Pussyfucking transgender babe gets cocksucked

Pussyfucking transgender babe gets cocksucked
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Just imagine it, One day, you'll be out in public, and randomly someone will drive up next to you, and snatch you up. You won't even have time to fight before the chloroform cloth drowns you in blackness. It seems like only moments tick by and you wake up, ripe pain searing at your wrists, neck, and ankles.

You're pinned to a chair, arms locked behind the backrest, ankles forcefully knotted to the legs. Your vision is hazy, and the chloroform has your nerves on edge. The room is dim, a single light barely illuminating the tiny blank room. A door opens behind you, and you struggle to turn around, but the rope around your neck chokes you. You look up and see that it's tied to something on the ceiling, barely leaving you enough room to breathe.

A familiar tick-tack noise reaches your conscious, and a sense of dread fills you as you realize you're naked with something approaching you that you can't see. Sure as you thought, the familiar noise turned out to be a dog, and a large one at that. It makes no qualms about staring you down, tongue lolling out in a manner that rakes over your nerves like nails on a chalk board. The staunch beast presses it's cold nose straight into your tender sac flesh, swooping its tongue up behind it and dragging a long lick up your cock.

Despite your best efforts, the fear combined with the adrenaline has your member at full mast, and the well built canine takes another selfish lick at you. Again. And again. The creature doesn't show any signs of stopping, and its hot animal breath only tortures you more.

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But you just remember, through the fog of sedation, that you've been kidnapped. You writhe against the restraints, choking against the rope, and without ever meaning to, you climax into the dogs mouth, the combination of stimulation and asphyxiation pushing you into the abyss of pleasure. But the door behind you opens again, and two more sets of paws pitter patter their way into the room.


A pair of hands grips your arm tightly, a cold piercing feeling stabbing into your skin, injecting you with some unknown fluid. Try as you might, the invisible captor drugs you again, only this time you find yourself suddenly hot. Extremely hot. The room feels like a sauna, and the restraints at your skin feel like fire. That pain subsides as the ropes are removed, your paralyzed body falling to the floor. Someone turns off the lights and drags you with ease into another room, the dogs next to you and one always dipping it's head down to tease the flesh of your dick.

You make out the features of a bedroom, a single bed of enormous size consuming most of it's space.

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You're tossed onto the comforter like a rag doll, and the dogs pile on, fighting each other as they all attempt to lick your raging hard on. Something about their attack seems different, you think to yourself as you lie there, unable to move, but feeling everything.

The sensations are amplified, and for some reason, you're moaning. You can't even control your voice anymore, the vulgar words of bliss dripping from your hungry lips. Another hot load of come escaped from you into the darkness, cleaned up by the companions at your groin. But there's no time to revel in the aftershocks of orgasm, as something else enters the room.

It's mere presence radiates lust and rage, and you feel the dip between your legs, of something hovering just above your abused and tender tip. A voice seems to whisper in your ear as your rushed into the deepest part of a woman's pussy, threatening you with dark abuse if you don't scream.

As if you could deny them their desires, as you couldn't stop the mindnumbing pleasure coming from the heat of the woman at your dick. Your drugged moans turn to pleasure-stupid gasps, the muscles in your whole body tightening for something more powerful than before.

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The woman hasn't even moved since she mounted you, and you manage to pick up your hands enough to claw at her legs, your eyes rolling into the back of your head as you peak higher than you'd ever thought possible. The shockwaves of bliss shatter your thoughts and seem to melt away the last bits of fear in your blood.

But, once more, your kidnappers aren't finished with you. What seems like hundreds of hands suddenly assault your whole body, caressing and massaging every free inch of flesh. The female who mounted you starts her motions, thrusting slow and easy in time with the breathless gasps you let out.

But you can't breath for long as a pair of hands choke you and a mouth captures yours in a feisty kiss. You no longer remember why you were here, or even your name anymore, the actions of these no faced people tearing the very fabric of your person into shreds.

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Through the haze of your drugged mind, you hear wet squelching and hundreds of moaning and screaming women, their hot mouths silencing them as they replace their hands with their lips. The girl atop your pulsing cock hastens her pace, and another, impossibly more powerful orgasm rapes your body for every last bit of pleasure. You feel your member go limp, and all the women suddenly retreat into the blackness, leaving you cold and wanting.

But, it seems the attack wouldn't end there, as hands push you up onto some pillows and spread your legs enough for easy access. The lights flare on, blinding you long enough that you don't see the woman taking your dick into her mouth, sucking and moaning like the slut you think she is.

By the time your blurry vision returns, you realize you're hard in her throat again, and she's rocking back and forth on all fours, a big blob of black covering the majority of her hind-quarters.

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You squint at the mass and make out the face of an impossibly large wolf, gold eyes fiery with lust as it makes the woman its bitch. You only remember the female by the sheer impossible work she's making on your penis, her fevered moans making you come two more times in quick succession.

What seems like hours pass by, this same woman being fucked like a whore by tens of canines, all the while she attends greedily to the flesh of your dick, eying you from her position and cleaning you off with every mind-shattering orgasm. Finally, after the drug wears off and you start to gain your strength back, does everyone leave the room, a fresh pair of clothing at the foot of the bed.

A small note reads - "Dearest Fuck Doll, Hope you enjoyed this little escapade. We look forward to experimenting with you again. -Signed, Your Addicted Captors" More?