Tattooed hunk getting a nice handjob

Tattooed hunk getting a nice handjob
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"Ok guys hugs" savannah said. It was the end of the summer and today was our last swim practice. "Ill see you guys at school but I probably won't talk to you guys" she joked. She was one of the most popular girls in school so it wouldn't surprise me if she didn't. I on the other hand was fairly low on the totem pole, near half way. As the group of that I hung out with dispersed, cole leaving then Johnny and Christine, me and savannah were left waiting for our rides. I liked her but didn't know how to ask her out.

I took a shot in the dark "savannah?" I said. "Ya zak" she replied sweetly "do u mabey wanna go out some time?" I saw her stifle a laugh then she looked embarrassed "um I'm pretty busy during the year and." She said.

"Oh ok" I stood up and started walking, sad but expected. "Um. Zak. I actually think that would be nice. The mall Saturday? We can see a movie?" I turned in surprise "uh ya that would be great. Ill text you." I walked away happy but guilty I took advantage of her good conscience. When Saturday came I was ready I texted her and we got a specific time and was getting a ride from my junior friend since we were just going to be freshmen. I got there early and waited for her.

When she got there we went to a Mexican place she liked. once i payed we went to the theater and went in early when no one was there. We talked and I discovered she was 10 times cooler than i already thought and much smarter than me too. When the movie started she leaned into me but i kept my hands to my self not wanting to be a perv and grab her boobs. Throughout the movie I fantasizes though. She was border line B and C cup and they were so round, her skin was naturally the best kind of tan you can get and she had the prettiest face.

She looped her arm through mine and squeezed my bicep, "ooh," she squeezed again "nice arms zak, you got the guns". I smiled to my self and kept watching the movie.

It was dark when we got out and this wasn't the safest part of town "I'm gonna call my mom to get me Kay?" I nodded to her and we went out side to wait. Five minutes after we sat down I started too say something "hey savannah I wanted to know if next Saturday you wanted to." I was interrupted "hey girl give me your purse" said a gruff voice behind me. I turned to see a raggedy old man with long grease hair and unkept finger nails "what?" I said to him.

"Give me the damn purse now!" I stood up hoping being on the defensive line and my size would intimidate him, "We don't want any trouble." "Sit down and give me the purse and you won't have any!" "Sir please just." He reached in his tattered pocket and pulled out a piece of sharp rusty rebar. "Please sir." He was trembling and on the verge of crying "just give me it i need it". I paused picking my words carefully "I really can't its herrrrrs.".

He stuck me in the kidney with the rebar. Savannah screamed and let her purse fall running to me. The man snatched the bag and ran. I stood motionless holding my breath "9. 1. 1." I choked out before collapsing. She pulled out her phone and dialed "get to the mall my boy friend was stabbed!!!". Boy friend? I thought its been one date. "You gonna be fine zak." She promised me as she uncontrollably cried.

Then the ambulance showed up and the ems workers started yelling commands "check for tetanus" "bandage the stab wound" "prep the O.R.". Before i knew it i was in a white room with doctors fusing over me checking vitals giving me shots, then black. When I woke up i was in a white room with a bed, a vitals monitor, an I.V. Drip and a chair. I had to focus but I could see someone in it with the light from the window blacking them out.

"Jesus? I'm not ready to go." I half joked. "It's me zak" a familiar sing song voice said "savannah. I waited for you in the waiting room until i was let in" she said.

"My parents?" I asked "in Miami still, couldn't get a flight back from the conference until tomorrow." She started tearing up "I should have given him the bag. This is my fault!" I tried to sit up but fail and received heavy pain. They must have removed a kidney. "Come here babe, it's not your fault" I tried to console her and opened my arms. She hugged me hurting my torso but not saying anything. I kissed her cheek and kelt embracing her "it's not you fault, ok?" I said "ok" she replied wiping her tears.

Having her chest pressed against mine gave me a half erection. She noticed "ill make it up to you" she said and reached under my hospital gown and grabbed my dick. "This is huge!!" She almost yelled and started stroking me. "Savannah you said you were gonna wait for the right guy." I said "I'm just treating you zak this doesn't count." She kissed me more and put my hand on her left boob. "By the way, yes ill go out with you Saturday again." She said then continued kissing me.

Saturday i was still in the hospital, i was being released Monday. At 9 that night I was describing the incident for the 50th time to my mom. "So he stabbed you?" She said. "Yes mom i told you already." She looked scared when I said that. She looked at her phone, " ill be back at midnight ok?" She said and got up to leave. " um." She left before could ask why. A minute later savannah walked in with a basket of stuff "I'm here for the date" she said "this is from the football team" she handed me a stack of football movies and my jersey from the basket "this is from the cheerleaders." She handed me an assortment of lollipops and other sweets and a picture of them from the game last night.

"Last but certainly the least from the teachers." She handed me all my missed work and homework. I set the paper down and stared at the picture of the cheerleaders. Savannah gave me a playful hit "baby." She said as she leaned in and kissed me. "Thanks for bringing me this babe" I said "so what do you have planned for the date?" "I thought I could get a wheelchair for you and we could go to a game room the hospital has." "Cool" I said. I detached my morphine drip and within a few seconds there was a awful pain in my stomach.

" aw fuck fuck shit." I yelled as I attempted to reattach my drip. "Zak shut up we are in a kids hospital, shut up." She said like we were gonna get in trouble. I reattached it and lay there for a bit ".I'm gonna bring this with us." I said and we both started laughing. She got the wheel chair and took me to the game room and we played games and had a great time.

When we went back to my room we played a movie and I let her in my bed to lay with me. In the middle of the movie she looked at me "zak next time just let him have the purse." I chuckled and nodded.

I kissed her once on the cheek, after that she rolled over completely and we started passionately making out on the tiny bed. She reached down and grabbed my dick giving me an erection. Then she stopped "what?" I asked "I'm not sure if your the right guy yet" "Ok babe, just keep your Hands right her then." I held her hands in mine and we continued kissing.

My mom walked in the room a little after we stopped kissing "oh hey savannah I thought you had to be home at 11?" My mom said. Savannah checked her phone "I'm late." She got up and grabbed her stuff "ill see you Monday after noon when your released ok?" I nod as she leaves.

My mom sets some clothes and other stuff down then left for the night. At one I was still awake. I started looking for something but couldn't find it. I grab my phone and texted savannah. "You took my picture" I texted her "What picture?" She said playing dumb "You know" "You mean the one of the smoking hot cheerleaders? I might have;)" "." "I can't have you scoping out other girls boo, your mine:)" I didn't respond again falling asleep before I could.

On Monday the hours droned on. Wondering if I could leave before 3. But I just waited. Finally they let me go and savannah was waiting. She held her hand out with the picture "here you go babe" I waved it away making her feel a little more secure. "There's a party tonight, lets go to it." She said "the foot ball team will have a riot your there." I thought a second "ok" I said walking to her car. On the way she told me I had to be carful cause I'm not fully healed and to take it easy with the guys.

When we walked in the house one of my team mates lit up "ladies and gentlemen zakaria is in the building!" He scream. People flocked to me to ask all kinds of questions. As I answer every ones questions the crowd dispersed, i grabbed a seat. Periodically cheerleaders would ask about me and savannah.

Every time i told them we were a thing. Eventually savannah went to get I heard her yell something. I found a guy who's name I think was Seth bothering her.

"Come on savannah give me a kiss." He said "Leave me alone I have a boyfriend" "He won't find out babe" he slurred.

I stepped between them "leave her alone" I took her hand we started walking past me and put his arm out to block me, catching me in my wound. I cringed. "Haha did I hurt you bro?" He mocked me "don't start something you can't finish!". I slugged him in the face knocking him down "what can't I finish?" I whispered to him then walked to the car holding my side. Savannah met me there "are you ok?" She ask in a concerned tone.

"Ya babe. I'm fine" i said. She lifted my shirt and saw I was bleeding through the bandages. "Get in we're going to your house and changing those" she told me. I sighed and got in. "Don't bleed on the leather babe" she said as she got in and drove to my house.

When we got there we went in and changed the bandages. " thanks for protecting at the party from that dick" she said and kissed me. "Your night and shining armor at your service" I replied and kissed her again pushing my tongue into her mouth and hers fighting back against mine. "I love you babe" she gasped through kisses. I picked her up and held her against me with my hands on her ass. "I love you too" I say before we keep making out. I walked to the couch and saw down with her on top of me. "I think I'm almost ready too." She said "but not yet.".

I was a little disappointed but i could wait. She started grinding her ass around my cock giving me a boner through my athletic shorts. "Did I wake up the sleeping giant?" She did a little girl giggle that got me even harder. Then her phone buzzed and she looked at it. "I gotta go my little sister Sasha is having a tantrum that a forgot to take her to the mall this after noon.

I'm sorry I have to leave" she said. "It's ok babe see you later" she got up and left. Disappointed I showered ate dinner and went to bed. I woke when my phone buzzed on my chest. It was a text from savannah "party my place tomorrow, 7" I was to tired to respond so i fell asleep again. When I woke I went down stairs. A note informed me my parents went on another business trip. I went to my computer to take care of my morning wood.

Savannah text me "can I come over?" It said. I told her yes and finished, she knew I watched it but she hated it. When she got here I told her my parents left. "Cool.well can your hook up get us some grass for tonight?" She asked. "Only 3 grams there is a drought" "It's for US not everyone" "Ok ill call" I dialed him and got it delivered. "Do you have any thing to burn trees with?" She asked. " just a vape." I replied as my hook up drove off. She nodded "good I love vapes.

Wanna see a movie before the party?" She asked. We did, there was the usual groping but nothing else. When we got out back to her house someone was just getting out of their car for the party. "Hi Sara." Savannah said, it was one of her cheer buddies.

They conversed as we went inside and waited for more people. In half an hour tons of people were there, music was on and alcohol was being drank. She came to me "this is great." She sat down on my lap. "Ya I know, tell me when and we'll hold up in your room with the vape." I said.

She nodded then wondered off I sat down with some of my football friends. One turned to me after a while "so zak you and savannah have been going out for close to two months now. Have you gotten any of that sexy little body of hers yet?" He asked. "Nah man she doesn't want to yet I'm respecting that.

I love her and don't wanna fuck up you know?" They all stared behind me, I turned around to see her smiling with tears in her eyes. "Come." She said and pulled me to her bed room. "My boy zakaria's gettin some." Kyle yelled. When we got there she locked the door and turned on the preset up vaporizer then start undressing. "You sure?" I asked, "never been more sure of any thing" with that started shedding clothes. She lay on the edge of the bed and spread her legs.

I put my head at her entrance and eased my way in, stopping at her hymen. "Ready?" She nodded. I broke it causing her to grip my arms with her nails. She refrained from screaming.

When she let go I started rocking in and out which got her moaning immediately. "Zak I'm gonna." She said while she came.

Her pussy clamping down on my dick. After a minute she told me it was amazing and got on her knees to finish me. She started sucking me very masterfully "babe I'm close" I said. She jerked it over her face, when I came I shot all over herd face and in her mouth.

"How are you that good?" I ask her, she stared at the floor "my dad makes me." She stopped. I picked her up and cleaned her face "babe I'm sorry I didn't know," I said. We lay on the bed, her on top of me "it's ok." She said as tears filled her eyes "what ever makes DADDY happy" she sobbed into my chest. "If you ever need to talk ill drop what ever and talk." I said and hugged her.

The weed just filling the room. She wiped her tears "thanks and its ok cause i have you now" she clung to me. "Now matter what happens to us ill always love you and have a spot for you here" she pointed to her chest.

With that we fell asleep. When we woke it was 1am. We dressed and went out to see the party still alive but dying. Now it was just 3 foot ball players an five cheer leaders drinking volda and smoking weed. Someone gave me a joint and a bottle. I sat in the corner with savannah under a blanket. She took a drag of my joint then a swig a taquilla. I didn't hit nor drink, I just thought of Savannah's "daddy" situation.

If her mom doesn't know then I had leverage. I would break up a marriage if it meant savannah be emotionally safe. I was so deep in thought I was snapped out of my trans when savannah nudge me. "Let's go to bed zaky" she said. Every one was gone, all the bottles empty, all the tree smoked. "Um uh ya k baby ill be there soon." I said. "Ill leave you a trail" she said then took off her shirt and dropped it.

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She continued stripping and dropping as she walked until she disappeared in her bed room. I followed and got in bed. She pulled at my waist band under the covers "why are these still on?" She asked in a little girl voice. "I'm too tired, and I'm thinking. In the morning I promise" I said, "I know what your thinking. My mom doesn't know and I don't want her to. It'll just cause more problems. Ok?" I nodded I had the perfect thing to end it, no longer would he do this.

Over the next month I waited for the perfect time to get alone with him to talk. I kept getting more details like that it was every night while her mom showered. Finally I got the perfect time, one Saturday I came over to take savannah to a surprise birthday breakfast. I knocked and her mom answered "well zak! What are you doing here!" She smiled widly at me. "Birthday breakfast" I said and returned the smile, "well aren't you the best?" She said "coffee deer?". "No thank you" I said she called savannah.

" give me 10 minutes zak!" She yelled. As her mom left for errands it was me and him. "Um sir?" He looked up from the paper "I was talking to savannah and found out something that wasn't my involvement, but now it is. I really need you to stop for the mental and emotional health of your daughter and the girl I love." He looked as if he was about to say something but savannah skipped down the hall " I'm ready zaky" she spun around displaying herself "absolutely beautiful" I said I gave her the keys to my corvette and we left.

"IHOP" she said "lets go to IHOP it's my favorite". "I know it is" I laughed "I had them save a table" when we walked in we went to our table and order. It was out fairly quick and in addition to what she ordered a little box was set down in front of her. "What's this" she asked the Waiter but he left without answer.

She opened it and it was a necklace the said "savannah" in gold. "I love it so much" she hugged me "thank you so much your the best" I gave her a kiss. We ate then left "where now princess?" I ask. "Movie my house?" She said, I nodded and I drove this Time.

We went to her house and saw her dad leaving. "Bye sweetie" he said to savannah and just glared at me. She caught that. "What was that babe" she said "What" "My dad treating you like the devil" "Baby. Just enjoy the night off" She stopped inserting the movie to ponder what I said, then it hit her. "Oh you little fucker, you didn't." She said "I did princess for your well being.

I didn't tell your mom I just asked him to stop." I said. She finished putting it in then crawled on the bed in the crook of my arm. "Damn fucker" she mumbled to her self. "Thank you for thinking of me though boo" she said and kissed me. As the movie went on we felt each other more and more. By half way through my prick was sticking out the fly being jerked by her and my hand was down her shirt, lightly caressing her boob.

Slowly she moved her head down to my dick. Once again her beautiful talented lips wrapped around the head. "Awwh ya savannah." I moaned and moved her hair out of the way. "Give me a big cum shot zaky" she said then continued. "Aw ya come on go babe yes yes. Ahh" I emitted as I came. I saw her swallow "taste. He,he" she giggled "my turn" she drop her jeans and panties "gimme my birthday fucking zak" she smiled at me.

I got on top then aimed it in her pussy. Since we have had sex multiple times before I showed no mercy. In one swift had motion I bottomed out, causing my to grunt and her squeal. I started pounding her hard and talking dirty to her which I found she loved.

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" are you my little whore?" I started "Ya" "My cock sucking fuck toy?" "Yes" "Yes what" "Yes master!" She yelled as she came her pussy clamped down and she started convulsing. I pull out right before I came and shot a massive load on her tits and face. We lay there before reclothing and finishing our movie. The next week Savannah text me "wanna chill?:)" I told her my parents were gone til tomorrow and to come over. When she got to my house she hugged me "it hasn't happened all week zak" she said.

"What" I asked. "My dad he hasn't." "Well that's great sweetie" I patted her back. She kissed me for a long time. "Wanna see a movie at the mall?" She asked. "Sure why not" I replied. We grabbed our stuff and went to the mall.

Out side was a man sitting against a wall with a cup and some change in It. I looked at him not thinking much of him, then I did a double take. It was him, the man that stabbed me. Savannah was holding my hand and I stopped pulling her to a stop to. "Ow why did you do that?" She asked me. "It's him" I whispered "Who?" "Our first date" I slightly lifted my shirt showing the scar. She gasped " call the cops" "Nah I have the advantage if he try's any thing" I walked up to him and dropped a Nickle in the cup "so wt you been up to" I asked him.

He looked up and was surprised. He raised his hands in surrender. " I'm sorry I just. Needed it" he said "You know a hit in the face would have worked, because of that I was out all season. I don't know if basketball is out yet." "I'm sorry I was starving to death. I've found The Lord now" "Don't worry about it" I dropped a twenty and a card with my name and number on it in the cup and started walking.

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Having savannah attach to my arm as I walked by. "That was. Really nice, I though We were gonna be down town in 30 minutes" "The man is starving and I eat four times a day, it was humain" As we left the theater I stopped by the ATM. "Zak what are you doing" I got 100 bucks and we walked out "feeding a man" I said as we were walking up.

I dropped the money in the cup "give me a call, ask for zak" I said and kept walking. Savannah was in shock. "You know he was the guy who stabbed you right?" She said to me. "Yes, you know he's poor right?" She glared at me and got in. The whole way home we argued about it. ****** It was 2:34am when I got the call from savannah. She was sobbing and could only make out a few words "st johns hospital now.". When the call ended I got dressed and headed for the door.

My mom saw me running through the hall "zak where are you going!" She demanded "it's savannah, hospital" with that I left. Upon reaching the hospital I went to the desk "Allen?" I asked the lady. "The patients daughter is over there" she pointed to a small waiting room where savannah sat crying. I ran over "what happened?" I asked. She looked at me "car accident. Dads in urgent care, mom."she started crying heavily "never even made it her" I held her in my arms.

"I'm so sorry baby" I said kissing her cheek. We sat there for what seemed like seconds finally a nurse came to us, "he's stable and you can visit him". As we walked I prepared to comfort her again. When we got in there he looked really good just a large scar on his forehead. He noticed us "how's mom doing?" He asked savannah stepped into the hall before crying again. "Sir your wife. Um she." I stuttered, "what zak?" He asked. "She died in the ambulance. Couldn't stop the bleeding and she died." I told him.

He looked took back, "someone told me I was worse then her." He said. We talked about it until he finally accepted it. A tear rolled down his cheek.


He asked to be left alone. I went to the hall and found savannah sleeping leaned against the wall. I picked her up and carried her to my car and drove to her house. It was 1pm and she probably hadn't slept in over 24 hours. I took her to her bed and set her down and started to leave. "Zak. Don't leave me alone" I heard her say and patted her bed.

"Baby your tired, I'm tired and I don't think your in the mood to." I said "Just sleep here I don't wanna be alone". I nodded and lay down by her. She clung to my arm and we fell asleep.

When I woke it was 9 and savannah was still asleep. I saw down her shirt and saw those beautifully big tits. I felt guilty checking her out at a time like this.

She woke "hi." She said a smile on her face, then frowned remembering all that happened. "You can go home let your parents know what's up." She said rolling over.

I got up and left. A few days later I went to see her. When I got there a for sale sign was in her yard. Confused I knocked on the door, her dad answered with a scowl at seeing me. "Don't ever tell me how to run my family again" he said and slammed the door in my face. I sat in my car and called savannah. "Hey" she answered. "Sorry about what happened with daddy" "Unimportant, what about the sign" she sighed.

"Daddy came home yesterday and said we were moving far away." I was shocked "And us?" I asked "He said its over". Then I heard shuffling and struggling and then "let me talk to him daddy" then the line died. After that she wasn't at school a week later I saw moving trucks, then, poof, she was gone.

She had all but vanished. None of her friends knew where she went, they said her cell had been disconnected. You could no longer find her if you searched Facebook or twitter. After a week of no one knowing what happened I snuck into the school office to find school transfer records. I searched her and got nothing, not even a file with her name. She had been burned, every shred of her existence gone.

Finally people moved, but I kept at it I went to the county clerks office. "Sorry Mr. Sherid there is no record of a savannah Allen or a major Jason Allen in here" the lady informed me. I nodded then left. A man successfully managed to burn him and his daughter, leave his military position and not leave any leads in less than a week.

I thought. This wasn't a week he was planning for this. After sometime I gave up and moved on always keeping the locket she gave me one night after a session of heated passionate sex.

I started dating a very popular and sexy girl that I knew well because savannah hung out with her tons. Her name was madison and she was great, always doing school work and sports with plenty extra time. Lucky she wasn't a virgin so she said she would when we were officially together. One week my parents left for a emergency business conference on a major defect in a product, so they left for a week.

And madison knew it. We went to a movie Friday and at the end she was leaning against me sleeping. I gently reached over to her far shoulder and shook her lightly, my hand accidentally brushing her firm perky c cup breast. It felt so good, I looked down her shirt. She stirred and opened her eyes. "Oh hey zak baby" she hugged me me "sorry I fell asleep, boy friend" she slowly said. I gave her a look asking if she meant that. She just nodded, "lets go to my house no one is there" I said.

We walked in just after 10:40. She grabbed my hand and practically dragged me to my room.

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When we got there she started stripping and so did I. When we were naked she pushed me on the bed and staddled me.

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"Big dick" she seductivly whispered. Right before she sat down on it she froze, "madi? Madison?!?" I ask. She pointed to the locket with me and savannah in it. "Oh" I mumbled. One tear rolled of her cheek onto my chest, "she was my best friend zak. It's been 3 months what happened to her?" She said keeping more tears back.

" I don't know I searched every where but shes gone" I said. My dick was softening but I didn't care I wasn't in the mood. She layed next to me and we just reminisce about her. "Ill find her one day" I told madison "and ill call you the minute I do". She smiled and rolled to her side and hugged my arm.

"I love you" she said then slept.


I woke up to what seemed like a dream. Madison next to me sleeping, her beautiful long dirty caramel colored hair push back from her amazingly pretty face.

Her c-cup breasts laying there exposed, her taunt and toned stomach from cheer leading, soccer and basketball. Her pubic hair shaved into a little strip, her tight pussy waiting to be stretched and her long tanned legs. I lightly caressed her left breast and she stirred. "Good morning sexy" I whispered.

She opened her eyes "you know I don't like being woken up" she said then smiled showing off the whitest and most perfect teeth ever. We kissed for a long time her getting on top of me.

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"So I never gave you your present last night" she said to me and grabbed my dick. "So big baby I want It inside me" she started positioning and then sitting on it. She gasp as it entered, stunned by the size. I let her adjust then continued until I bottomed out. Then I started pulling out and setting a rhythm. I stared up at her seeing her sexy breasts jiggle and her eyes close.

She moaned loudly in ecstasy. I gave it to her hard, she loved it to. When we both came she laid down on my chest. After a minute she started singing softly with a far away look in her eye. It was a strange song I'd never heard before, she might have been making it up as she went.

I could tell she saw the Lockett again and was singing about savannah. ".but now that girl is gone." She sang confirming it was about savannah. At the end of the song she got up and dressed "where you going?" I asked. "I can't be with you zak, your Savannah's boy friend, even if she's gone." I nodded. "Understandable." I said expecting her to leave. " but she would want me to watch out for you so we can still hang out" she said trying to cheer me up and flashing her perfect smile.

I got up and kissed her "good" I said then she left. The rest of the day I wondered how I could find her. I never found a way though. Freshman year ended and so did sophomore year with no sign of her. In junior year me and madison got back together, she said she was comfortable with it now.

She was the first girl I dated since we broke up. I took what madison said to heart and decided it had been to soon. Me and madison then dated until end of October senior year.

When I got the call. "Hello" I answered my phone. "Sir a few years ago you came to the county clerks office looking for a savannah Allen. Well we just found her" the lady said "Ill be right there" I said and hung up.

Me and madison were watching a movie. "Wait your leaving?" She asked using her most sexy pout. "But the movie is just getting good" she said and smiled, slowly lifting her shirt. I stood up "this is serious" she dropped the smile and her shirt, "they found savannah,". Nothing but pure shock registered. I took her hand and led her to my car, a four year old corvette. I drove out of the drive way squealing the tires. When I got there the lady at the desk was waiting. "Zak?" She said. "Ya" "Your mystery girl was spotted in a small town in Missouri." "Missouri?" "Yes.

Wierville Missouri. At the sherifs office" "Thank you" I said and we left driving home slowly. "What now?" Madison asked "I'm goin to weirville to get savannah" "Oh" she said quietly and looked out the window.

"Lets pretend 'we' never happened, for her sake"madi said "No matter what ill still always have a special place for you in my heart". She smiled and leaned against me. I dropped her at home then went home myself. "Mom I'm going on a trip tomorrow" I said. "A trip to school" "No Missouri" "No your not young man" "They found savannah there" I knew my mom had a soft spot for savannah even before the disappearance.

She hesitated ".fine but be home in 3 days". I couldn't believe she said yes. The next day I drove strait from Pasadena to weirville. I went to the police station at 1030 when I got there. "Savannah Allen?" I asked an officer at a front desk. " are you the boy she's been asking for?" "Yes sir" he led me to a small holding cell in back. The woman I saw was not the girl who left.

Her hair longer her breasts fuller her butt bigger her hips wider but she still had those mile deep blue eyes. "Savannah ?" She looked me funny for a second then started crying. "Zak?" She said through sobs. "Ya" "It's really you" the guard opened the cell and she ran and hugged me.

"What happened?" I asked. She told me a dark twisted tale of how her father kept her in a cabin far in the woods,locking her in during the day while he went to town and coming back to rape her at night. "Mr. Allen is currently in custody awaiting trial, miss Allen, here, had her 18th birthday a week ago and can go at any time." The cop told us.

We left and went home. As we drove into town she started fussing. "What am I gonna tell people? Where will I stay? Will I have any friends?" She asked frantically. "I don't know, my guest bedroom if you want and I KNOW madison is still your friend." I let the last one slip on accident.

"What makes you such an expert on madison?" She look disappointed and sassy at the same time. "She took care of me when you were gone, we're good friends but not. Ya know." She looked doubtful but brushed it off. We went to my house and explained the situation and my parents said ok.

They gave us a dress code and put our bedrooms far apart. The next day the doorbell rang at 9am. I answered it knowing no one else would, it was madison. "Where is she?!?" She asked excitedly. I pointed to a door upstairs then went back to my room to sleep.

After five minutes they came to my room talking and giggling. I saw them both dressed hotly making my morning wood even harder. I tried to cover it but I couldn't before both saw and were giggling and making fun of me playfully. "What do you guys want?" I asked rolling over away from them. "Get up" madi said and pulled off my covers.

My dick accidentally came out the hole in my boxers for peeing, I didn't realize until savannah had her hand on it. I quickly moved her hand and put it away. I got up and dressed. We went to the mall and hung out all day. On Monday at school they had career day and I thought a bunch of it was cool but I was drawn to the special forces table. Savannah quickly dismissed the idea but I thought about it.

A lot. After school me savannah and madi went to her house and hung out. "So what did you think of career day zak?" Madison ask me. "It was cool, I liked the special forces table." Savannah got an uneasy look on her face. "Why don't you just join your parents company" savannah asked trying to change my mind. "I don't want to just have apex handed to me I wanna actually work to be successful" I said. Savannah then changed topics off of career day and careers period.

After hanging out me and savannah went home.

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Time flew by senior year football was great and so was basketball. Home coming was a blast, I got to dance with my two favorite girls madison and savannah. Savannah loved having Christmas with us.

"My family never made a big deal of it we just gave presents, no tree or decoration." She told us. It was awesome for her.

Then when we had 45 days until we were done with school I was hanging out in my room after school. The phone rang "ill get it zaky savannah called from the kitchen. After a minute she came up to my room looking so depressed. "Who's commander Jackson?" She asked.

"What" "Who's commander Jackson?" "An army ranger commander why" "He just called to say your in" she started tearing up. "I applied but didn't think I'd make it" "Well. You did"she said and started sobbing "please don't go! Your family owns a multibillion dollar security firm, work there. Just please don't go it's too dangerous!" She pleaded with me. "I have to babe, this is what I want to do, something meaningful" she left and went to her room and didnt come out all night.

When my parents came home and dinner was ready they asked if she was eating with us. "No, commander Jackson called and she found out." I said. "Your in? Nice job zak!" My dad said and gave me a pat on the back. "Go talk to her when your done eating" my mom advised. I did, I told her we were good and things didnt go bad often.

When she calm down we enjoined our last days, packing in all the fun we could. When I shipped out to training I made sure I had the Lockett she gave me. Savannah and me slept together the last night and I'm pretty sure mom and dad knew we didn't even try for quiet. I went through the intense ranger training a got into a squad. 4 years, 57 missions, 200 enemy helicopters, cars, bombers ect. And over 2000 tangos dropped and I never even got grazed. It was on the last mission things went wrong.

We were clearing an terrorist safe house only a small job. Someone kicked the door down and we rushed in. 2 men were inside we subdued both. When we were leaving, I walked out of the door and another ranger infront of me was shot in the chest by a sniper. All the other rangers took cover. I stayed in the open to help Gomez. He died before I could do anything. I stood up seeking cover. I was shot twice once in my right shoulder and once in my heart.

Someone grabbed my arm and hauled me to the chopper. Then I blacked out. When I woke I was in another completely white room like when I was stabbed as a teenage. All those years ago. Jackson came in, "damn zak 4 years and you pick the last mission to get shot." I saw him smile for the first time.

"Here" he handed me my Lockett, which now had a dent in the gold, "that bullet would have penetrated your heart if this didnt stop it. Yes sir your pretty damn lucky, well you have visitors." He left the room. I was expecting squad members, assuming I was back at camp rhino infirmary.

Then walked in savannah and madison both smiling. "You promised you'd be safe" savannah said trying to hold a 'you lair' face but she broke out smiling again. She hugged me on my right side my chest still sore. "I'm so glad your home for good" she spoke. Madison hugged me on my right side sending huge amounts of pain through my hole body "mother fuckin son of a." I grit my teeth as she moved off me. "Sorry honey" she said. Savannah spotted then Lockett zakary!

What did you do!" She yelled. "It's actually what you did, you saved my life. I was shot at twice, the second shot would have penetrated my heart if this Lockett wasn't there." She looked sorry for yelling "Oh" she said "Thank you very much" I kissed her "Well now that your back something else can be penetrated."she whispered in my ear then smiled.

Madison kissed me on the lips giving tongue, I was shocked. " the first night you left savannah couldn't stop crying. I broke down and told her about what happened between us when she was gone and how close we really are" madison explained. "And I'm absolutely fine with it.