I fuck Kathleen in the ass.

They both giggled excitedly at this remark. As Amanda returned she already had the strap on in position and crawled under the two sisters. As she slid the cock into Alicia's sore asshole she screamed in pain" please take it out" I told Amanda under no condition do you stop. She nodded in agreement. As I lubed up my cock with Alicia pussy juices I slowly inserted my cock into Kathleen's asshole which caused her to scream and shove her face into Alicia's pussy.

As me and Amanda fucked our cousins in the assholes they both screamed in unison "OHHH FFUUUCCCKKKKKK WWWEEEERRREEEE GONNNNNAA CUMMMMMMMMMMM". As we humped faster their bodies shuddered in orgasm. I humped Kathleen's asshole till I finally was about to cum when I pulled out and had Amanda un-handcuff them.

Once they were released I shot my load over both of their tits and told them to lick it off of each others tits. As they licked each others tits Amanda took the vibrator from Kathleen's drawer and began fucking herself with it till she screamed into another orgasm.

As the three of them finished we heard the front door open. We quickly got dressed and went upstairs. Our parents said it was time to go.

As we rushed back down stairs to get our coats we found Kathleen and Alicia waiting for us and gave us both a long deep passionate kiss. When we got home me and Amanda went upstairs and I told her that when mom and dad leave later your gonna get a nice long fucking.

She smiled at me and went into her room. Later that night when everyone was gone we snuck into our parent's room and took our favorite porno and Amanda's favorite vibrator and some KY jelly. We ran back to my room and put the porno in and skipped to our favorite seen "the raping and bondage" part. As I tied Amanda to the bed I left one arm free so she could insert her vibrator into her pussies as I fucked her ass.

As we fucked for the next 30 minutes she screamed into 5 orgasms all from me pumping my hard cock into her ass. Now every time we go to a family member's house for holiday dinner we all have a nice good fucking downstairs between the 4 of us. And it always ends the same way. Me and Amanda fucking our cousins in the ass while they're in a handcuffed 69 position.

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